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    Ugh... Monday mornings are so boring. Sitting on Kotaku’s front page. Refresh... refresh... refresh.


    It's been a week since Peaceful Tomorrows was nominated for the 2013 Aurealis Award. In that week, I've run an insane gamut of emotions. And I've done no writing at all. None at all. Starting to do my head in!

    Anyway, enough of that rubbish.

    I’ve got bacon and eggs for breakfast... mixed in with my potato salad, because it’s Potato-Salad-Monday (a @dc invention of which I approve entirely).

    Aaaaaand, enough of that rubbish.

    It's been a long time since I gave any games away on TAY. I really don't have that many left to give, because I’ve tried hard not to replace the ones I offloaded. But I want to clear out the following.

    @benny gets first pick of the following, because reasons. Then, first in, best dressed.

    More might be added in the near future.

    Games \o/


    * Super Scribblenauts

    * Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars
    (GTA on handheld that doesn’t suck!)


    * Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
    (I don’t need this game, because I wake the wind every time I over-indulge in cheese)

    Claimed by @evilmonkey

    PLAYSTATION 3 (because I’m probably never going to replace the console [which sadly means I’ll never get to play The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, or Beyond: Two Souls, or replay Demon’s Souls (but I digress with these increasingly nested parentheses)])

    * Uncharted 1
    (best Uncharted)

    Claimed by @redartifice

    * Uncharted 2
    (Ltd Ed steelbook, DLC has been redeemed, EPIC SET PIECES)

    Claimed by @benny

    * Custom cover for Uncharted 3
    printed by yours truly because I hated the cover that came with the limited edition. This one features a sweeping desert panorama. Can be provided with any other game.


    * Fahrenheit
    (David Cage! Emotions!)

    * Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    (still the best GTA)

    XBOX 360

    * Injustice: Gods Among Us
    (my 2013 disappointment of the year, Special Ed. steelbook edition)

    Claimed by @pixel_the_ferret_viking

    * Bioshock

    Edit: This could have been my third consecutive TAY-get. Thanks a lot @BENNY >:(

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      edited back to me wanting Injustice because i was outvoted unanimously :P

      Last edited 24/02/14 9:06 am

        Anyone? Anyone? No?
        All right. It's yours.
        Edit: Assuming it's not the one that @Benny picks.

        Last edited 24/02/14 8:58 am

          naturally, and a tentative THANKS SHANE!
          also why are you having another game give away? YOU'RE TOO DAMN GENEROUS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

            I hate clutter. I think owning too much stuff is the reason I have no money. So if I give away said stuff, I'll have money again. Right? RIGHT?!

              do i need to send you my details?
              i guess i do after i moved :P... UNLESS YOU'RE STALKING ME
              *checks outside window*

                What? I have to send the games? I thought offering them would be enough!

                SIGH. All right, I'll let you come and pick them up. Greedy Russian :P

        Damn! I was gonna ask for that one, but fair's fair, you were first.

        This is so awesome of you, just giving away games.

        Other than Injustice, the only game you've listed that I haven't played/finished is Wind Waker, so if you really want to give them away, I'll put my hand up for that one. I'll even swap you The Dig for it.

          It's cool man, if you want it, you have it, i'm happy with that...
          I have leeched waaaaaaaaaaay too much off these generous people anyway
          EDIT - edited back my post because people are nice

          Last edited 24/02/14 9:07 am

            Why are you making a mockery of my rules? I'll send you a second game if you're not careful.

          Nah, I don't play PC games. But you can have Wind Waker.
          Edit: if @benny doesn't choose it.

          Last edited 24/02/14 9:08 am

      HAHAR! I have the power of the Gods! You think you're getting Injustice? You think you're getting Wind Waker? I supersede you! HAHAR! The choice is mine!

      Yeah, you guys can have those ones. I'll take Uncharted 2, thanks Shane. Metacritic tells me that's the one to introduce me to the series. Thank you.

        NO NO NO NO NO!

        You can't just jump into the series right in the middle. You have to start at the first one.

        Uncharted 2 was like my favouritest game in such a long time. Such an amazing game.

        THE TRAIN, MAN!

        I don't usually replay games but I finished Uncharted 2 then replayed it 2 more times immediately after! SAY WAAAAAAT??????!

