Our Censored South Park: The Stick Of Truth Is Mighty Similar To Europe’s

Our Censored South Park: The Stick Of Truth Is Mighty Similar To Europe’s

While US copies of South Park: The Stick of Truth are completely uncensored, Europe’s version is censored on consoles only. Our is censored on everything. And it looks like the same method of mild censorship protest we knew was coming in Australia is being used overseas as well.

During some of the more objectionable scenes, in which both minors and adults get anally probed against their will by aliens (by probes that look exactly like penises), rather than cut the content completely, our game will cut away to an image of a crying Koala bear, with the sounds of a didgeridoo in the background. Each time this happens, text at the bottom will explain what should be happening in the scene. Here’s what ours looks like:

And here’s what Europe’s looks like. Similar, no? And here I was, thinking we were special.

To be fair, there’s some really objectionable, borderline stuff in there, and I’m kind of amazed the game even got through as R18+. As always, don’t take your hate out on the Classification Board — if you’re angry, direct it towards the system.

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    • and this is why censoring the game here is ridiculous when we have such easy access to the removed content.

      At least other countries are getting gimped versions too so it’s not just us.

      • Yea, but it’s not “interactive” which is apparently a “thing” even though science has pretty much said it isn’t really a “thing” or at the very least not as much of a “thing” as the “thing” is made out to be.

    • Lol, we’ve seen stills of that scene like a bajillion times already. What’s the use of banning it when it’s been plastered in every report for the past few months?

      Also how is an anal probing scene “too much”, but Mr. Slave swallowing enemies with his ass is all fine and dandy? What’s wrong with just releasing the game uncensored? After watching 2 minutes of gameplay it’s blatantly obvious that it’s not for kids.

    • What really shits me about this, is that the episode where Cartman has that huge radar dish in his anus is able to be shown on tv uncensored, yet this gets canned? Where’s the sense in that?

  • and you know what wasn’t censored? A section of the game where the main character is shrunk down by the Underpants Gnomes and you fight them while your parents in the background have uncensored sex. You then move to fighting them on the bed as they have sex over you while dodging balls using quicktime events. Then once the fight is over, the Gnome gets crushed by a boob while you get crushed by testicles.

    • That scene isn’t a matter of sexual violence, it’s just violence… while sex is happening adjacently. It may seem like splitting hairs but it’s a fairly significant difference when it comes down to the guidelines and the actual context of the situation.

      Don’t get me wrong, the censorship is still moronic, but one of these things is not like the other.

  • Ironic that the Australian Classification Board seems to have an agenda against anal probing scenes when they continuously F**k us gamers up the arse…

    • The classification board just enforces the rules that have been set for it. If you have a problem, attack the rules, not the board, because there’s nothing they can do about it.

      • That’s only partly true. The board has always had a lot of leeway, that’s why we have a board to make the judgements.

  • The most annoying element of it is that the content would probably have been run-of-the-mill for the TV series and nabbed maybe an MA15+ at the most. But somehow because someone pushed a button beforehand, it’s too terrible for us to handle.

  • I can see why they banned that cutscene. As long as the whole level isn’t cut I’m good.

    But people need to realize it’s not the people on the board that is the problem, it’s the guidelines under which classification and censorship is ruled. The pieces of paper saying what is and is not allowed to be seen needs to be changed but no one is wanting to fight that war since we got the R18+ rating.

    • The rules are sketchy then. I remember in 2009 Fear 2 was initially banned for one reason being that you could cut an enemy in half with a machine gun, while at around the same time Gears of War 2 was released in the same year without a hitch, despite people being able to do the same thing with a chainsaw mounted to the end of a machine gun.

      Though I do see the reason why they censored that particular part, I also agree that if it means cutting down the overall playtime of the game then I’d be annoyed. We get overcharged on games as it is without sections of it being removed.

  • It’s a little troubling that people are so keen to see grown men and children having dildos inserted into them

    • It’s part of the show.

      If you don’t enjoy South Park then you’re probably not keen on a game that captures the level of boundary pushing (shattering?) bad taste that the show does, but for fans of the show we expect to be grossed out by over-the-top, distasteful and politically incorrect humour.

