PS4 Gets A Virtual Reality Headset

PS4 Gets A Virtual Reality Headset

Sony has just announced that virtual reality is coming to the PS4. It's called Project Morpheus.

First rumoured last year , the Sony headset puts the PlayStation 4 in a strange place in the gaming landscape, setting it apart from the Xbox One while offering a similar experience to the PC's Oculus Rift.

PS4 Gets A Virtual Reality Headset

Part of the announcement involved footage of a VR God of War, PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida saying "When I looked down, I saw my body was that of Kratos. That was an empowering experience."

Yoshida directly referenced the Oculus Rift in his presentation, saying "I have an enormous amount of respect for them, and we were inspired and encouraged by the enthusiastic reactions of developers and journalists who tried [the Oculus Rift]".

Note that the headset, pictured above, is not the unit's final design, as Sony is still working on it. That said, here are the prototype's specs:

  • 1080p display with 90-degree field of view
  • 15mm eye relief
  • 1000hz display
  • Full 360-degree movement
  • Supports forward prediction

In terms of games, EVE Valkyrie is playable on the current dev kit, which is exciting. There'll also be a special build of Thief being released; not the entire game, but some key sections reworked for VR support. There's also games called The Deep and The Castle, the latter of which will let you use a PlayStation Move to control a sword.

PS4 Gets A Virtual Reality Headset
PS4 Gets A Virtual Reality Headset
PS4 Gets A Virtual Reality Headset
PS4 Gets A Virtual Reality Headset

Morpheus will be available for a hands-on with developers and the press tomorrow. Stephen and Kirk will be swinging by to give it a try, so check back tomorrow for impressions.

PS4 Gets A Virtual Reality Headset

Another shot of the "Morpheus" prototype.

PS4 Gets A Virtual Reality Headset

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida with earlier, prototype headset units.

PS4 Gets A Virtual Reality Headset

Another early prototype unit.


    I thought EVE Valkyrie was oculus exclusive? frickin' awesome!

    How much is something like this gonna cost? Given that Sony is actively gouging every country that doesn't have PPP with the US I don't look forward to seeing the price tag on that beast.

      Shu said as little as possible.

    Hopefully this actually comes out, unlike the OR which feels like it was announced back at the dawn of time.

    Well I think this is pretty awesome. Will wait to see more (and a price) but man I'd love to give this a shot.

    90degree field of vision, same as my snorkelling mask. Pretty cool.

    How would this work? Console games have an extremely low FOV, and are designed around the idea that you are three metres away from the television.

      Well PC games have FOV options, it'd not be too hard to have a pair of settings for new games to use this tech, if it detects this thing then it implements the wide FOV, if not it uses the standard

    I predicted the ps4 would fail by jan 2016 but man you guys are making this too easy for me. lol. The sad part is people are posting like its something good. You don't know history,someone with a brain please look up Nintendo virtual boy. If nintendo couldnt sell the virtual boy when they OWNED the market at the time and videogame's were at thier peak in 1995 how in the world is a nobody sony corporation whos sharing the market with nintendo and microsoft going to sell such a silly gimmick at a time when A: people have no cash and B: the little cash they have is going towards cell phones,ipods,laptops etc... Sony has NO games on the ps4 and this is the best they can do?a peripheral?lmao. The WiiU just came up with an innovative game called "Hex Heroes" which is going to sell like crazy and this is sony's answer?

    Damn! Who knew Sony was working on this tech for the past 5 years? Totally unexpected but definiately awesome.

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