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    Man I remember why I love Xenoblade so much :D
    Managed to get it running pretty well through Dolphin. Still get a bit of stutter and slowdown during some cutscenes, or when I've got multiple enemies aggro'd at once but its not unbearable. Just got up to the point early in the game when (serious spoilers if you haven't played) the Mechon invade Colony 9, though not as far as Fiora biting it.
    Still awesome, and I'm catching a bit more of the foreshadowing now that I know a bit more of the story from the last time I played it. Music still kicks arse. And I managed to find the HD texture pack too. Not sure if its working entirely, the environments look much the same, though that could be my laptop. There is definitely more detail in the faces, though thats not always a good thing. Reyn in particular looks very strange

    CC @strange @greenius @powalen @negativezero (don't know who else has played it)

    Edit - XENO PAGE GET \o/

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      You could try setting the frame rate to sync to the audio. That removed any crackling for me.

    Sorry @shane, The Lesser Evil is barely readable on a Kindle; the text is too small. If I want to read The Lesser Evil, I'm going to have to get a physical copy.

      I have it on good authority that it's barely readable in any circumstance, so you may have just dodged a bullet :P

    The framerate for Stick of Truth on PS3 is pretty atrocious at times. Like single digits.


      Emulating the first season of the show, obviously.

      Over the years I've noticed that game optimisation for PS3 is pretty atrocious at times. It'd better be less shit for the PS4 since I'm expecting that to be my main console this gen.

      I'm on the hunt for MBP at the moment myself, have to figure out how to get across the gap in the sewers, that or find another entrance

        Blame the Cell. Fantastic piece of hardware, complete bitch to program for (also, Sony's PS3 dev tools were pretty damn atrocious).

          Since I had both Xbox 360 and PS3 I usually found the best thing was to look up which one any game was originally developed for on mufti platform releases. Things optimised for PS3 were fantastic but half assed ports made me want to cry. Almost half as bad as games for PC.

          Yeah, I got the impression that was pretty much the problem, good hardware with poor instructions & support

        Can't get across until you've experienced the Scene That Australians Must Not See

          Ahh, definitely not seen that then. Well for more than one reason...

      I want Stick of Truth but all these performance issues make me kind of annoyed they're not porting it to nexct-gen. I understand why they're not, but it still annoys me.

        It's slightly annoying but with the way the game plays and looks with the crappy animation to start with it doesn't make it unplayable. Just irritating.

    Omg I just realised - DK HAS NO SUPERGUIDE

    Thank god.

    MARCH 25!!!

      Nope, been amended to April 25.

        I was amused.

          \o/ April 25 is still a solid date. \o/

            April 25 is just after the holidays finish for my better half. I asked this morning if she'd like a PC key for just after the holidays, or if she'll just play my PS3 copy during the holidays.

            ...Looks like we're not getting it on PC any time soon.

      I just managed to buy it via GMG for $38!! ($49 - 20% coupon - $2 account credit!)

    Only six days to go. SIX.

    NEWS. There's some.

    1) I figured out why I was getting the release dates all mixed up. The official Dark Souls Facebook page is claiming March 14 as the release date for Europe and Australia. If they are correct, then there are still seven days to wait.

    2) CONFIRMED: The release date for the PC version is April 25. The game will be optimised to work with a keyboard/mouse. There will be an 'enhanced framerate' option, whatever that means, and improved textures. This was confirmed on the official Dark Souls and Namco Facebook pages earlier this morning.

    3) The first part of the game's prologue has been released on Youtube, for those who cannot wait.

      Anyone planning to play as Deprived? I'm leaning towards that myself.

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        I'm leaning towards crying for a month and a half, then looking up who's the most overpowered.

        It's the only one starting at level one so I'll probably go Deprived as well.

        I'm leaning towards playing it as Offline.

          That's a different kind of deprived :P

            Given some of the changes and my recent experiences with Dark Souls, I consider it to be an enhancement. An enormous enhancement.

            Hell is other people.

