Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - PS4 Vs. Xbox One Vs. PS3 Vs. 360

With every new cross-gen video game comes a new opportunity to compare technical performances across most of today's big gaming consoles, and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is no exception.

The super-technical folks at Digital Foundry have put together a great breakdown of the technical specs in the latest MGS game, complete with video comparisons across all four platforms. Above you can see Xbox One vs. PS4 — set the video to full-screen for the best possible look at the differences between versions.

Here's Xbox 360 vs. PS3:

Xbox One vs. Xbox 360:

And PS3 vs. PS4:

The final verdict from Digital Foundry: framerate drops hurt the game on Xbox 360 and PS3; MGS looks best on PlayStation 4, as Kirk wrote in his review . Oh, and none of these consoles make the game any longer .


    Is the ps3 version that jumpy? It seems almost unplayable.

      I've seen other gameplay footage of the ps3 version and while the textures look significantly worse it definitely wasn't the lagfest displayed in this comparison.

        Yeah, I just found it hard to believe it was THAT bad. Something must be wrong surely, otherwise why even release the game on the pre-gen consoles.

          I have it on ps3 and its fine. Textures are low res and some objects dont react to the real time lighting. But gameplay and framerate concerned, its absolutely fine.

            That's good to hear. I mean I have a PS4 so it doesn't really bother me. But I have friends who'll get it on PS3.

            I guess the video exaggerated the framerate issue. Or maybe youtube is acting up.

      I played it on PS3 and it was perfectly playable. And the game does have nice motion blur that helps with the lower frame rate, it feels smoother than it is I guess. I'd much rather be playing on PS4 though.

    These comparisons are so silly, we've had so much of this the last six months that we all know what the differences are by this stage! :P I've had Ground Zeroes for a week on PS4 now (EB Games broke street date), and I don't know why they are going to release The Phantom Pain on 360/PS3, the Fox engine really is amazing on PS4.

      I disagree, if you look back at the PS3 and XB360 launch, there were heaps of these video's too and they were amazingly useful to people like myself that havnt had much exposure to the next gen of gaming
      quality comparison ftw!

        The trick was finding unbiased ones, still is in a lot of cases. Throw in a helping of terrible video quality on most and it becomes hard to get a clear difference most the time.

          hahaha, i gotta agree,
          Nothing worse than trying to watch a Graphical comparison video when the video is shot in crappy quality, kida defeats the purpose :P

      I have GZ on PS3, and while its probably not as good as the current gen systems, its still pretty (at least until I get my hands on a ps4 copy)

    The game looks fantastic on PlayStation 4 during the night op. Gets a little less impressive during the day missions with lower resoution shadows and noticible pop-in no longer masked by the night. Framerate is really consistent at all times which is great. Probably the most balanced next gen game in terms of visuals and performance.

    I have to wonder why the clouds were omitted from the exploding base sequence on the PS4 version. Probably somebody just forgot to set an option, as the clouds were present in a later clip.

    Really, when the graphics get to this level of quality the very marginal difference that's visible between the PS4 and XBox One releases is pretty much immaterial.

    PS4 looks better

    Wow I'm actually surprised how big the difference is between PS4 and Xbone.. Set the video to 720p and it seems like the Xbone version is quite blurry especially when objects are moving. In the first few minutes it was most noticable watching the tyres on the jeep and the cracks in the road, definitely much more defined on the PS4.

    I've got both consoles so I'm just glad that Titanfall had justified my Xbone purchase.

    The Xbone looks different to the PS4. It seems like the depth of field and some of the lighting highlights work differently?

    I haven't looked at the technical analysis though...

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