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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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      • Pfft. Praise the Monday… that’s the kind of thinking that has people side with the Imperials! (Which normally I do, but on the face of it, you have to admit it was a very, very, very shitty empire. I mean, it lasted what… one or two decades? And didn’t survive the assassination of its leader. NOT EVEN TRYING, SPACE EMPIRE, COME ON.)

        • It wasn’t an empire based on structure, it was an ego trip for a megalomaniac. Palpie established a degree of order but it was all about maintaining the status quo and gave no thought to stopping the root of the unrest. He didn’t even bother going the bread & circuses route, just martial law, it was doomed to failure from the moment he started.

          • Until you mentioned palpatine, I thought @transientmind was talking about the Elder Scrolls. I thought Tiber Septim had somehow created a space armada in his offtime.

  • Morning all. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    I picked up GoT S3 on Blu-ray. Still haven’t watched it yet though. I got the edition that came with a dragon figure, because, you know, it came with a dragon figure. Also played a bit of the ESO beta. NDA is lifted so I can talk about it now. It’s a pretty decent game.

    • I still haven’t watched season 3 yet. For some reason it’s now apparently socially unacceptable to not watch a tv show the instant it’s been on American tv

      ESO, my thoughts were ‘standard MMORPG with first person view’. I didn’t play this weekend though so not sure how much has changed if anything since the last stress test

      • I’m normally ages behind on my US TV viewing because I don’t have Foxtel and I’m not really a fan of pirating so I wait for the dvd/bluray release of seasons.

        Far as I can tell nothing’s really changed since the last stress test. It doesn’t really feel like a standard MMO to me, but maybe that’s because I’ve played so many MMOs what I consider standard is different. It definitely ticks some of the standard MMO boxes, but there’s enough of a difference in it when compared to games like WoW, TOR, LOTRO, AoC etc that it’s got my interest.

        • Yeah, it’s definitely got an MMO feel to it, but I find it very different from the usual lot and in a very good way.

    • I’m waiting til bonus time to pick up the S1+2 set that comes with a Daenerys figure, and the S3 set that somes with the dragon figure. Had my eye on them a little while now but my money keeps vanishing on other stuff.

  • Another morning, another step towards global thermonuclear war.

    Well, not really, be we are close to the road to the Third World War.

    Only (severed legs) eleven days to go!


    I decided a while ago that I was going to go into Dark Souls 2 rusty; that I wasn’t going to play Dark Souls in the couple of months leading up to March 14. My subconscious is working against me, though, because I had an incredibly long Dark Souls dream last night with tonnes of invasions and battles. It was a pretty great dream, but a little exhausting to be killed over and over again in my sleep, and now I have a headache as if I’d just stayed up all night playing the game.

    Here’s the latest news:
    Long video in which Aussie Youtuber VaatiVidya answers questions about Dark Souls 2 and why he is so hot.

    FROM Software discuss the engine they created for Dark Souls 2.
    I don’t think this should be read as confirmation of a next-gen version of Dark Souls 2, but rather an acknowledgement that they have future-proofed for games they might develop in the future with that engine. (This is purely my speculation)
    Five ways in which Dark Souls 2 improves upon its predecessor. No new information in there for those who have followed along at home with this countdown.

    And in other news that has emerged, which doesn’t really need links:
    * Demon’s Souls 2 (which would be a Sony-exclusive) is thought to be too risky a venture. Multi-platform releases are the way of the future. It has been 100% confirmed that there will not be a Demon’s Souls 2.
    * Dark Souls 2 pre-orders are 50% higher than they were for Dark Souls.

    • Picked up PC Powerplay on the weekend, which has a hands on preview, and apparently Dark Souls II was built for PC first, and then ported to consoles.

      Also, sorry I haven’t got my address to you yet, my PC decided to stop working, so I’m doing all my internet browsing on my phone. Should have it fixed by the end of the week.

    • Dark Souls 1 still hangs over my head. Unfinished. Taunting me. Slowly driving me into insanity. The game’s punishing me when I’m not even playing it.

    • Dark Souls 2 pre-orders are 50% higher than they were for Dark Souls
      Not really a surprising figure, Dark was the multiplatform semi-sequel to a PS3 exclusive so xbox only players had no attachment to the series. Now it’s an established and somewhat widely known cult franchise, preorders of a sequel were always going to be substantially larger.

      Is there something about Demon’s Souls that makes it exclusive to sony for the lifetime of the series on name alone? I wonder if that’s why they made dark instead of demon’s 2 in the first place

    • Hotness issue aside, that VaatiVidya video was super-informative and actually set my mind at ease on a few points. Except invasions – fuck not being able to opt-out completely. Still probably going to do the first play-through offline. If it’s anything like my current play through, I’m pretty much ALWAYS getting invaded at the least convenient time. I win more than I lose, but sometimes the invaders are completely dishonourable assholes who will fight normally just fine until it becomes obvious they’re going to lose, then they run away to shield themselves with enemies I haven’t killed yet to buy themselves time to munch more humanity sprites. Ugh. The cowards should just die with some dignity. (RANT!)Discovering an invader is ‘one of those’ is enough to make me just run through the nearest boss fog or find somewhere really fucking difficult to get to and snipe them with Gough’s greatbow. (Sometimes if I’m quick I can do it while they’re running. It’s really satisfying and a little funny to land a hit in the square of someone’s back when they start running away to get to a safe spot to take some humanity. Especially since if they were successful, you can usually have a second shot lined up and ready to land by the time they pick themselves up off the ground.)

      But yeah, to what everyone else is talking about: (because they’re clearly not as into Dark Souls as they should be) I was surprised that VaatiVidya was such a stud. He’s the complete package! He’s iInto/an expert on the best parts of Dark Souls lore (seriously, I devoured the entire Prepare to Cry series last week during dinner), doesn’t make his channel personality-based but content-based, is Aussie, and is hot. If I were a woman, I’d probably be tracking him down and claiming him as my property mine.

      At any rate, this timing is good. I’m two achievements from 100%! I only have three weapons left for the weapon achievement (Gwynn’s Greatsword, Greatshield of Artorias, Priscilla’s Dagger – the tail-cut is going to be the worst. Going to go for one-shotting it to agro, then die, de-agro and try again – do NOT want to be doing it in NG+2, it’s bad enough killing poor Sif again – *sadface*), and only have to get the other ending, then I’m done. Will be doable before DS2 lands.

      • Niiiiice work, man. You’re about to join the gaming elite.

        PS: That tail cut worried me too, but I got it first time. There’s plenty of great advice on the wikis about best weapons and tactics. I think I used pyromancy.
        PPS: I don’t think Priscilla de-agros. I could be wrong, though.

        • Dangit! I foresee many deaths, then.
          Also, I tried for it many, many times on the first playthrough. Then someone I summoned for help with it went and killed her. Even after I pointed at the ‘need tail’ message I’d left and everything… So yeah, will be soloing.

          • Seriously, upgraded pyromancy is the recommendation of the day. Great Chaos Fireball or Great Combustion. Right in the tail. Before she aggros is best.

          • That’s probably what I’ll try. Helm of dusk, bellowing dragoncrest ring, power within, great fireball (highest damage – equal to great chaos but only 1 attunement slot and no lava on floor). That or grind up another two levels of attunement for 3 slots.

            From what I’m reading, I have the sneaking suspicion this may even be overkill. (My ascended flame is maxed. I did that as soon as I got it, due to PVP concerns, before I started playing offline.)

            Not that 3 attunement slots would go astray… I might do that after I get my dex up to 50 (only 8 points to go!) to make it a super-fast cast speed. (50 vit, end, str so far, 42 dex.) A couple of the pyromancies are good to have up your sleeve for PVP. I can handle most folks with sword-and-board (HAVEL LAUGHS AT YOUR PUNY SPELLS, MAGES) thanks to my high-damage/high-poise/medium-mobility, but there are some folks who you can tell are determined backstabbers, and those ones need to be rolled-away-from and pelted with surprise pyromancy to lure them into making a (horribly ill-advised) frontal assault.

    • So what’s your alternative for a standard 7 day week? 3 days work, 1 day break, 2 days work, 1 day break, repeat? Some other permutation?

      I mean, I struggle most days regardless but damn if I don’t love having Friday evening through Sunday sleep time to just enjoy doing anything.

  • Morning TAT how are we all? Personally I am excited and terrified as in just under a months time I’ll of (assuming my visa is accepted) arrived in China. Where I will likely spend two months in isolation lost and confused.

  • Started working my way through Dragon Age for the millionth time. I kept meaning to go back to it and cross off all the side mission stuff I missed but I kept not getting there. Finished all the Ostagar stuff, start doing other quests and suddenly want to change from a shield warrior to a mage.

    I’m so bad at this…

    • It took me multiple attempts to get through that game because I kept going back and making a new character.

      I’ve still been meaning to play through some of the DLC for both Origins and DA2 before Inquisition comes out.

      • I reckon that the mage has the most interesting story, but Dragon Age was the first game in a long while to actually let you use your shield as a weapon (and looks awesome doing it).
        I actually need to plan to get the DLC stuff done too, I guess.

  • Morning, TAY.
    Stick of Truth is near, and I’ll stop bugging everyone about it.
    Also, I won my first derby in Next Car Game last night! \o/

  • Rumour is, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon Kanto versions of Monopoly; and Super Mario Connect Four are in the works. Exciting!

  • So against all expectations I actually sunk some decent time into Fallout New Vegas over the weekend. I finished the Old World Blues DLC (which I was previously halfway through) and now I’m taking the Lonesome Road. Man, I’d forgotten just how good this game is. Like it’s just… really really good.

    Once I’m done with Lonesome Road I’ll go actually finish the main story, though I feel the real story of New Vegas has always been the story of the Courier’s past, and while I feel that portioning it out via DLC was kinda bullshit, I do love that the story in the DLC is laid out in a way that feels like you’re almost backtracking, like you’re meeting the other courier Six from the opposite direction to meet at the Divide. It’s all very poetic.

    I wish I was playing New Vegas right now.

    • Best hint I can give without giving anything away: don’t skip side-quests and head straight for the end of the story. It’s worth doing as much as you can first.

      • The reason I haven’t finished the game yet is because back when this game out I did nothing but explore and do sidequests. I wound up rolling a second character after the first DLC came out because I was unhappy with the build I had when my first character arrived at the Sierra Madre. Once I’m done with the DLC I have nothing to do. I’ve also seen my wife finish it like 3 times but that was 3 years ago so I’ve only got vague memories.

        As it stands…
        I’ve killed House and inserted Yes Man into the Lucky 88’s computer so I think that’s locked me into the Wild Card ending. I went to Yes Man and got the mission to protect President Kimball but because I accidentally killed some NCR rangers the NCR hated me and I can’t go near Hoover Dam, so I auto-failed that mission (something to think about on my next playthrough) and I’m now getting news reports about his assassination. So once I’m done with Lonesome Road I have whatever mission is after that, so I’m pretty close. I have a save at a point before you get locked into an ending track but I think because it’s been so long I’m just going to pick it up with a new character.

        My third character is one I started back when the game was still really glitchy and had memory leak issues which caused long load times and serious chugging making the game unplayable once I hit the 30 hour mark on my second character. I made him with a high explosives score because I wanted to do something different. Normally I just sell dynamite and grenades but I’ll be darned if they aren’t a ton of fun to actually use. I reckon I’ll try and get the NCR-friendly ending with that one, then start a fourth character to favour the Legion.

    • I never did think much of Old World Blues. I saw why people loved it, but I played it after Dead Money and Honest Hearts and the lack of a plot with any ‘oomph’ made me feel a bit sad.

      But goddamn did Lonesome Road deliver. Ulysses might suffer from CRYPTIC METAPHOR syndrome but there’s a lot to love about the guy. It makes me wish there was a post-game in NV, I really think Lonesome Road could serve as a hell of a extended ending/epilogue.

      • I was more excited by the idea of Old World Blues than I was about the execution. It was a perfect love letter to 50s-era science fiction. It wasn’t a great deal of fun to play (I just really grew to really hate nightstalkers and robo-scorpions) but I enjoyed the general idea and the personality of the minds in the think tank. A great deal of thought went into crafting the Big MT, and I respect it. My least favourite DLC was Honest Hearts – I feel like they didn’t really establish the character of the burned man very well so I didn’t really care about him or his people or any of what was going on at all. I got in and out and was glad to be done.

        Dead Money was really excellent. I hated it at first, found it frustrating (too many traps and dead ends) but once I got into the meat of it it was incredibly engaging.