    Whenever I'm going for a jog and I pass someone going the other way, especially if they're also jogging, I tend to give them a little smile as a "good morning" and maybe some encouragement. When I got home this morning (disheveled, breathing heavy and covered in sweat) I found myself in front of a mirror and. on a whim. decided to give myself the same smile.

    I think I worked out why I rarely get a smile back.

    Creepiest rape-face ever!

      I used to go with a mad grin, all "OH GOD WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS TO THEMSELF AND GOOD MORNING!"

      It seemed to work. People thought I was mad.

        I figure next time I go past a girl I should turn around and start following them. They're bound to set an new personal best themselves then.

        Seriously Blagh's you'd be proud of that face. And I keep my bedroom door locked whenever you sleep over. (Well, except that one time when I'd had a little to much to drink and was feeling particularly lonely.)

    I have found a gif, that I think Taybies will enjoy and use

      That guy has horrible frisbee technique.

        And his frisbee metal club thingie technique leaves a lot to be desired.

    Hi TAY, been a hell of a week, filled with feelings and despair, trying to stay optimistic. I started the week with a bang (literally), this was my Monday afternoon, so on the plus side I"m alive. I hope your week has been better than mine

      You're supposed to park cars on their wheels.

      Seriously though. That's nuts. Glad your okay. How did that happen?

        Hit a patch of oil, back slid out, went off the side of the road down a small embankment and ploughed into a solid rock face, because the car was angled downwards the back went over the front. Turns out I was the third crash on the same corner that day and you could visibly see oil running down the road. Got very minor cuts to the top of my head (I left a head shaped dent in the roof), my partner was my passenger and she just got some seat belt bruising, insanely lucky.

      Holy damn! D: Hope you're okay!

        just a few cuts and bruises, my confidence took the biggest hit :P

          Is that the car you just bought too? Daaaaaamn. :'(

            yep, :'(

              Aw man. Atleast you guys are okay. That's the main thing. Dwell on that instead of the bad stuff.

                yeah, and no other cars involved so that's good. Thank the great atheismo for airbags too, I was so gonna break my face then this big soft white ballooney thing saved me.

      Wooooaaaaah. Dude. That's terrifying. Really glad you and your partner came out of that okay.

      *stares at car for a few minutes*
      Hmmmm, I think I see your problem

      Seriously though man, glad you aren't seriously hurt.

        I was always pretty shit at parking :P

          I usually have the same result when trying to parallel park.


      Glad you guys weren't seriously hurt!

        thanks, I think that's my first *hugasaurus* , oddly enough, I feel a bit better. You're good at virtual hugs :D

          Funny thing is, I almost downgraded it to a gentler type of hug, thinking your poor battered body may not be up to the full hugasaurus force. :D

      One side of me is saying "holy crap!" while the other can hear nothing but Bender saying "do a flip!"

        lol, I had the exact same thought, I also keep saying "Flip I flipped my flippin' car" in my best Moss from the IT Crowd voice. At least It's given me a laugh. I was already making bad jokes while I was strapped to a stretcher being inspected by doctors, might be why they did so many brain scans they must have thought I was knocked senseless, nope that's me normal :P

          You had to go to the hospital? :( Holy crap, man. Scary stuff.

            yeah cause it was considered a high speed crash and I had blood oozing out of my head they wouldn't let me leave, had paramedics strap me to a stretcher, put a neck brace on and wasn't allowed to move until they cleared me. Four hours of staring at the ceiling wondering if I broke my head, wasn't fun, interesting but not really fun.

              And D.C.'s resolve never to drive strengthened.

                d'oh, yep, took me 30 years to get the nerve up. I'm not sure if I'll be doing it again any time soon.

                  If you were accident number three in the exact spot, it probably wasn't your fault. Nerves are probably rattled though, understandably.

                  @dc, yep, pretty certain it was just bad luck, I was doing almost 20 under the speed limit, the people in the car behind me kept telling everyone that I wasn't at fault, just bad luck. I'm not going to be able to afford a car again for a loooong long time so I have no choice but to not drive.

