Skrillex Uses Video Game To Premiere Surprise New Album


If you want to be the first to hear Skrillex’s newest music, one of the easiest ways is to play some video games.

The Grammy-winning DJ’s first full-length record, titled Recess, isn’t available by most conventional means. At the moment it can, however, be streamed through a free smartphone game called Alien Ride, which you can get on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

It’s actually not a terrible game, though nor is it a particularly interesting one. It’s a simplified Asteroids-like that unlocks the music shortly after you start to play. I played on iPhone and in a minute or two I had unlocked the album and was streaming it. The album came prefaced with a notification that it will only be streaming through the app for a limited time, along with a link to preorder the album on iTunes.

Skrillex’s fondness of video games is well-documented , so it’s not a stretch that he’d pull a trick like this. Still, I like it. More weird surprise albums, everyone!

Stereogum via The Verge


  • I always found his music sounds like a 50k dial up modem or a fax machine. (Hur hur, don’t get offended fans of Skrillex, I just always found the joke funny)

    • I find the joke funny and like his music as well 🙂 You get the best of both worlds when you retain a sense of humour.

  • I find skrillex a bit of a try hard lately.

    Specially with that recent music video clip of him in some 3rd world country trying to act hard and being gangster.

    check it out, it’s pretty cringe worthy lol

  • I listened to this album and wow… It’s pretty terrible. 3-4 decent songs and the rest is garbage. It feel so amateurish like something you’d expect to find on youtube (there is a lot of shitty dubstep etc on youtube) and I’m a fan of most of his prior stuff.

  • I thought perhaps I had stopped enjoying this kind of music, but his previous stuff is still good, not sure what happened with this album but it sounds off. Like someone else did it.

    Hopefully he makes some more First of the Year/Bangarang stuff next album.

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