        • Oh yeah, Old World Blues had charm/gameplay galore, but after the rather underwhelming performances of Elijah and Graham I just wanted a damn character who I’d love to try to kill. Honest Hearts is easily the crappiest. Boring, boring, boring.

          Dead Money was alright, I feel if it had undergone a bit more expansion it would’ve easily tied with Lonesome Road.

    • I only got to play Old World Blues and Lonesome Roads. Man they were so great, I also started Dead Money but then my computer crashed and my save got wiped. =(

      As far as DLC goes in New Vegas I both love it and hate it! I love the story DLC because they are so interesting / fun to play but they also have armour & weapon pack DLC which, next to costume / hat packs, is my most hated DLC.

      • I think most of the weapon/armour packs were platform/store exclusive launch DLC (which sucks) but I think I managed to pick it all up anyway. I also got both Fallout 3/New Vegas and all associated DLC super-cheap on Steam so while I prefer to play on console I will always have a copy available long after the death of my 360 (unless Steam disappears).

        • I got the GOTY edition which means I get all the weapon packs … Which means I start off with a truckload of weapons / armours. =P

  • Who would’ve thought running around as a sunflower spitting sunbeams at zombies would be so much fun? πŸ˜›
    ….I haven’t actually tried any multiplayer matches as the other plants yet…

  • Anyone here know of or is a traffic predictor wizard? I’m either half an hour late or half an hour early. I think I’ve arrived precisely when I meant to once.

  • Hi TAY
    Back in the country and back at work. Why can’t all holidays come with a week to get over them. Actual holiday was great but anything involved in travel is a nightmare. Thankfully our outbound flights were all ok, well other than when my in flight entertainment got stuck in kid mode.
    Back to the daily grind however we have a scan today so more excited than upset at returning to work. So that turned out well.

  • Morning all.

    I’ve previously mentioned that Tales of Symphonia was showing its age with the re-release, engine wise. Got a bit more time with it on the weekend, and it’s funny how fast I’ve gotten back into it. I guess the story and gameplay still holds up pretty well. Also refreshing to be able to play with the Japanese voice acting.
    And then because I hate myself (and I had 4 more days of PokΓ©mon Bank access), I went through the national dex in Y and listed everything I didn’t have, and trawled the old Sapphire / Leaf Green / Soul Silver / Pearl / White saves to bring everything forward that I’d need (aside from the event legendaries I never got). Also clocked Black in about 11 hours, having stripped the game of all legendaries (all caught with premier balls). Now I’m starting on Black 2. Must be the whole Twitch Plays PokΓ©mon thing that’s got me playing them again.

    • How far have you got? I have …
      Just destroyed the second Human Farm you visit (the first one you destroy). Right now I’m in the second seal cave thing.

      • I’ve actually got further then I did when I played it years ago. So everything that’s happening is new to me. =D

      • Still early days for me, only just up to the first / fire seal
        I’ve finished it several times before. I saw that there’s a trophy for finishing the item encyclopedia – from memory it took 3 playthroughs to do this on the cube. I wonder if it’s been adjusted at all or if this is still the case.

        • Haha, I think I will give getting that achievement a skip if that’s the case. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Tales of Symphonia but I don’t think I will be playing through it 3 times. XD

          • I stopped after two on cube because the ‘alternate ending based on favourite character’ was a bit of a let down – it was pretty well the same. I don’t think that needs to be spoilered?

    • The first time I played Symphonia was in 2008 or so and it still held up pretty well. But I guess that was before I played Vesperia or any of the newer games (previously I had only played Eternia which is even older than Symphonia :P)

      I can’t remember if it has random battles or not but hopefully it still holds up well enough for me to finish it. It’s been on the pile a long time…

      • I can’t really give an objective response to how the game itself has held up outside the engine – this is one of my favourite games of all time and the nostalgia is well and truly in full effect.
        The soundtrack in the CE is a bit silly – they dumped MP3s straight on data CDs, but the less than 500MB of files is spread over two discs.

        • Our CE isn’t as good as the US one since they got their soundtrack separate and over 4 discs (I assume it’s better quality?) and they got a few extra goodies thrown in like a steelbook case.

      • It doesn’t have random battles, enemies are on the screen. IIRC it was the first Tales to ditch the random encounter stuff. Symphonia is basically the first ‘modern’ Tales game.

  • Over the weekend I discovered that I’m addicted to Lego Marvel Super Heroes. I’m four hours in, and the game has just unfolded into a GTA-esque open world title with so much to do – it’s amazing.

    The characters are awesomely funny and the gameplay is the same Lego-building crap you know and love (or hate). I haven’t had so much fun in a video game since Pokemon Y or GTA V.

  • Hola TAY

    I had a busy Saturday- went to my parents Friday night and played Suburbia, which my mother appears to be some kind of savant at- she somehow generated a crazy economic engine and then bought her suburb a good reputation. Spent all Saturday helping my dad jackhammer a bunch of rocks on the farm for a tractor shed he’s having built- we got it within a much lower variation in level than it was.

    Raced back to the city for a friend’s birthday, went out for Indian which was nice, and then spent all Sunday doing not much due to aching everything from the jackhammer.

    A Monday Morning Question: Which video game has the best economy? what do you like to see in a virtual economy?

    • I thought the GTA V economy was quite innovative. But I also liked trading in AOE2 when that came out, and thought that was quite clever too.

      If you’re talking resource management in terms of economies, Sim City and Enemy Nations were quite good in this regard, in that you really can’t prioritise everything.

      That said, as a gameplay mechanic, I like Dark Souls’ economy. It’s simple: souls buy everything.

    • Any economy where you find discarded money lying on the ground or in pots/chests is the best economy! I want to go to there.

    • Well presumably Eve Online’s economy is the best given how madly complex and authentic it feels.

      X3’s is probably the best one I’ve personally used to any extent. I made bucketloads of money running a silicon mine, crystal fabricator & series of solar power plants then running the cargo through the neighbouring sectors in my fleet of captured pirate freighters escorted by squadrons of captured pirate fighters. Somehow I got really really good at making pirates bail out and which let me steal their mostly intact ships, sell the most damaged ones to fund repairs on the least damaged ones and I had a steady supply of effectively free light cargo runners.

  • Waiting for my “Redundancy Package Recalculation” email today. This is what makes working in this dead husk of a company worth while.
    *continues fidgeting*

  • Morning TAY hope you all had a good weekend.

    Had alot of fun playing through Gears of War 1 and 2 over the weekend with a friend (had never played them before) decided I need a bigger TV, 40 inch for split screen gaming just ain’t cutting it.

    Surprised no-one has mentioned anything about Dark Souls ye-oh wait.

  • Morning all, hope you all had a good weekend. The Numenera recap is coming along slowly but I should have it done by either tomorrow or Wednesday. My weekend was just a bit too busy to really devote any large chunks of time to it.

    In other news, I tried out ESO and it didn’t really grab me or make me want to play more than about an hour. I think I’ll just go back to Skyrim and hope another MMO is more to my liking. I also played some Blood Bowl and I think I might try recording a match to test out some of the recording stuff I’ve gotten together. It would be funny to rewatch my failures and my terrible, terrible dice rolls (for the record, I should probably stop trying to throw snotlings and goblins XD).

  • Question, what are people who are getting the South Park game doing? Are you bothering to import? (originally i wasn’t going to cause what was removed sounded pretty minor but the more i l read the worse it sounds, ) If yes where is a good place (I usually get from the UK but i hear they’re censored too.)

  • Really loving my PS4 at the moment. I only have the one game, so I’m hoping to get another soon. I’ve also been watching Blu Rays and enjoying being able to do that. So far I’ve watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World and The Muppets.

  • I’m also waiting to find out how much the tickets for the QOTSA concert in Hobart are. Not sure if I can justify the expense, and it’s also a pain getting to Hobart when you don’t have a car, but I will find out.

  • I rung nintendo for some help with my wiiU. I was disappointed when they picked up so quickly because they were playing the isle delphino music

      • When i worked for Hardly Normal, i frequently asked to be put back on hold for our Extended Warranty department because B**CH YOU CUT OFF THE MIDDLE OF STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN… they also laughed a lot at me when they picked up the phone only to hear me belching out the lyrics to it…

    • Ninty Rep “Hello, sorry for putting you on ho-”
      Scree “No! Go away!”
      N “sorry?”
      S “Put me back on hold!”
      N “I’m sorry, I still don’t follow.”
      S “The music! You interrupted it! Gosh, you have way too good of service there. I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER!”

    • The enterprise and government group with Optus have some really chill hold music and I’m always totally OK with chilling out, listening away.

      Part of that is it reminds me of better times, getting paid absurdly well while late-night fault-logging for wholesale partners, shift-work in my improvised recliner-chairs (three office-chairs put together, the middle one sideways, so I could lounge on it and nap). Bringing in the laptop to pay the WoW beta and reading webcomics.

  • Hello, TAY!

    My weekend was pretty swell. Had the biggest laze-about day on Saturday. I was planning to go to the movies and see The Wind Rises at 10am, but I woke up at 8:30 and it was pouring rain so I just sat and ate junk food all day instead. Needed to do groceries too, but then I didn’t.

    Sunday was movie filming fun day. I won’t be winning an award any time soon, but I hope the scenes aren’t completely unusable! I won’t talk about what we did though… I don’t want Doc’s lawyers chasing me.

    Next year’s movie should be an underdog sports movie where I get to show off my frisbee skills. Opportunities to boast about them are much too infrequent for my liking πŸ˜›

    Also I got offered a new lease on my unit today! With no rent increase! \o/ Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

  • Didn’t have ANY caffeine on the weekend. Suffered through the withdrawal headaches etc, eventually felt better, came in to work without the craving.


    Worth it

  • Heh, saw Australian Moto GP legend Daryl Beattie this morning whilst I was at some random servo just behind Movieworld.

  • I didn’t do very much this weekend. Played a fair bit more of Disgaea D2 but got absolutely wiped out by the final boss and got a bad end and he was so insanely difficult relative to the rest of the game up until then (I’m very over-leveled at this point) that I kind of think it’s just a huge ‘fuck you’ to players and I’m not going to play it any more.

    Did some more grinding in Kantai Collection. My Yamato advanced to level 52 (8 away from her Operation Ten-Go remodel), Kitakami became my second ship to make it to level 80 and I’ve gotten Kiso into the 50s now as well, so about 15 to go before I can rank her up and get my third (and final) Torpedo Cruiser which should help free up some versatility. Running low on resources so going to take a break for a day or two, but before that I spent about 2 hours sparkling every destroyer I own and trying to collect all the ones I need to finish out the newer composition quests. Sent out a fleet of Akagi, Yura and a pair of destroyers on an 80-hour expedition which will hopefully complete and unlock the submarine expeditions. I need to figure out a good way to get one of my subs (probably Imuya as she’s highest level) to 50 so I can do all the sub expeditions. According to rumor, they’re going to be adding the first non-Japanese ship to the game at the end of March and were dropping hints that it might affect the sub expedition quests. Fans have been all speculating about crazy shit like them adding the Bismark or USS Enterprise or something, but IMO it’s almost guaranteed that it’ll be one of the i-500 series submarines, which were German U-boats which surrendered to Japan after Germany was defeated. Anyway, once I finish with Kiso I’m thinking I may put some effort into Jintsuu to get her new just-released upgrade version with the new Searchlight equipment. Oh, and while doing my usual build quests over the weekend I finally got Kinu. Previously whenever the RNG smiled upon me while building the light cruiser & sub recipe and gave me a rare cruiser, I’d get the much rarer Abukuma and not the less rare Kinu. I’m getting very very low on dock space now though, only about 5 free slots, so may end up having to hate my money a bit. Thinking I might expand the construction docks to 4 at the same time.

    I also tried out War Thunder on PS4. I only had time for a single game before getting kicked off the TV. Did really well though, six aerial kills, four of which were with the first Biplane I sortied with, and only one death. Playing with the Japanese aircraft at this point because I think I prefer the turning, dogfighting style of the UK and JP planes, but don’t want to fly Spitfires. Once I’m better I’ll probably spend some time with the Americans since I’ve always wanted an air combat game where you can fly 50s jets like the F-80 and the F9F. Sadly they’ve apparently capped their efforts to around 1953 so none of the cool late-50s jets like the Cruader or the Starfighter will be in the game πŸ™ Also unfortunately they don’t let you log into your PS4 War Thunder account from PC. Eventually this is meant to be enabled but apparently it’s contingent on them getting to the point that they can keep the PS4 and PC versions completely in sync with each other. They’re both on the same patch at the moment (1.37) but the PC is a few fixes ahead. In the mean time I think I might sign up for another account and just play on PC, though it’s frustrating that I won’t be able to keep my progress cross-platform (PS4 accounts must be new accounts apparently – they say it’s a Sony restriction but that’s pure shit, since FFXIV allows you to use one account in both places)

    • It’s good to see that KanColle is still going strong. I figured that considering the sheer number of ships that you had collected that you must have been close to maxing out your capacity. It’s just a shame that the only way to get around that is to get rid of ships or pay money for extra space but I suppose they must make money somehow.

