One Piece And Dragon Ball Destroy Tokyo Street

One Piece And Dragon Ball Destroy Tokyo Street

The front of department store Shibuya Parco in Tokyo is a mass of rubble! One Piece’s Luffy threw a massive punch into the pavement. Just wait until Goku unleashes that kamehameha!

This sculpture will be on display until 23 March and was installed to promote manga fighting game J-Stars Victory Vs. Check out the photos below, courtesy of Game Watch Impress:

More photos in the link below.

悟空とルフィが渋谷で戦う!? 渋谷PARCO前に巨大フィギュアが登場! [Game Watch Impress]
渋谷PARCO前でアナタも体験! [Namco Bandai Games Webmaster]


  • Well…Luffy is about 3 seconds from being utterly wrecked, but damn if those aren’t awesome statues.

  • psv and ps3 are getting a j-stars game?

    The DS ones were pretty much smash bros with anime characters, which was cool, I hope they have not just turned it into a flat 2d fighter.

  • Saw adds for this on J-tv while over there, gotta admit it looks awesome, i imagine no local release tho 🙁

  • Luffy will win, he’s gonna be the king of the pirates. Plus I don’t think highly of goku. He’s died a few times already and now he’s fighting a rubberman. No chance for goku.

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