Plays Like Syndicate, Looks Like... The Sabotage Video

Plays Like Syndicate, Looks Like...The Sabotage Video

Bringing together 1993 classic Syndicate and the video clip to Sabotage might not seem like your average video game inspiration, but that's exactly what's making LA Cops look so damn cool.

Indie studio Modern Dream's (the Button Affair guys) game drops you in a super-stylish, isometric '70s world and gives you two characters to control, who you'll need to get to coordinate and work together if you want to get past its challenging levels.

The clips you're seeing here show prototype footage, but already the game's art design is shining through. Can't wait to see the finished product.

LA Cops is "coming soon" to PC, iOS and Android.

LA Cops [Game Site, via Indiegames]


    Not sure about the colour pallete, but I like everything else.

    God I miss Syndicate.

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