Man Builds Huge Gundam To Delight Grandchild, Kid Isn't Impressed

Man Builds Huge Gundam to Delight Grandchild, Kid Isn't Impressed

In Japan, 66-year-old Kenichi Okada began building a 2m tall Z Gundam statue for his grandchild. He spent eight months working on the statue, which weighs 40kg.

According to Yahoo! Japan, the child didn't show much interest in the result.

Okada built the Gundam out of wood, which made creating the rounded sections of the Gundam tricky. Since the grandchild wasn't impressed, Okada decided to display the Gundam in the lobby of the agriculture co-op where he works.

The image of this Z Gundam debuted last year on Twitter, and it was retweeted over 16,000 times. Hey, even if that kid wasn't impressed, the internet sure was — er, is.

兵庫のJA支店に手作りの「Zガンダム」 孫喜ばせようと8カ月も…関心示さず [Yahoo! Japan]


    I'm gonna blame smartphones for the kids attention.

      I'd rather blame the person who gave one to the kid.

    It's pretty impressive to me, but I grew up with Gundam in my consciousness and I'm in my 30s. Is Gundam relevant to kids anymore, or is it just fan-service for nostalgia?
    (Also, at the time it didn't have a hell of a lot to compete with. Macross? Now... jeez there's a lot of mecha anime out there.)

      Still relevant, but this particular Gundam was from the mid-80s :p

      Plus it's a friggin' statue. I mean yeah, it's cool and I can appreciate the work that went into making it, but come on, it doesn't actually do anything. It's only real use is if the kid is a die hard Gundam fan with a collection for it to be a part of.
      Even then maybe he is and Savign is right. It could just not be this kid's era of Gundam. I wouldn't find this thing half as cool if it were a newer model of Gundam that I have no connection to. I doubt my grandkids will be impressed by a giant 80's style Optimus Prime statue. =P

        Right. Or making a digimon statue for a pokefan.

        Still. It's pretty bloody impressive.

          Oh yeah, if you told me that was something someone made for themselves I'd be impressed. As a gift it's amazing. Just saying I can understand if the kid isn't losing his mind.

      I asked a class of 6th grade Japanese kids if they liked Gundam last month actually, a couple of the boys put their hands up. So it still has a fanbase, and Build Fighters seems to be doing well. But yeah, Zeta is probably too old for a little kid to have seen yet.

      Gundam is still ridiculously popular among Japanese kids.

      Japanese teenagers spend more time on Gundam than porn. This is only slightly hyperbole.

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