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    Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

      Pizza Guy - Touch Sensitive

      Currently have Living Bad Dreams playing in my head.

        I still have Fly Me to the Moon from Bayonetta stuck in my head. And I haven't played it in weeks...

        Make it stop @alexpants!

          Because Evangelion (back in 1998, I don't know about the modern re-make) had different versions/mixes of that as the closing credits, whenever I think about it I hear it with a kind of calypso beat, instead of the more traditional Sinatra version.

            I think of the Red Dwarf Talkie Toaster version:

            "Fly me to the moon and let me..." *SMASH!*
            That's literally all I can remember of that entire song.

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              You can't sing, you know. :D LUNAR CITY SURFING!

          I found a Bayonetta soundtrack while in Japan.

          I assume it's five CDs of nothing but Fly Me To The Moon.

      Marty Robbins - Big Iron

      My wife and I are kind of on a Fallout New Vegas kick again, which includes the iPod in the car having a collection of music inspired by Fallout 3/New Vegas that she somehow found on iTunes.

      Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs

      Snowman - Absence

      Which I think is a sad song. Coz I really liked this band.
      its the last track on the last album released by the band.
      They announced their split the day the album dropped, and the end of this track is a beautiful metaphor for the ending of the group - the music swells, slowly drowning out the vocalist & just leaving the music by itself...

      Nice choice. More Mark Knopfler please.

      Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians - What I Am

      Find You - Zedd ft. Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant.
      Thought it was kinda shit at first, but now I love it! :D

    Boss: "Making your own Sourdough is like having a pet. You've got to feed the dough and care for it while it grows-"
    Me: "And then cook it and eat it"
    Boss: ...

    C'mon, man! I thought that was funny.

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      I'm reminded of The Young Ones

      We sow the seed, nature grows the seed and then we eat the seed...

        The Sun grows the food, the Ants pick the food, the Grasshoppers eat the food and the birds eat the grasshoppers

          OH MY GOD
          That's why bug type are weak to flying types!

    I now have a sudden urge to buy Dark Souls II, even though i know next to nothing about the previous games.

    I blame all of you.
    Especially @shane and his meddling countdown! :P

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      And I would have gotten away with it too, if not for that meddling countdown!

      Tick tock, batto...

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        Speaking of countdowns, just went to EB in the CBD here, where the Dark Souls 2 preorder placeholder says 14th March. So I asked, and they're having a joint Dark Souls 2 / Titanfall midnight launch . I thought they said Thursday night but all the Titanfall stuff says the 13th so I'm still confused.

          Goddamn it.

          All right. I'll go in there this afternoon and get this release date rubbish sorted once and for all :P

          I asked my EB manager. She said definitely the 13th. She looked it up and confirmed with Head Office.

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            I was talking with the Nintendo guy on the Nintendo level, so he's probably playing around to distract himself from that bleak list of Nintendo releases on the board. He did offer to help me finish my Pokédex though.

            Good man. Thanks for checking. You get extra kudos because the news is good.

    Dark Souls II PC. Green Man Gaming forgot to add the Australia Tax so it's $50 with some preorder DLC bonus shit as well. Use code OQE4LG-WEQPSE-SMCME1 to get 20% off and make it $40 USD. Code expires today though I think.

      GMG has a 20% coupon every fortnight or so, probably no need to rush unless there's a reasonable expectation they'll add the Australia tax.

        I think it's a pretty reasonable expectation, they fixed it up with a couple titles I was looking at not long ago. I can't remember which, though. I wanna say... Deus Ex: HR? And I think FF14, eventually.

          GMG only sell the NA versions of Namco games by the look of the catalogue

          The whole point of GMG is that they don't bother with the Australia tax most of the time.

    I have awoken from my slumber and my ears are still ringing and my legs hurt but fuck me, Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails were amazing last night.

    Annnyway, @freezespreston, @sernobulus, @blaghman, @rize, @rocketman - did you guys manage to sort out accommodation? It's cool if you guys can't make it, I left the organising kinda late and I'm pretty sure there's a metric butt ton of stuff on that weekend.

      Oh, we're gonna be there.

      We may need to sleep on the street, but we're gonna be there.

      Edit: Freeze was like "I'm sleeping at Gorzy's now" and I was like "I should probably organ- ooh a Penny!"

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        And then I inadvertently insulted you and you threatened to wipe any memory of my family name from the face of the planet and the annals of history.

