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    Morning, all.


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      Your name makes it look like Saturday morning. It's not Saturday morning. Why you lie like this?

      Rivalry between the days of the week... Praise the Mon! \o/

        Pfft. Praise the Monday... that's the kind of thinking that has people side with the Imperials! (Which normally I do, but on the face of it, you have to admit it was a very, very, very shitty empire. I mean, it lasted what... one or two decades? And didn't survive the assassination of its leader. NOT EVEN TRYING, SPACE EMPIRE, COME ON.)

          It wasn't an empire based on structure, it was an ego trip for a megalomaniac. Palpie established a degree of order but it was all about maintaining the status quo and gave no thought to stopping the root of the unrest. He didn't even bother going the bread & circuses route, just martial law, it was doomed to failure from the moment he started.

            Until you mentioned palpatine, I thought @transientmind was talking about the Elder Scrolls. I thought Tiber Septim had somehow created a space armada in his offtime.

              The Elder Starships? Hang on, I'll think of something.

    Morning all. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    I picked up GoT S3 on Blu-ray. Still haven't watched it yet though. I got the edition that came with a dragon figure, because, you know, it came with a dragon figure. Also played a bit of the ESO beta. NDA is lifted so I can talk about it now. It's a pretty decent game.

      I still haven't watched season 3 yet. For some reason it's now apparently socially unacceptable to not watch a tv show the instant it's been on American tv

      ESO, my thoughts were 'standard MMORPG with first person view'. I didn't play this weekend though so not sure how much has changed if anything since the last stress test

        I'm normally ages behind on my US TV viewing because I don't have Foxtel and I'm not really a fan of pirating so I wait for the dvd/bluray release of seasons.

        Far as I can tell nothing's really changed since the last stress test. It doesn't really feel like a standard MMO to me, but maybe that's because I've played so many MMOs what I consider standard is different. It definitely ticks some of the standard MMO boxes, but there's enough of a difference in it when compared to games like WoW, TOR, LOTRO, AoC etc that it's got my interest.

          Yeah, it's definitely got an MMO feel to it, but I find it very different from the usual lot and in a very good way.

      I'm waiting til bonus time to pick up the S1+2 set that comes with a Daenerys figure, and the S3 set that somes with the dragon figure. Had my eye on them a little while now but my money keeps vanishing on other stuff.

    Another morning, another step towards global thermonuclear war.

    Well, not really, be we are close to the road to the Third World War.

    Morning everyone, I feel I need to buy a beard comb

    Only (severed legs) eleven days to go!


    I decided a while ago that I was going to go into Dark Souls 2 rusty; that I wasn't going to play Dark Souls in the couple of months leading up to March 14. My subconscious is working against me, though, because I had an incredibly long Dark Souls dream last night with tonnes of invasions and battles. It was a pretty great dream, but a little exhausting to be killed over and over again in my sleep, and now I have a headache as if I'd just stayed up all night playing the game.

    Here's the latest news:
    Long video in which Aussie Youtuber VaatiVidya answers questions about Dark Souls 2 and why he is so hot.

    FROM Software discuss the engine they created for Dark Souls 2.
    I don't think this should be read as confirmation of a next-gen version of Dark Souls 2, but rather an acknowledgement that they have future-proofed for games they might develop in the future with that engine. (This is purely my speculation)
    Five ways in which Dark Souls 2 improves upon its predecessor. No new information in there for those who have followed along at home with this countdown.

    And in other news that has emerged, which doesn't really need links:
    * Demon's Souls 2 (which would be a Sony-exclusive) is thought to be too risky a venture. Multi-platform releases are the way of the future. It has been 100% confirmed that there will not be a Demon's Souls 2.
    * Dark Souls 2 pre-orders are 50% higher than they were for Dark Souls.

      damn, just a couple of weeks? That crept up quicker than expected

      I don't think you were dreaming, you were probably sleep-Soulsing.

        I checked, believe me. Deus Ex is still in the console :P

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          Maybe you sleep-bought the on-demand version?

      Picked up PC Powerplay on the weekend, which has a hands on preview, and apparently Dark Souls II was built for PC first, and then ported to consoles.

      Also, sorry I haven't got my address to you yet, my PC decided to stop working, so I'm doing all my internet browsing on my phone. Should have it fixed by the end of the week.