      • None of it is “politically incorrect” – bad taste yes. It has a lot of satire centred around taboos, but it’s never outright racist or sexist, which is what defines the idea of “politically incorrect”. It does make fun of racism and sexism in clever ways though.

        • Not racist? *spoiler* Cartman named his kingdom the KKK – plus we have nazi zombies friggen everywhere – that seems way more offensive to me

    • As opposed to what? People being stabbed, decapitated, choked or have their brains blown out? People find the entertainment in the shock, not the act itself.

    • It’s not that people are keen to see those things; It’s about the authoritarianism.
      We have a government that is overprotective and far too willing to interfere with the free will of it’s citizens.
      Who are they to say what free thinking adults can or can’t view?

    • I waited about fifteen years for an R18+ classification to be introduced for games here. The alarm bells should have been ringing early on though. The fine print was worth looking at, and few did.

      Another one that may cost us is drug use. It’s not allowed to be realistic or tied to a reward system. It closes a lot of narrative doors that may not push boundaries.

    • Because we fought the wrong war. We shouldn’t have battled for the rating, we should have battled for a change in the classification system and the terms that govern that system. The rating would have come along with the changes to the system. Instead we got a token gesture to end the war and the people were so stupid that it worked.

    • I’m pretty sure many of us were screaming out even back then that R18 won’t fix this. It would simply mostly move what was in the MA15+ bucket to the R18 bucket with about the same archaic restrictions.

    • It was to be expected. Though, I became a little optimistic about it actually being implemented as it means they can change it if the people keep pushing for a change. It still hasn’t been around for long either. A year, or just under a year?

    • If you ever thought that then you were pretty naive, or just hadn’t taken the time to actually read through the relevant information. They made it very clear throughout the whole procedure that if we were getting an R rating it wasn’t going to be about allowing worse content, it was mostly about making sure games being inappropriately shoved into the MA classification.

      Overall it was still a win, the system is better now, it’s just not necessarily what some people hoped for.

  • Ultimately if we can just get a mod to uncensor it like left4gore for Left 4 Dead 2 it’s not really a big deal.

    • Well since majority people seem to be playing on console i see 1 problem that does make it a big deal:since this is a major release for console and the issue is a censorship problem based around its rating and content in order for a “mod” (we call them developers since it’s actually there problem) to make this change they would have to pull the curent copy’s from the shelves of each country that got the edited version then re submit the new version and hope to hell it gets approved in the respective country’s. And whether or not it does get approved this will cost basically the same it cost to release the game in the first place just to get either version back on the shelves. So to sum it up for you a) no it’s not a simple problem that a mod can patch then release and b) yes this is a big deal for the people that payed full priced for an insanely censored game when at the least retailers could have been told so that they could have passe word on to te consumer

  • Ubisoft said it was a marketing decision. If you want the uncensored version on console just import it from Amazon or Ebay or whatever.

  • I looked through the steam folder for the game and it has an oaf file with the word censored in it. Maybe something changes with that we could get the uncensored files working

  • This is bullpoopies yeah i know it doesnt take that much out of the game but i paid it.
    So the least you can do it make it uncensored but i doubt this problem with ever change
    AUSTRALIA IS SNARFED! and any other snarfing country that got it censored is snarfed.
    They could at least give you the option of having a censored version and a uncensored version it would make things hell of a lot easier.

  • i live in australia and i buy my games from the uk to avoid this bullshitt, but then i found out the version i got was still censored im gonna have to buy the game again from the us to get the uncut version. who ever made this decision to have the game censored is a fuking idiot and i hope you die seriously, you have no right to block us from what we want, go die

    • So your in Australia and regularly play games on discs bought from the UK and the U.S.? Two words that I’m gunna use to call bull and they are region coding

  • Jesus holy Christ man spoiler alert would be prudent when talking about not only something based in story but also something that immediately loses its entertainment value as soon as it gets spoiled thanks for ruining what would have been the shock highlight of the game for me

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