Real Archers Show The Hunger Games Ain't That Tough

Real Archers Show The Hunger Games Ain't That Tough

Don't get me wrong, Katniss is a badass in The Hunger Games. But does she do a bunch of flippy things before she lets an arrow loose? NO.

Well, OK, maybe she's more practical about killing people — that's a good thing. Still, these archery trick shots by Stephen Izzi and friends are a joy to watch.

Bow and Arrow Practice [Stephen Izzi]


    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo when are these guys appearing on Arrow!?

    That camerman is game.

    Also I wanna see the targets they were aiming at, after each shot :P

    The bow looks pretty feeble. I'm surprised the arrows even left the frame.
    Seriously, agility +10, style +10, accuracy -10

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      Yeah let's see them try that again with a 75lb compound bow instead of a toy, then we'll talk...

    This basically ruined all movies/shows that feature bows for me. Its like how half of popular culture thinks you should keep your finger on the trigger of guns at all times, popular bow technique is as equally off.

      That's awesome!

      They guys in the post above hold an arrow in their hand, kinda like Lars. If they could combine his technique with their flair, that would really be a spectacle.

      I really hope someone who works on games featuring archery watches this video.

      10/10 really fast archery.

      This greatly depends on how archery is being deployed in combat. Archers that are established behind the front lines likely wont be firing from the hand quickly or from a back mounted quiver. On horseback however, a quick, in-hand technique would be much more useful. I'd imagine that rarely were people fighting in Arrow-like close quarters with bows very often tho.

    Show them hitting anywhere near a target and it would be impressive, but since they don't it's as useful as using a tea strainer to wipe your arse.

    Let's have a minute's silence for the 16 cameramen and women who died during the filming of this video

    And you thought running with scissors was dangerous.

    They're not using a real bow, and they're stunt men...

    I call fake!
    Watch the video again and watch the deflection of the bow versus the draw distance. Either they are using a piece of elastic for the string or some clever digital trickery is in play.
    Also watch the arrows, in a few instances they go from held in a fist down by the feathers, to magically notched and correct grip...or not - the very first stunt the arrow is being held between his last two fingers just before he releases....

    In what situation does an archer need to do some break dancing during a battle?

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