      I don’t think I’ll end up getting back into KanColle. The game itself was fun but it’s a browser game at heart and I’m not a huge fan of those. I’ll wait and see how Kai turns out and I hope they keep the idea going. I might still check out the Castle Collection one or whatever it was called to see how different that is.

      It would be especially trolly that once you get the searchlights on Jintsuu it increases the chance to be focus-fired by the enemy. It would be historically accurate but game-wise it wouldn’t be fun. I reckon the speculation on the German U-boats is pretty accurate but they might always opt for another Russian ship or perhaps some of the other ships that were taken as reparations by the Allies. Although it would be funny to see a Dutch or an Australian ship or even HMS Prince of Wales.

      • The reason I’m low on capacity is that I’m keeping ships I have no intention of ever using, I just need them for composition quests. I could if I wanted clear out about 15 slots. I’ve only got one double (I have a second Iku, because you can’t build her in the game at the moment and I got a second via the Christmas event and so if I fucked up and my main one got sunk, I want a replacement).

        In terms of stuff I’m missing, I’m missing Destroyers Uzuki (added recently) and Akigumo and I think one other drop-only rare one. Missing Subs I-8 and Maruyu – Maruyu is supposed to be like a booby prize from Large Ship Construction but haven’t gotten yet. I don’t have any of the Agano cruiser sisters (Agano, Noshiro, Yahagi) and I’ve only got two of the four Mogami cruisers (missing Mikuma and Kumano, have Mogami and Suzuya). I don’t have Musashi, but she’s not buildable yet and will probably be even harder to get than Yamato was, I really lucked out with Yamato. I’m also missing Taihou and Shoukaku. Then there’s the Kai-2s, I need to get Kiso K2, Verniy (upgraded Hibiki), Naka, Jintsuu, Kinugasa, Isuzu, Kongou and Hiei up. Also technically in terms of appearance I need to get Zuihou, Zuikaku, Chitose and Chiyoda to their top remodels as well since they have different appearances at their top remodel.

        Apparently KanColle the game doesn’t make very much money for Kadokawa. It’s been tuned such that you could happily never pay for it. I spent some money in it ages ago to buy extra repair docks. They don’t have any of the usual time-saving bullshit like double XP if you subscribe or anything, the only thing they recently added that is a money sink is the Marriage system, where you need to buy a 700 yen ring & registration papers so you can take your Waifu beyond level 99 (applying the item insta-levels her to 100 and raises cap to 150). You get one of them for free via quests but I’ve been in PVP with guys that have upped all their subs. And a fair few that have married multiple destroyers, which is kind of disturbing since the most popular like Inazuma and Ikazuchi look about ten years old. 😐 But anyway.

        The Searchlight item is a reference to the fact that Jintsuu used a searchlight during the Guadalcanal night operations to bracket enemy targets for focused fire. In the game what it does is decreases your opponents Night Battle crit chance, increases your fleet’s night accuracy and crit chance, but also makes the ship using the light more likely to be targeted by the enemy. Nice Risk/Reward thing IMO. Jintsuu’s the only one that gets the item which is nice since I constantly get her and use her for scrap, more often even than I get Naka, so maybe I can actually use one. Her Kai-2 art is pretty nice as well.

        Also, I think they’re going to run out of ships. There’s whole entire classes of Destroyers not in the game yet and a few really important ones that will obviously appear at some point, eg Nowaki (one of the ‘miracle ships’ alongside Yukikaze, Shigure and Hibiki). They’ve already got all the Battleships. There’s a few carriers not in the game yet (Shinano is the most obvious, speculated to be the next big event reward since she was laid down as a Yamato-class battleship before being converted. There’s also Unryuu, Amagi and Katsuragi) but after that you’re really left scraping the barrel, looking into ships that were cancelled or never completed (eg. Tosa or the other two Yamato class) or they really will have to look into foreign ships.

        The fiction of the world as I understand would allow for other navies. However the unspoken truth of the matter is that the ships you’re fighting against are Americans. Their gun calibers are measured in Inches instead of centimeters and there’s nothing more alien than the Imperial measurement system. πŸ˜› But I think the way it works is basically that the enemy ships are effectively the re-animated bodies of sunken ship-girls, so maybe the US Navy was wiped out first. If they go that route (the upcoming anime might expand on this) then they could probably work in any ships they wanted. I think they’d probably go easy on the US stuff – Arizona is probably off limits for example – but I’d probably seriously consider building a US battleship fleet. Bonus points if I can do stuff like put Fusou and Yamashiro into a fleet with the US battleships that sank them at Leyte Gulf and stuff. πŸ˜›

        Also if they ever want to expand the game to a non-Japanese audience for serious, they’d probably need to have a reasonably diverse lineup to not be seen as imperialist propaganda or something.

    • i played a shitload of War Thunder when i got my ps4, kinda fizzled out cause I don’t know anyone that plays it. We should become psn friends,

      • We should. I can’t remember which account I was signed into when I was playing though. Probably atomiclemon since I’m trying to use my US account as primary now, but might have been my AU one (atomicstrawberry). Maybe add both.

    • I basically tried out a bunch of different nations because you get the win bonus for each military each day. If and when they sort out the PSN / PC thing let me know, I’m happy to jump back in

  • well today is certainly Monday!!!!
    Flat tyre on the way to work, so had to sit on the side of the highway and change it
    3 nails in the tyre, $166 for a new one, guess that’s not too bad.
    Then i learned that the families 17year old cat died last night… i might not have been particularly fond of that cat, but any pet death is still sad…
    and the only thing in the kitchen at work this morning was decaf instant coffee… WTF I DON’T EVEN…
    i think monday just hates me and is trying to convey it as well as it can…

    On the plus side, crispy duck for lunch, there’s no way that can go wrong right? πŸ˜›

    • If it makes you feel better I’m still on holidays…

      …wait, that will do the opposite.

      Butt in seriousness, hope your Monday picks up.

      Especially with Russia at your door right now…*

      *I am a bad person

  • Hello friends!

    had a bit of a breakthrough with the game im working on and have decided to share a screenshot from my test setup!

    Dont be too harsh with your judgement! Everything is completely untextured and camera angle is not finalised…. that still ways away!

    Edit: yes, that dog is a tribute to Odie from the garfield comics, with some alterations to the jaw for animation purposes….

      • Are you taking time off so you can enjoy some time with your mother?
        I bet you were expecting a “your mum” joke here.

        • isn’t it already? wink wink nudge nudge know what i mean?
          Yes i am, i think this is the first time she’s visited where i have the entire time off πŸ˜›
          We might also be making a trip up to Canberra so it could be there should be some sort of lunch thing, but i will keep you posted on that πŸ˜›

          • Iiiiii wish πŸ˜›
            actually not really… IT’S TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE πŸ˜›
            you should probably move here… it’s the only sensible solution…
            or move back to Wagga so it’ll only take me a few hours to drive there πŸ˜›

          • i tried typing in “Bering” last time i was at the airport but nothing happened,
            I don’t think the buy menu has been enabled yet…
            Though a lot of airport security spawned,
            probably shouldn’t have been standing under an A380 at the international terminal trying to Bering Troll Melbourne Airport

    • If I believe in Canberra Day, can I have a day off to celebrate too?

      Because I’m willing to lower myself to that level.

  • Played TW2 over the weekend. Playing the alternate Iorveth path this time on Dark mode. The cave full of Nekkers was pretty damn hard tbh, but now I’m through that everything seems a lot more cruisy.

    • Dark mode is instant death = save wiped right? Who is it just the harder than hard mode?

      Also, which path do you reckon you’ll take with you when TW3 comes out?

      • Nah save isn’t wiped. I think that’s Dark Mode on TW1. Most hits will pretty much kill you, so Quen is your only way of taking anything. Most monsters take a lot more damage too. Guys that throw daggers are pretty much the worst -__-

        What paths are known in TW3?

        • I was talking about the storyline that you could take with you from TW2 to TW3, similar to how TW2 recognised if your computer had a save file from TW1 and it would change a few dialogue options and a few extra characters would show up depending on what you did in the first game. I imagine that there will be more than a few changes depending on what story path you carried over to TW3 from TW2, considering the choices are rather more exclusive.

          • Ah, I see. I’m playing this on my 360 as I didn’t think my PC (at the time when I first bought TW2) could handle it. No idea if there will be a way to carry the save file across. I hope there’s a way to reflect some of these choices – I’ve heard there are a couple differences in TW2 if you had played TW1.

  • Didn’t get a lot of gaming time over the weekend but i did get a chance to try out Diablo 3’s latest patch and i gotta admit, it’s made D3 a pretty cool guy!
    i know i know, it’s crap, it’s not as good as it should have been yada yada yada,
    But with the revamped loot system, and now optimised netcode (no lag, what so ever, even with Steam downloading updates)
    I had an amazing time… This is definitely what the game should have been out of the box…
    Now i can’t wait to receive my Reaper of Souls collector’s ed \o/

    • Yup. Thoroughly enjoying “new” D3. I almost thought that they had gone too far the other way – dishing out too many legendaries, etc. – but then I started playing with the new difficulties and it all made sense.

      The number 1 lesson I will take away from this is to never buy a game that Jay Wilson is lead designer/project lead/general screwer-upper/whatever on.

      • I thought it was odd too initially… died a few times because on inferior gear and then it made a lot of sense XD…
        also opens up a lot of new playstyles because of the skill enhancing weapons now, so it encourages you to try out new things… i am really enjoying it

        • I’ma get you and cut you up boy >:D

          Nah it’s all good. I’m just being small fry and playing Path of Exile. And I’m not going to cut you. Honest. πŸ™‚

          • … I’m not going to cut you. Honest. πŸ™‚

            That person he paid “to cut you” on the other hand? Can’t really make promises.

          • In a completely unrelated note. I won’t complete my “job” until I get my suitcase of bloodmoney money “laundry”.

          • I have had a look at it, and will give PoE a bash one day… i just have so much else to play that i payed for that i struggle to justify a F2P game

          • Fair enough, I completely understand. I too have a pile of stuff that I still need to play but PoE keeps drawing me back in. They’ve got their first large content update at the end of this week so I’ve been familiarising myself with it again.

  • Ultra Street Fighter IV lets you pick which version of the character you want to use. Prefer how Dhalsim worked in Super Street Fighter IV? Use him. Want Vanilla Ryu? Go for it.

    They’re doing exhibition matches of this right now at SoCal Regionals and it is fucking brilliant.

    Day one purchase.

  • I might as well ask again:

    Does anyone’s workplace in Melbourne have any graduate or entry-level positions open?

    I’d be pretty okay for that position! So please let me know if there’s any openings πŸ™‚

    (I’ll even buy you games! …maybe)

      • Not too sure :P. I have a Bachelor of Business from Monash but I only picked business cause it seemed pretty broad as I don’t have anything specific in mind.

        I majored in Banking and Finance, and Econometrics so that’s a bit more specific.

        • i’ll keep an eye out at my work… they regularly advertise new positions, but not sure about the staff turnover in those departments

          • I’ve met you before, you’re cool… which of course means it’s a negative thing, because i can’t have my poor reputation ruined by hanging with cool people
            *hair flick*
            Sidenote – my hair is now long enough to pull off legitimate hair flicks… i should probably consider a haircut

          • Well knowing my utter lazyness i’ll probably have a slightly more magnificent mane when i come to Canberra in a few weeks πŸ˜›

  • Spent nearly the entire weekend with the soldering iron. Started out ok, but then kinda fucked things up along the way trying to fix it. Stayed up til 10am Saturday night, and nearly 7am last night. BUT IT’S DONE NOW!

    Non-destructive (/untraceable) hardware mod to enable backup/restore of the system NAND, in case of future need to drop back to an older system software version that’s still vulnerable and can run homebrew, do region-free, etc. Odds are I won’t even end up using it for ages if at all, but I enjoyed the challenge of trying to do it and am pretty happy with how it turned out πŸ˜›

    Last night was shitty though. I must’ve re-soldered those pins about five times each trying to realign them after an earlier “fix”. Then when I thought I was done I discovered I’d snapped the ribbon cable off where it was attached to the ground rail. Thankfully managed to fix it with a small piece of wire offcut, and seems to have made it much stronger so it should be more resilient to future breakage.