                  Can't afford a car? Isn't that 'car being totalled in an accident' issue the kind of thing normally covered by insurance?

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                  @aliasalpha, it would if I had been insured, only had CTP, was planning on getting insured by the end of the month
                  Edit: dumb I know

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    Last night I caught up with uni pals. Was awesome. Had milkshake. Had nachos. Had beer. Good times a-plenty. Really, really needed to get out of my hermit cave, I think.

      Was this the kind of milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard? If so, how did you end up getting rid of them?

        Who said I did?


      Of the milkshake, nachos, and beer, which one did you enjoy most? If they were enjoyed at the same place and the nachos were decent, I wish to partake in these milkshakenachobeers.

      Otherwise I'll just go to GYG and have nachos and beer.

      I know what I'm doing for lunch.

        Nah, milkshakes and nachos were at Three Monkeys in West End, beer was at Scratch Bar in Milton.

          Ooh, yeah, good milkshakes at Three Monkeys. But I'm not walking 20 minutes from work for a milkshake when GYG is pretty much next door.

          Nachos, awayyyyyyyy!


    I was thinking to myself this morning... I really, really hope they improve Streetpass/Online for the next main series game. Specifically the Mixing Records concept that they started in Gen 3 (I think). I want the game to automatically mix the records of all my 3DS friends. You would get news stories on the in-game TVs about milestones your friends complete and being able to see their names inscribed on the Gym Leaders winners statue if they beat it before you did. Streetpass, too! Take a leaf out of Fire Emblem and Link Between Worlds' books: Have an in-game stadium that fills with Streetpass and Online trainers that you interact with. Have them nominate a Pokemon that they can asynchronously trade via Streetpass and a nominated team to battle with once a day (ala The Viridian City Trainer House in Gold/Silver/Crystal).

    Especially if they remake Ruby/Sapphire. All of your friends' Secret Bases automatically getting added to your world! With the trainer waiting in there to battle/trade with. Would be so cool.

    So many possibilities, none used...

      Unrelated PokeTalk:

      How good is the Black/White soundtrack? I've been listening to it at work all week.

      Yeah, I like that like of stuff. Indirect multiplayer stuff.

    Dark Souls confessions.
    I've never taken on the Zombie Dragon in a fair fight. Always say back out of range and arrowed him to death. I've also never taken out the Undead Burg Boar fairly. Always just dropped those skulls into a fire.

      I've beaten the Painted World one properly, I managed the Valley one with Pyromancy and Sorcery while standing just outside its range (like, 10 cms out of range). The Undead Burg Boar is not a fair fight anyway, so I wouldn't worry about cheesing it.

      I don't like the game. At all. *decisive nod*

        I am reminded of this:
        "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

          Are you calling me a lady? IT'S NOT MY FAULT I CAN'T GROW CHEST HAIR!

            I know the feel bro... YOU'RE NOT ALONE...
            *sits down*

      So what you're saying is you haven't really finished the game?

      Do you mean that armoured boar you face just before the church?

        That's the one.

          Ah, okay. I always found that fight rather easy. Just roll away and then stab it in the ass to take off about half its health. Though that seems to be my Souls experience in general. Fights I find difficult others find easy and vice versa.

          You're not missing much. I took him the 'fair' way the first time, not knowing about fire.

          The Undead Burg boar is taken 'fairly' in a much easier way than the same-looking boars in the Duke's Archives, except he actually has a threshold he won't cross to pursue you, and if you stand there he'll turn around and walk away. ALSO, he has an exposed weak spot at his ass/tail which isn't present (or is at least infinitely smaller) on the Duke's Archive boars.

          You'd have to be pretty damn determined or persistent to NOT accidentally find some exploit.

      All right, if we're doing this.

      Undead dragons (Drake's Valley and Painted World) = same, arrowed them both.

      I've never taken on the giant rat in the Depths in a fair fight. Have stuck him through the bars once, and arrowed him from above once.

