Power Rangers Make The Best Diplomats

Power Rangers Make the Best Diplomats

Taiwan has had fairly good relations with Japan — that's taking into account that Japan once occupied the island. To celebrate and to strengthen these relations, Japan's NGO Earth non government organisation recently sent a group of volunteers to the island. The volunteers were Power Rangers.

As reported by various Taiwanese media, NGO Earth visited North Taiwan's city of Hsinchu both to celebrate Japanese-Taiwan relations and to repay Taiwan's aid during the Japanese tsunami and earthquake of 2011. To show their appreciation for Taiwan, NGO Earth brought about 20 volunteers to dress up as iconic Japanese characters to pick up trash.

Power Rangers Make the Best Diplomats

For the most part, the volunteers were dressed up as Super Sentai characters, otherwise known as Power Rangers. There were a few volunteers that dressed up as villains and giant monsters.

NGO Earth's efforts were well-received by the locals, who were quite amused and happy. This isn't the first time the NGO has gone on "missions" dressed as superheroes.

Funny thing is, Taiwanese media kept referring to the costumed characters as Kamen Riders. Regardless of the misidentification, it's good to see neighbouring countries doing positive things for each other, even if it's something as small as picking up trash (because, as we all know, every little bit helps).

假面超人與哥吉拉到內灣 台日聯袂「讓撿垃圾變有趣」[Now News ] 感謝台灣賑災 日NGO Earth 假面超人內彎撿垃圾 [ETtoday]


    If they're from Japan then they're not power rangers

      The article mentions that they are "dressed as super sentai characters, otherwise known as power rangers"
      Please refer to paragraph 3 of the article.

      Last edited 04/03/14 10:18 pm

        But they're not Power Rangers at all

          They kinda are. Our version of nearly anything super sentai normally falls under Power Rangers rebranding. Most people aren't going to know that each Power Rangers series is adapted from super sentai series that have previously aired elsewhere in the world, and Eric has pointed out a connection without deviating away from the actual point and writing an entire article on the significance of the connection (which could easily be done; it's a pretty interesting topic).

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