Sony Wants You To Know That It Has A Next-Gen Shooter Too

Sony Wants You To Know That It Has A Next-Gen Shooter Too

There’s going to be a lot of Titanfall chatter this week: how awesome it is/isn’t, whether the online functionality is a triumph/failure, and tips for playing it. That’s all well and good for Xbox One and PC players. But what about PS4 owners? Well, Sony would like to remind its faithful that a high-profile, constantly connected FPS will be hitting its new console too. Y’know, in September.

It looks like a new TV PlayStation ad focused on Bungie’s big-deal shooter started airing last night. With Titanfall releasing tomorrow, the timing of this new spot probably isn’t a coincidence. And, while Killzone: Shadowfall debuted alongside the PS4, it’s not quite the same kind of expansive experience that Titanfall and Destiny are promising. Of course, Destiny’s coming out for the Xbox One too. (The last news on a PC release wasn’t promising.) But you sure aren’t going to see that little nugget of info in this advert.

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  • This Sat we are going to do a titanfall trial Lan on a 100mb connection with 12 people….hopefully its not too laggy.

      • I’m pretty sure he means the lan will have a 100mbps pipe out to the internet, the hope being that it’s enough to sustain that many people at the same time off the same connection.

          • Its worked with BF4 and GTA online. Not sure what modem is used but I will find out on Sat.

        • I just asked and its a telstra velocity??? with a 100mb down and 5mb up….hopefully it can handle all 12 players 😐

      • I think I read somewhere that there may be an option to turn off the AI ??? Not sure

    • Unless Titanfall has LAN support, good luck trying to get two teams of 6 punching into the Xbox Compute servers to setup a game. There’s no private match option in either version currently. It’s to be added “soon” after the game launches…FYI

      • The Lan I guess is a test, fingers crossed especially since we don’t have the AUS servers up yet

  • Titanfall and Destiny, they sort of don’t interest me because they have last gen versions, which means the current versions will have been designed with concessions in mind to cater for this. This draws me away from wanting the first iterations.

    Now the SEQUELS we will get for them, I’ll definitely be interested in, as they’ll be current gen only…

    • Wouldnt that be the same as not being interested in the PC versions of games cos they also made console versions?

      • No, not at all. The newer consoles are operating with newer technology in them and I want to see what the developers are capable of. When they’re making cross generational games, they have to make sacrifices, this has already been seen in games such as COD : GHOSTS (not the best example I know) and ran rampant in the first generation of 360 games such as Farcry Predator/Instincts which was cross generational etc. When we finally got to see the 360/PS3 only games, it took off vastly when not being held back in development in comparison.

        In the case of a PC game, that’s dependant on the actual developer and what they want to put into the game in terms of game mechanics. If they believe they actually have to sacrifice gameplay mechanics to fit onto a console. As we saw with Fallout 3 and NV, you really don’t. It was a rich experience on both Console and PC.

        • I can’t speak for Destiny, but I was under the impression that the 360 version of Titanfall was developed by Bluepoint games, not Respawn and did not affect the Xbox One or PC versions of the game.
          In fact I think that was an E3 marketing point around how the AI utilizes the cloud in the two “next gen” versions compared to the stripped back 360 version.
          Having played the beta, the visuals aren’t that different to the best the 360 can currently offer, but the smoothness and sheer volume of things happening/pacing makes it hard to imagine that the 360 can keep up, even with it’s own version…

    • I don’t know. I’m of a similar opinion but i do think it’s a pretty prejudicial way of thinking. Backed up by anecdotal evidence but there’s still no rule that says a first gen game can’t play to a new console’s strengths. It won’t…. But there’s no rule.

      • Made solely for the console it will. Look at second son for instance. Multi gen games do not.

  • Does it annoy anyone else how any headline to do with any current console is still referring to them as Next Gen?

      • I still make this mistake with the terminology too. But I guess only because I still have a massive backlog of PS3 games still to go through. Also Dark Souls II this week.

        • Very good point, but then I guess it’s one of those kinds of issues that really isn’t an issue when we think about it. lol

          • Yeah this is true haha. *insert first world problems meme here* I have too many video games.

          • Indeed. First world problem! haha.
            My day just isn’t complete with having at least one gripe about something though =)

    • We went through the same thing during the previous transition. The term should die away in a year or so.

  • Ok, this is getting annoying. I have friends who were going to buy PS4 instead of Xbone because they believed Destiny was an exclusive and they didn’t believe me otherwise until I convinced them to google it themselves.

    I’m sure this isn’t a new thing but it is the most “high-profile” one I’ve seen and I could be wrong but my memory says when a multi-platform game is advertised as an exclusive it’s always Sony (or because I’m effectively a Xbox fanboy I remember every wrong-doing the competitor does and forget my own brands wrong-doing)

  • Jetbikes, huh. Looks like my passing thought that the player characters in Destiny looked like Eldar Scouts might not have been so far from the truth. Not that I’m complaining. Someone has to do a decent Warhammer 40k FPS and Bungie seem like as good a candidate as any.

  • First Watch Dog’s PS4 sharing ad and now this? Don’t they have any real exclusives to advertise?

  • I thought they may be talking about planetside 2, I am definitely looking forward to that on Ps4

    • I am disappointed this wasn’t about Planetside 2 too. That one’s awesome on PC.

  • Sigh, those Star Wars speeder bikes they’re riding look identical to some WipEout ships 🙁 3

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