        At least that's how I remember it.

          Mostly correct, but I was going to make Gorzy poison you with a concoction so foul that it would rend a tear in space and simply erase you from ever existing.

      The two beautiful stallions of men named Gorzy and Flu have both offered floor space in their abodes.

        I might be out of the loop, but don't Cakesmith and Flu live at the same place?

          Hey man. Hey. What they decide to do is none of anyone's business. Who are you to judge?

    Some possible news of more Red Dwarf for anyone following the show still:

    There's no explicit confirmation in there, but Doug Naylor is apparently working on scripts and expects to see the next season of the show released in 2015. Presumably, given that he outright stated back in October that no new season has been commissioned, something has changed in the meantime...?

    Bah, who knows.

    Hey guys!

    Do you want a build snowmaaaaaaan?

      I was going to say "Go away Bish" in reference to the movie but then I got all panicky that people wouldn't get it and would think I was being a dick. So instead: Hello Bish, how are you?

      Not a footprint to be seen!

      .... wait

    New life experience! Just stuck my head in a CT scanning machine. Wasn't as exciting as I thought it'd be.

      Hope all is well, my friend! Seems to be the thing to do this week on TAY, first @gutsoup and now you!

        Nothing serious, essentially just a runny nose and blocked ears for several months.
        And... They need to find where the voices are coming from

          Tinfoil hat will clear that problem up.

          Or make it worse if the voice is coming from inside

    How does job?

    Also how does look at pages upon pages of listings with requirements you don't meet, and not come away feeling like you're of absolutely no use to anyone? :/

      I suggest you find a nice hermit cave!

        Hermit caves are nice in theory but seem to only lead to further insanity.

          In my experience that's true.

      I've got a job I'm not qualified to do, and I feel trapped in it because I am qualified for literally nothing else.

      I can't help you get a job, but I can tell you that getting one may not help the self-esteem usefulness factor at all.

        I'm in the same boat as you Shane, I really shouldn't have this job but no qualifications mean I'm trapped too.
        Rutt buddies :D

          I read that as "butt buddies" to start with.
          I can be open minded, but you should heal up first.

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      Apply for it anyway!

      Everyone else might be thinking the same thing and then nobody applies!

        Ooooh, tricky. That's why this guy earns the big bucks!


      This comment made me feel like randomly applying to one but I've already applied to a bunch of their listings and they haven't contacted me so I'm pretty sure they hate me :P

        Keep a record of which jobs you applied for, the dates and what you sent them! And the names and details of everybody who responds!

        Seriously :P I had two people respond for two different (but very similar) jobs at the same time, and one was named Elle and the other was named Ellie. Took me so long to figure out which one was which... :P


          Ha, I'd have to apply for something for that to be a problem :P

            At some point you'll do the same thing as I did: Get so frustrated with yourself that you snap and start applying for anything and everything while weeping softly :P

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      Ask relatives if they know someone who can swing an interview. Doesn't especially matter if you meet the qualifications. Apply for positions you might have skills in, but not qualifications.

      I shit you not, you'd be surprised how well that works.

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        Actually, every job I've ever gotten is because I knew someone. From my current $80k job to slinging burgers, stocking shelves, my ill-fated days in retail... all because someone got me in. It's amazing how some people will hire you on the recommendation of others, despite you not being competent for the job, simply because they don't want to damage their relationship with the other person.

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          Which is possibly a two-way street. If they're the kind of person who thinks that, they're probably confident that their friend wouldn't risk damaging the relationship by recommending a total muppet.

            Yes, but half the time, the recommender doesn't really understand the requirements of the advertised position - that's sort of what I was getting at :P

      what kind of work you looking for?

        Not entirely sure :P

        Ideally some kind of games programming thing. Or regular programming thing. But the only of the former I've found have been interstate things or want like 5+ years experience. I got to the point where I just put searched for anything at all and... well, it seems like it'd be great if I were a business guy, or a sales guy, or had a forklift license. But otherwise I'm yet to find anything.

          yeah it can be really hard to find game programming work, even if there is some in your state. Just too many people, and not enough work to be had. What state you in btw?

            I'm Sydfolk. Did see potentially alright sounding ones in Melbourne and the Gold Coast but they're no good to me :P

              heh yeah understandable. I'll keep an eye out for any hints of work going in your area. Dunno what chance there is, but if I do happen to catch wind of something, I'll pass it along!

    Ugh. Work is even worse than usual this week. Other people really are hell.

