More Seemingly Impossible GTA V Stunts

More Seemingly Impossible GTA V Stunts

YouTuber RedKeyMon is back with more crazy GTA motorcycle stunts. One in particular stands out — landing his motorcycle on a moving plane.

The video has a pretty long build-up, but finishes with one of the coolest tricks I've seen in GTA V, so take a look!

The Amazing Stuntman 3 [YouTube]


    You mean the really cool trick you spoiled in the GIF at the top of the page?

    Spoilers: the "one of the coolest tricks" is the one they put in as a gif at the top of the post.

      The Kotaku US guys are getting really good at that. They managed to spoil the big payoff of an Achievement Hunter GTA video as well recently. I was just lucky in that I'd watched it just prior to checking Kotaku.

      @markserrels, any chance we can request not to have articles like this reposted from Kotaku US, or at least have them reposted sans animated gifs? I know the US guys seem super into this new fangled animated picture technology, but they tend to end up spoiling the videos before we get to watch them, rather than delivering interesting content worth a look.

        Yuuup - they caption their jokes with [punchline]

        To get to the other side
        Why did the chicken cross the road?
        To get to the other side!

        Ahem... thanks....

    How you can tell they're ridiculous tricks: multiple times I thought to myself, "no way is this genuine."

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