    Annoyingly though it doesn’t quite work properly. The idea is that you first attach it to a USB SD card reader, then turn the 3DS on and it triggers a bootrom error that sets things to a mode that makes it readable by an SD reader. The reader I was planning on using doesn’t do this though, the thing just boots normally. There’s a second reader in the house, a multi-card one. This now triggers the right boot error, but for whatever reason when plugging it into the PC it can’t be read as another drive. But luckily plugging it in with the OTHER reader makes it work, and I’ve made one image dump already. So at least it appears to work πŸ˜›

    Still need to make a few more dumps to check for consistency, then test out an upgrade/downgrade to make sure it works properly. That’ll be the scary part.

  • I have a question regarding classification of people that I’m genuinely curious about. But I’m unsure if I should post it, lest I unleash an unwarranted torment of flame. πŸ™

    So, spoilered. Don’t click if you’re hasty to make assumptions etc.

    I’m looking for the phrases to describe people:

    – Females with an insanely vested interest in anything pro-female and everything anti-male are extreme feminists?
    – Assholes like Westboro Baptist Church who picket soldier funerals etc are religious extremists?
    – Anti-gay people who can’t see further than male-female relations are bigots etc?
    – What are super pro-gay people called? Like the kind that will protest if a TV ad has straight people but no gay people, etc, equivalent to feminist etc.

    I’m not trying to start any flamewars here, legit curious. I haven’t heard what some of these groups are actually called.

    • In general, I’d say someone was ‘Militantly pro-[whatever]’ if the category doesn’t exist or if I don’t know it.

    • I would probably say the most appropriate way to describe one of those groups is a “blank” activist. Generally you can add and subtract stuff from it to better describe it. For instance, a blankety blank activist who blanks.

        • “There’s so much more room for activities.”

          And yes, I may have lazily just straight pinched the Numenera class descriptor idea. πŸ˜›

    • For #1, Radical feminist is the term I’ve heard used on both sides of the divide, it does have a history of being used as an insult but then I’ve seen it used as a self identifier as well. Probably the easiest thing to do is ask

      For #2, I think the best term is theocratic fuckwits

      For #3, I think the all encompassing term is bigoted shitstain

      For #4, I’d not be surprised if there’s a legitimate grievance being misrepresented or ignored in the haste to paint the group as a shrill caricature. Once again I’d suggest asking.

      • Enh, it’s not always misrepresentation. My brother’s been finding himself more and more interested in activism as he gets older and gets more tired of the shit he has to put up with, but the ‘community’ wrapped up in that can be pretty… well. Toxic? Poisoned by hate? We see it with gaming enough – people getting really angry about something for long enough does something to them. Even if it’s initially justified.

          • I don’t hold much truck with any of those causes anymore. Feminism’s no good… it has the ‘fem’ part in it. Let’s just work on ‘equalism’ – or the REAL word: ‘equality’. You see a specific example of inequality, you fix it. That way we cover everyone! Gender, sexuality, race, religion/lack-thereof, disability, and so forth. Putting the ‘feminism’ tag on something means you’re looking at things from one really specific angle. Being an ‘equalist’ is much better than being a ‘feminist’. More inclusive.

          • This is true but sadly efforts in that regard tend to favour the status quo who are pretty much straight white cis-het guys and generally smooths over legitimate issues in favour of everyone just shutting up and accepting what they’ve got to stop the privileged majority getting their feelings hurt by people pointing out that others have it worse than them

          • The problem with that is that you need some way to identify which segments of the community need a focus.
            The problem is the kind of people stickman mentioned who actively hunt for offense. They throw up random things that people dismiss as irrelevant because they are. But that hides any major issues related to the ’cause’ for lack of a better word.

          • It is, aside from the words, its the voice… I mean I’m straight but Patrick Stewart could have me whenever he wanted. Same with Christopher Lee

            Ooh spitroast!

  • So looks like Disney decided to buy the Best Animated Feature oscar for Frozen instead of The Wind Rises. Not unexpected, but disappointing.

        • Hayao Miyazaki’s last film. Opened in US cinemas late last year and a more general release last week. I think it’s showing here soon if not already too.

          • Both the dubbed and subtitled versions are on now in Sydney (one small cinema only though, no major release). Until the end of this week, I think.

            EDIT: Oh, it is getting a major release!? Awesome! I’ll definitely be seeing it then! I must’ve been looking at a pre-release thing. I just assumed it wasn’t getting a large run πŸ˜›

          • It might not be getting a huge run but FWIW they did a pretty decent run for Ponyo, and Ponyo wasn’t nominated for an oscar.

            You should see it subbed if you can though. The main character is voiced by Hideaki Anno, also known as That Guy That Directed Evangelion (he got his start as an animator working on Nausicaa for Miyazaki)

        • My thought too. πŸ˜›

          I thought Oscars went like this: “Hey you, random person. Have you heard of xyz? No? *strikes out entry* NEXT”

          • More like “Hey you, Academy voter. We represent a huge movie publisher conglomerate. How much is your vote worth?”

            It’s about as corrupt as trying to get an Olympic Games or a Soccer World Cup in your country. :\ The problem is that Disney (at least, Buena Vista) are the US distributor for all of the Ghibli films but they also had a popular movie they made internally this year, so there’s no way they would put money behind a foreign director.

      • It has literally only just about to start screening in Australia. Nova here in Melbourne starts running it today. You haven’t missed out!

        • Even without campaigning (and I’ve seen neither film) Frozen would just win on sheer name recognition.

          • Probably true. Most of the Academy voters are old fogeys in their 60s and 70s who don’t like anime and would probably enjoy a film about the guy who designed the Zero even less.

      • Downvotes aren’t for disagreeing. >:( If you downvote someone too many times they get auto-moderated IIRC.

  • Got new VOIP phones in the office today.
    They come with free bubble-wrap.

    Also, the surface of my phone is ultra-glossy and I noticed that when I had it standing at a certain angle, I could see my reflection like in a mirror.


    I’ve had to wedge some post-it note pads under the stand, but it is now at the perfect angle for me to glance over any time I need a vision of beauty. *winks at self* Hey handsome.

    • Also, have now had so many cups off coffee that my chewing gum now tastes like coffee-flavoured gum.
      Might be time to lay off the coffee.

      Switching to Coke.

      • I’ve kind of lost count, but I would say that’s a fair assessment.
        I expect to be curled up in a ball of intestinal discomfort by the end of the day, aye. I just need to make it that far.

    • LOL. πŸ˜‰

      You sure it doesn’t have a protective film on the screen? Ours are touch screen too with variable backgrounds, shit is pretty cash. $300+ Jabra headsets all up in dis.

    • We got shiny new Telstra VOIP phones last year. Sooo shiny, the touchpad thingie on it is pretty cool for the 1 call I make every 2-3 months.


    So how did Band Grandpa not win best make-up & hair..? I mean come on, that was a fantastic effort to make Knoxville like he did. BUT that’s my opinion.

  • Academy Award Winner Matthew McConaughey.

    Bet He’ll romp it in at the next TV award show for True Detective too.

    Surely we live in the McConaissance.

  • Ahh, we had DnD campaign on Sunday, after a month break. I did my Bear Rogue idea, hence I was Sir Bearington.

    The night was pretty fun, with plenty of bear-related jokes (“I wanna roll for yellow shorts and backpack for Sir Bearington”), intimidation of the NPC’s, and some combat quirks.

    One awesome part was when I leaped out of the shadows, crit, did ~90 DMG (20’s are high rolls for everyone else normally), KO’d an enemy from sheer shock, rolled for gore and got covered in blood and gut chunks. πŸ˜€

    • Please tell me you’re going to multi-class and pick up a few levels of Druid/Ranger so that you can get a pet bird to put in your backpack. πŸ˜›

      • I’m not sure how multi-classing would help in this? We’re playing DND NEXT latest version, I think, FYI. Our DM would let us do wacky stuff like pet bird, as long as it doesn’t do huge damage or something.

        • Oh that’s cool. I’m just remembering DnD 3.5 and even 4e has a few restrictions on how you go about acquiring pets and other animals as companions. You either have to be ridiculously skillful or be a Ranger or Druid class.

          • Ah, I see. We have some very loose restrictions, but ultimately if the pet won’t be OP or offer a big advantage, it should be fine.

            I actually have a robot chicken mount… @redartifice

        • Be a bear with a pet bear and a bear mount. Bear cavalry riding actual bears! And then enchant your riding bear to have the bear-force.

  • Yo, long time no TAY.

    For the Trials fans out there (most know this from twitter anyway) but last 2 weeks I was in Helsinki Finland hanging with the Trials crew. Was under embargo for a week or so but they just announced that Trials Fusion will be out April 16th.
    Don’t want this to come across as an ad or anything but yeah, im kinda pumped. I even managed to play the whole game, from start to finish a couple of times and yeah it’s pretty rad.

    There are a few things I can’t speak about but most I can. Feel free to ask any quesitons.

    In short, the game looks good. I played on PS4 mostly. Tracks are great fun, extremes are EXTREME as you’d expect. Each track has challanges now so that there are 3 goals to achieve. complete 15 flips, carry bombs, turn on switches, win a tennis match, ride upside down etc etc.. seriously some crazy ones but makes the replayability 100% more fun. Really good addition to the game.

    Also im also really happy that they kept the price point the same. im thinking about $25AUD although thats only a guess, or about $50 maybe for their retail which is the game plus a season pass. Season pass has 6 X DLC’s which are usually $5 each.

    Maybe the Aussie tax will make that $60 but i’d still pay!

    Anyway, just wanted to give you all a bit of an update. Trip was super fun, went to a tradional Finnish sauna that included NudeShady and ice swimming! Wore shorts in the snow, rode a motorbike around the studio and generally had a blast! Such a nice group of guys.

    I have a bunch of footage and I’ll try putting something together shortly.

    Also went to Estonia (Tallinn) and Latvia (Riga) for a few days at the end.

    • Trials Fusion is definitely on my “Day 1 purchase” list.

      (I assume you can answer this but I may aswell ask) Will the DLC be evenly spread (i.e. every 3 months)? Or just released as “whenever it’s ready” kind of thing?

      • I don’t know honestly. I came home with like a million questions I should have asked. I’m no journalist to I kind of skim over every detail. I expect there will be a timeline of sorts, but yeah I got nothing πŸ™

    • Well with such a close release date I guess now is the time to officially give up on ever getting the Evolution DLC for PC…

      How do the challenge things work, is it just stuff you enable at the start of the track or something you can do dynamically along the way? I could see flips being dynamic but do you have to scoop up bombs as you ride along?

      • There are 120 of these challanges so I didn’t get close to seeing them all. They usually require triggering something. Some exist through the entire track, so the flips can be done anywhere and is only competed when you finish the track. There was one example where you roll backwards and once you go far enough, you have a trailer attanched full of soccer balls I think. You have to get them to a certain point on the track to complete that challange. There was another where you had to wheelie from one red line on the track to the other.

        The challanges are specific to each track and there are 3 per track. There were some basic ones but plenty of crazy ones. They used to have a few of these as achievements, now there are heaps of them and they are for the most part a fun side game.

        My fav was the upside down track. The whole game flips upside down and you have to complete the track. It’s possible but tricks. Then i came up with the idea to try laying on your back and looking upside down at the projector screen.. it works and yo ride like a champ.. then you get up and instantly feel sick. I had another of the devs try it and he was also sick. Not a good feeling but was fun all the same.

        Hope that answers the question?

      • Ps4 was ok. I didnt get to see it on xbone but it worked well on ps4. Hard to compare to 360 but id say on par with 360. Not bad at all.

  • A tweet from Rolling Stone:

    #12YearsASlave’s #Oscars win makes it the first time a film by an African-American has won Best Picture in its entire 86-year history.

    One problem: Director Steve McQueen is black, but he’s not African American.

  • Anyone up to scratch on their Marvel/DC trivia?

    I’m watching Arrow atm, and (somehow only now) it’s occured to me that Slade Wilson sounds a hell of a lot like Wade Wilson… both are fond of explosives and swords, only the latter is completely mental and OTT, and almost appears to be a parody of the former… According to Wikipedia Deadpool was introduced to the Marvel Universe 11 years after Deathstroke… anyone know if there’s anything behind this, or am I just conjuring conspiracy theories?

    • Deadpool was based on Deathstroke in the same way DC based Lobo on Wolverine.

