Titanfall’s Day One Update On Xbox One Is 840MB

Titanfall’s Day One Update On Xbox One Is 840MB

Folks who have managed to snag Titanfall early from retailers are saying players who grab Xbox One disc copies of the anticipated online title this week will need to download a relatively manageable 840MB patch before they can play it.

To be clear, 840MB is going to take a bit of time to download for a lot of folks, and hopefully the rush of people pulling it — or the full game, which is not available for pre-load through Xbox Live — early Tuesday morning won’t slam the Xbox Live servers. It just could be worse. Dead Rising 3‘s 13GB patch set a strange precedent, but on Steam and the new consoles, ~1GB-or-larger patches aren’t too surprising when they come down. So 840MB may not be so bad.


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      • Yeah, it was 6.

        I’ve only got a 25gb limit, which, up until now has been fine, but these mega updates are having their way with my internet data…

    • It’s not so bad. At 840MB I’m guessing it’s doing more than just plugging bugs the developers were too lazy to fix before release. It just means they continued working on it after the game went gold. In a game like Titanfall those sorts of additions and tweaks are going to be ongoing for it’s entire lifespan. With the amount of detail that goes into the resources it doesn’t take many changes to the maps, audio or models to add up to a 840MB patch.

      It beats the crap out of some of last gens worst offenders, where they’d release a multiplayer centric FPS and then throw the team onto another project or send them on holiday the second it went gold. You’d get stuck with game breaking bugs and imbalances waiting two months for the B team replacements to figure out what they’re doing.

    • Remember when games contained so little content you could debug the whole thing in an afternoon? That was cool.

    • Naa cause youd have to employ beta testers then. This way you dont, the paying customer is the beta tester.

    • Remember when developers missed a glitch before sending a game out and chances are it would never be fixed? That was cool.

    • Remember when games went out and any bugs they had stayed that way, no new features were ever added and optimization was never improved upon?

  • Ummm I only got thief about 4 days ago and it’s opening update was 6gb. I know that’s not opening day update but I don’t know if they updated it since it was released 2 weeks?

      • Well that is shocking. I personally don’t care. Any downloads through Xbox live don’t apply to my monthly cap. But that is simply not possible for some

    • I’ve seen video comparisons between the four console versions of this game – what on earth is the extra 6GB for because it sure as hell wasn’t for graphical improvements!

      • The term ‘patch’ nowadays has lost most of its meaning, though I guess update is more accurate. Patches used to be small self-contained utilities that ‘patched’ local files.

        Now, you’re not necessarily downloading 6gb of new content, you’re getting 6gb of modified/updated files. Many game files are stored in large archives, and instead of patching those files locally, it seems that the decision was made that it would be easier just get everyone to redownload them. Doesn’t matter if that archive had hundreds of files have changed, or just a single one.

        Its a bit sad to see pubs/devs release products like this without wanting or bothering to make a proper way of updating them. I guess they just assume that everyone has plenty of bandwidth and quota to push these out.

  • Hopefully the data for this day one update is included in the digital version or I’ll be slightly annoyed…..

    I can imagine it now:
    – Titanfall finishes downloading (which will take about 10 hours on my net since it’s 16.39GB)
    – I start it up
    – A popup says “Titanfall needs an update” (which will take another half an hour)
    – A loud *SIGH* is heard

      • It’s been confirmed the download is less than 20GB; I got the 16.39GB figure from the official store page (which can be found by looking at the profile of someone who has already played it).

        Installed it might be bigger than that, not sure.

      • “Up to” Being the key word, Up to does not mean its 50 gig, it means it could be 50 gig or below. So it still could be less than 20gig. The amount stated on store pages also takes into account future DLC and patches that might be released.

        • This! It’s EA’s way of covering its arse for future DLC – BF3 takes up over 10GB of drive space on my 360 in updates alone and with no warning about it either.

  • It’s not that bad but surely that’s enough of a reason to be ok with it? Wouldn’t we rather devs TRY and finish games at least?

  • Well it was said on twitter that the game was around 50gb on PC. So my guess is that this small update might be part of the game they couldn’t fit on the Blu-ray disc?

    (Don’t take my word on this im probably wrong)

    • If it’s a download only, then it’s probably around 25GB of game files you need to download, then the same space to install it on.

    • ^ this comment +10 likes ahahaha. Seriously I think anyone who bothered with that update should be given a free game.

  • I’m sure the shitload of people who were happy to play the free beta are devastated to have been used as guinea pigs.

  • Or you know, just download them and not give a s@#$. An extra 10 minutes of waiting time and the smallest dent in internet usage is really going to kill ya.

  • The 360 had updates mastered.

    God damn, it’s amazing the way the Xbox One and PS4 have retroactively made the 360 OS/UI even better than it already was.

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