New Sports Game Is Wonderfully Stupid

The PES and FIFA games may be capable simulations of men running around a field kicking things. But there's a new, more ridiculous football (soccer) simulation in town. Goofball Goals.

Football, soccer, whatever you want to call it, is a sport that people seem to enjoy. It's made all the more enjoyable when you have 32 players on each side stumble and fall over each other in their pursuit to score a goal. It's less of a football simulation and more an excuse to watch physics unfold into a complete mess... a beautiful absurd mess. You can see how I got on with my star footballer Robert in my video up above.

The unlocked version of Goofball Goals is $US6 but you can play a stripped down version for free here.


    super acrobatic rocket powered battle cars or GTFO!‎

    If you haven't played it, you bloody well should.

    This is probably the closest we will get to a Calvinball for PC...

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