      Dark Souls 1 still hangs over my head. Unfinished. Taunting me. Slowly driving me into insanity. The game's punishing me when I'm not even playing it.

      Dark Souls 2 pre-orders are 50% higher than they were for Dark Souls
      Not really a surprising figure, Dark was the multiplatform semi-sequel to a PS3 exclusive so xbox only players had no attachment to the series. Now it's an established and somewhat widely known cult franchise, preorders of a sequel were always going to be substantially larger.

      Is there something about Demon's Souls that makes it exclusive to sony for the lifetime of the series on name alone? I wonder if that's why they made dark instead of demon's 2 in the first place

        Yeah, something to do with Atlus (the publisher of Demon's Souls) and an exclusivity deal with Sony.

      Any idea why it's a Friday release and not a Thursday?

        That seems like a good thing, to me. Pick it up Friday lunch during work, knock off a little early, don't sleep for a few days...

          Yeah, on reflection, I think you're right: they were considering the impact on the economy when every awesome person in the country suddenly begs off work a day early.

        It's out on the 13th. Which is a Thursday? And also 10 days away.


          Yeah, that's what the website has listed for EB. Could have sworn the last time I was at the CBD one they had the 14th written on their preorder shelf placeholders.
          I'm confused.
          Edit: When Shane started the countdown I was going to ask if there was one day too many on the clock, but then the EB visit reinforced the Friday thing so I thought no more of it. No idea what is going on now.

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          This @markserrels article from last year says 14th:

          Wikipedia pointed straight to that as a source for NA 11th, JP 13th, PAL 14th. Might have been revised but I don't know what to think at this point.

          Yeah, latest indications from most retailers suggest 14th here in Australia. Which, time differences etc, makes it the 13th in Europe.

      Hotness issue aside, that VaatiVidya video was super-informative and actually set my mind at ease on a few points. Except invasions - fuck not being able to opt-out completely. Still probably going to do the first play-through offline. If it's anything like my current play through, I'm pretty much ALWAYS getting invaded at the least convenient time. I win more than I lose, but sometimes the invaders are completely dishonourable assholes who will fight normally just fine until it becomes obvious they're going to lose, then they run away to shield themselves with enemies I haven't killed yet to buy themselves time to munch more humanity sprites. Ugh. The cowards should just die with some dignity. (RANT!)Discovering an invader is 'one of those' is enough to make me just run through the nearest boss fog or find somewhere really fucking difficult to get to and snipe them with Gough's greatbow. (Sometimes if I'm quick I can do it while they're running. It's really satisfying and a little funny to land a hit in the square of someone's back when they start running away to get to a safe spot to take some humanity. Especially since if they were successful, you can usually have a second shot lined up and ready to land by the time they pick themselves up off the ground.)

      But yeah, to what everyone else is talking about: (because they're clearly not as into Dark Souls as they should be) I was surprised that VaatiVidya was such a stud. He's the complete package! He's iInto/an expert on the best parts of Dark Souls lore (seriously, I devoured the entire Prepare to Cry series last week during dinner), doesn't make his channel personality-based but content-based, is Aussie, and is hot. If I were a woman, I'd probably be tracking him down and claiming him as my property mine.

      At any rate, this timing is good. I'm two achievements from 100%! I only have three weapons left for the weapon achievement (Gwynn's Greatsword, Greatshield of Artorias, Priscilla's Dagger - the tail-cut is going to be the worst. Going to go for one-shotting it to agro, then die, de-agro and try again - do NOT want to be doing it in NG+2, it's bad enough killing poor Sif again - *sadface*), and only have to get the other ending, then I'm done. Will be doable before DS2 lands.

        Niiiiice work, man. You're about to join the gaming elite.

        PS: That tail cut worried me too, but I got it first time. There's plenty of great advice on the wikis about best weapons and tactics. I think I used pyromancy.
        PPS: I don't think Priscilla de-agros. I could be wrong, though.

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          She does not.

          Dangit! I foresee many deaths, then.
          Also, I tried for it many, many times on the first playthrough. Then someone I summoned for help with it went and killed her. Even after I pointed at the 'need tail' message I'd left and everything... So yeah, will be soloing.

