Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Are Finally Getting What They Want

It appears that player housing is coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic, or so this teaser video for SWTOR‘s SSHP seems to promise.

SSHP is likely short for Super Secret Housing Project, which unlike the Super Secret Space Project (which became the Galactic Starfighter expansion) actually was a secret. The reveal was shocking, but given how often people on the SWTOR forums have brought up Wildstar‘s housing options as being a reason to jump ship when that game is released this year, it’s not so surprising that EA and BioWare are making this addition.

Still, all we know about housing is in that video as no official explanation has yet come down. The teaser shows a Coruscant apartment that features a mailbox and character customisation console. Each character in SWTOR receives his or her own space ship at their respective faction’s capital planet, and that ship has always been perceived as a home of sorts, though it lacked customisation options beyond unlocks like a mailbox or an auction house terminal. It had long been expected by many (including myself) that the ability to decorate and fancify the inside of your ship would come before housing.

But, hey, maybe it’s easier to build a new space geared toward customisation than to change the existing one to accommodate it. In any case, housing is exciting; but it still warrants some scepticism until we see just how much we can do to these new homes.

I wouldn’t expect something as deep as the Hearthfire expansion for Skyrim here, but in order to satisfy the players who have been wanting housing, we’ll have to be able to have many options for decorating our new homes, something on par with a high-rise loft in The Sims 3 — maybe we can’t change the floorplan but otherwise how it looks inside should be up the the player.

What SWTOR has long needed is new time-consuming activities that are different from all the existing time-consuming activities. Housing can provide one, but it may not if there aren’t enough options.

But it’s clear that BioWare is aiming to please by introducing housing, which is one of the oldest requests in the game alongside the ability to play as a togruta and a toggle for hoods. Its heart may be in the right place, but it still has to deliver something worthwhile if folks are going to be happy.


  • Oh yay, player housing. All the while my account remains locked due to their security keys being unremovable from accounts without calling the USA to do so. Maybe they need to update their customer service instead of adding cosmetic updates for free players

    • Pretty sure this hasn’t been a thing for some time; when I returned to “try” it out again early this year, I was able to remove my security key via the website. Can’t recall how It was done, but then Google will have the answers.

  • I cancelled my sub when I got to Alderaan and realised that instead of making things harder they just made the world bigger. That’s just lazy. I haven’t tried anything since it went F2P.

  • This is what people want? I thought they wanted same sex romance options, I know I sure as hell would like to see some girls flirting with each other.

  • I’ve played SWTOR since beta and to be honest this extra housing introduction doesn’t excite me much (nor has very much since they transitioned to a F2P model).

    I fault no one who enjoys this addition, but I even as I try playing it again over the past month I just find myself waiting for the next attempt of EA to make the next star wars MMO.

  • Oh, *that’s* what I wanted and ended up quitting over. Not the fact that my high-level Sith Warrior was apparently the right hand man of the most powerful person in the galaxy but still having to go kill x amounts of space-rats to do fetch quests for minor imperial officers or randoms on the street.

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