      It’s even in the name. I believe it went something like this:
      Q: Where do you do the Deathstroke?
      A: In the Deadpool.

      So yes. You’re right in your assumption.

      • Lobo was based on Wolverine? I can kinda see the whole immortality thing but everything else seems a few too many shades apart to say that Lobo was based on Wolverine.

        • I think the idea was to take that grizzled, hard drinking anti hero archtype that Wolverine fits into and take it to the extreme.

          I don’t know if that’s the true influence for the character, I’ve just read it from more than one resource (though not that that means much on the net).

        • according to the creator of Lobo
          “I have no idea why Lobo took off… I came up with him as an indictment of the Punisher, Wolverine hero prototype, and somehow he caught on as the high violence poster boy. Go figure.”

      • Really? I’ve been ignoring it because I heard it was shit. But I can’t remember where I heard this, so it may be I was in bad company at the time.

        • It started really poorly. I gave up after a few episodes because it felt like a gritty Smallville.

          I was surprised to see that there’s a second season but people say that it’s picked up.

  • Oh lord, my eyes feel like they’re being slowly burnt out of their sockets.
    Totally worth it though πŸ˜€

  • I made the mistake of drunkenly looking up at the foam machine to try and see how the foam was made… several times :3
    It buuuuuuurns!

    • Oh lordy, uni computers suck. That wasn’t a reply fail to @aliasalpha above, that was pretty crappy computers doing what they do best (that and Internet Explorer). This will probably be a new post as well, even though I clicked reply…

        • I was pretty drunk last night, not gonna lie about it.
          I am sober enough now to recall somebody mentioning that they were going to “throw the gauntlet through their neighbours window”, or something along those lines.
          How did that go by the way? πŸ˜›

  • So repost from a few pages back:

    Anyone know what’s happened to Agents Of Shield?
    I can’t find it on 7, I’ve checked the whole week. It looks like it’s been replaced by something else, but I can’t find it anywhere.
    Annoying since we got half of Season 1 cut of because of the Tennis, had 2 episodes, and now it looks like there’s no more episodes. America’s probably nearly at the end of Season 2 by now.

    And people wonder why Australians pirate.

    • 7 will remove shows with no prior notice if they’re not doing as well as they thought they would. It is terribly frustrating.

    • It might be on it’s mid-season break (some weird thing American shows do), that may be why it is no longer on. That or the first season is over. Some new shows run short first seasons mainly to gauge popularity, so that they don’t blow thier budget on 15 – 26 episodes of a show that is not as popular as they thought it would be.

      That, or you know, Google is a thing…

      • Tried Google, found nothing πŸ˜›
        It’s definately got more episodes that have been shown in America.
        Wikipedia says that there’s 15 episodes, the next one that would have been shown was episode 12.

    • Frank (a riveting Kim Bodnia) loses control of his most ambitious trafficking scheme yet; Balkan heavyweight Milo (Zlatki Buric) is flexing his muscle, threatening to take a pound of flesh for each kilo owed to him.

      Thank god for the remnants of the imperial weight system eh? Could be kilo for kilo…

    • All of the Three Colours trilogy is there, as is the Swedish Let The Right One In.

      A lot of the rest look like the sort of movies SBS used to put on at 10pm on Saturdays as Cult Movies. Always a good sign that.

  • Saw Wolf of WallStreet.
    S’alright, though it did drag at parts.
    The copious amounts of nudity and drugs more than made up for it, though. ;).

    • Nah, it’s still shit. Do yourself a favour and check out Scorsese’s classics such as Goodfellas, Departed and Casino, if you haven’t already.

      • It was a debaucherous black comedy about debauchery. I don’t care if autocorrect says that debaucherous isn’t a word, it is.

        I liked it because it completely nailed the tone it was going for. Also because Popeye.

  • Why is it that every time I look at my list of games, I can automatically find a reason why I don’t want to play it…
    It’s infuriating!

  • the hardest thing about Dark Souls is how it fucking crashes 9 out of 10 times I run it. & the 10th time, it doesn’t save my progress.

    Hurry up Dark Souls 2, & please don’t be as shit.

  • Shit.
    Just when I thought I could sit down and do some recording of Tekken 3, the emulator decides to screw itself. πŸ™

  • Alright my Soundwave 2014 report!
    I’ll keep this short.

    Sierra – Went to support the local band/friends, who while i’m not the biggest fan of their music, absolutely stomped their performance.

    Real Friends – Got surprisingly hectic, so i got my mosh on early \o/

    The Story So Far – Just as good as last time i saw them, i lost my voice and my wallet here.

    Zebrahead – Probably my favourite set all day, they got a fan who took them sportsballing the day before to come up on stage and have a drinking comp with them and then he got to stay on stage drinking for the whole set. They played all the songs i wanted.
    And i caught one of the drumsticks when the drummer threw them! \o/

    A Day to Remember – I went as hard as i could while looking after my precious drumstick. Jeremy got in the hamster ball, crowd surfers surfing crowd surfers and they played ‘Sometimes you’re the hammer, sometimes you’re the nail’ so i was happy.

    Green Day – The crowd was really getting into Bohemian Rhapsody which was playing before Green Day got on stage, which was awesome. As for Green Day themselves, it may as well been a concert. 3 hours is a long time and so much happened during it that i’m struggling to remember parts, but it was everything even the slightest of fans could have ever wanted from them. Most of the set was Dookie and American Idiot. So yeah!
    Oh and apart from the on-stage antics and Billie bringing people on stage, the crowd hoisted this girl in a wheelchair up and carried her right up front and close so she had the best seat in the house!

    But yeah i still get pretty high on adrenalin thinking about the day even now, it was just great in every way (besides losing my wallet) and so much better than last year.

  • Serious question time.
    Since I am going to uni and currently have a HECS debt accumulating, this debt slowly gets paid off after I have completed university and am earning over “$X” income, right?
    My employee is taxing me roughly 28% on my income however, because I have a HECS debt, although as far as I am aware this additional tax does not actually go towards paying off my debt, since I’m fairly sure I’m not earning over the HECS debt taxable threshold.
    It’s not exactly a high paying job or anything, I work at a f***ing supermarket for Christs sake (and I’m already contemplating quitting!)
    Does this seem right (since I’ve never been to uni or had a HECS debt before and don’t know what the norm is), or is this a bit dodgy, cause it sounds a bit dodgy to me, and you guys are the smartest* people I know…

    *Oldest (on average :P). What, older people are supposed to be smart, right?!

    • If you end up paying too much tax, you get it back at mid-year anyway. Not really worth stressing over. You might even get it all back, depending on how much you earn in the year.

    • Seconding what others have said, as I only just figured out the ins and outs of this (I just busted the threshold, four years after finishing uni. Go semi-useless degree).

      Your tax rate WILL be higher than the average joe while you have hex debt. You will have extra removed from your pay packet every fortnight.

      Come the end of the financial year, one of three things will happen:
      1. You have not met the threshold. You get a tonne back, as the HECS/HELP/WHATEVER gets paid back to you, then they calculate whether your ordinary level tax needs to be paid back.

      2. You meet or exceed the threshold. Your tax return aside from a measly little sum (mine was $80) is taken off your debt.

      3. You meet or exceed the threshold and your HECS/HELP is paid off in full (it’ll take a damn awful time) and they will return the extra tax they took out to give back to you in your return, and your tax level will drop back to the usual level for somebody who does not have a debt.

      Now for the scary bit: The government is looking at introducing interest on your uni debt, so once that is confirmed, everyone should pay as quickly as humanely possible through extra payments.

      • Is that interest in lieu of the indexing that currently applies, or on top of it? Because that’s just punitive (and is something that not even banks can get away with).

        • Unfortunately yes. At the moment it’s adjusted per CPI so it’s kind of Interest, at a very low level.

          The government wants to up that to a higher interest level. πŸ™
          And it doesn’t matter that the banks can’t get away with it, it’s the Government. They can get away with what they want. No partisan politics, just an observation of the facts – the Govt. can legislate their way to what they want, unlike the banks.

          • Obligatory Einstein quote here.
            I hope not either. That would make me a very poor, sad panda.
            As in, I’ll only be able to afford to eat bamboo, will have to live in a forest and probably be too depressed to shag anything.

  • Just finished performing the second of two consecutive NAND dumps, starting afresh for each one. Both came up with the same MD5.

    I am pleased.

  • DARK SOULS 2 \o/

    The big news today: A PC release date has appeared on marketing material, but Namco is pretending that the date hasn’t yet been confirmed. And that date is…
    APRIL 25

    Other news:
    Another explanation of accessibility in Dark Souls 2.
    Essentially there will be more tutorials, and movement will feel more intuitive because it’s motion-captured rather than hand-animated.

    Wooooooooooooo! Ten days!

    • I think the Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster is out the week after Dark Souls, which is good because I’ll be able to use it as therapy when Dark Souls 2 gets too intense.

        • aΒ·mour [uh-moor]
          1. a love affair.
          2. an illicit or secret love affair.

          Dark Souls 2 is set during the 60s, and deals with the love affair between an undead black man and a wealthy white necrophiliac. Overcome prejudice and fight in the name of love!

    • I still can’t get in to Dark Souls for some reason. Parts of it I love, but so much other stuff is mediocre for me. I’m hoping Dark Souls 2 will be a more refined game, especially with the promise that the PC version will be done well and not tacked on after a vote πŸ˜›

        • It wasn’t just that it was a bad port. Hell, I don’t hold it against them at all, they flat-out stated it would be. It’s amazing it made it to PC at all.
          I have a number of issues with the game that I’ve learned to not elaborate on because everyone jumps down my throat, but I think my biggest issue was being over-hyped by others and it really coloured my opinion of the game.

    • So given that its on gamespot, would that be 25th in America and thus the 26th here?

      Because that may be the bestest ever birthday present ever…

  • Up to end game on Tomb Raider: Malibu Stacey Edition. I’ve gone back to find some more collectibles so I can level up a bit more.

  • Powerful movie/game scenes that made you cry: GO!

    Okay I’ll start. The Toy Story 3 end scene where Andy gives away his box of toys. Also, for bonus points: the ending of Skyward Sword.

    • Six Feet Under: ending.
      Toy Story 3: ending.
      Metal Gear Solid 3: ending.
      The Shield: ending.
      The Walking Dead game Season 1: ending.

      Noticing a theme here?
      No, me neither.

    • The scene in The Hunger Games when Rue dies. I don’t often cry or even tear up at movies or games, but for some reason that scene it me hard, even though I knew it was coming.

    • Senna: Seeing the vision at San Marino and you see his car go into the wall… I fucking teared up big time.. :`(

    • Man on Wire.

      Not super spoilery, given it’s the premise of the film

      Near the end, when it’s just him, strung between the World Trade Centre towers.

    • Not a movie but:
      The ending to the Jurassic Bark episode from Futurama. D=

      Also the fact that no one has mentioned the start of Up makes me realise you are all horrible people.


        • I didn’t even know there was a book as a kid… just watched the disney movie and tears were streaming… it wasn’t until years later that i got around to read the book and it is pretty damn amazing

    • – Mass Effect 3
      Mordin’s death
      – To the Moon – the ending
      – Beyond : Two souls – the ending

      Big fish – especially this exchange from the end (paraphrased) :

      Dad : Tell me how it happens.
      Son : How what happens?
      Dad : How I die.
      Son : I don’t know that story, dad. ….Help me tell it. How does it start?
      Dad : *weakly* ……… this.

      Six feet under
      Doctor Who (those regeneration scenes, man…)

    • Grim Fandango
      The ending Poor Glottis

      Mass Effect 3
      Mordin’s Death
      Thane’s Death & Funeral
      Last goodbye to Garrus (I love that scaly bastard!)

      Do tears of frustration and rage count? If so, I’ll add when uplay broke my Trials Evolution save & robbed me of the platinum medal I rightfully earned on Gigatrack. 208th in the (pc) world and apparently I only have a pissing gold…

    • For some reason, I am not one to cry from sad things in media. Yet I can be brought to tears very easily due to anger or pain. Here is my list:

      Definitely cried
      Arby n the Chief ending. (No spoilers)
      I watched the ending. I felt hollow and dead inside. For the next three hours, I tried to go on with my life. But the ending kept gnawing at me. I broke down and re-watched the ending. Only then did I cry.
      These characters that I watched for years just… killed themselves. For years, I shared their happiness, I shared their pain. The fact that the credits were nothing but sirens really hammered the fact that, yes, THEY ARE DEAD.
      Arbiter is one of the most fascinating characters I have observed in media. I watched him struggle through life, and in the end I accepted and supported his decision.