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            Seriously, upgraded pyromancy is the recommendation of the day. Great Chaos Fireball or Great Combustion. Right in the tail. Before she aggros is best.

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              That's probably what I'll try. Helm of dusk, bellowing dragoncrest ring, power within, great fireball (highest damage - equal to great chaos but only 1 attunement slot and no lava on floor). That or grind up another two levels of attunement for 3 slots.

              From what I'm reading, I have the sneaking suspicion this may even be overkill. (My ascended flame is maxed. I did that as soon as I got it, due to PVP concerns, before I started playing offline.)

              Not that 3 attunement slots would go astray... I might do that after I get my dex up to 50 (only 8 points to go!) to make it a super-fast cast speed. (50 vit, end, str so far, 42 dex.) A couple of the pyromancies are good to have up your sleeve for PVP. I can handle most folks with sword-and-board (HAVEL LAUGHS AT YOUR PUNY SPELLS, MAGES) thanks to my high-damage/high-poise/medium-mobility, but there are some folks who you can tell are determined backstabbers, and those ones need to be rolled-away-from and pelted with surprise pyromancy to lure them into making a (horribly ill-advised) frontal assault.

                Ha! Be careful not to one-hit kill, because you'll get nothing :P

    whoever decided the standard working week should be 5 days straight was an idiot

      So what's your alternative for a standard 7 day week? 3 days work, 1 day break, 2 days work, 1 day break, repeat? Some other permutation?

      I mean, I struggle most days regardless but damn if I don't love having Friday evening through Sunday sleep time to just enjoy doing anything.

        4 on 3 off. Sometimes I'm tempted by working in the mines for 6 months on and however many months off

          They call that "compressed hours" at my workplace, a friend of mine has just started doing it. Certainly would make sense, it's not like I get much done on a Friday anyway. :p

          I would happily work 4 10-hour days to have Fridays off, or even Wednesday so I'm only ever working 2 days in a row.

          My workplace will never offer it though.

    Morning TAT how are we all? Personally I am excited and terrified as in just under a months time I'll of (assuming my visa is accepted) arrived in China. Where I will likely spend two months in isolation lost and confused.

      spend all your time squating in one of those abandoned cities. Assuming Chinese law is like Australian law (it's a big assumption I'll give you that), in a few years you could lay legal claim to a whole city...or ciTAY if you will

        Yes, first some random city, then the world.

      if you ever need a bailout from a awkward situation there, feel free to call me. :P

      Last edited 03/03/14 8:53 am

        I'm sure your advice on getting kicked in the nads would surely come in handy.

          I've developed a precognitive ability to sense these things now.

          I mean, it hasn't actually helped, but I can sense 'em coming now.

            Does this precognitive ability fire whenever you see anyone at all?

      Whenever I see TAT as an acronym I always think of RPGWorld. *sigh* Times are Tough.

    Started working my way through Dragon Age for the millionth time. I kept meaning to go back to it and cross off all the side mission stuff I missed but I kept not getting there. Finished all the Ostagar stuff, start doing other quests and suddenly want to change from a shield warrior to a mage.

    I'm so bad at this...

      It took me multiple attempts to get through that game because I kept going back and making a new character.

      I've still been meaning to play through some of the DLC for both Origins and DA2 before Inquisition comes out.

        I reckon that the mage has the most interesting story, but Dragon Age was the first game in a long while to actually let you use your shield as a weapon (and looks awesome doing it).
        I actually need to plan to get the DLC stuff done too, I guess.

      Solution: Arcane warrior.

      Mage with a sword and a shield.

    Morning, TAY.
    Stick of Truth is near, and I'll stop bugging everyone about it.
    Also, I won my first derby in Next Car Game last night! \o/

      Where's NCG up to in terms of multiplayer? That's going to be one of the main reasons for me to pick it up.

        They're working on it.
        Single player is awesome, too.
        Definitely worth it

    Rumour is, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon Kanto versions of Monopoly; and Super Mario Connect Four are in the works. Exciting!


      And I don't even like Monopoly.

        Monopoly is the worst. And Nintendo Monopoly is silly.


    So against all expectations I actually sunk some decent time into Fallout New Vegas over the weekend. I finished the Old World Blues DLC (which I was previously halfway through) and now I'm taking the Lonesome Road. Man, I'd forgotten just how good this game is. Like it's just... really really good.

