Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Delayed In Australia And NZ

We've just received word that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which was due to release in Australia and New Zealand this week, has been delayed until 27 March.

The game was originally set for release on 20 March, meaning the game has been delayed for a single week.

It is possible, however, that the game's digital release date has not changed. We've asked the game's local publisher, Mindscape for confirmation, but when Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 was delayed last month, the game's digital release date did not shift, only the retail release. It is possible that gamers looking to buy the game on Xbox LIVE or the PSN Store will be able to pick it up on the 20th as scheduled.

Mindscape has yet to officially release details on why the game has been delayed, but it's most likely shipment issues. NZGamer reports their were issues with the Xbox One version of game not arriving to Australia on time, but Mindscape has not confirmed this.

We'll update this story when Mindscape gets back to us.


    This stinks. So because one version is unavailable at launch every other platform's version is delayed? I Why are the rest of us being penalized for not owning an Xbox One?

    I actually complained to mindscape about this with every game they release getting delayed and the hassle I had trying to find a copy of Toukiden. and they made it up to me by giving me a free copy of Toukiden to say sorry

    Xbone buyers, buy it from the US region digital store for less than AU. Save money and get it early.

    Last edited 17/03/14 1:58 pm

      Or you can wait a week and get it for $49AU. I think the US price for it is $29 though.

      None the less, considering its length I'm going to buy it physically. That way I can return in 7 days, or be able to trade it later at the very least.

      I think im gonna do this with every game now, have to change my region back to AUS though to get voice commands and recording working.

      I thought it was $29? Anyway, finished this yesterday. The story portion of the game took me less than an hour, not including cutscenes, and including me fumbling with the new controls. The bonus missions all take place on the same map, so that's a bummer. Those who were on the fence might want to wait till it's cheaper.

        Ah sorry, didn't realise it was a sub-release and not a full game.

        Howd you get to play it early? Can I have your copy please?

        Last edited 17/03/14 4:41 pm

      $59? It's $25 on PSN and that includes a bonus copy of Peace Walker.

        A bonus copy that you can't play until the release date of Ground Zeroes I discovered (although you are able to download it early, unlike Ground Zeroes).

        What idiot thought that one up?!

          Yeah, it's a bit dumb that one. I imagine there are plenty of Metal Gear fans who skipped Peace Walker due to it being a handheld game, although perhaps most have played it now that it was included in the HD Collection. And it really does seem important that you play Peace walker first, I'm really surprised that you couldn't play it earlier than GZ.

        Generic full game price, as I said above (before you posted), I didn't realise it wasn't a full game.

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    oops guess ill can my EB preorder and buy online from US PSN. Why should anyone support local retail if this is how we are treated?

    My PS4 copy shipped from canada on the weekend. Mail gods be good to me!

    The best I can do is watch on twitch . I had it all planned out mgs released on 20th and ps4 delivery on 21st, got my ps4 early last week and now this happens

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    Meh I stopped buying locally years ago and now just get digital US PSN cards to buy everything digitally. With a PS4, PS3 and 360, I pretty much never have to worry about delays, high prices or bans. Its also great having a 100/40Mbps NBN connection lol.

    Sorry to brag but my luck has been great this year.

    I don't get how they can sell this game for money. It is about as long as most demo's. You get more content out of 5 dollar DLC.

    >Buying games at retail in Australia

    People do this why?

    Am I the only one who just doesn't understand this game? 2 hour campaign...why even release it

      Because Konami likes money, and the ability to slice off a tiny section of a full game and sell it for $50 is a great way for them to make it (and also a good way to piss off the fans...but money!).

        Also a good way to keep the proverbial "sharks in the water" fans being the sharks, bait them a little with some blood and a little meat to keep them in an area (in this case Ground Zeroes keeping us interested and talking about MGS) then study our patterns and probably give us more and more tastes before we decidedly look elsewhere until they're back again with more food.

          Oh I definitely agree. But I also believe that the small size of the game may also drive off future sales for Phantom Pain, due to people expecting more bang for their buck. Being charged $30 ($50 here) for something comparable in size to the MGS2 Tanker demo may be a hard pill for some to swallow, particularly when we've known the basic jist of the Ground Zeroes story for months now.

          That being said, I'm one of those suckers who's bought every Kingdom Hearts and Sonic game from the very beginning (and Metal Gear, but that's frankly gone much better), so I'd be there for Phantom Pain even if Ground Zeroes was literally a pamphlet telling me to do so. ^^

            Couldn't agree more, quite a few people I've spoken too about it both new people to the series (who picked up the legacy collection) and people who have played it from the get go have mixed views on it. Some say its a taste, a teaser of what to come no different to the GT prologues. While others despise it seeing it as a cash grab either to fill the coin purse or, more likely, that phantom pain is pushing the budget and to make sure theirs still enough money there to pay salarys and keep it afloat they are charging full game prices for what is the equivalent in this day and age of a DLC expansion.

            Ill still pick it up but Ill wait awhile till just before phantom pain drops to get it. By that time heres hoping KH3 will have a release date

        Yeah well I won't be paying more than $20 for it. That means I probably won't buy it at all. Stupid jerks

    Sick of delays on everything. Looking at you, Lego Movie.

    Well here we are on what was suppose to be launch day and no digital version in sight...... Looks like they delayed the digital version as well then *sigh*

    forcing me to get other countries' PSN version .... sigh

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