      I've never taken on the Gargoyles or the Gaping Dragon without both Solaire and Lautrec in tow (they can kill those bosses without any input from me on NG, and minimal input in NG+), and have never taken on that dumb butterfly boss without Beatrice.

      Have never defeated Ornstein and Smough without a little Pyromancy help (although it was less useful in NG+).

      However I have never faced an armoured boar in anything but a fair fight! \o/

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        Vs. The Gaping Dragon on my Sorceror both Solaire and Lautrec died before he was even down to half health, and that was with me attacking and helping them. It was just so pathetic.

          Oh yeah, I've faced that thing three times in my various playthroughs (haven't actually ever died to it, now that I think about it). Lautrec died every time and Solaire died twice, early in the fight, leaving me to solo the last 2/3 of the boss.

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            I've beaten him four times all up. Only once with summoning. Bar his jump/drop attack he's super duper simple. That said, I've died to it many times, usually thanks to stupidity.

        Soloing the gaping dragon is one gaming achievement I'm actually proud of.

          That thing really is the stuff of Nightmares...
          might not be the hardest boss (he telegraphs his moves like crazy), but the sheer design of it had me terrified like no other boss has in that game

            I still remember when I first got to him. My thoughts went something like this:
            "Oh cool, it's only a small alligator thing. That's not so bad."
            "Oh god."
            "Oh my god."
            "Oh my fucking god!"

              Yeeeep that was my experience as well, i think that's half the reason why i died the first time i encountered it...
              i was to flabbergasted and panicked that i didn't pay attention to what it was doing, and i didn't know what i was doing either so i ended up running a little to the left, a little to the right and *bamph* dead :P

        I've never talked to Lautrec apart from rescuing him. I've done that area THREE TIMES and every time I keep forgetting to go back to Firelink before ringing the second bell. So I've never got to (SPOILER)
        expose Petrus either. And never been able to summon Lautrec, or get his reward for the rescue.

        I missed Beatrice the first two times doing the butterfly, didn't know she existed til reading the wiki. (Which also meant soloing 4 Kings, every time. The second time I was so slow at it that I actually had 3 of them up at once. Getting smashed around by magic and chugging humanity like crazy.) Always just dodged/blocked attacks until the thing deigned to land within range of my giant smashy sword. The same sword that - kinda disappointingly - I have been using ever since reaching Sen's Fortress for the first time.

        The Giant Rat in the Depths can be plunge-attacked for massive damage, and in NG++ I one-shot him that way, not even 2-handing my sword, which felt like cheating. You get a special 'face-stab-drop' animation, similar to Asylum Demon and Taurus Demon.

      I've never finished Dark Souls but that won't stop me from playing Dark Souls II on day one.

      I abused the hell out of a walkthrough, and have no shame in saying so. I still struggled, and I still had fun, so I don't care.

        I've been doing the same, but I have a feeling that the IGN walkthrough doesn't have all the hints and tips it could, so I assume it was (in typical IGN style) uploaded on week 1 of DaS being released, and never updated.

      My take on anything Dark Souls,
      If the end result is the opponent dying, there's no cheap tactic :P
      That having been said, because i'm one minded and never think outside of the box, i repeatedly kill things in Melee... i don't think i've ever killed anything from a distance...
      Which means without Maneater Mildred, there's no way in hell i would have beaten Quelaag on my own :P
      I've killed both Zombie Dragons with a zweihander and a Spider Shield
      Found the Boar to be easy once i repeatedly poked him in his bottoms... although i concede, i stabbed him and he walked voluntarily into the fire, so it was technically suicide

        It's definitely a lot harder to do the cheap thing in Dark Souls than it was in Demon's Souls. So many opportunities to exploit.
        If you had the sneaking ring and a bow and arrow, you could just snipe almost everyone.

