Puzzle & Dragons Character Reveal Called 'Inappropriate'

Puzzle & Dragons Character Reveal Called "Inappropriate"

Yesterday, two new characters were revealed for popular game Puzzle & Dragons: Gaia and Kraken. And, for some in Japan, the reveal came at the worst time.

11 March was the third anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that ravaged the country's northeast, leaving scores dead and changing people's lives forever.

And that same day, an official Puzzle & Dragons Twitter account showed off a couple new characters for the first time, including previously mentioned Gaia (above) and Kraken (below).

Puzzle & Dragons Character Reveal Called "Inappropriate"

Gaia personifies the Earth in Greek mythology, while Kraken is mythical sea monster.

As noted on popular Japanese game sites like My Game News Flash, some Japanese Twitter users found the character reveals on the quake's anniversary to lack discretion — with people pointing out that including a character that represents the Earth and one that represents a sea monster seemed unfortunate, given the timing.

"Announcing these characters on another day would be fine," wrote one Twitter user.

However, some commenters on My Game News Flash and Hachima Kikou said it was inappropriate to call these character reveals inappropriate and wondered how long it was necessary to mourn, while a few criticised the Tokyo-based Gung-Ho, the game company behind Puzzle & Dragons.

Then, there were those who didn't seem to care either way and said they liked the character designs.

『パズドラ』 3月11日に新モンスター発表! → 「津波や地震を表していて不謹慎だ!」[オレ的ゲーム速報] 『パズドラ』公式が3.11に新モンスターを発表 → 「地震や津波を連想させる!不謹慎だ!」と話題に [はちま起稿] 超イケメンちゃん [パズル&ドラゴンズ公式] 近日降臨予定の新キャラクター [パズル&ドラゴンズ公式]


    So basically the Japanese equivalent of adding a pilot and an architect, or planeman and buildingman on 11/9.

      Can you imagine the shit storm if Lord of the rings: the two towers was released on Sept 11.

      Only, you know, if 11/9 hadn't happened 12 years ago, but much closer to today

        Tell the seppos that, their still playing off the fear to sell guns and gas masks.

    What's one extra day, really?

      A hell of a lot for those who lost homes and loved ones?

        I think Neo was saying why the company couldn't wait an extra day to release the character info

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