Metroid Prime On Oculus Rift: One Step Closer To Being Samus

Of all the various and surprising things we've seen turn up recently running on Oculus VR, this one might be the one I'd be most likely to play: Metroid Prime, done up in virtual reality.

In the video above, frequent Rift-er Chadtronic takes the classic Metroid Prime through its paces in virtual reality. I'd love to play this, but for now, I'm happy to watch.

[Via Job Stauffer on Facebook]


    Serrels has allready done this article months ago. Still just as good.

    So... Dolphin can be made to run with the rift and play Wii games in VR goodness?

      I believe so as F-Zero X one was one of the first Console games to come to the Rift.

      Not in full 3d. I was running saints row 4 with rift and first person and it looks nothing like a full 3d game like half life.
      Its still pretty epic.

        Wait, does the Rift natively support all games? I was under the impression that the game needed to be designed for the Rift in order to work at all. If it's able to work off the bat (even if it doesn't support stuff like head tracking) that would be one of it's biggest flaws solved.

        Part of what makes nvidia 3D Vision great is you can try it with any Direct X game. Sometimes it works great, sometimes not, but at least you can try. It would be awesome if the Rift worked like this too.

          It wont support all. I use a driver program called vopX that set me back 50$ but will run most direct x 9+ games in non 3d. So its basically like strapping a tv to your face with head tracking. The head tracking is basically swapping the rift move mont for a mouse wich can make shooter difficult. All in all it was worth 50$.

          most times head tracking works.

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