      Probably cried
      Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness Ending – I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye
      What can I say that I haven’t already said? I have made multiple comments raving about this game. Greenius has Xenoblade, I have Mystery Dungeon. Ignore Metacritic, this game is fucking fantastic. Also the part where
      Grovyle sacrifices himself was heart-wrenching. GROOOOOOVYYYYYLE! Easily my 3rd favourite character in gaming. (Behind Lilly and Emi)
      I don’t know whether I cried, it was too long ago. I can confirm that I was heartbroken, at least. Even just hearing the music can manifest sorrow, and believe me, I listen to that song all the damn time. The music is stuck in my head as I type.

      No tears but extreme sadness instead
      Katawa Shoujo Lilly or Emi’s good ending
      I didn’t cry, but my thoughts were about nothing this game for a long time. When I completed a route, the next day was nothing but reminiscing. The rest of the week would be spent trying to get past it. Katawa Shoujo is free, by the way!

      That’s all I can think of. Shane right when he says the saddest parts are the endings.
      Holy shit that took me half an hour to write.


    Thought the latest was a little mechanical, getting all of the pieces in place for the big finale.

    cc @dc

  • @shane
    Received Injustice last night πŸ˜€
    Thanks man, played it most of the evening and are quite enjoying it

  • Just thinking out loud here. I’m getting very excited about South Park.
    It makes me realise how many different ways you can go about marketing a game and how I feel excitement about each.

    South Park kind of came out of nowhere for me until about three months ago and now I’m really hyped.
    Wildstar made me so hyped about it, but my hype has waned. It’s almost like they’ve given me too much information, too far out.
    Thief flew under the radar until the point that it was being reviewed. I was hyped until I read those reviews.
    Oddly, the radio silence on Fallout 4 is making me more hyped for a game that might not even be in development than if they confirmed it, then shut up about it.

    Is there a perfect way of hyping a game, without burning out your audience? What was the last game you got hyped about?

    Edit: Two page gets in two weeks? I need to buy a scratchie.

      • Sorry, I should have mentioned South Park: The Stick of Truth.
        I bought the South Park Nintendo 64 game. That was enough crappy South Park games forever.

        Or so I thought.


        • South Park on the N64 was good if you treated it as a multiplayer-only game. Even then, it didn’t last long though.

      • It’s not Obsidian’s fault that THQ went belly-up right when they were going to release it the first time though πŸ™

        • I wasn’t specifically referring to Stick of Truth with that comment, but on recollection, yeah, they’ve had some issues.
          Tell you what, I’m looking forward to Watch Dogs more for the ‘this is how they fucked up’ stories, rather than the game itself.

        • There appear to be different hype levels between those playing on console day 1 and those playing on PC day … later. Makes it an even better example of how this detail fits in with the rest of the marketing and hype.

    • Dark Souls Two is the way to do it right.

      Daily news updates, drip-feeding information, mistranslating interviews to freak out the hard-core fan base, continuing to use words like accessible in order to make news headlines (with a side benefit of continuing to freak out your hard-core fan base), making terrible tie-in comics, producing exclusive collector’s edition stuff only available in Japan which sells out in minutes and was exorbitantly expensive anyway, overseeing a fully-stocked pre-release wiki page, beta write-ups, trailers that (at best) oscillate wildly between cool and truly bizarre, review embargoes, occasionally sexist posting on the Facebook fan page, leaving master race fans behind again…

      Seriously: thank god the game is gonna be good, because this marketing campaign has not been πŸ˜›

      • The whole campaign is really a subtle hint that the game is going to be almost incomprehensibly complex and you’ll need a wiki to give you even vaguely accurate information, just like the first game

    • Well I’m guessing the way is to see what Watch_Dogs did and then not do that.

      I’d happily accept a steady drip of information and actually having questions answered in a straight manner for once. Tom Clancy’s The Division looks like it might be awesome but I’ve still got no idea how the PvP works and if it’s avoidable because I generally hate PvP. There’s implication that you can avoid it but a quick explanation of how the mechanics of it work (mmo style match queue, avoidable PvP areas etc) would have a fair chance of shifting me from considering getting it one day to considering getting it day one. It might not be the kind of thing you normally think of as marketing or hype but it’d alter my view of the game for the better knowing the information for certain and really not be a loss to reveal it unless its something utterly revolutionary that’ll blow people’s minds & they want it to be a surprise.

  • !
    Wild Thing Presents, in collaboration with The Embassy of Israel in Australia are thrilled to announce a free Orphaned Land acoustic show, which will take place on an outdoor stage at Deakin University on Harmony Day_AU, Friday the 21st of March at 12:30pm sharp!

    You Melbourne people are in for a treat. These guys are amazing and an acoustic show would be perfect. Plus, FREE!

  • in the midst of a shitty hangover on sunday, I watched Blade Runner for the first time in years.

    few thoughts –
    2 – I really wanna play Deus Ex : HR now. Never got very far in it, but I really like what I’d played. so yeah…. that’s the next thing coming off my Pile of Shame.

    • I was going to say “at least they’re studying a decent movie” but if year 12 taught me one thing it’s that you’ll hate everything you study, given enough time…
      Also, damned good choice for the next game to cross off.

    • Because there’s lots to discuss in Blade Runner, like whether Deckard was a…

      OH NO


      • Wait, like Deckard was a what?
        I’ve watched it, but never studied it in class!
        Like whether Deckard was a Republican? Is that the question? Because he totally seems like one.

      • nah, as far as I’m aware they study it alongside Frankenstein in a topic called ‘texts in time.’

        two works with similar themes (ie: what defines humanity, playing god, value of life etc.) created at very different times (Shelley in 1818, Scott in 1982).

        just a comparison between the two about how they each handled similar concepts.

        …to be honest, given my job, I should probably know more about it.

        • Lucky.

          I did year 12 English and I got to study The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I got good marks for eviscerating it.

          • I really cant remember what I studied in year 12.

            but now having worked in a school for 5 years, I’ve realised how easy the HSC actually is.
            its stupid how its made out to be a huge deal, like you’ll never amount to anything if you don’t do well in it.

          • We were still riding off the high of the 90s fad of re-doing Shakespeare’s plays as films, and one of my major Year 12 English assignments was a creative writing piece doing a modern-day Macbeth.

            The teacher asked to see me about the piece being ‘R-rated’. Too much sex and violence. (Which I thought was unfair – I didn’t write anything explicit, it wasn’t porn. I did tasteful ultra-light foreplay with fades-to-black and off-screens for anything that wasn’t explicity present in the original text, which includes the murder of Duncan!) I think he meant, ‘Too much sex and violence to be coming from the pen of a 16yr old’. Which is baffling, because you would think a TEACHER of all people would know more about the true nature of 16yr old boys.

            Still got an A+ though.

          • It’s weird as, but I managed to go pretty much all of high school without studying Shakespeare in depth

      • He totally was a smuggler though. After all the issues he had with it raining everywhere he moved to Tatooine.

  • Got my code for South Park: The Stick Of Truth last night and am preloading now, 4.1gb if anyone is interested.

    Wonder how big the uncut version is…

    • 4.11 GB.

      Edit: just in case anyone takes that as a serious answer, I should point out that, as far as I’m aware, it’s utter BS.

  • Looking forward to Saturday. Going to Breath of Life Festival to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Empire of the Sun, Public Enemy, Knife Party, Dead Letter Circus, Buried in Verona, In Hearts Wake and Saviour. Miss out on Parkway Drive because they clash with Empire and Macklemore, but I’ve seen Parkway before. Not sure if I’m interested in Porter Robinson as I don’t know much about him. Pretty good lineup for a music festival in Tasmania.

  • Heavy Montreal’s lineup got announced last night and…. I think I need to move to Canada.

    Lamb of God
    The Offspring
    Bad Religion
    Three Days Grace
    Dropkick Murphy’s

    It’s like my dream lineup but on the other side of the world πŸ™

    • Offspring & Pennywise seem to be a bit out of place there.

      Though Apocalyptica…. love to see those guys. its like cello porn. so good.

      • Says the guy who decided to live in the coldest, most barren part of the country.

        I mean, at least the rest of this barren wasteland is warm(er.)

          • *weeps* I DOOOOOOO
            I’m even looking at the best poses in art for Oscar for a tattooooooo

          • That’s definitely similar to what I was looking at. Though I’d want something a bit more active, less defeated. Weary, but not beaten, with a low-grade undercurrent of menace held in reserve. Like those movie-poster shots – rear-view, looking back over one shoulder, maybe greatsword resting on the other shoulder, long, triangular, pointed shield held in that very cool way the Dark Souls characters hold them.

            Or fuckit, I could just make my project for the next year to build a suit of Dark Souls 2 armor for cosplay. That knight in the promo art with the fur (There’s some really good Oscars, Artoriases, and Solaires out there. Plus a few Ornstein and Priscillas that looked very cool. Even saw a Mimic.)

            Well. Apart from the late-late-SL150+ game. The problem with soul-level matching is after my totally awesome badical best-weekend-ever where I spent the ENTIRE WEEKEND dropping my sign and helping people kill bosses and racking up a millions of souls in the process, I got 50 in all stats except att/int/faith and made progress on faith/int, but now the only time I get summoned is people standing around waiting for PVP, no boss-killing. SO BORING. If it’s just me, I’ll stick around to defeat one invader as a courtesy, but often there’s already someone else there too, and 3-on-one is distasteful to me, but it’s all I ever get summoned for anymore. πŸ™ I even stopped dropping my sign at hubs and bonfires and just left them next to boss-fog gates… no dice. That’s all I got – PVP summons.

            I guess folks at my soul level don’t need help with bosses. Which makes sense. In the race to 3am to complete the achievement I went offline and in the space of midnight to 3am, blitzed solo through Kalameet, Manus (I couldn’t just finish the game again and leave the free exp on the table), Gwyndolin, Gwyn, then NG++ all the bosses needed to get Sif and the Anor Londo blacksmith (plus Ornstein & Smough because they were RIGHT THERE). I don’t think I was ever in any danger.

            Doesn’t matter, that’s my last playthrough.
            If only because I don’t wanna kill Sif anymore. When I wasn’t in fear for my life anymore I was noticing his animations and stuff. He limps around like a wounded dog when he’s on his last shreds of health, and barely even attacks you. It breaks my heart. I’ve seen the cut-scene where he greets you at the grave after having been rescued by you in the Abyss. WHY, SIF? JUST GIMME THE RING! I won’t turn out like Artorias!


  • Went to put in my Visa application today, fair enough should of taken my invitation with me w/e they let me email it to them.

    But what gets me is that it said $50 fee for my Visa, they never said anything about now outsourcing the people who do the Visas for them so I ended up paying $170. I bet it was the suit and tie. Also the lady there was just default yelling/angry voice no wonder the guy working there look so defeated.

  • And jumping onto the page again to confirm a number of things about Ass Creed V.

    1) It’s not Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Russia, India, WWII, Egypt.
    2) No Edward, Haytham or Connor. No Auditore’s.

    And no official word, although they announced the yearly games on this date in the past.
    So…go back to Dark Souls 2 watching people.

      • The only AssCreed I really have any interest in is IV because … pirates. I have a feeling the fact that the last game was about pirates was the reason why people loved it so much.

        • Pretty sure that was a lightning strike that they’re desperately trying to bottle. And they were probably already way too deep in AC5 development to capture that magic. That success was probably the worst thing to happen to the AC5 team.

    • One word


      Edit: Disclaimer: I stopped playing and caring about this series around ‘Press B to throw a rock, you dirty peasant’ and the DRM shenanigans not long after. This is not a serious response, but seems more plausible than Ass Creed: Eskimo after the snowy picture teaser.

    • Oh man. I would LOVE to explore AC-world history of Scottish subjugation. Murdering the filthy English pigs, fighting for Scottish independence… losing. Yeah, that’s right, your hero doesn’t win the war for the Scots, he dicks around with the Assassins and Templars. None of this Connor Gump bullshit.

      Mountains! Forests! Beaches! CASTLES! French interference/allies, Irish cameos, woad, kilts, and the worst Scottish accents Hollywood can provide. I can see it now and it’s beautiful.

      Or I guess you could go with the more unruly history of Irish rebellion… but when have they NOT been rebelling? Besides… Pfft, Irish. They’re like the wilder, angrier, dumber version of Scots. Who would want to watch those kinds of characters?

      • They wrote themselves an out for anything even remotely modern which uses vehicles like cars – there’s stuff in the logs about how the animus fucks up and loses people when they get into cars.

