Reddit Predicted Facebook Was Going To Buy Oculus Rift One Month Ago

Ah the benefit of hindsight. A month ago Reddit user threewolfmtn posted this thread on Reddit titled, 'So no way to confirm this, but my friend works in the same building as Oculus, and he ran into Mark Zuckerberg taking the elevator to Oculus' floor'.

"Do you think he was just checking it out?" Reads the post. "Or is there somethign more devious going on?"

Back then, a month ago, it must have seemed like the worst game of Chinese whispers ever. The equivalent of the needy kid on the playground who would say anything for attention.

But now? In the wake of today's news that Facebook has just acquired Oculus Rift for $2 Billion? Man, this is amazing.

The internet is truly an incredible place.


    There are no secrets anymore, but I guess the flood of misinformation helps hide the real info.

    Fuck, just read minecraft has been cancelled because of the Facebook deal, good on Notch for having the balls to make a stand.

      We dont need notch. Theres a fully working mod thats easy to install it just needs updated.

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