Nose Typing Doesn't Get Faster Than This

Nose Typing Doesn't Get Faster Than This

Everyone has something they are good at. Something that makes them special. For India's Mohammed Khurshid Hussain, that's typing really fast. With his nose.

Late last week, Hussain set the world record for typing an English language sentence in the fastest time. The sentence read, "Guinness world records have challenged me to type this sentence using my nose in the fastest time."

The sentence, of course, isn't punctuated or corrected and, for example, should read "Guinness World Records" in caps. But Hussain is only one man. And he has only one nose.

According to The Hindu, the clock stopped at 47.44 seconds (the above clip shows 48 seconds). Either way, Hussain shattered the previous world record of one minute and 33 seconds. And how does the previous record holder feel? Nobody knows.

Hussain previously set the record for fastest schnoz typing for the alphabet, knocking out A to Z in the fastest time... apparently, with spaces!

Hussain proves yet again he has a nose for the keyboard [The Hindu]

Indian man sets new world record for typing sentence in the shortest time with his nose [Nothing To Do With Arbroath via ロケットニュース] Khurshid Hussain Types it off with Nose [[email protected]]

Picture: Khurshid Hussain


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