    Once I'm done with Lonesome Road I'll go actually finish the main story, though I feel the real story of New Vegas has always been the story of the Courier's past, and while I feel that portioning it out via DLC was kinda bullshit, I do love that the story in the DLC is laid out in a way that feels like you're almost backtracking, like you're meeting the other courier Six from the opposite direction to meet at the Divide. It's all very poetic.

    I wish I was playing New Vegas right now.

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      Best hint I can give without giving anything away: don't skip side-quests and head straight for the end of the story. It's worth doing as much as you can first.

        The reason I haven't finished the game yet is because back when this game out I did nothing but explore and do sidequests. I wound up rolling a second character after the first DLC came out because I was unhappy with the build I had when my first character arrived at the Sierra Madre. Once I'm done with the DLC I have nothing to do. I've also seen my wife finish it like 3 times but that was 3 years ago so I've only got vague memories.

        As it stands...
        I've killed House and inserted Yes Man into the Lucky 88's computer so I think that's locked me into the Wild Card ending. I went to Yes Man and got the mission to protect President Kimball but because I accidentally killed some NCR rangers the NCR hated me and I can't go near Hoover Dam, so I auto-failed that mission (something to think about on my next playthrough) and I'm now getting news reports about his assassination. So once I'm done with Lonesome Road I have whatever mission is after that, so I'm pretty close. I have a save at a point before you get locked into an ending track but I think because it's been so long I'm just going to pick it up with a new character.

        My third character is one I started back when the game was still really glitchy and had memory leak issues which caused long load times and serious chugging making the game unplayable once I hit the 30 hour mark on my second character. I made him with a high explosives score because I wanted to do something different. Normally I just sell dynamite and grenades but I'll be darned if they aren't a ton of fun to actually use. I reckon I'll try and get the NCR-friendly ending with that one, then start a fourth character to favour the Legion.

      I never did think much of Old World Blues. I saw why people loved it, but I played it after Dead Money and Honest Hearts and the lack of a plot with any 'oomph' made me feel a bit sad.

      But goddamn did Lonesome Road deliver. Ulysses might suffer from CRYPTIC METAPHOR syndrome but there's a lot to love about the guy. It makes me wish there was a post-game in NV, I really think Lonesome Road could serve as a hell of a extended ending/epilogue.

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        I was more excited by the idea of Old World Blues than I was about the execution. It was a perfect love letter to 50s-era science fiction. It wasn't a great deal of fun to play (I just really grew to really hate nightstalkers and robo-scorpions) but I enjoyed the general idea and the personality of the minds in the think tank. A great deal of thought went into crafting the Big MT, and I respect it. My least favourite DLC was Honest Hearts - I feel like they didn't really establish the character of the burned man very well so I didn't really care about him or his people or any of what was going on at all. I got in and out and was glad to be done.

        Dead Money was really excellent. I hated it at first, found it frustrating (too many traps and dead ends) but once I got into the meat of it it was incredibly engaging.

          Oh yeah, Old World Blues had charm/gameplay galore, but after the rather underwhelming performances of Elijah and Graham I just wanted a damn character who I'd love to try to kill. Honest Hearts is easily the crappiest. Boring, boring, boring.

          Dead Money was alright, I feel if it had undergone a bit more expansion it would've easily tied with Lonesome Road.

      I only got to play Old World Blues and Lonesome Roads. Man they were so great, I also started Dead Money but then my computer crashed and my save got wiped. =(

      As far as DLC goes in New Vegas I both love it and hate it! I love the story DLC because they are so interesting / fun to play but they also have armour & weapon pack DLC which, next to costume / hat packs, is my most hated DLC.

        I think most of the weapon/armour packs were platform/store exclusive launch DLC (which sucks) but I think I managed to pick it all up anyway. I also got both Fallout 3/New Vegas and all associated DLC super-cheap on Steam so while I prefer to play on console I will always have a copy available long after the death of my 360 (unless Steam disappears).

          I got the GOTY edition which means I get all the weapon packs ... Which means I start off with a truckload of weapons / armours. =P

    Who would've thought running around as a sunflower spitting sunbeams at zombies would be so much fun? :P
    ....I haven't actually tried any multiplayer matches as the other plants yet...