          I just never enjoy ranged combat in games like that :P
          which is why i'm still donning the short bow, despite having cleared Anor Londo and headed to the Tomb of Giants... I've really only used it to get the Drake Sword and THOSE F%$KING MOSQUITOES IN BLIGHT TOWN... the rest i'd rather learn to beat to a pulp, even if it takes me a lot longer then it should, but it's just what i do :P

        Quelaag is not too bad to solo-melee with at least a 70+ fire-resist (and 100% phys resist) shield and some stamina. You pretty much hug her front-left side - you'll usually only wear one out of every triple-slashes and you're in good position to dodge the telegraphed lava-spew. OH, and you need to roll the hell out of dodge as soon as she completes every triple-slash, because of the fire explosion. Unless you're wearing fire-resist gear and keep your shield up, in which case you'll only lose a relatively small chunk of health.

          yeeeaaah it was the fire resist that was an issue :P
          (i had none because reasons :P)

            In that case looooooots of baiting her into weapon swings, then rolling to her side. :( It requires patience because what you're really waiting for is that 1-2 hit window while the spider spews lava, then getting the hell out of the way for the subsequent explosion.

              Yep, and i let Man Eater Mildred bait the shit out of her, and when she was distracted some good 2-handed swings to take chunks of health...
              Then run away, screaming audibly and wait..
              rinse and repeat

                Sooooooo many of the boss fights - especially tail-cuts - require that stupid patience of waiting for them to do that ONE attack that leaves them exposed, wearing all the little hits they get in on you while you're dodging/blocking. :P (Except for some fights where when you have a high-stability shield and plenty of endurance you just charge in and wail on their ankle, blocking whenever they bother to attack.)

                I spent an awesome weekend where all I did, the entire weekend, was help people kill bosses. GREAT practice, I tellsya, learned/perfected so much. It allowed me to do my 3rd playthrough up to Ornstein&Smough+Sif in like... 3hrs. Not quite 1hr45 speedrunning, but still pretty fast.

                  Wooow, i should really try that :P damn fear of people online... that's right, strangers (HI @STRANGE) online intimidate me :P

                If you only want to help people, just stay hollowed. No-one can invade you while hollowed, but you can still drop your sign and be summoned.

                (Also, you'll get SHITLOADS of souls out of it. And you don't lose anything if you die as a phantom, you just go back to your bonfire.)

          Oh Quelaag... no ranged weapons worth a damn, no summons because I forgot you have to be human, feck all fire resistance, severe arachnophobia... yeah that was a fight and a half...

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            This is why I think playing the first half of the game in light armour is awesome. Roll city!

              I've been playing the whole game that way. Then again I suppose I'm not through the first half really

                When you get Havel's ring and a decent chunk of endurance (for equipment load), such that you can wear some medium or heavy armour at under-50% of your max capacity you can still roll with some decent mobility. Anything over 50% is a godamn liability though, more likely to get you killed than saved from danger.

      I don't think I've managed to achieve a cheap tactic in Dark Souls because I never see how they could be done until after I've killed the bosses legitimately. Most of my post-boss encounters end with a facepalm and saying something like "there was a summon sign RIGHT HERE??", "Oh look an enormous gap I could shoot arrows through" or "I had that new spell, why wasn't I bloody USING IT??"

      I almost thought about buying the game once but then I didn't.

      Oh, I thought of another one.
      I've only ever beaten Ceaseless Discharge using the kite-to-entrance tactic. Though I have attempted conventional battle, it never went well. :P

      I have never beaten a Titanite Demon without simply finding a spot they can't hit me from and arrowing from range.

      I beat Havel by getting to his max aggro range and arrowing from range

      I beat the Undead Dragon in the painted world by arrowing from range.

      I beat the giant rat in the depths by arrowing from range

      I beat the Boar in the parish by arrowing from range

      I beat Laurtec and his minions when invading his world by arrowing them all from range

      Are you seeing a trend here?

      The big giants in Sen's Fortess? One guess how I beat those guys. First time through the lower undead burg with the thieves and the dogs? Yeah, arrows. The Butchers in the depths? Arrowed from range.

      Basically I think I am a coward and I'm crap at the game.

      P.S. Gave up when I hit Ornstein and Smough as they are impossible for me, have not gone back.

