Ryse: Son Of Rome Introduces New Maps, Skins, Mode

Ryse: Son of Rome introduces five new maps, two gladiator character skins, one new mode of play and with the Mars' Chosen Pack — though it probably doesn't improve that combat system any. It's free for those who bought the game's season pass for DLC.


    why does every sword fighting game have to have excessive power ups and ridiculous jumps in physical strength? I am not asking for something ultra-realistic, but a gladiator game like this without the exploding flamethrower swords and uppercuts that literally send people six feet in the air would be awesome. It works for games like dynasty warriors but in this game it seems so out of place. It is like watching UFC and having someone decide to overlay the whole fight with explosions and laserbeams.

      Have you actually played this game? It is more grounded than most beat em ups.

    Explain to me again how is this DLC "free" if "you've purchased the season pass"?

    A pre purchase /= free

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      The same way people think the games on PS+ are free (even when the are paying for the subscription to the service) or when you pre order a game and get exclusive dlc with it people think that's free as well.

      A lot of people have been conned into that line of thinking and it's quite sad, what they are getting (sometimes) is great value for money, that's it.

      Its so you can tell the difference from discounted DLC which is also available with season passes sometimes.

      That line rubs me the wrong way. "free $2 for anyone who gives me $4!!!"

      I hear you can get the whole game free when you buy the packaging at EB.

    Game was genuinely good.

    Achievement whores like myself got the shine taken off by the multiplayer grinding, but other than that, it was a good game.

    The real beauty of it is that you can see a great foundation for the sequel when the launch rush pressure isn't on Crytek. I expect the sequel to be an amazing game.

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