      Hey man

      If no one else claims it, I might grab Uncharted 1 if that's OK? I never actually finished it- jumped straight to Uncharted 2, only hired the first.

        YES. And I can send the Witcher 2 map when I send it. I keep forgetting, but I've never forgotten that I keep forgetting.

      Chinatown Wars! \o/

      Best GTA. Someone take it.

    AF2014 Talk:

    Steed: Good team, very clear plan of what they expect to deliver for a prototype, will be very much the 'this is how we do it' project with mostly technical coverage.
    Little Pink Best Buds: Looks like DF has thrown the A team at this one, crazy premise and very interesting result
    Mnemonic: The absolute chaos project - this will be maximum documentary / people value - the artist lead that doesn't really know what he's doing, the experienced PM not in a PM role that will be providing guidance but can also be dangerously influencing the project to be something rather different. This one has got me a lot more interested now.
    Dear Leader: Similar to Steed, fairly well in control and a very different kind of game.
    All up it's a good contrast between the four projects, there are very different things to see from each one. I'm enjoying the documentary episodes.

      I kept checking the past few days for new episodes but I forgot it was the weekend :P

    I am the Lord, thy G-od. Though shalt have no other G-od before me.

    More coherent thoughts when I've had coffee.

    Twitch Plays Pokémon update:
    6 badges
    Zapdos caught with Master Ball
    Butthurt Starcraft 2 streamer mobilised several thousand followers to sabotage the game, wanted to spam democracy near the PC and release pretty much everything. DigRat, Dux and X Cabbage lost alongside some other unused mons.

      What the hell was he butt hurt about? And what's the point of destroying something else?

      People suck.

        Probably butthurt that people only care about this on Twitch right now so he's not getting his usual amount of attention, or something? I think it was so popular that it was causing other aprts of Twitch to crash.

      All that blood and still no partied Zapdos D:

        after almost releasing him twice, well, we'll wake him when we need him.

      Have they beat the Safari Zone yet? I won't believe that can do this unless they get the HM they need from the Safari Zone.

        I *think* so. A few of the other casualties were 'mons caught while doing the Safari zone. I think they're heading for Cinnibar now.

          Well I think the HM you get from the Safari Zone is Surf so if they're able to Surf then I assume they conquered it. Hooray!

            Definitely have Surf since you also need that for Power Plant and Zapdos. I think the safari zone happened some time Saturday.

              I'd forgotten about the Power Plant even though I've neen playing my own game of Fire Red alongside heirs. On Friday evening I went and got Flash, made it through Rock Tunnel, got my 4th badge, got the Silph Scope, beat Lavender tower, grabbed Hitmonlee from the karate dojo and left off about to go into the 5th gym and probably get my ass handed to me by some psychic pokemon. Maybe I should try levelling up the Haunter I caught. All my pokemon are around level 30 at the moment as well, so there's probably some grindage in order.

                I've fired up Pokémon Black recently, and after just over 5 hours I have 7 badges. I'm cheating a little to rush endgame.

                  I don't know how long I've "actually" been playing, but the in game timer says I'm at 21 hours. I'm playing on an emulator and constantly holding down the turbo button though, so I've probably lost hours to just standing in one spot over overshooting doorways. So it's pretty faithful to the Twitch stream, I guess.

      That sucks but you knew it was gonna happen eventually, these are guys who hate seeing competition In other forms so it's expected

        It's a microcosm of the entire entertainment industry, really.

        Something new and unexpected blows up and it starts poaching users from the established old guard, and they get pissed off because they notice that it is costing them money. But instead of trying to compete by providing a better service (in many cases because they can't), they go on the attack and work to create protectionist rules and barriers, to the detriment of the consumer.

        People really are the same pretty much everywhere at every level.

          Possibly the best analysis of arseholeishness ever

    It's unlikely, but if anyone is interested in picking up DARK SOULS for XBox 360 that doesn't already have it, now's the time.

    It's on sale for $7.48 on the XBox Marketplace.

    Edit: Don't know if it was mentioned in the previous TAY, so apologies if it was.

    Edit 2: Apparently this is for today only, so if you want it, you best get moving.