      EDIT: I beat the Iron Golem accidentally by smacking his legs and making him fall off the bridge

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        I recommend trying O&S again as human and see if you can summon 1-2 people to help. They're hard as balls to solo because they get you from multiple directions all the time.
        If you do your summoning at the bonfire you'll probably get invaded by Dark Spirits a lot because people are ASSHOLES who realize that O&S is a tough fight that people need help with and are thus more likely to be human for. There are fewer summon signs at the fog gate, because a lot of the folks who you might summon at the bonfire are also kinda in for the PVP, or are soul-farming silver knights. But if you farm up a bunch of humanity beforehand (keep maybe 20-30 sprites on hand from farming a couple rooms of rats in the depths by having 10 soft humanity and the ring of the serpent thingey dropchance), you should be able to eventually find people to help who will survive through to the fog gate. OR, you can simply sprint all the way to the gate ignoring anything in the way, as the sentinels will reset their agro when you get up those steps.

        Or do what I did, and repeat it like... two dozen times before giving up on killing Ornstein last, and killing him first instead (because he's weak to fire, unlike Smough), then simply rolling out of slow-and-clumsy Smough's way. Save getting Ornstein last for when you're more powerful on NG+.

          That is why I can't do it. I get invaded every single time between going human at the bonfire and making it to the boss, and murdered. Usually by some chucklefuck that hits me from behind and stun-locks me. The one time I lasted long enough to summon Solaire to help me out he decided he'd rather aggro the stupid asshole giants that I'm too shitty at the game to kill.

          Each run at the boss takes me about 5-10 mins and results in me dying within a few seconds. I stopped having any fun at all with the game about the point I entered Sen's Fortress so I decided i was completely done with it. And I don't feel at all regretful about that decision.

            Yeah, invaders are assholes sometimes (most times). Personally, whenever I've been waiting on someone to summon (mostly Kalameet for the tail-cut, which I eventually gave up on and did myself, or Manus because I wanted a friend to tie up Manus while I ran around looking for that godamn Sif-summon sign), I've been near the fog gate. Second time doing O&S, I was lucky enough to summon two guys at the bonfire and they were able to murder the invader we had on the run to the gate.

            Either way, as long as you can enter a fog gate (to start the fight) the invader will be banished back to their home. This means if they invade while you're on their way there, you only need to out-run them - so out from the bonfire door, past the sword-knight, through the door into the room-full-of-drake-heads, past the spear-knight, up the stairs, up more stairs (knights probably in pursuit), then down the stairs to the huge hall with the 2x giant sentinels and sniper, ignoring them all and running up the large set of stairs to the fog gate. Once you're inside the gate, you can quit to the main menu and when you log back in, you'll be outside the fog gate. From there, you should hopefully have a few more minutes to do a summon, and if you get invaded again, you can just walk through the gate to boot the fuckers.

            If you ever decide to go back to it, know that there is an internal timer limiting how many times you can be invaded per hour, and I THINK walking through the gate to boot one doesn't reset the timer. Also, try to be in the Way of White covenant to reduce the number of invasions and boost the number of summon signs you'll see.

              Too many other games I might actually enjoy to bother with more Dark Souls. I shouldn't need to do shit like logging off and back on or changing what crazy cult I belong to or something just so I have a less minute chance of beating a compulsory boss. I also basically built my character into a corner such that the gear and stats I have make it impossible to beat anything.

                I feel the sadness that anyone feels when someone does not share the love of an activity or thing, but I understand. :(

    So I started a new Path of Exile character with a few friends last night and we got to the waypoint in the submerged passage. We also encountered our first Vaal corrupted zone which ended up completely wrecking us but gave us many shinies and a Vaal skill gem. Thankfully the Vaal corrupted skill gems aren't that overpowered as it takes a bit to actually charge up and use but they are glorious to witness. My friend landed a Vaal Spectral Throw which basically turned him into a D2 Hammerdin.

