One Of Diablo III’s Not-So-Smart Bosses In A Nutshell

While we’re all getting comfortable with Diablo III‘s first expansion, Reaper of Souls, let’s revisit Azmodan, the final boss of Act III, and his true weakness with Flamy507’s machinima.

Azmodan appeared many times during the third act of the game to spout off about story developments as a giant floating avatar. Now, in the clip above, we can clearly see why that’s not necessarily a good idea when you’re hell’s master strategist.

Diablo Machinima: Azmodan in a nutshell [Flamy507]


  • But there’s a perfectly justifiable reason for why Azmodan acts this way. You see, Diablo 3’s writing is fuckin’ atrocious.

    • – you’ll never defeat me!
      – while you were raising your catapults, I was secretly infiltrating your keep through the depths!
      – while you were defeating my army in the keep depths, I was victorious on the battlefield!
      – while you were defeating my army on the battlefield, I was raising my army in hell!
      – while you were defeating my army in hell, I was fingering my asshole in some room!
      *azmodan has died*

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