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      I own the game, have platinumed it, and I'm still considering buying this. There is literally no excuse that will suffice. Everyone must buy.

        I tried getting the PC version to work for me and simply couldn't. The best result I could get was a version which ran in a space occupying the upper-left quarter of my screen, and wouldn't bring up any HUD elements, including menus.

        I'm not even that mad.

          Did you use the mods? Mine is a bit weird running in windowed mode for a few seconds then flicking to full screen, I seem to recall a chunk of messing about to get it working

            Yeah, downloaded DSfix and DSMfix, had a fair play with different settings both in the .ini and the in-game options. Interested in seeing what happens after they extract GFWL. IF they do. I might need to do a PC playthrough to tide me over until DS2 in May. Either that, or I'll bite the bullet and get the PS3 version. But... graphics! GRAPHICS!

              Do you want me to email you my settings & files? Probably won't work but it doesn't sound like it'd get any worse

                Sure! Can't hurt. :) Thanks for the offer.
                Fling at my handle here, but with the gmails.

                  shall do when I fire up my real computer, on the shitty laptop that stalls every few minutes and needs a good punch in the CPU at the moment

      It was (by me) but it's worth re-mentioning.

      I'll also re-mention that Red Dead Redemption is $12.50 and fucking amazing so everyone should buy that too. Well everyone with a 360 with a hard drive and who doesn't already have it on disc

    productive weekend in Dark Souls

    Sen's fortress can kiss my arse, Iron Golem Defeated!
    trotted back to Firelink and went to the Asylum and beat the Stray Demon to a pulp, FIRST TRY \o/
    got the peculiar doll, went to the Painted World, screamed a bit at the phalanx and then went and had a chat with a damsel with a tail (HI PRISCILLA) and then jumped in a hole, did not kill her...
    then went on a bit and found the notorious archers everyone has issues with.
    cried a bit
    cried some more,
    and then went and played Project Zomboid

    overall half decent weekend :P

      But... Priscilla has a cool dagger tail thing. Also, fighting an invisible boss... what's not to like about that?

      Good job otherwise, though!

        i felt bad, SHE HADN'T DONE ANYTHING WROOOONG, she's just trying to live her life :P
        i didn't feel i had any motivation to attack her... I'M A GOOD GUY! :P

          None of these enemies or bosses would attack you if you didn't go near them. Remember our discussion about the Capra Demon, once a peaceful pet owner... :\

            i know! i just make for a terrible evil guy...
            apologising each time you kill someone is normal right? RIGHT? :P

            After seeing the ending(s) and watching all the lore videos on every possible enemy/NPC/zone/topic, I end up taking a very nihilistic view of the world and that totally influenced my actions in wrapping up my pre-NG+ checklist.

            I killed fucking everyone.

    I won't lie and say "don't mean to brag" because I totally do

    Yes I want to make sure people know. Otherwise what's the point?

      Crap, I still haven't made it out of the Undead Asylum. Don't laugh.

        I'm only just ahead of you man, I restarted last week, and I've only just made it across the bridge to the Undead Parish.

          It's karma. A few weeks ago I saw someone on Youtube complete the game in like two hours and foolishly I announced that I could do the same. Let's just say it didn't quite go to plan.

      I've never played, or even seen Dark Souls, but from what I have heard, you deserve to brag at least a little! Must have been one hell of an effort!

    Had a pretty good day yesterday. After church, my friend Trent who had his birthday yesterday suggested that we go to Cold Rock and get ice cream. I had Passionfruit ice cream with Fruit Tingles, which is a surprisingly good mixture. We went to a park to sit in the sun and enjoy our ice cream. I also watched two movies: Meet the Robinsons and Identity Thief.

    Identity Thief is the type of movie I enjoy watching every so often: A stupid comedy that you can switch your brain off for and just laugh. With Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, how can you not?

      I scrolled too fast and this post melded into the talk of dark souls above, I started wondering where the hell you can go in that game to get icecream and why I've not been there yet...

    So you know that scene in Aladdin just after he takes her on a magic carpet ride and she kisses him and he falls back off the ledge of the building into pure bliss.