      Can you give me a brief run down on what the new patch is? I haven't had a chance to look at anything

        Basically they've added new end game content with Queen Atziri and her Vaal court which can only be accessed by collecting Vaal shards. These Vaal shards can only be found in Vaal zones scattered throughout the world and these zones contain vastly more powerful mobs and unique monsters.

        In addition, the general passive tree has been changed and some improvements have been made to the game (such as death animations and other quality of life stuff). The Vaal zones also have a chance to drop a Vaal corrupted skill gem which acts as a powered-up version of a regular skill gem. The only downside is that you must feed it souls before you can use it and you can't use the base form of the gem at all. There are also corrupted versions of items and other equipment which generally give it special, corruption-only qualities (you can have a corrupted unique item for instance).

    Got extremely drunk last night watching Billy Madison till 2am with housemate and her friend. Right now I am amazingly productive, but I'm expecting to crash and burn after lunch.

      I read the first sentence... and expected the story to end up somewhere else... I'm a dirty, dirty man...

        You're not the only one.

        Copied from @transientmind :

        Well I could have told you guys about the orgy but I don't kiss and tell.

        It's because the avatar is the same as Gooky

          Someone should make Gooky a version of the avatar exactly the same shape but made out of ladies

    Dark Souls 2 = pre-ordered.

      Only six days to go! Unless you're waiting for the end of April.

        yeah. April.

        Master Race :'(

    Nearly threw up on the way home today, I was saved only by a one-two punch of Freedom Call. Somehow yelling along in my head to cheesy choruses with lines like "heavy metal warriors"and "the time has come, for power and glory" helps with the whole mind over body thing so I'm grateful to the shuffler on my phone for giving me those songs at the perfect time.

      Metal. Is there any thing it can't do?

        It can't stop.

          You're thinking of the village people there

            That's my metal.

              Given how they deliver the lyrics in short sharp bursts, I reckon you could do a fairly good metal cover of many of the village people's songs

                Oh dear...

                  See! I knew it'd work! Well kinda, it'd be better with proper production but it seems to validate the hypothesis

    Manager: Alex, starting from next Monday you need to do this and this and also this and that for a weekly report.
    Alex: ... D:
    Manager: I...yeah. Here, have some candy.

    Make sad faces = candy.

    Oh god I have so much work.

      I've been making sad faces here for more than six years. No candy :\

      I like being given extra work. Makes me feel important.

        It's a bit of that, too. So conflicted. :P

    So, didn't end up getting one second of gaming time in last night, due to reasons...
    Apologies to @rize, i saw you wrote to me on steam, but by the time i got around to seeing it you had gone offline :P
    For some reason i doubt i will get very much gaming done in the next 3 weeks at all, but i will try and squeeze some time in when i can...

    On the bright side: LAST DAY OF WORK BEFORE A 3 WEEK HOLIDAY \o/
    can't bloody wait!

    that's it... that's all i have :P

      I logged into Teamspeak waiting for you all night. ;_;

      I did play D3 and got my DH from level 29 to level 40 so it was a pretty successful night on that front! \o/

        I am really sorry about that, stuff came up and i really only turned on my computer, left it, and turned it off 4 hours later...
        I'm a terribad person
        EDIT - I'll repay you in hugs when/if we ever meet mmkay?

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            Iiii wish... something something family, plus i'm in melbourne and have no money something :P
            which is clearly excuses so that i can stay away because i'm clearly too cool for that *hair Flick*

            not really, it's mainly the money thing :P

    It's Friday, so why not listen to an extremely well researched and presented lecture on anthropology & how far I'd go if you and I were ever sexually involved.

    Also available on Stitcher:

    Listen, sub & tell your friends!!!

      Looks like my review never made it through... Ain't that a bitch.

        Stitcher sends you a confirmation e-mail you've got to verify, in case you missed that...

        Last edited 07/03/14 10:53 am

      First time i actually listen to one of these Podcasts,
      my brain is broken and i feel wierdly enlightened...
      Especially your talk about
      cut vs uncut masturbation
      25/10 - would listen to again

        Like how we got our girlfriends, we just wear your resistance down.

