Meet Australia's Top 50 Female Programmers

And some of them are involved with creating video games.

Bronwen Clune over at Pollenizer has created a fairly definitive list of some of the best Australian female programmers working today. It's a great list, a great example and a timely reminder of all the brilliant work these women are doing. Well worth reading.

On the list is Aleissia Laidlacker, who's working at Ubisoft on the Assassin's Creed series. Anna Tito, who is also nominated for a Women in Games award at GDC is mentioned too. Michelle McPartland from Canberra's 2K studio is on the list as is Katherine Neil who recently released Alone in the Park to great acclaim.

Of course many of the great programmers on this list have nothing to do with video games at all, but it's great to see some of Australia's best female developers being recognised.

Australia’s top 50 female programmers [Pollenizer]


    As some of the comments of that article suggest, this isn't a 'top' list, there's nothing in the selection process that indicates superiority other than the number of nominations. Which makes it a popularity contest, not a skill indicator, and loads the list with almost entirely corporate nominations with very few from the open source and freelance communities.

    It's a list of 50 talented female programmers, but I wouldn't refer to it as top.

      I'd agree with this, but it's awesome to see female programmers get some recognition. Baby steps!

      I suggest a Battle Royale of Programming. Keyboards at twenty paces!

    I was hoping for photos...

      You find it hard to imagine a person actually existing if all you see is a name?

        I doubt that's why they want photos... :/

        Seeing if they exist physically was far from what he was after so allow me to translate.

        "Are they hot?"

          I was being condescending.....

    What an ill thought out and pointless list. I got half way through it before I closed the browser with the inanity of it all. A ruby on rails developer? OH REALLY? TELL ME MORE!

    I have at least 2 female programmers that work for me, both with doctorates, who would stomp the living hell out of most, if not all, of the women on that list with their knowledge of computer science and mathematics.

    The words "top" or "best" have no logical reason being associated with that list and the person who thought this was a good idea should be ashamed.

    A friend of mine made that list.

    very proud of her.

    I find it a little ironic that the header image for an article about the top 50 female programmers is a male. In other news, it's good to hear that there are still females in programming as sometimes it's a little too easy to believe the common statement that females have no interest in it.

    Why aren't I on this list? Just because I'm a male and not a programmer? This is blatant discrimination.

    I really don't understand how equality or even progress is actually attainable if we don't filter out misguided scrutiny and praise.

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