    Nothing like that happened on my dates

    I kid

    It was really awesome, I have a big smile on my face. I probably will keep it there.
    I was so scared and for no real good reason, I forget that Im pretty cool sometimes.

    Last edited 24/02/14 9:22 am

      I forget that Im pretty cool sometimes.
      fixed that for you
      Well done man, sounds like you had an awesome time \o/



          by which of course i mean you're awesome ALL the time, not just sometimes :P

          Last edited 24/02/14 9:34 am

            That's it! Hold him down I'm getting the funnel!

      I'm just glad that what happened to Aladdin after that didn't happen to you.

        What? Freeing the genie? I think Rocketman would be okay with that. Actually, he probably already did that if he can't keep the smile off his face #euphemism

          Hey, i have a little class, not much but a little.

          Imagine if you rubbed your lamp then Robin Williams shot out and started making you crazy promises?

            Catch him in a tissue and flush him down the toilet, works for me.

      i honestly think thats the apex of self-confidence when you can go 'me? i hear he's a alright dude.' moderation in everything, especially confidence.

        Wait... you mean you're not supposed to give confidence the keys to everything and hope it doesn't make a mess of the place eating everything in sight and trashing your place?

    hoy, aussie friendos.

    rough wake up. never seen a city celebrate so hard in six in the morning. a odd amount of donuts and alcohol passed around. its also been snowing for the whole day, looks like. thats nice. dont appreciate its beauty as much as i could.

      This really makes me want to visit Canada..

        "want to visit Canada"
        Son, this is the most amount of partying they'll do for the next 4 years.
        After today, it's back to business with freezing in the cold.

          well, youll freeze, we'll all just hibernate until the hockey season starts up aagain.

      Its funny exactly how apathetic you are too it all.


        haha, im afraid like many i was swept away in the festivities- youre confusing apathy for post-celebration exhaustion. crazy stuff, canadas liquor laws got bent just for today, so bars were open well into the morning. spent some time at one wearing maple leaf pjs, lol.

      I love disc soccer sportspuck!
      Go local sports team!

        yeah scored the most breakaway hole-in-one insert soccer term here!

      Canada won the finals?

      I feel like I need to remind everyone what happened when the Canada lost last time ......

        oy, get it right, that was the stanley cup


    After celebrating one of my bestie's 30th on Friday, Saturday was spent playing more Borderlands 2 with the new housemate while everyone else was at Soundwave and yesterday saying goodbye to another mate who's off toa coast to coast America trip. I wanna do that but go to all the civil war sites and what have you. Trouble is I'd draw up a list of stuff that would take a year to do in America.

    Back to this week and it's my last week of work before starting new job.

    So I didn't play any games this weekend apart from a few brief bursts of Pokemon Fire Red on an emulator in the few waking moments I had that I wasn't doing stuff.

    Because Telstra are going to widen and lengthen the shaft they're giving to their customers next month and I'm in the last few days of my contract, we decided to renew early (we don't get penalised for doing so) and upgrade to the iPhone 5S while it was still relatively reasonably priced to do so. We considered switching to Optus or Vodafone but I don't think Vodafone's deals were that much better, at least if you want an iPhone (which I do). So we went out on Saturday, made a visit to a Telstra shop, then my wife needed to get her hair did which takes all goddamn day. Normally we could pass the time playing with our phones but about an hour after we walked out of the Telstra shop our old SIM cards deactivated. If there is a hell, it's sitting in the back of a hairdressing salon with no wifi waiting for a dye job to set. Oh no, wait, that was nothing compared to the next day.

    We were out all day Sunday at a 6 year old's birthday party where I knew none of the adults because they were friends of a woman my wife last knew in high school around 1999/2000, and did you know that girls between the ages of 5 and 12 love One Direction and squealing loudly at the slightest provocation?

    I suppose at least when people ask me all day what I did on the weekend, I have an answer that doesn't involve "video games" or "sleeping in". So there's that.

      I suppose at least when people ask me all day what I did on the weekend, I have an answer that doesn't involve "video games" or "sleeping in". So there's that.Situation sounds similar though: Hellish environment, heavily outnumbered, shrieking horrors, thoughts of death...

        You just described a insane clown posse concert or a nicki minaj concert.