      The best part about this is that he's not even talking about a game.

    Anyone here know of or is a traffic predictor wizard? I'm either half an hour late or half an hour early. I think I've arrived precisely when I meant to once.

    Plugged it last week, but the microgame Province has <3 hours to go on kickstarter, and you can get a complete copy for $7:

    Hi TAY
    Back in the country and back at work. Why can't all holidays come with a week to get over them. Actual holiday was great but anything involved in travel is a nightmare. Thankfully our outbound flights were all ok, well other than when my in flight entertainment got stuck in kid mode.
    Back to the daily grind however we have a scan today so more excited than upset at returning to work. So that turned out well.

    Morning all.

    I've previously mentioned that Tales of Symphonia was showing its age with the re-release, engine wise. Got a bit more time with it on the weekend, and it's funny how fast I've gotten back into it. I guess the story and gameplay still holds up pretty well. Also refreshing to be able to play with the Japanese voice acting.
    And then because I hate myself (and I had 4 more days of Pokémon Bank access), I went through the national dex in Y and listed everything I didn't have, and trawled the old Sapphire / Leaf Green / Soul Silver / Pearl / White saves to bring everything forward that I'd need (aside from the event legendaries I never got). Also clocked Black in about 11 hours, having stripped the game of all legendaries (all caught with premier balls). Now I'm starting on Black 2. Must be the whole Twitch Plays Pokémon thing that's got me playing them again.

      How far have you got? I have ...
      Just destroyed the second Human Farm you visit (the first one you destroy). Right now I'm in the second seal cave thing.

        I've actually got further then I did when I played it years ago. So everything that's happening is new to me. =D

        Still early days for me, only just up to the first / fire seal
        I've finished it several times before. I saw that there's a trophy for finishing the item encyclopedia - from memory it took 3 playthroughs to do this on the cube. I wonder if it's been adjusted at all or if this is still the case.

          Haha, I think I will give getting that achievement a skip if that's the case. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Tales of Symphonia but I don't think I will be playing through it 3 times. XD

            I stopped after two on cube because the 'alternate ending based on favourite character' was a bit of a let down - it was pretty well the same. I don't think that needs to be spoilered?

      The first time I played Symphonia was in 2008 or so and it still held up pretty well. But I guess that was before I played Vesperia or any of the newer games (previously I had only played Eternia which is even older than Symphonia :P)

      I can't remember if it has random battles or not but hopefully it still holds up well enough for me to finish it. It's been on the pile a long time...

        I can't really give an objective response to how the game itself has held up outside the engine - this is one of my favourite games of all time and the nostalgia is well and truly in full effect.
        The soundtrack in the CE is a bit silly - they dumped MP3s straight on data CDs, but the less than 500MB of files is spread over two discs.

          Our CE isn't as good as the US one since they got their soundtrack separate and over 4 discs (I assume it's better quality?) and they got a few extra goodies thrown in like a steelbook case.

        It doesn't have random battles, enemies are on the screen. IIRC it was the first Tales to ditch the random encounter stuff. Symphonia is basically the first 'modern' Tales game.

          Oh good! Going back to the random battles in FFX/X-2 HD will be hard :P

    Over the weekend I discovered that I'm addicted to Lego Marvel Super Heroes. I'm four hours in, and the game has just unfolded into a GTA-esque open world title with so much to do - it's amazing.

    The characters are awesomely funny and the gameplay is the same Lego-building crap you know and love (or hate). I haven't had so much fun in a video game since Pokemon Y or GTA V.

    Hola TAY

    I had a busy Saturday- went to my parents Friday night and played Suburbia, which my mother appears to be some kind of savant at- she somehow generated a crazy economic engine and then bought her suburb a good reputation. Spent all Saturday helping my dad jackhammer a bunch of rocks on the farm for a tractor shed he's having built- we got it within a much lower variation in level than it was.

    Raced back to the city for a friend's birthday, went out for Indian which was nice, and then spent all Sunday doing not much due to aching everything from the jackhammer.

    A Monday Morning Question: Which video game has the best economy? what do you like to see in a virtual economy?

      I thought the GTA V economy was quite innovative. But I also liked trading in AOE2 when that came out, and thought that was quite clever too.

      If you're talking resource management in terms of economies, Sim City and Enemy Nations were quite good in this regard, in that you really can't prioritise everything.

