Briefly: The Awesome Reversible Cover On Copies Of MGSV: Ground Zeroes

The front cover for comparison's sake if after the jump.

Ground Zeroes cover [Google]


    ....... 'if after the jump'?

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    Putting that Bachelor of Communication to great use, Patricia!

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    At least it taught her to write "Briefly" in the title.

    The US version still links to Google image search. It just has the "after the break" bit removed. Why fix your articles when you just tack on briefly I guess.

    I just clicked on a link that was a google search that included the link that I clicked on to get there from.

    Top shelf.

    Okay.... but anyways did ya'll here the release date in Australia is now the 27th, it's going to be hard to dodge spoilers for an extra week

      Bummer! Is Kojima trolling us???
      Thats a shame. Guess ill be avoiding the internet for a week..

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        "Apparently" there was a delay printing the Aus/Nz xbone version and they want to release simultaneously on all platforms so everyone has to wait.

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          And you beleive anything some idiot on the Internet writes... fanboys sigh

    Nevermind, I'll find an image, apparently just linking us to a google search is good enough.

    This is the worst goddamn article I have ever seen.

    So, a picture of the original at least, or perhaps a comparison of the two? Nope. Just a photo... :-/


    one sentence which doesn't make sense and a link to a vanilla google search, not even an image search.


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    @cillysunt at least Xbone users can buy digitally from the US once it is released there relatively easily :D

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