Sony Tech Lets You Play Games Using Your Eyes

Sony's had some VR tech on show at this year's GDC, but it's also showing off some eye-tracking gear that's just as impressive.

In this clip, The Verge get some hands-on time with a special test build of the new Infamous game, and... throws some fireballs using their eyes. You're not controlling the entire game using your eyes, just a few actions, but still. Neat.

This kind of technology won't change the world (unless you're a disabled gamer, in which case it's probably super useful). But it's just another one of those things that reminds us, you know, 2014 is getting pretty sci-fi.

Note that the hardware itself isn't from Sony; Sony simply modified existing tech with their own code so it could be implemented in games like the custom Infamous build seen here.

Controlling a PlayStation with your eyes: 'Infamous: Second Son' [The Verge]


    I can imagine this could add some really cool stuff involving what you are focusing on in games. No more looking at out of focus items in the distance.

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