SimCity Finally Gets An Offline Mode Today

SimCity Finally Gets An Offline Mode Today

One year later, SimCity will finally be playable without an Internet connection — a new update, live today, adds an offline single-player mode to the controversial city-building game.

EA’s got a full FAQ clarifying what this mode will entail. You’ll be able to play the newest SimCity offline whenever you want — on both PC and Mac — and they have even got cheat codes in case you don’t feel like earning all those simoleons the hard way. The patch — called Update 10 — is totally free, and live right now. Let us know if you run into any problems downloading it.

SimCity, which launched in March 2013 as an online-only game, was plagued with bugs, AI issues, and connectivity problems that rendered the game unplayable for almost a week after it first came out. At the time, SimCity‘s developers said an offline mode would not be possible.

Between this and Diablo III‘s auction house going offline today, it’s almost like big game companies are… actually listening.


    • By that I’m assuming you’re meaning so that you can put Origin in ‘offline mode’?

  • Man, what ever happened to stuff like Porntipsguzzardo? These cheat codes aren’t even trying any more.

    Add §10,000 to City budget. Windows: CTRL + ALT + W OS X: CTRL + ALT + W
    Add §5,000 per hour to City budget. Windows: CTRL + ALT + S OS X: CTRL + ALT + S
    Add §100,000 per hour to City budget. Windows: ALT + W OS X: ALT + S

  • Between this and Diablo III‘s auction house going offline today, it’s almost like big game companies are… actually listening.

    Even the most ignorant are capable of seeing reason…… eventually

    • Honestly no, I know some very ignorant very loud people who will shout their point of view louder the more evidence you have that they are wrong.

      In the world of business how many times do the Executives expect us to swallow their changes and praise them for it. They aren’t ignorant they just honestly believed we’d accept this kind of thing.

    • I’d almost believe that, except… well. Dungeon Keeper remake. Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 mobile.

  • It’s still ‘sim village’ though so there is still some improvements to be made. Baby steps 😉

  • But how? what about all those cloud computations that were only capable of happening on the EA servers?

    • I know rite?

      I think they got a bit red-faced when people were posting videos on how they were successfully playing large aspects of the game without a connection.

  • Still stuck on sardine-can 4km² “Cities” in a region of other “Cities”. When the very title of the game isn’t an outright lie maybe I’ll pick up the game again.
    I can’t fathom how they can give you such a small building area then cruelly release ‘expansions’ when there’s no room to bloody expand.

  • “Between this and Diablo III‘s auction house going offline today, it’s almost like big game companies are… actually listening.”

    They are listening!…To their accountants who are showing them that sales are falling due to their idiotic online policies. If they gave their fans what they wanted to start with, they would be profiting sooo much more.

  • It’s still small cities you’re making. We want the large cities of old! Take a note from Cities XL!

  • I remember people saying sever size limits had been put on cities, and the grand tasks (or whatever they were called) required multiple people to achieve, essentially trying to make the game into multiplayer.
    So the question is: did they just take it offline, or did they also fix the design issues that came with the game being online only.

  • I wonder what implication this will have for modding now there’s an offline mode. They might be multiplayer breaking mods, but maybe we’ll see some awesome mods become available… maybe. Unless EA issues a cease and desist as they seem they would be wont to do…

  • Kinda conflicted. On one hand I want them to succeed now that they’ve listened. On the other hand I want the failure to be complete, so they learn never to try it again.

  • You can see they are doing this just as the Worst company of the year is being chosen, i say. To little to late.

  • The problem is suburb sizes not online/offline mode… until they realise this, I still wont touch Simcity2013

  • So glad I got the Tropico series off steam sales on the weekend at 75% off ! I wish I could find my boxware version of SC4 plus expansions that I have lost in the last few moves.

    EA continues on its path of being the Emperors of Arrogance.

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