Taiwan Holds A Superhero Race

Taiwan Holds A Superhero Race

Over the weekend, the Avengers assembled in Taiwan! Well… sort of. This past weekend in Taipei, thousands of superhero fans and running enthusiasts hit the ground running in a 5k marathon.

That’s right, thousands of people gathered in Taipei’s MaChangTing Memorial Park to take part in what is probably better described as a fun run for Marvel’s Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier.

Taiwan Holds A Superhero Race

Lead by Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang, who isn’t in the movie, people dressed in superhero costumes ran alongside Taipei City’s riverside on the island’s first ever Superhero Run. There were guys dressed up as the Hulk, men and women as Captain America, and groups of people dressed in S.H.I.E.L.D T-shirts.

Along the route, participants were tasked with overcoming staged obstacles to complete the race. The obstacles were supposedly themed after events that happened in Winter Soldier. Wang, who once again isn’t in the movie, led the race and finished in fourth place.

While this is the first Superhero Run in Taiwan, this isn’t the first Superhero Run. Previous hero runs have taken place in various cities around the US. In the hero runs in the US, the events were held for a cause, such as combating child abuse.

Of course that’s not to say that a superhero-themed fun run isn’t ok, in fact any excuse for people to dress up and have fun is a good one, right?

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