Pre-Alpha Games Shouldn’t Look This Good

Yet here is Project CARS, looking as good as it does. And it looks very good. Gorgeous even.

This new trailer, courtesy of ExpressionOfNothing, shows off the still heavily in-development racing game (currently situated at pre-alpha build #678) in glorious 1440p.

From the Sky Trailer [ExpressionOfNothing@YouTube — thanks Sebastian!]


    • Don’t be. Assetto, currently, is a much better sim. While this can be a good looking game at time, you need one HELL of a system to run it. And even then, it takes a whole hell of a lot of tweaking to get it looking that good.

      But no just that, it doesn’t feel very good to play. The driving feels off. Its almost like driving on ice a lot of the time, though that’s due to the fact they are still using an old tire model on some of the cars, but some are being updated now, and feature a new tire model. Mind you, Assetto still feels better for driving.

      PCars could still turn out to be something amazing. But I feel like they’ve missed the boat. Its trying to be a pure simulation, but it falls flat in so many areas right now.

      But its a beautiful tech demo, if you have the time to tweak the right files and settings.

      I should add, I play both with a Logitech G27 without assists, unless the car features them in real life.

  • For me – this looks too shiny. Too smooth. Too clean.
    I really like the Next Car Game Alpha because the cars get dirty, the track gets damaged and a racing line of sorts appear when 24 cars stampede around a corner.
    This showed a crash scene, but there was a moment near the beginning where two cars clashed and had 0 damage.
    The effort to make this look realistic has made it look too artificial for me.
    Good luck to the creators, but I’ll stick to Next Car Game.

    • Yeah, it’s gotten to the point where it looks so clean and tidy that it all just looks boring. Like almost every shooter these days, racing sims are beginning to look indistinguishable from each other. Gimme bright colors and SEGA blue skies any day over this. I absolutely cannot WAIT for The 90’s Arcade Racer to come out!!!

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