Quite Possibly The Most Depressing 'Let's Play' You'll Ever Watch

Quite Possibly the Most Depressing 'Let's Play' You'll Ever Watch

Often, the most interesting thing about watching someone narrate a game isn't the game itself, it's the person behind it. The short film Let's Play Nomad X, uploaded last year but making the rounds now, is about what people can tell you about themselves when you read between the lines.

It's about the brief, often desperate moments of quiet desperation that can show up when anybody puts their voice out to be heard.

It's still not as weird as certain Retsupurae videos though.

Let's Play Nomad X via Vimeo Staff Picks


    You honestly thought this was real?

      I read it like Kotaku was setting it up to be a real Let's Play too! And the funny thing is that I believed them, until the part where the boyfriend starts chasing him and I'm thinking "this fits too well with the game's pace!" Then I realised that it actually said that it was a "short film"...

    Im on mobile and cant watch it. Can some sone please just say?

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