Star Wars Podracer From Kerbal Space Program Can Actually Fly

Star Wars Podracer from Kerbal Space Program Can Actually Fly

Anakin's podracer doesn't hold a candle to this one. No sir.

Redditor m1sz created an actual, working podracer in spacecraft-building simulator Kerbal Space Program, and even made a video of the podracer in flight. Well, not just that -- like any good Kerbal Space Program footage, it starts with a prototype crashing. And ends with a prototype crashing. Podracing is dangerous.

While you can't exactly land it (or call it an actual, useful aircraft by any stretch of the imagination), it's still fairly amazing how 150+ parts can work together to get this teeny-tiny thing into the air. Until it all breaks apart, anyway.

So, we know that NASA are keeping an eye on this game. How long until real-life podracers? Get to it, NASA.

So you thought my POD RACER cant fly? :D [Reddit]

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