          I'm surprised Karl doesn't have any residual Catholic guilt going on!

          How you guys talk so openly about subjects boggles the miiiiiind.

          I'm now a convert, i shall now host gatherings outside churches on sunday mornings, speaking gospels from the holy podcasts!

            Dan & Karl's Zeitgeist is not liable for any criminal or civil proceedings bought forth as a result of publicly reciting in part or whole of Dan & Karl's Zeitgeist.

    Was late dropping my eldest to school so I walked her up to sign her in at the office. Once that was done I was chatting to her before she went up to class when a few of her friends called out to her. Mid sentence she stopped and just took off without even a goodbye :(

    Becoming less relevant everyday.

      Stoopid growing up
      At least you still have your youngest for a while yet

      We've spoken about this before Freeze, you need to get rid of the blue skin and suit of armour if you want to make an ice a good impression :P

      Last edited 07/03/14 11:15 am

      I can relate to being the Invisible Man too. It stinks.

      Apparently I leave conversations when I'm drunk midway through too. MAYBE SHE'S DRUNK!

        If that's the case, the school will send her home. Then he'll know for sure.

      My son is like that when I drop him off at school as well. Even on the very first day as soon as the classroom door opened he didn't care about me anymore.
      But he sure does make up for it by the way his face lights up and he yells "Mummy!" excitedly and runs towards me when I collect him at the end of the day.

    I made a plan last night for getting shit in order.

    Move flats
    'New' job
    Back to uni (get a proper Library degree, then do a 2nd degree in something I'm actually interested in)
    Go to Japan

    now I have it in writing, I've gotta stick to it. well.... try to. we'll see what happens.

    anyway.... step 1 = get a new form of ID. L's expired a few months ago & I need something so I can actually do the stuff ^up there^

      If you have a passport that's ID just use that until you get something else.

        nah, I dont have one. I need to get a passport to get to Japan, & to get a passport, I need to get ID :p

        one step at a time.

          Ah right, time down to the RMS and either renew the L's or get a proof of age card would seem :P

            yep. thats the plan.
            though i think it'll be a proof of age card.
            been on my L's since i was 17 probably got about 14 hours in the log book. dont think its gonna happen :p

              How old are you? Cause if you're over 25 may as well just hold your L's for 6 months and go straight to your red P's..


    The Dark Souls II PC release date isn't TOO bad. I was originally going to wait for a PC release but got impatient and figured I'd buy it on PS3 now and then get it on PC later during a sale (in some sort of "ultimate" DLC edition). Then I thought well I might as well get the CE for PS3 since I'm going digital on PC so I pre-ordered that only to kinda regret it later since I was only interested in the art book and I don't think it'll be worth $100 more. I cancelled that earlier in the week and went for the standard edition only to have this PC date announced and me all baksdhaksdbakbdasjdasd so I just cancelled my order again (SORRY JB!) and ordered it on PC from GMG for half the price with the same bonuses! :/

    I also figured since FFX/X-2 HD comes out a week after Dark Souls there's no point switching discs or rushing either game so this gives me time to complete em!

    #BuyingGamesIsSeriousBizniz #TOOMANYGAEMS #Pointlessramblings

    There was a farewell office party at work. I didn't go as I didn't know the person.
    They over-catered.
    They left out the cheese.
    They made a mistake.
    I am now happily munching on a plate of nothing but cheese.

      A friend once sent me a random SMS: "The great thing about being an adult is I can sit on the couch eating an entire bag of cheese and no-one can stop me."

      I think it was a cry for help which meant, 'Please stop me.'

        That or "Best not use the bathroom immediately after me today"

    I got this as a notification on kickstarter and thought you might be interested. More from a technical point of view than anything else.
    Is also some nice inspiration for what you are planning to do

    Just watched Fanboys. Stupid movie, with probably far too much fan service, but I enjoyed it anyway. Particularly Kristen Bell in Slave Leia outfit at the end.

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