Nine Things You Might Not Know About Earthbound


    Should I say it or does someone else want to?

      I have already said it too many times now, I'll also wait for someone else to say it.

      god dammit kotaku,

        It's ironic that I'm tempted to spend the time looking for a list than bothering to watch the video.

          what is stranger still is that later on in the day there was the TPP top moments vid by PH that actually had a short list of stuff that was in the video, I almost fell off my chair in amazement.

          If there was a bit on the left or right of the website, basically a dump column titled "for your consideration" or "a quick watch" or something that journalists could link videos/images/gifs of the fan oscillation switch they found interesting but is hardly worth an entire article to so that we could not feel like we were committing to an entire article only to find a vid link and a line and a half comprised mostly of the header for the original article link.

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