Let Nintendo Characters Show You What's Cool About The Wii U

Let Nintendo Characters Show You What's Cool About the Wii U

It's been a struggle for Nintendo to sell the Wii U. People got confused about it early on. And there's been some difficulty communicating just what's cool about Nintendo's latest console to the average consumer. So why not have Mario show the nice people what Wii U can do?

The Wii U doesn't have the easily-understood, lightning-bolt singular feature of its predecessor. Plans are afoot as far as how to face Nintendo's challenges but it's not a bad idea to have the company's most famous character show off the many things the Wii U can do in some very cute pictures.

Let Nintendo Characters Show You What's Cool About the Wii U


Let Nintendo Characters Show You What's Cool About the Wii U

Streaming movies and TV!

Let Nintendo Characters Show You What's Cool About the Wii U

Cooking! No, wait... internet browsing!

Let Nintendo Characters Show You What's Cool About the Wii U

And, yeah, it plays games too! You don't even need a TV most times.

[Nintendo Japan via NeoGAF]


    people know what the WiiU is, what it does, and how its different to the original Wii. Nintendo just fails to recognise the fact that people just dont want a WiiU.

      You base these facts on....?

        Lackluster sales since launch is a pretty big indication.

          People literally not knowing that it isn't the same console is a pretty big indication that people don't know what it is.

    I find the idea of Kamek and Bowser watching Youtube etc to be adorable...

    I say this every time, but the Wii U controller is more a hindrance than a help, sure playing with out the tv is a nice feature... but when I am using the TV I would rather have a more comfortable controller, so if you could use the Pro control instead of the Wii U control it would probably be a way better system... of course they make this difficult by (it seems) insisting that some feature that could just as easily be implemented in some other way (you know, on the HUD, or use a button instead of the touch screen...) make use of the controllers screen...
    It's actually quite annoying to have to keep looking down at the small screen, instead of concentrating on the big one.... even Mario is annoying because the game is on both screens, it would be better If I could switch the controller screen off, and way better if I could put the controller to one side and use a pro controller.

    If Nintendo want to make the system sell, make the controller optional, let games be released where the user can use either, This would be way better as if there is no special features on the Wii U controller the game could be played on the controller without a TV... The Wii U is certainly fixable, but not while Nintendo continue trying to force the use of the big, uncomfortable controller that runs out of power too quickly...

      My gamepad has been starting to get the 'lost connection' error... even though it detects the WiiU turning on. Then, since the gamepad is baked in to a lot of WiiU games and features, most don't even work.

      No idea how I'm gonna fix it besides mailing it to Nintendo.

    I have one... so far, the best thing about it is that there are games without mario in them. PLEASE grow past mario and link, nintendo... the platform has potential, I just dont want any more "new" games from the 80s and 90s in hd.

    @poita Sales figures.

    Nintendo need to stop riding the Mario n gang bandwagon... come up with something new, seriously... or stop making consoles/games.

    Last edited 14/03/14 9:07 am


      People are still buying them. Look at the 3DS, its going nuts.

      Wii U is certainly enjoyed by people, that's why I bought one and not a Xbox or Playstation. Time will tell if sales pick up or not though.

        Im not a fan of mario and never have been and if I was to go purely by nintendo advertising. I would asume mario variants are the only games on the system so I wouldn't buy one.

    Karaoke... Not here.
    Streaming TV... Not here.
    YouTube... Doesn't work on the browser any more (I used to do this to just watch it on the controller) and the app is terrible.

    I've tried to use it for a lot of the above and had it fall well short of expectations.
    At least it has games!

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