Seven Types Of People You Don't Want To Watch TV With

Seven Types of People You Don't Want To Watch TV With

Watching TV can be a great communal experience, a thing you love doing with friends and family...or it can suck, depending on the type of person you do it with.

Hopefully the people you watch TV with are nothing like the folks in this comic by Dorkly, though.

Seven Types of People You Don't Want To Watch TV With
Seven Types of People You Don't Want To Watch TV With
Seven Types of People You Don't Want To Watch TV With
Seven Types of People You Don't Want To Watch TV With
Seven Types of People You Don't Want To Watch TV With
Seven Types of People You Don't Want To Watch TV With
Seven Types of People You Don't Want To Watch TV With

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Personally, I think the nitpicker is the worst — because no matter how good something is, if you get granular enough, you can ruin anything. Everything else in this comic, while annoying, is more manageable: you can pause something when someone is talking; you can explain something so that someone stops being clueless, and so on. But if a person manages to ruin the thing you're watching, then that's it. It's ruined. You can't go back.

Granted, a nitpick is not always bad. Nitpicking is essentially being really meticulous in what you notice, right? Some people manage to do that and instead choose to highlight cool stuff about what you're watching. Those types of 'nitpicks' are the best.

What about you, what type of people do you hate watching TV with?


    I'm about half of these....and my wife is the other half of these.............we are perfect for eachother........

    How about the pauser?

    'Pauses' the show constantly to talk about someone the show made them think of.

    'The know it all.' I think it was that person who killed them.

      Or the rewinder.
      Flatmate is always busy on facebook... then suddenly goes...
      Oh I missed that... << Rewind.

      You forgot the spoiler, who saw it yesterday and tells you whats about to happen just before they do it.

        Worse than the spoiler is the 'casual spoiler'

        The person who casually slips in spoilers with out warning. As opposed to the person that is being upfront they're going to spoil it.

        Some examples from my own life,

        'Oh not that much happens, such and such dies.'

        'But it's got to be obvious that such and such is killed... Such and such poisons them.'

        Things like that.

        Where you don't really have time, a general statement, idea all of a sudden is a spoiler.

    I used to have a mate that, when we hired a movie on a weekend, would take control of the remote control (particularly when we were at his place) and fast forward any bits that *HE* thought boring. And he'd do it without warning. You'd just be watching it, engrossed, and then all of a sudden... it'd be in fast forward with no sound. It was entirely frustrating...

    Those were actually funny and true, in my experience... my horrible experience.

    You see, my mother was a combination, an unholy trilogy of newb, talker, and overreactor. Every minute she'd freak out at some minor event or dialogue, then start raging on about it for five minutes, then ask me what had happened in the last five minutes while she was talking. Then watch for a minute, and repeat. Infuriating.

    That is why I prefer to watch most shows alone, god help anyone who interrupts my Doctor Who!

    Anyone else watch Teen Wolf? I thought it would be crap but it has some surprisingly good moments, it could even be this decades Buffy

      I watch Teen Wolf and was very surprised how much I'm enjoying it. I definitely watch it alone though, do not want my husband ruining it by making fun of it.

    The S.O. this would so be my reaction when if it was Archer or Game of Thrones.. though a sock would be shoved in his mouth so he did not interrupt me watching Game of Thrones....

      Just take note of the Bloodhound Gang..."And then we'll do it doggy style so we can both watch X-Files" :)

    I'd like to add my wifes tallent. I call it-
    The ability to be perfectly quiet and reasonable throughout the entire show and then at the exact moment that somebody says the one line of dialogue that the entire story for the last half season hinges on, THAT is when she chooses to have either have a coughing fit or grab something (chip packet, biscuits, her coffee) and utilize it in the loudest way possible (rustling plastic, super loud slurping) right in your ear so that you have to rewind to hear what was said. Usually this leads to a second rewinding when she is either distracted or decides to go for a twofer with the chips on the second run through.

    My husband is a sleeper. He's guaranteed to fall asleep when we watch movies or anime, and sometimes in TV shows. It's frustrating because I know he won't last but he tells me he's fine,and then falls asleep and denies having been asleep when I wake him up. So I can't really concentrate on what we're watching because I'm too busy keeping an eye on him so I can stop the movie/show so he doesn't miss anything.

      Sounds like my parents when they are watching shows. Don't know if my dad has seen many full episodes of any shows.

      My god! My wife does the exact same thing. Even the whole lying about being asleep thing. I gently shake her every couple of minutes to make sure she is awake. Sometimes she gets angry but that's the price you pay when you can't be trusted to stay awake.

    Success! I am 5 out of 7 all at the same time! Especially the over reactor; that is me at the first episode of pretty much every anime ever. I wonder if this makes me a horrible person to watch TV with...

    I'm that person on the right. This is also someone you don't want to watch tv with, if you're one of the people on the left.

    I tend to over analyze things. Especially if they break the logic that the series has set up for it self. Easiest example is the transformers movies. 1 was good. Anyway, tv shows are for entertainment, if you are anything on the left there, then you do not want to be entertained by a tv show. Find something else.

      I do this with over-hyped movies and then destroy them to my friends. But they just look at me like I'm a weirdo who didn't like the love story in UP!

        Yeah over hyped stuff sets it self up for this. the love story of UP was more of a summary and some people give it more credit than it deserves, however I did like it and thought it was pretty emotional, just not as emotional as some people make it out to be.

    What about the 50%er?
    The person who is looking at their phone or tablet during the show until something major happens and then spends the next 15 minutes asking "who was that person?" "why did they do that?"
    Thats my girlfriend.

    What about the sexual innuendo-er? “She’s walking funny. Definitely just got some”, “Run kid! Old man is definitely a pedo!”, “She’s definitely giving him rapey eyes”. That’s me (not the rapey eyer, the sexual innuendo-er).

    Last edited 17/03/14 10:18 am

      Thanks for point out precisely which one you were. Was definitely heading towards the rapey eye image.

    The talker is the worst. My friends are all "texters" They will dick around on their fucking phones then at the end either say it sucked or ask what happened. MOST. ANNOYING. THING. EVER.

    I swear. Every. F##king. Time I watch a movie my dad is like what is that? Wait what happened? What did he say? Newbs are a pain in the ass. Especially if they always find a way to interrupt you when you are watching a movie or TV show.GAAAAAAH!

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