        I should've stayed home and played Dark Souls \o/

        I did have the option of staying home but I could tell my wife wanted me to go with her more than she was trying to let on, plus it was around a 90 minute drive each way which is a bit much for her since she fatigues easily. I decided not to be a selfish ass for once.

          They need a port of dark souls for the PS Vita, that'd be ideal for situations like this (if you have a PSV, might be less optimal if not)

            I don't have a Vita. I do have an old PSP and a 3DS. And I could have done stuff on my phone, but that would've been rude.

          Ugh. People trying not to let you realize how much they care about something is my achilles heel, too.

          Nothing quite like a loved one being all selfless and thoughtful to make you realize that we're not here on this earth for very long, and we don't always get gift-wrapped opportunities to show our people that we care about them.

    Hola Tay

    I had a busy Saturday- caught up with a friend of mine who had escaped come back from Canberra for a few days, then went out with another group of friends to Wolf Creek the Musical


    Played a little Dark Souls on Friday, got the Drake sword and am working my way through Undead Parish.

    A Monday Morning Question: Which other property needs the Musical treatment, serious or otherwise?

      It's gotta be Dark Souls. I would step over anyone's grandmother to see that.

        The song "YOU DIED" would be a showstopper.

        Reprised every two minutes.

          With intermittent crying in the background... and the beat can be a mix of various controllers breaking

          Sounding more and more bored each time it happened

          You dieeeed
          you dieeeed
          I know this is haaard
          but duuuude you just suck

          You had to plant the idea in my head. I'm not going to be able to let this go until I've had a crack at writing this song... :\

            YOU DIED!
            You met a nasty undead!
            YOU DIED!
            A dragon bit off your head!
            YOU DIED!
            A block that wasn't meant to be!
            YOU DIED
            in all the ways from A. TO. Z-------------------

            You've died through poorly dodging, and rolling the wrong way
            You've died from nasty demons more than once every day

            You were savaged by a rat
            You thought that that was that
            but you came back to the bonfire and ran all the way back!

      After having seen the news that Sony is developing a movie about Sega v Nintendo Console Wars, surely that should be a musical.

        I'm just a man, who loves to play games
        I get confused, by all of the big names
        Where can I play, the games I like to play?

        Please let me be your Super, Nintendo
        I'll always be, your best-o friend-o
        Mario games, the games that are right for you

        SEGA GUY
        Please let me be, your Master System
        If you don't play these games, you'll surely have missed them
        Sonic and All of his friends, are the best for you

        *tapdance off*

      man i love musicals maybe even too a fault.

      Honestly though i would say a really well done version of any ghibli film
      I would die right then of happiness.

      Limbo. Set it to moody goth metal and you're most of the way there already.

      I know they've already done it, but I'd love to see Evil Dead: The Musical.

    Well it's certainly monday morning in the office...
    i'm on my 3rd cup of coffee and wired as shit
    the guy next to me is nodding off to sleep,
    the girl opposite of me smells like a sportsbar full of sweaty men that hasn't showered in 5 days... (apparently she's been on an all weekend binge, and can't stop chatting about it, despite no one seems to care)
    today is going to be a grrrrreat daaay
    *head desk*

    Last edited 24/02/14 9:55 am

      It's twitching below my right eye currently
      Half our software is either running very slow or broken. Just another Monday morning in the Cloud :P

        yeeeeep, that's pretty much my morning too XD
        BRB 4th cup of coffee incoming!

          I might be on my way to coffee number 2 in a minute.

            The lyrics of Robert Cray seem appropriate here.

            Coffee for my breakfast
            Shot of whiskey on the side
            It's a dark and dreary morning
            With the clouds covering up the sky:
            And the forecast calls for pain.

            Last edited 24/02/14 10:08 am

              For many years the lyrics to MY work day were those from 'Stress' by Jim's Big Ego.
              They work best if you read them in a machine-gun rapid-fire run-on sentence wired on caffeine.

              I'm trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption, so when I get up I just have one cup of coffee and I like to have another cup of coffee with my breakfast, and when I go to work I like to get a cup of coffee - like the kind of cup of coffee that you get with a donut except I never get the donut I just get the cup of coffee - and when I get to work I like to have a cup of coffee because I like to have a coffee when I'm talking on the phone, but it usually goes cold and I need to get another cup of coffee, and it's lunch and I have an espresso.

