Optus Responds To Issues With Titanfall Online

Since the beta and now with the release of the final game itself, some Optus customers have been having difficulty playing Titanfall online. We've been informed by Optus that it is aware of the issue and is currently investigating.

We initially looked into this issue during the beta, but it appears as though little has changed since then. The complaint thread on the Optus website is still active, and many users are still experiencing the same issues they did previously.

"We’re aware there have been issues for some of our cable broadband customers accessing the game “Titanfall”," an Optus spokesperson informed Kotaku. "Our network engineers are continuing to investigate the issue, but have not been able to consistently replicate the issue and get to the root cause."

"We’d like to thank the customers that have got in touch and given us traceroute info and other specifics, as this is a great help. We’d encourage other customers still experiencing the problem to contact Optus directly on 1300 300 937 and give us the details, as this will help us gather more information, diagnose the issue and get a fix.

"We know it’s frustrating not being able to access this new game, and we apologise for the disruption to some of our customers’ “Titanfall” gaming experience."

We'll update when we hear anything further.


    Ooohhh can I pretend to be the Optus Technical team and ask if you have rebooted your modem and/or router....

    Congrats to whoever has had the patience to put up with the rubbish they spout and actually get an acknowledgement of an actual issue. They still appear to be clueless but think about this suffering users. you actually made them acknowledge a fault on their side.

    Kudos to you!

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      It's always good to see their statements when they finally pull their heads out of the sand.

    Our network engineers are continuing to investigate the issue, but have not been able to consistently replicate the issue and get to the root cause.

    IT speak for "we have no fucking idea"

    From my understanding it has to do with Optus's International Connection, something that has been an issue with Optus for freaking years.

      You would think Singtel could route a game to goddamn Singapore.

        but then how would the governor's mistress afford her new maserrati

    I'm with optus, sometimes I can play titanfall, most of the time I get stuck at the loading screen. Not sure if my internet is the problem or the game itself. For me, if it gets stuck, i got to re-download and re-install the game, which is 50gb every time i do it. So far, I've downloaded the game 4 times to play.

      Now that is dedication. Well done good sir.

        lol, well when i'm free pop a movie in and let it download in the background, the download speed for the game isn't to bad 2-16mb/s

          Are you sure there's no other way? Like clearing a cache on the XBOX One (or PC)? It shouldn't be the game itself.

            Xbox One is only 16GB, don't need as many texture packs I guess.

              I've been told its because of the audio and the fact its all there in a few languages. ???

            PC, well if you head over to the titanfall support forums, heaps of other players have experienced the same issue and so far there's no solution. For me to redownload and reinstall the game, it works.

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              Can't you backup a fresh download of the game and use that to restore instead of downloading 50GB everytime?

      ok, update; turns out the game is fine, I was stuck at the loading screen, but tried again in the morning, turns out I can't play at night or the afternoon. Seems only to work during off peak.

    I'm actually working as a contractor on one of the Optus projects. Let me tell you that their system is a clusterfuck of shit that's pretty much entirely manged by Excel Workbooks and VB6 macros, added with... well, a whole mishmash of technologies in such a way that I'm surprised anything works at all, and that would drive any sane man to believe that their systems are the direct machinations of Eldritch Abomination, caused to fuck with the heads of whoever has to work with it

    2:05pm seems to be the magic moment all goes to hell, every day, almost like clockwork. They'll be offline to us until around 2am, except for the very very odd game that is lagged to hell.
    With that said, if you start gaming at 1:55pm, you wont get kicked off 10 mins later. You'll stay on till you disconnect or are disconnected.

    Optus doesn't give a damn about the "titanfall" gaming experince...they guy who said that probably thinks it's a game for the DS...and i dont mean the DS lite.

    For once i can actually say, thank god i'm with telstra

    As a reseller of optus I'm surprised I dont have a problem with tpg. Ive had one or 2 drop outs but nothing major.

    im with optus and have had no problems with titanfall whatsoever... beta and live have all been fine.

    guess im one of the lucky ones

      +1 to being one of the lucky ones. I would've been spewing if i had to deal with Optus on this issue. Touch wood that it doesn't suddenly stop working for me though!

        They're only commenting on Cable users, and mostly in Vic. Me and a couple of friends have the same issue during peak times in SA (Westlakes, Fullham, Inglefarm) on Optus DSL2+
        Optus seem unable to retrieve our in game account info to enter a lobby.

    One of the reasons why I signed my mum's place up with internode. Their tech support is fantastic for those with moderate knowledge of how a home network works. They don't ask bullshit and get straight to it because most the time it's a setting that changed on their end.

    my internet is with Telstra and i have had no problem at all, has worked perfectly since launch for me with an average ping of 30

    oh damn. i just purchased titanfall & am in the process of installing it.. I also am on optus cable.. oh k, let's see how this goes.. :(

    I'm on Optus ADSL2+ in Woy Woy on the Central Coast of NSW. I've had no issues connecting to the Aussie servers nor the East Asia servers (except for launch day... that was a bit of hell but worked eventually). Im using a DGN2200 Netgear modem / router just with normal settings. I didnt use any of the optus gear or software to connect to the internet at any stage.

    Twitch Broadcasting lags my game and the stream very badly. It's unplayable and unwatchable... But im off topic now.

    Argh, speaking of poor online experiences with Optus, does anyone else get super poor 3G reception on their phones with Optus? I was with Crazy John's (on the Vodafone network) and after switching, I cannot get reception inside of many buildings where I previously got it without problem. Also, when I'm travelling in train or tram, the signal dies every so often.

      Optus use the 900Mhz network for in building 3G coverage, Voda use 850Mhz so might be a device issue and your stuck with just the 2100Mhz network

    Thanks Kotaku, I wrote my troubles off as 'launch issues' with the game but after reading this and doing some testing this is clearly down to my Optus cable account - a quick game at lunchtime is fine but the evening is a no-go :(

    Sure I can login fine anytime over a proxy but that 300+ ping is really nerfing my awesomeness, anyway - I think the guy from Optus said they would have it sorted by the weekend, I will give them until then before starting a War...

    I'm on Optus ADSL2+ and had the same issues until I opened the ports and disabled upnp on both my router and windows service.

    Haven't had a problem since.

    there is a moron component to every problem

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