Sony Selling Its Tokyo Headquarters

It appears that while Sony's gaming sector is looking bright, its PC and TV sectors have been dragging the business down — and selling its headquarters in Tokyo is just one of many measures planned to minimise the damage.

Sony already parted with its US headquarters for $1.1 billion USD, and recently parted with another Tokyo building for the same amount, according to the Wall Street Journal.

But its Tokyo headquarters has become a site of sentimental value, as the place when innovations like the Walkman were made. But it's understood that while the company moved to its Tokyo headquarters in 1990, the "real" birthplace of Sony is not for sale.

Less comforting to employees feeling a sense of loss will be the 5,000 jobs Sony is looking to cut worldwide, and the $1.1 billion USD losses the company is expected to suffer this financial year — problems that not even The Last Guardian can fix.

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    Hey, at least Sony is taking the correct course of action when business is slow, down sizing, selling off non-profitable departments... Sounds like something the Liberals would do... Oh wait.

      Except that a government is not a business. No matter how much the right wing nut-jobs want it to be.

    Hmm, I wonder if I should buy a PS Vita already (which i've been planning to for some time) if not for the feeling that I'm supporting little Sony.

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