Briefly: Looking Good, Fastest Man Alive

After the quickest of glimpses more than two weeks ago, here's a better look at the Flash suit that Grant Gustin will be wearing in the upcoming TV show. It definitely reads as more superhero than most of the outfits on Arrow.


    It definitely reads as more superhero than most of the outfits on Arrow.

    This could be because the *point* of Arrow is that it's *evolving* into a superhero show? We just had Solomon Grundy appear on it after all, created from the Mirikuru drug, being the first superpowered villain the city had seen? Arrow has gone from being called 'The Vigilante' to slowly being called 'The Arrow' by Starling Cities denizens because he no longer wishes to kill, but defend because of the death of his friend Tommy at the hands (more or less) of Malcolm Merlyn? Hence 'becoming' a superhero.

      I'm with you, in smallville Superman didn't get his outfit till the end. Its better that way, i prefer the origin stories

        Although Smallville really dragged the origin out a bit far.

    dammit, i was really hoping for something cool... thats kinda lame looking...

    i wanted the russian deep sea diving suit to make a come back - that was a perfect flash suit!

    i fully expected to come in and see a half assed argument about who was faster the flash or superman. and for the record its the flash

    My cosplay mates are saying things like "they paid somebody to make that suit???".

    I think its a bit meh, but in keeping with the whole real world arrow vibe...

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