      That said, as a gameplay mechanic, I like Dark Souls' economy. It's simple: souls buy everything.

      Last edited 03/03/14 10:07 am

      Total Annihilation / Supreme Commander. I like how resources are based on throughput rather than stockpiles.

      Any economy where you find discarded money lying on the ground or in pots/chests is the best economy! I want to go to there.

      Last edited 03/03/14 10:18 am

      Well presumably Eve Online's economy is the best given how madly complex and authentic it feels.

      X3's is probably the best one I've personally used to any extent. I made bucketloads of money running a silicon mine, crystal fabricator & series of solar power plants then running the cargo through the neighbouring sectors in my fleet of captured pirate freighters escorted by squadrons of captured pirate fighters. Somehow I got really really good at making pirates bail out and which let me steal their mostly intact ships, sell the most damaged ones to fund repairs on the least damaged ones and I had a steady supply of effectively free light cargo runners.

    Waiting for my "Redundancy Package Recalculation" email today. This is what makes working in this dead husk of a company worth while.
    *continues fidgeting*

    Morning TAY hope you all had a good weekend.

    Had alot of fun playing through Gears of War 1 and 2 over the weekend with a friend (had never played them before) decided I need a bigger TV, 40 inch for split screen gaming just ain't cutting it.

    Surprised no-one has mentioned anything about Dark Souls ye-oh wait.

      Dark Souls? You've come to the wrong place, friend. No Dark Souls talk to be found here.


    Possible minor spoilers. But funny.

      I wish more people would compete for the greatest freak-out ever.

    Morning all, hope you all had a good weekend. The Numenera recap is coming along slowly but I should have it done by either tomorrow or Wednesday. My weekend was just a bit too busy to really devote any large chunks of time to it.

    In other news, I tried out ESO and it didn't really grab me or make me want to play more than about an hour. I think I'll just go back to Skyrim and hope another MMO is more to my liking. I also played some Blood Bowl and I think I might try recording a match to test out some of the recording stuff I've gotten together. It would be funny to rewatch my failures and my terrible, terrible dice rolls (for the record, I should probably stop trying to throw snotlings and goblins XD).

    I dont get how people do it. I was told 5 hours sleep would be enough.

      Once you train yourself to do it, it totally is. I used to be a light sleeper for eight hours. Now I sleep like a log for five and feel about the same afterwards.

        Im a going nowhere in life slacker who sleeps 10hours+ most nights

      Get insomnia! Eventually you get used to no sleep.

    Question, what are people who are getting the South Park game doing? Are you bothering to import? (originally i wasn't going to cause what was removed sounded pretty minor but the more i l read the worse it sounds, ) If yes where is a good place (I usually get from the UK but i hear they're censored too.)

      If I get it I'm probably just gunna go with Steam. The stuff that's been censored doesn't worry me too much.

        the censored stuff didn't bother me, I was thinking it sounded more offensive than the uncensored version. I think the internet over reacting as usual made me question my choice. Still undecided, might just get it off the american psn.

      Digital download for myself, most likely. During sales.

        I'll be getting it on my PS3, do you think it'll be up straight away for download on the American PSN?

      I ordered it from GMG (who confirmed the PC version for Australia is still censored) since I had $40 credit & they had a 25% off coupon so ultimately it only took $5 out of my bank. It sounds like they've at least put some effort into making the cut content something that lampoons the stupidity of cutting the content so it might be a bit of a laugh.

      If you're after the uncensored PC version it might be worth getting a code from ozgameshop when they start selling them and activating it with a vpn to be on the safe side. If you want console your best bet would probably be American amazon.

      I'm just gonna buy the local version. I want the crying koala.

      Just getting the Steam release. AFAIK the AU version's only cuts were the anal probing bit, and the way they cut it (covering the screen with a crying koala) is so hilariously South Park that I think it's almost better censored than it would have been untouched.

        yeah i thought the same thing, that the way it was censored almost made it better, I'm just trying to make sure that not too much is gone, I read over the weekend that 3 mini games and 8 scenes are removed.

      Preordered from GreenManGaming.
      If it's censored, so be it.
      If not, cool.

        They told me it was when I asked.

      Download this and extract to South Park steam folder
      will uncensor it

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