New Transformers Movie Trailer: Optimus Vs Grimlock

New Transformers Movie Trailer: Optimus Vs Grimlock

Where the first Transformers 4 trailer focused on the absurd, this longer clip is — relative to an expensive Michael Bay movie — more restrained.

Restrained in that Optimus Prime is merely fighting a giant robot dinosaur, instead of riding one.

I still think this looks ridiculous — and not in a good way — but the old truck is a nice touch.


  • Out of all the trailers so far, I think this one’s probably the best. I dunno, it’s probably Mark ‘Say hi to your mother’ Wahlbergs presence, but it wasn’t too bad?

    • I thought it looked really good! But since I have actually seen every transformer film, I’m expecting it to be terrible.

      I really liked the 1st one, but I thought the others were just, stinkers. Especially the last one.

      • I liked part 1, HATED part 2 and didn’t mind 3 for the action spectacle, but that was about it.

        For some reason, this is striking me as looking ‘ok’. Maybe it’s the complete removal of Shia Lebouf?

        • I find the absence of Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox automatically increases the credibility of any movie.

  • Man, surprising. How good was this trailer until “Directed by Michael Bay” showed up. And I don’t mean that as a joke.

    Also, while I didn’t mind Shia Labouf in the first 3, I really like that the first human character in the trailer (Mark Wahlberg) looks like one that actually would know useful things and actually contribute to the plot.

    Alas, it will still be terrible.

  • That G1 form is enough to suck me in even if it only appears for 5 minutes like it no doubt will. Unfortunately they made the bots so damn weak during the first 3 films its probably gotten even worse in this which was to me the worst thing about the trilogy. Well that and everything that was the second film. Fuck that abortion……. Will hope and look forward to being let down again

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