    By which I mean… uhm. Yay, victory for not-self-sabotaging?
    Managed to bite my tongue when a client asked for daily updates in writing on a project which won’t have status updates for WEEKS. I desperately wanted to say, “Do you want me to tuck you in to bed every night as well? Read you a bedtime story? The best you’re going to get is a mail rule auto-responding to any mails from your address with, ‘Just like yesterday and the day before, nothing has changed, and I’m not going to call the service provider and spend the better part of an hour on hold every day only to have them explain to me that they haven’t done shit to your order since yesterday because they don’t have to.’

    Self-important little pest actually had the gall to open his call with, “Look, I’m going to be a pain in the ass on this job, because very important people need it to have happened yesterday.

    Couldn’t stop myself from responding, “Guess they’re going to be pretty upset that you’re only telling me about it today. Probably even more upset that while they can jump our queues here and get me looking at it today, they can’t jump the service provider’s queues because the service provider doesn’t care how very important they are. They only care about contracted deadlines. Which are a LOT longer than ‘yesterday’.”

    When will folks learn they’ll catch more flies with honey? You don’t know what to do, you know you fucked up and just want some help making the best of your mistake? Open with that. Don’t go on the offensive and hope that self-important bluster and demands will help make your fuckup go away or seem like someone else’s fault but your own. We are not executive assistants whose sole purpose is to make you feel like GOD.

    • VICTORY! \o/

      You should be able to schedule a bunch of daily emails. My recommendation: make each one a static image in a flipbook of a bored stick figure drumming his fingers on a table.

    • The phrase is this

      “We’d prefer to stick to a reporting arrangement outlined in the contract”


      “We’d prefer to keep you on an update schedule that allowed our employees to focus more work on project-critical tasks”

      • Yeah… see, that’s much better than my response of, “You want what?” like he was a crazy person who had just offended me deeply. (Which… is pretty accurate, though.) It did give him pause and put him on the back foot, but he rallied magnificently against my Phone Intimidation Voice (low and gravelly) with, “Uhm… updates every three days?”

        Then, yeah, I outlined what we usually do. “What will happen is we’ll give you deadlines for the tasks involved, and if the provider can’t make those deadlines, we’ll let you know.”
        (I generally don’t speak bureaucratese – it is anathema to me.)

        • See, if you write a schedule of reporting into a project plan, you can just point to it every damn time.

          Play the system when it’s in your favour, man.

          • Guy’s not even involved, though he should’ve been. Proper project people with all the knowledge of what to expect and how to request it have been doing so. Professionally and congenially. This guy missed the boat on giving his data to those same people and is now trying to slip in under the radar as a separate request. Nooooop. I’ve referred him to the Department’s project lead for the move, now. Gave her the update on his demands, so she knows what to expect. She had a good laugh.

          • If he’s not the project sponsor, then the line is
            “I’m sorry, but that’s a matter for the client and I suggest you take it up with them”

            If you don’t want to tell him dick there’s plenty of ways to dodge.

  • Not sure if stomach is hurting from 3 days of vomiting or the fact I haven’t eaten for 3 days.

    A little afraid to tempt fate by eating something.

    • Ew. My sympathies. When the hospital had me on fluids via IV-drip for gastroenteritis, they finally let me out when I could keep down water. I was on powerade for the next two weeks. (To the point that I now can’t drink it or even smell it without being reminded of my short-term but intense affair with the toilet, and marathoning the entire 7-season run of the Gilmore Girls.)

    • Steamed white rice, nothing else. Regardless of which path it takes out of your system, it’s good at absorbing and carrying out anything nasty still lurking in your stomach.

    • I was always told that steamed rice and boiled chicken breast are the two most (chemically wise) inoffensive things you can eat.
      In saying that, boiled chicken smells like something you would not feed a pet.
      Stick with rice and put the smallest amount of chili or oyster sauce in it, or peanut butter at a pinch. Makes it a little more palatable.

    • I recommend a seafood basket, a caesar salad with extra creamy sauce, a jug of warm lager, and an ice cream sundae with rich strawberry topping.

      If you can consider that and not barf from the thought, you’re ready for dry food.
      You’re welcome.

      Same to you.

    • I’m going to disagree with everyone here, because I find that about the only thing I can eat while sick is ridiculously sweet. So I recommend trying a coupla M&Ms, see how that goes.

      Alternately, take some Ondansetron and brute force your way through meals.

  • For those who are playing Diablo 3 again, I made a TAY clan (basically a guild). Let me know if you want an invite.

  • Good god Pizza Hut, what in blazes are you thinking?

    Cheeseburger crust pizza. The picture of it looks like some genetic experiment that’s begging for death.

  • This Netflix kerfuffle is really shitting me. Yes, I use Netflix via VPN services and it’s nothing short of fucking amazing. The problem is that we are now being labelled as pirates. I don’t think the finger-pointers actually know the meaning of the term.

    We are paying for the Netflix service, as well as paying another business for the use of servers in the US. It works well for me – television and films on my own time, and for a mere US$10 a month approx as opposed to the up-to AU$100 or so for Foxtel. Screw that. When I was hunting for a decently priced Foxtel package – I couldn’t find one. Netflix ended up being the true service I wanted.

    So what services do we (legally) have to deter us, aside Fox? Quickflix? Ultraviolet? Seriously, those services are rubbish. Quickflix has no content and Ultraviolet isn’t even a streaming service. It’s a digital download code for a copy of a film you own to put on your mobile phone. Um, what? I don’t want that shit. My phone probably doesn’t even have space for that. Who even wants to watch films on their phone?

    Anyway, I believe the only thing holding most people back from migrating to Netflix would be the live sports offered on Fox, I assume. And uh, the fact that it’s not officially available here, of course.

    • They can call you what you like till they’re red in the face, but you’ll still be watching all your shows.

        • Noone has paid me any money for people watching stuff on Netflix. I have no connection to it or any of the content on it but my claim to a slice seems no less tenuous than many of those who are being paid… IT MUST BE ILLEGALIFICATED!

          • Or feels like it’s about to and so gives me the money that I in no way deserve and have done nothing to earn, that works for me too.

            I’d also settle for one each of the next gen consoles Netflix, this is me being reasonable…

            Maybe a PC copy of Dark Souls 2, it’s apparently coming out on my birthday so that seems fair.

    • I might add:

      The low price of Netflix actually deters me from pirating. Hear me out. I was introduced to Netflix via a friend whilst in Melbourne over Christmas. I noticed Sons of Anarchy on there, cool, so I watched the first three episodes. I was hooked.

      Back in Adelaide, I had two options. Proceed to [redacted] a the full six seasons at like, 60GB total and wait (it’s easier to do the lump as opposed to individual eps – plus I need to host the space instead of someone else) or sign up for Netflix and begin the viewing immediately.

      I asked the wife if there was anything she was interested in watching on Netflix and very soon, the choice became clear.

    • Now that I have Netflix I really only use Foxtel for live UFC events and any HBO or AMC shows. If it weren’t for the live sports I’d probably have cancelled my Foxtel subscription.

    • Netflix is fucking amazing and accessing it isn’t piracy, it’s actually something that that whole pricing reform thing last year recommended.

      Geo blocking is what should be illegal.

      • Instead of listening to those recommendations, though, the government is instead supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty to make avoiding geo-blocking illegal. (Well. A treaty-violation. Meaning we’d be obliged to draft laws to make it illegal.)

        • Also ensuring we adopt all the shittiest things from the US’s fucked up copyright legislation but without any of the checks and balances and pesky things like fair use.

          Copyright is so completely fucked up. Too many companies with way too much money involved in it to ever get it fixed and too many politicians on their payroll to fix the issue as well.

          • And too many opportunities for institutions like YouTube to say, “Oh, I’m sorry… within the law? Don’t care. Read your terms and conditions. You wanna broadcast here, you obey OUR law first, the other laws second.”

    • I’ve said it before, but… gee. It’s almost as if someone came up with a way of transmitting data globally, and people who are invested in transmitting data to individual regions at marked-up prices are unhappy with the fact that everyone else knows how to move data globally.

          • if a downvote is the best argument he can muster, I don’t think we’ve missed out on a good debate.

            also, upvoted you from my alt account.
            just so he’s aware his actions are completely meaningless.

          • @transientmind i’ve already used up all the upvotes from this account.
            dont normally double dip, but I felt vindictive enough to go out of my way to cancel out his bullshit & therefore nullify his entire contribution to the page.

          • Ahh but if global warming was real, your icecream would have melted! Explain that with your precious logic!

          • Duh. Climate change leads to an increase in freak weather events, there was totes a blizzard in my kitchen.


          • @redartifice So some imaginary weather change caused the developers of warcraft to appear in your kitchen by magic and save your icecream? You’re totally making that up!

    • I think you are giving him too much credit to say he has made a comparison. That is just random words spewed to disagree

  • CookingMama on twitter just helpfully pointed out that a Pepperoni pizza on that Cheeseburger crust is over 12000kj.


    • what? HOW? jeeeesus!
      How many KJ does an adult male need in a day? 8700 or something like that?

    • I feel like someone at Pizza Hut HO was watching Epic Meal Time and saw the dumb stuff they put in their pizza crusts and decided to run with it.

      • I stand by hot dog stuffed crust pizza being awesome. So if they were watching Epic Meal Time and had crazy ideas like that, thanks Epic Meal Time!

        • Actually, I did try one of those and it was surprisingly OK.

          Just OK, though. I much prefer razor-thin ‘barely there’ crust as a practically intangible delivery system for meat, cheese, and grease.

          • I was inspired enough to make my own so I could have a hotdog stuffed superthin crust. Was pretty spectacular.

            …Now I feel like making hotdog stuffed crust pizza for dinner. πŸ˜€

    • Looking at that pizza though, it will probably feed at least three people.

      I don’t think anyone ever goes to Pizza Hut for healthy food. πŸ˜›

        • I just don’t understand the fuss. I don’t know anyone who would eat a whole one by themselves at once, or even have one every day or so, and even if I did, they have a right to eat whatever they want without other people complaining that what they like to eat shouldn’t exist.

          As for myself, I probably wouldn’t try this one. Purely because the “burger” parts are probably like those gross mince pieces pizza places like to use, only larger. Not because of any calorie count or perceived unhealthiness of it.

          • I think of it as the horror one reserves for truly terrible movies like Nudist Colony of the Dead. An F- grade movie about a nudist colony whose members commit mass suicide in response to a judge ordering the camp closed, then return with a vengeance as the living dead.

            It’s a musical.

            Clearly this abomination is an affront to decency and rational thought, an offense in the eyes of God and man, but this is just that kind of world. Where what we know shouldn’t exist for reasons of good taste, do and are (inexplicably) enjoyed by many.

            Part of the enjoyment is undoubtedly complaining about how godawful it is. πŸ™‚

          • If people want to eat it fine. But the fact they made the decision to release something more than four times the calorie count of anything else out there is just troll marketing.

  • Thoughts on Alice: Madness Returns?

    It looks pretty but how’s the gameplay? If I recall they were saying it was a bit repetitive and not too fun? It’s been on sale lots of times but this is probably the first time it’s been on sale without Australian tax added on top.

    • Yeah it’s bad, but it’s also hilarious. πŸ˜€

      It’s funny you started talking about this today because I rode my first red chocobo in XIII-2 today. There’s something about the stupidity and terribleness of that version of the song that just makes me smile every time.

  • My guilt at checking out TAY and other websites during the day is assuaged by the fact that I have had to endure listening to a collection of senior staff chat about holidays for the past half hour.

    • I ended up just going for the cheap version. I don’t really have enough space for the statue that comes with the other version, and couldn’t afford that stupidly expensive Japanese version with the mini weapons. Besides, once I get the game I’ll be too busy playing it to worry about or look at what came with it.

    • I’ve been thinking about cancelling my order for a while but I finally cancelled it then (THANKS PANTS!)

      The only thing I was really interested in is the art book but it looks like one of the smaller ones, so I’m better off buying a Design Works (if one ever comes out for it). And thanks to you I also realised I don’t even have the shelf space for the statue πŸ˜›

  • My phone is dying. I’m surprised any time it manages to accomplish something in a timely manner, and definitely surprised when it manages to turn on.

    I just have pre-paid and only spend around $15 every few months so any phone on a plan is not really a sensible or cost-effective option for me. I currently have a Sony which I love so I’m definitely looking for a new Sony, and I need it to be under $300. I’ve narrowed it down to the Xperia L or the Xperia SP. Does anyone here know anything about or have any experience with either of these?

