So Shiny

Briefly: Sakurai's latest screenshot of the day for the next Super Smash Bros. shows us what the Smash Ball will look like on the Wii U.


    I have no idea what a smash ball is, but that looks really dumb?

      Smash Balls were introduced in Brawl, and allowed each character to unleash a unique special attack that could get several KOs at once. For example, Sonic would become Super Sonic and dart about the screen, Fox could summon the Landstalker, and Samus could unleash a Kamehameha-like beam of destruction that destroyed her suit.

      The mechanic itself is a bit polarizing amongst fans, but I for one love them and are glad they're making a return. Of you don't like them, there's more than likely an option to turn them off.

        *land master :)

          Whoops! Had Ratchet Gladiator on the mind.

            But yeah i agree with you.
            i like smash ball things, they can flip the table so much but is also fair.

              That's a point I always tried to argue with my friends. Everybody said that Pikachu's Volt Tackle was overpowered when I used it but I could barely control it, for example.

    Once again Luigi demonstrates that he can sleep anywhere he wants.

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