              And when I get back, it's not morning anymore, so I have a diet cola and another diet cola and by then I'm feeling fine and I'm feeling pretty sharp and I'm feeling pretty wire and I'm getting things done, but right around two I get this tiny little migraine, and it starts behind my eyes and it moves to the back of my neck and it moves to the bottom of my spine, but it doesn't get there until five or six o'clock which is the end of the day so I'm fine SO I'M FINE so I'm fine so I'm fine, except... when I have to work late, when I have to work late which I usually do...

              I'm addicted to stress that's the way that I get things done if I'm not under pressure then I sleep too long and I hang around like a bum and think I'm going nowhere and that makes me nervous...
              Everybody's out to get me but I feel alright,
              everybody's out to get me but I feel alright,
              everybody's out to get me but I feel alright,
              everybody's thinking about me.

              Last edited 24/02/14 12:32 pm

      eh, I just started my third cup, it's not working. *fashions coffee I.V from office supplies*
      At least nearly everyone in my office is away today so there is that, should have brought a portable in today. Mondays are the blurst

        Fourth cup. Madder'n a cut snake.
        Torn between raging endlessly and getting shit done.

        Caffeine-abuser solidarity!

          oh man that was hours ago, I'm on my sixth now and I'm getting nothing done, really struggling to motivate and focus myself to do anything lately, work related and at home.

      I checked my calendar this morning, found I had an on-site job to go to at Paddington. Get there, park the car, find the place, and it's half torn apart as they're in the middle of renovations...

      Call the boss to let him know, tells me to head back to the office...

      So now I have nothing to do all day and I'm also on my 2nd coffee!

    Ohhhh. Thief is out this week and no one knows about it, no reviews or any real preview code?

    That.....doesn't bode well.

      Yuuuup I have no idea what to think about it. The games development has been a roller coaster of emotions. Oh well, I have Donkey Kang

      Pity, because it's the dev behind DX:HR, so I'm hoping competent.

      Plus it's a game about being a sneaky bastard and I never played the originals.

        I've also never played the original. I have a feeling it will be a good game but the fanboys of the original series will cry out and say it's shit because it doesn't reached their unobtainable standard.

          Of course. I still might pick it up if it's Ok-but-not-great, if just to scratch my itch for sneaking up on fools.

      First review score is out.

      Apparently some Spanish gaming magazine gave it an overall score of 90/100.

      There's a screenshot of the Thief review score from Gamespot floating around. They gave it 6/10, but it's Gamespot so it's probably worth at least 9/10 on that scale.

      I hear.. divided opinions on it. It worries me.

      Have you watched the video walkthrough of mission 1 that was posted here last week sometime? That converted me from maybe to preorder in a little short of 20 minutes.

      Oddly enough it wasn't really that spoilery, I get the sense that mission 1 is getting to where the story starts.

      Same thing happened with Human Revolution and it's the same devs.

      Fingers crossed it's as good as that turned out to be.

      On the plus side: when fans found out about the heavily-scripted CoD-style set-pieces (complete with running-through-exploding-corridors), the levelling system with most exp awarded for combat instead of thievery, quick-time events, dark-and-emo mascara-and-eyeliner Garrett, and a tacked-on multiplayer mode, the devs did a backpedal on most of those errors, taking the criticism to heart and making changes for the better.

      On the downside: they put those fucking things in there in the first place. When a doctor decides to treat your inner-ear infection by opening up your chest cavity then realizes he made a mistake, you don't let him continue to treat you, you tell him to back the fuck up and get a different doctor, because he clearly doesn't 'get' medicine.

      So I'm already resigning myself to a tacky 'modern' deviation from the spirit of the originals with a decent degree of polish, to be purchased in the Halloween Steam sale.

      Last edited 24/02/14 1:59 pm

        you and your metaphors......
        they're great :P

    All this talk of Lost Odyssey lately has made me wonder. Am I the only one that thinks Kaim was based on Keanu Reeves? Looks like him, sounds like him, lack of personality like him.

