Life In Grand Theft Auto Sure Is Hell For NPCs

You live in a big, crazy metropolis. You’re going down the street for groceries or to meet some friends for a drink. Then a dude runs down the street, yanks an old lady out of her car and starts shooting stuff up. This keeps happening. All the time. What the hell?! One character in a new web series starts to put the pieces together: he’s in a video game.

Non-Playable Character just started showing on Machinima and focuses on a regular dude named Mike, whose life gets torn up on a disturbingly frequent basis by random catastrophes. Voice actor Oliver Vaquer — who played Robert Lutece in BioShock Infinite — stars as Mike.

As seen in movies like The Truman Show and Ed, the slow realisation that you’re inside a fictional construct is a premise rife with potential for comedy. It will be interesting to see how Non-Playable Character puts a video game spin on this idea.

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