Luftrausers: The Kotaku Review

Luftrausers: The Kotaku Review

Luftrausers makes you feel like you’re constantly in the danger zone.

Yes, that’s a video review up there, and you should watch it. Because seeing the game in action will give you a much better idea of how the game feels than I could ever do with written words. That’s important because this game is all about the feeling you get when playing it. It’s an arcade shooter, so it exists just to make you scream in joy when you beat your high score, and curse when you take a wrong turn into a missile.


  • Is this supposed to be cross buy between PS3 + Vita?

    I just went on the PS Store to buy it… they’re both the same price, but when I added the PS3 version to my cart and went to the checkout, it still only showed the PS3 version, not Vita…

    • Never mind… I just bought the PS3 version and the Vita version also showed up in my download list. So it is cross-buy, just seems to be very quiet about it 😛

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