    Edit: every time I try submit a comment it tells me I'm posting too fast, umm, I've posted 1 thing about 20 minutes ago, also it reply failed :/

    Last edited 24/02/14 10:24 am

    Welp, another weekend down. Essentially did nothing, accomplished nothing, and I'm further behind on my plans that I was supposed to sort out.

    Woo, Monday!

      Right, so, a weekend. That's what they're around for! \o/

    Well. Some stuff happened last night.
    Crazyguy1990 bought me Skullgirls. So we played it. Awesome game. When I asked crazyguy how I should pay him back, he said to buy him Descent in return.
    As I do not have my own paypal, I have to screen all purchases by my mother. I explained that some guy on the internet bought me this game, and that I have to buy something for him back. (Incredibly poorly-phrased) She flipped out. She was really concerned why some stranger on the internet bought her child a game. I then had to explain the entire concept of TAY to her. She proceeded to give a lecture on pedophilia. She warned me not to disclose an personal details. (Ruh oh) I think she's going to start screening TAY for signs of pedophilia. Be on your best behavior guys! Keep your pedophile urges to yourself for a while.
    Somehow, she seemed to calm down when I explained that one of the TAYbies was an Aurelius Award nominated author. @shane
    I'm just glad I didn't tell her the guy who bought me Skullgirls was called Crazyguy.

      I have that effect upon the ladies.

      Edit: Hi, Mrs Phlanispo!

      Edit 2: To be fair, I totally understand and support your mother's position. I'm sure as hell going to be keeping tabs on my kids when they start using the internet. There are scary people out there. Thankfully, TAY seems to be mostly a safe haven from that. Still, I applaud her vigilance, so don't be too hard on her!

      Last edited 24/02/14 10:39 am

      So where dem kids at? Also, we need to throw in lots of random acronyms: DJHEB, D&G, IWG, NDH, IWNG, IOHFKJDHFDF!

      Also, lol, how old are you?

      In all honesty i can't blame her!
      First time i was invited to a "meat" i was a bit abrehensive about meeting people from the internet whose names i still don't know (looking at you @shane (just kidding I know your name is Alphonse!))
      And i would never give out my details on a public thread like this...
      Yes you should always be wary online, and cautious... we're pretty fortunate to have a pretty close knit community, but still i'm always cautious...

      Actually, in that state, I'm known as Crazybuy.

      Last edited 24/02/14 10:46 am

        Crazybuy, throwing gifts after you since 1990

          Disappointed no bees gif.

            Disappointed that i don't even know what that is XD

              Okay, here it is. But you are going to laugh. And loud.

              I think I've been here too long. So many in-jokes...

              Last edited 24/02/14 11:11 am

      Hahahahaha that could well have been phrased better.

      It also doesn't really help that when I was 32 or so I was accidently chatting up a 16 year old girl on okcupid. It was her fault though, you have to be 18 to use the site and instead of just adding 2 years to her age like a normal person would do she added 10 so the site said she was 26 and she didn't bother to mention this for like a month.

      It all worked out well though, she's now the closest thing I'll ever have to a kid sister.

      Although, since I still totally would, that just changes things from paedophilia to incest... yeah I don't think I'm helping...

      Last edited 24/02/14 11:21 am

      cc @scree, who introduced her cousin to TAY and then had aunt crazy-lady flip her shit

        To be fair though, Scree's cousin was a bit young.

          Maybe, but she was being bullied at school for liking Nintendo stuff.
          It wasn't even that though. She was actually angry because I was discussing family things with "strangers". You are my friends and this is an open forum and I can talk to you about what I like. (I am like 26 though =P)

          Actually read what we're talking about. It just shows your Mother cares for you. You should let her read TAY as it will put her mind at ease. My Mum reads TAY and has spoken to a few of those from it. This is a good community.
          Also, you do not have to buy Crazyguy a game. That's not how it works here.
          People buy things out of the kindness of their heart and don't want things back. I cannot afford games and people are constantly giving me things. For that reason, I tend to do what I can to try and repay people.