    • I currently have an Xperia E. It’s not the Sony you want though, trust me.

      Helping via elimination.

      Go for the SP 4G. And remember to use Kogan for the best price.

      • I looked at the E because it was cheap, not sure why I took it off my shortlist though. Care to elaborate on your problems with it?

        I think with the SP I feel like the 4G is a waste of money for me. I don’t use data, just connect to my wireless when I’m home, which is why I’m hesitating about buying it even though I’ve heard great things.

        • The Xperia E is surprisingly slow, and memory will fill fast if you don’t have a micro SD card to put in. It is very cheap though, at $59.

          The 4G on the SP is a huge upgrade/futureproof for only a slight price hike over the L, I would go for it. And personally, I find the SP to be a nicer, more premium looking phone.

  • EB have their March Madness thing starting and …. there’s actually some decent deals in there.

    Who are you and what have you done with the real EB?


    Used Luigi’s Mansion to upgrade from 4.4 to 4.5, screwed around with a few things to see what happens with save data on the SD card when you go back, finally psych myself up to try and go ahead with the restore and click Write… “This media is write-protected”.

    Why can’t anything ever go smoothly πŸ˜›

  • Help I can’t find McGarnical’s tag here. @mcgarnical? @mrmcgarnical? I DON’T KNOW

    I’ll briefly summarise:
    – PS4 has started shutting itself off (mid-game, mid-movie, whatever) completely, then rebooting in a safe mode. Choosing to restart is an endless loop of safe mode reboots. Only options are really to reinitialise the whole console, basically a factory reset, or shut it down and unplug/replug it after five minutes. The latter is made difficult by the fact that the power button sometimes stops working here.
    – it also turns itself on without input (I’m nowhere near the console or the controller), then shuts itself down. This isn’t it being put on hybernate or standby mode or whatever – it’s 100% powered down. Turning it back on, it goes into safe mode.
    – after enough incidents, went to Big W this past weekend to see what they’d do about it. They recommended going to Sony directly with it.
    -went to Sony with it. They emailed me a link to an update file, dl’d onto a USB and did the factory reset on the console yesterday. They said this is exactly what they would do with the console if I sent it in to them for repairs.
    – worked fine last night (I watched Gravity, good film). Went to play Ass Creed this afternoon and all of the problems reappeared after about 15 minutes.
    Probably forgot some important stuff here
    – mum, who works at the store, is saying she’s been told they won’t do refunds after 30 days out from the purchase which from what I’ve been reading goes against consumer law.
    – dad is now saying that Big W can only refuse the refund if they have an agreement with Sony where Sony takes full responsibility for the product or – oh hell I don’t even know anymore D:

    Wait, that wasn’t brief at all.


      • Send it in to Sony anyway, best case they have the same trouble you have and replace your console. Just don’t wait until it is out of warranty.

    • Yep this is me!

      Damn, I really wanted to set out a proper explanation of your rights but I have to go to bed – early start tomorrow πŸ™

      What Big W is saying is BS anyway. I’ll add more tomorrow!

      • Yeah, this.

        Harass them, they can’t deny a return on a faulty product. Warranty/returns was a major part of a previous job for me and the simple answer here is that they’re trying to avoid work.

  • Lots of people will tell you that Boston’s 1976 self-titled debut album ‘Boston’ is their best work. Lots of people are wrong. ‘Walk On’ is actually their best. It is known.

    • A song so catchy, most people probably don’t listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it’s not just about the pleasures of conformity, and the importance of trends, it’s also a personal statement about the band itself.

        • Oh that’s better lol. I might wander down to my local retail seller and buy a ticket then ^-^

          I remember saying on Twitter sometime last year Gloryhammer need to do an Australian tour and Ben the drummer tweeted me back saying it would happen, I am quite pleased it now has!

          Edit: Children of Bodom are touring a week after Gloryhammer, must resist..

          • Yeah, Ben and Paul told us on 70K they were hoping to be out here in April but it was getting close with no announcement so I thought it may have fallen through. They said they were going “everywhere” but we thought that just meant Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne like usual. Very happy to be wrong! πŸ˜›

          • That’s awesome. They seem like cool dudes.

            I’m quite surprised they’re going to some places like Toowoomba, Dubbo & Byron..

          • As for your edit. After you seeing Gloryhammer, Bodom would seem like an even worse show than usual. πŸ˜›

          • This is very true… I know Bodom aren’t anything amazing or special, but I just like for some reason after all these years and the fact their only decent stuff was on their first 4 albums lol.

          • I don’t know about not being special, I just know that Bodom were probably the laziest, ‘we don’t care if anyone’s enjoying the show we’re just here to get paid/laid’ show I’ve ever seen. Just going through the motions,really. I don’t think the band themselves were even enjoying themselves.

          • I have had a love-hate relationship with their music for the past 10-12 years. I go through phases where I like them, then I don’t πŸ˜›

            Ugh, i’ve seen a few bands like that, sucks some take that sort of attitude toward the fans who paid good money to see them, and they can’t be more in to it or at least pretend to be.

          • Oh man, he’s such a princess. I remember being in line next to him to get on the ship a couple of years ago and he was wearing more make-up than me! And he even had someone else carrying his luggage for him. πŸ˜€

      • I wish! Gonna be at Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane though. Already got tickets. Gloryhammer are incredibly fun live. πŸ˜€

  • What the hell, Dead or Alive 5 is getting a new DLC character that is a girl who doesn’t have ridiculously sized fat sacks attached to her chest.

    Next in bizarro-world they’ll be trying to tell me that the game is actually good.

    • I always liked the DOA series on a technical level, and it always looked pretty nice. I won’t vouch for it being good, but I also don’t onlyp lay it because of the impossibly propotioned ninja girls in short skirts.

      That said, I never bothered to pick up 5. I don’t know if it was badly made or if it was the usual backlash against it’s sexist character designs, but it seemed to be reamed pretty hard by the internet.

      • My terrible secret is I actually like DoA. Played the shit out of DoA2 LE on Dreamcast and DoA3 on Xbox. I have 4 and 5 but they haven’t had anywhere near the staying power for me, but 5 is pretty reasonable. I’ve never had too much of a problem with the designs or anything and it’s an easy game to pick up and play. Nowhere near as technical and deep as a lot of the others out there though.

        • I think the main thing stopping me buying 5 was that 4 had very low longevity. I don’t do a lot of multiplayer and I feel like the value in playing a fighter’s solo campaign is limited. My friends are terrible at fighting games so they don’t like to play against me for long unless I figure out how to lose without being obvious about it. So all in all it was something I wanted to pick up from the bargain bin, but never did.

          • That was my problem as well. Also the AI in 4 was cheap. It was building up a memory of the moves you’re making and so got better and better during a game at countering you, in an attempt to make you mix things up. The problem was that that info doesn’t get flushed or reset on a continue, and certain characters because of the way they play will usually open most strings with certain types of attack. Eg. I like to play with Hitomi a lot, but the AI in DoA4 would quickly learn that a lot of her attacks are mid-level punches and start countering the crap out of you πŸ™

            I felt like 5 is a lot better. It has a story mode where you’re flipping between lots of characters rather than a simple arcade battle. Also the updates to the character models are nice, moving away from that plasticy look they had since 3. But I don’t think I’d pay for it. I got it free on PS+ at some point.

            DoA5 got an expanded release which added a few extra characters as well, haven’t tried that. There’s a free-to-play downloadable version which starts with 4 characters (Kasumi, Hayate, Ayane and Hayabusa) and charges $4 per extra character and $15 for the story mode as DLC. Interesting concept but if you were to buy everything piecemeal like that it’d set you back like $130+. Hoping the full game will hit PS+ at some point.

  • Okay, I spent two days catching up on last week’s TAY, and I come here, and there is 5 pages already. I’ll probably reach page 6 by Thursday.

  • Now that my backup and restore function is underway, I’ve started generating friend codes to see what pokemon safaris they end up creating. First one has Phanpy and Camerupt, and a friend already wants me to finish the game so he can get a Camerupt with its hidden ability or something. Got another code sitting here waiting to test, but everyone went to bed already πŸ˜›

    • Interesting. Someone showed up, got them to check it out. It’s the same thing.

      Guess it’s not based on the friend code, but on the 3DS itself.

      • …how strange. Just finished restoring the first friend code’s image, and this time the 3DS had the current time when booting it up rather than the time the image was backed up, like the last one I did. I don’t understand this at all πŸ˜›

    • Your friend list populates the friend safari set. This will give 2/3 pokemon.
      To unlock the third, you have to have both been online in the game with the friend having beaten the elite 4.
      To get hidden abilities, that friend must be online in the game while you catch the ‘mons. Generating local friend codes probably won’t help with this.

      Edit: I was going to suggest that maybe it’s based on trainer ID, but you can use friends that don’t have the game. If changing the friend code doesn’t change anything, it might either be something rudimentary like the Mii name, or it could exchange a 3DS identifier once you use friend codes to connect. I’d suspect whatever protocol is used to identify you on the PokΓ©mon servers when you go online would play a part, and I don’t think the friend code would be the only unique thing to identify you. Side note – do you know if factory resetting a 3DS will change the friend code, or is it locked to that piece of hardware?

      Edit edit: Expanding line of thought further. If I put my game in another 3DS, I’d still expect to use my save file and be identified as me (probably by trainer ID), and have the same in-game friends, but I’m not sure how the 3DS based friend list would integrate, since that would be different. Perhaps another experiment to try there.

      • Heh, I ended up thinking about this a bit too. I did use the same Mii name and stuff (although not sure if I ended up creating the Mii exactly the same as the first time. Would be interesting if it was the Mii data that determined it :P). And another thought was that maybe if I did a factory reset it would change it, since I’d already set up everything but the internet connection with the image I restored, maybe something else gets generated during the initial setup.

        I was curious too about how it would work with transferring your stuff over to a new 3DS, since there would have to be some way of keeping that same ID across to the new one. There must be some kind of extra data beyond just the friend code itself in your friend profile thingo. Definitely gonna have to run a few more experiments πŸ˜›

        Edit: Oh yeah think I remember reading something about how factory resetting a 3DS will change some of the keys it uses to encrypt stuff, so your SD card data will get erased if you try and use it on the reset model because it won’t match. Not 100% sure on that though, but I think there is stuff that changes other than just your friend code when you factory reset.

      • That Good Guys clearance at the end of last year, they gave out a $40 gift card (on top of the refund) to everyone whose orders couldn’t be fulfilled. I made a bunch of calls and hunted down a store that still had Pokemon in stock, %58 – 40 – 1 = $17 πŸ˜›

  • I watched Ghost Adventures for the first time on the weekend. Surprisingly, it was more ridiculous than its

    • My mother loves ghost adventures. I have to admit, it’s more interesting then a lot of the other ghost hunting shows

          • The first sentence that got cut off was about how the show was just as ridiculous as a parody I had seen beforehand. The rest of my comment was talking about how Ghost Adventures did a triple-take of everything. I then proceeded to talk about all the times that a bit of dust would pass by the camera and they’d claim it as a “spiritual anomaly.” That’s about it.

          • Yeah, but I understand the triple take. Some stuff is really easy to miss on the first or second take. As for spirit orbs…they’re…weird. I don’t know if I agree with them or not. But I think they’re still more interesting then say, ghost hunters.

  • Had an abysmal time in Lost Izalith this morning.

    Game started off well. I went through The Tomb of Fuck You, killed ol’ Nito, and then went down to Lost Izalith for what was the first ever time. Well, first I died three times to the Centipede demon. Then I went down. Cue fifteen deaths to the stupid leg things, until I realised I could just avoid them. Then it got really bad. I went to OnionBro, jumped down to kill off three of the things in the pit, went back up to talk to him and the fourth one fell into one of the pits, killing itself. Whelp, that’s that quest chain ended. :/ Went to talk to SunBro, rolled off the bridge while fighting the Titanite Demon twice. Equipped the Stamina ring to make the fight easier, and after dying forgot that I’d dequipped the lava-proof ring, so proceeded to leave the bonfire and immediately run to my death. Missed the root underneath the boss to kill it three times in a row (I am really bad at jumping). And when I finally made it, it did the big lava spout attack as I killed it, so we both died. I am greetest at games.

      • I then went over to Darkroot basin, because I was all “I’m gonna play the DLC, and smash Artorias!”

        I got there, killed the golem, and then remembered that I needed something from the Duke’s Archives to access it. *Smashes face into keyboard*

        So now I’m up to Seath, and this is not a fight I’m looking forward to, despite how stupidly powerful I am.