Let’s Get Hyped On The Launch Trailer For Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls

Let’s Get Hyped On The Launch Trailer For Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls

So. Much. Loot.

As the launch trailer for Diablo III’s upcoming expansion pack advertises, the end is near. On March 25th, Reaper of Souls launches, prompting scores of loot-happy gamers to completely abandon their social lives in favour of all-night hack and slash sessions — that is, if they didn’t do so already when the big patch came out.

The trailer’s pretty fun, and it’s a good summary of what you can get from the expansion. Have a look:

DIII: Reaper of Souls – The End is Near [Diablo@Youtube]


  • Playing Diablo 3 recently has really got my excited for this game again.

    If you haven’t played it in a few weeks, give it a go to see what’s changed. You get a lot of the Reaper of Souls features without having to buy it – new loot system (new affixes everywhere), new difficulty system (scales to your gear), new drop system (drops are typically tailored to your class so you get better loot quite often), and the new paragon point system.

    When I stopped playing a few months back, it was because my level 54 character couldn’t solo the game anymore, and good loot drops were basically non-existent (auction house was also too expensive without grinding for cash.)
    Now my monk is 60 (paragon 12), and is working his way though Torment 1 difficulty (highest is Torment 6) without too much problem. Much more fun this way.

    • After reading this I think maybe I should give it a go.
      I stopped playing for similar reasons to you. I work in hospitality, so my work schedule is a little different to my friends’ (Read: Pretty much the opposite). So I usually played alone, and Nightmare just got too hard to solo. After hearing about the new updates, ie, difficulties and the new servers now, I just might get back into it before the expansion…

    • Really? hmmm man you sound convincing.

      I quit when I was a monk in that highest difficulty stuck on Act 2, farmed for a month, got no progress. But you should like this game is matching up to Path of Exile (which is great too)

      Damn…I might just make this my weekend game…need to recover my password first…lol

  • Give us the PS4 release data please ^_^
    Stocked up on Dualshock 4’s and beer for this…

  • Hyped ? For what ? Just take a look in the official forums and u will quickly see that blizzard still changes droprates when and how they want without telling anyone.better loot. pah. sad promise to boost exp sales. and ofc u help to spread this lie

    • What is there to learn? The reasons everyone hated Diablo 3 before were:

      a) The auction house – gone and the looting system revamped because of it
      b) Lag – this has mostly improved over time but living in Australia we’ve still had some issues, except now we have our own servers 😛
      c) No offline – this is still a problem for some obviously, most people they don’t care because the game runs at a steady 50-60ms now.

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