Penguins’ Greatest Enemy? A Piece Of Rope.

Penguins’ Greatest Enemy? A Piece Of Rope.

Who knew a simple piece of rope could cause such consternation? Penguins, that’s who.

Last fall, a YouTube user named Smekh Eto Khorosho uploaded a video of penguins struggling to overcome rope tied to rubber rafts. (I believe the video was taken a few years back in the Antarctica.)

Earlier today, the video started to go viral on Japan’s biggest web forum 2ch.

Want to see more penguins battling ropes? Well, here you go:

There’s a video game in this somewhere. I can feel it.

「クソッ 俺たちの天敵 ロープだ・・・」 ペンギン [2ch]

Пингвины и неведомая фигня [Смех это хорошо]

Penguins VS the Rope [Johnnygalactic]

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