Penguins' Greatest Enemy? A Piece Of Rope.

Penguins' Greatest Enemy? A Piece of Rope.

Who knew a simple piece of rope could cause such consternation? Penguins, that's who.

Last fall, a YouTube user named Smekh Eto Khorosho uploaded a video of penguins struggling to overcome rope tied to rubber rafts. (I believe the video was taken a few years back in the Antarctica.)

Earlier today, the video started to go viral on Japan's biggest web forum 2ch.

Want to see more penguins battling ropes? Well, here you go:

There's a video game in this somewhere. I can feel it.

「クソッ 俺たちの天敵 ロープだ・・・」 ペンギン [2ch]

Пингвины и неведомая фигня [Смех это хорошо]

Penguins VS the Rope [Johnnygalactic]


    Antarctica's a continent, not a region.

      1. an area, especially part of a country or the world having definable characteristics but not always fixed boundaries.

      I would say Antarctica qualifies.

      If you want to be pedantic in public, make sure you're right first.

    That's horrible and cruel. Filming that instead of moving the rope.

      Give it a rest. It's no different from a human child figuring out how to step over a rope. Give them half an hour and they'll have it sussed.

        I wouldn't do that to human children either. But to each their own I guess.

        Last edited 22/03/14 4:31 pm

        you're an idiot.

        I'll use an extreme example like say your family being involved in an accident and instead of receiving help from people nearby, they just stand there with their phones out recording so they can upload it for whatever personal satisfaction.

        animals shouldn't have to put up with the crap humans leave lying around. They already have enough problems with our pollution and deforestation and whatever else we do.

          No sir.

          Penguins spend 50% of their time on land falling over poop. No harm done at all in this video.

          Fuck, talk about overdramatic. How many penguins in those videos didn't walk away from the 'torment' dished out by the ropes?

          LIving on a farm when I was younger, I've seen plenty of animals in true peril, and always done what I can to assist. Watching a bird trip over a rope does not constitute peril. Helped save our neighbour's herd of cattle (about 200 head) from dying of bloat once. Bet you wouldn't even know what that looks like, fuckin' hippy.

    Maybe they should give them some plastic bags and fishing line to play with....not funny

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