          Last edited 24/02/14 1:22 pm

      Your Mum is a very sensible lady.
      TAY is a great place, but it's not necessarily somewhere I'd want my 13 year old daughter hanging around. I don't really think it's appropriate for someone that young. You're 16 though, aren't you? I think you're sensible enough (obviously a trait you've gained from your Mother) to know how to stay safe on the internet, and old enough that the at times slightly colourful joking around here isn't going to adversely affect you.
      Besides, if I'm around I'll always speak up if I see something I think isn't quite right.

      As far as I know, no-one has 'disappeared' after their first TAY meat.

      Although we can't rule out the possibility that TAY is actually a trans-dimensional soul-stealer who absorbs the login details of prey foolish enough to meat, then continues posting in their name to better lure in fresh victims.

        The gatherings are called 'meats'

        IS THIS NOT A CLUE???

          If I were an other-worldly ancient horror whose existence warps the mind to madness as I digest my victims in a parallel plane of eternal torment (which I'm not, and don't), it's certainly an error that I could see myself making and running with.

      Ha! That's quite funny. Sometimes it's insightful looking at things through someone else's eyes.

    @redartifice, because you kind of asked for it

    YOU DIED (from the Dark Souls musical)

    [upbeat music]
    [trumpets and background singers kick in]

    You died! [you died]
    You died! [you died]
    But at least you tried [you died]
    Pick yourself back up [you died]
    You must turn back the tide [you died]
    Ring the belllllllls
    [Your destiny awaits]
    Defeat the hellllllls
    [Open those fog gates]
    Only youuuuuu
    [You are the Chosen One]
    Can pull throuuuuuugh
    [Dying can be fun!]

    But you died! [you died]
    You died! [you died]
    Just take it in your stride [you died]
    You must persevere [you died]
    At stake is your pride [you died]
    Swing that swooooord
    [You must link the fire]
    Defeat the hooooorde
    [Before we all expire]
    You must fiiiiiiight
    [You are the Chosen One]
    For the liiiiiiight

      I posted mine a minute later upthread, but:

      YOU DIED!
      You met a nasty undead!
      YOU DIED!
      A dragon bit off your head!
      YOU DIED!
      A block that wasn't meant to be!
      YOU DIED
      in all the ways from A. TO. Z-------------------

      You've died through poorly dodging, and rolling the wrong way
      You've died from nasty demons more than once every day

      You were savaged by a rat
      You thought that that was that
      but you came back to the bonfire and ran all the way back!

        I'm having real trouble figuring out why this musical doesn't exist. It would be amazing.

          The love theme "Me and Humanity" would be a showtune for the ages.

          Had to give it a crack

          How can you love
          A Hollow such as me
          By the sun above
          without my Humanity?

          I've slain so many demons
          But my undead heart is lost
          I've tried to fight so long for you
          but paid the human cost

          and humanity----
          A man without his soul
          trying desperately to hold on

          and Humanity---
          Oh wait I found an item and will

      Im going to record a version of this to the tune of trumpets by jason derulo

      and the bonfire it goes
      DO DO DO DO

        Man, if I had any musical competence these would all make a great Youtube Video.

      No mention of the Thanks Obama meme?

      Given the handful of character bosses and the chosen undead as well as a few NPCs of note, it really could make for a good musical now that you think about it. Chosen faces off against Ornstein & Smough, summons Solaire for assistance and its a 4 way sing off and choreographed fight.

    So excited about the new Tex Murphy game. 3D explorable environments with b-grade FMV cutscenes. It's amazing. Pandora Directive, Under a Killing Moon and Overseer were ahead of their time.

      oh lawdy! takes me right back to the cutscenes in the original Red Alert...

        I'm not a fan of b-grade movies, but for some reason I can't get enough of b-grade FMV games. XD

    Kotaku have an article about imaginary boyfriends and girlfriends which reminds me of the time I was a kid and imagined that Linka from Captain Planet was my imaginary girlfriend. Obviously I was Wheeler.

    I would talk to her, open doors for her, hug and kiss her (hug and kiss air) but that all disappeared when I had my first kiss with a real girl in grade six. Linka was important though because she was the fake experience I needed in the lead up to my actual first snog. Or not.

    Yes, it's pretty weird in hindsight. So, imaginary friends. Who had/has one?

    Last edited 24/02/14 10:53 am

      She was from the Soviet Union, eh?

      I'm not saying kid version of Benny is a communist, but...