Ricky Gervais Would Be The Most Annoying Supervillain

Comedian Ricky Gervais knows exactly what role would fit him perfectly: the role of a supervillain, whose only superpower is being obnoxiously annoying, and whose only weakness is tickling.

A villain like that would bring to heel almost everyone (except Deadpool). As you can see in the video above, Conan O'Brien, too, is shocked and overwhelmed for a second.

Ricky Gervais Wants To Play A Supervillain [Team Coco]


    FYI to anyone else confused, the supervillain video is in the Conan O'Brien link. Not the video posted (although it's still hilarious).

    I just hope he tours Australia one day. Would love to see him live.

    Working alongside the Muppets, yes. I could see that.

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