    No more work - I'm TAYing this afternoon.


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      Hang in there, baby! Way to be a lame!

      Fine, questions... I'll give you the same ones as DC because I really like them:
      - What's your favourite memory?
      - What's your favourite thing about yourself?

      And super bonus question round:
      - Did you always want to be a writer?

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        1) It rained on the day I got married. It was pouring, in fact, and is regarded as the day that the drought officially broke in Canberra. But there was a break in the rain just after the ceremony and we all went off to get photos taken. It started spotting during the photo shoot, and I remember looking at my new wife, and her looking at me, and having this unspoken moment in which we both realised that it didn't matter if it was raining - everything was all right, and always would be.

        2) I like being tall. And in general, I'm actually okay with my looks. I don't consider myself good-looking, but I'm not hung up on anything about that. I hate almost everything about my personality though.

        3) No, because I don't think I wanted anything before I was born, but the desire to be a career author does pre-date my current bank of memories.

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      Shane, back in 2012 in the weeks leading up to Christmas you were quite drunk. I said I tend to hug strangers when I'm drunk and then you said you're done experimenting. What did you mean by that?

      Was it scary in the time leading up to you becoming a father for the first time? How do you think you're doing on that front?

      What's your biggest regret from the past?

      What are you most proud of?

      What was the first video game you ever played?

        1) That was a gay joke in bad taste. I'm not going to apologise for it, though.

        2) Scary, yes, kind of, but also really exciting. This time around, just scary. Honestly, being a father is getting harder and harder to enjoy as the months and years go by. I think I'm being a good dad still, and would do anything for my kids, but I'm not enjoying it as I used to. I think this might be mostly due to other factors and rising pressures in other parts of life.

        3) Most of the past is just one big regret, so I've blocked it out as much as possible.

        4) I'm proud of my kids. They might be combatative and hard to get on with at home, but they're gonna be really good contributors to the community at large. Though I think that my pride is mostly undeserved there, as I credit my wife and kids for that particular victory. In terms of personal pride, I think probably my 1000G in Dark Souls edges out my writing and all that stuff.

        5) I was around five at the time. It was Super Mario Bros on the NES. Or maybe the Enter Your Name screen in the original Legend of Zelda. It was definitely one of those.

          Good answers. You're awesome, my friend!

          As to 2, I get that. I really do. I love my kids to pieces but I find I spend more time telling them to go play in their rooms or go watch TV while I try and decompress but end up feeling guilty and awful for that. I've been told repeatedly I'm a great father by a number of people but sometimes I can't help but feel like a gigantic failure at it.

      anything 'ey?
      What are your deepest and most humiliating secrets.
      Edit: oh, oh, what's your bank cards pin number. and all your passwords to everything
      :P I got nothing

      Last edited 07/03/14 2:18 pm

        My bank card's pin number is ****. And my password to everything: *********

        In terms of humiliations,
        thanks for your question.

        Last edited 07/03/14 2:22 pm

          thanks, you're alright you are,
          serious question: Were you into writing or arting first.
          Did you have the ideas for your Novels prior to actually making them or was it something you put together as you went?
          And finally, would you ever consider allowing dcs hand into your pocket again :P

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            1) Writing! Though I did enjoy drawing when I was a kid, writing was always the thing. Even now, I'd like to go back to straight prose. It'll always be my primary love, I think.

            2) How a novel usually comes into being for me:
            A scene will pop, almost fully-formed into my head. I massage this scene into something tangible, and write it down. I figure out what's got to happen either side of this scene, and the character developments that spin off from this scene. I make notes, plan it out, and then get a draft of the entire story down. Then I figure out what it means thematically and what can be jettisoned, and I redraft it.... Then it seems that I junk the whole thing and turn it into a comic.

            3) Yes. I would even pay for him to fly to Canberra for it.

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      What do you consider your finest ever piece of wordplay?

        There's no such thing as playing with words. Writing is not a game. Tetris, now that's a game.

        My finest game of Tetris happened when I was eleven...

          I am so doing Words wrong... all I ever do is play with them! I have a mental image of Shane-Mum telling me off for playing with my food words.

      If you could punch one TAYbie right in the face, who would it be?

      Do you still think about your Brisbane trip? (I do! XD)

        1) Myself.

        2) All the time. Without wanting to seem all ... whatever.... that Sunday was one of my happiest days in recent memory.

      What's your favourite snackfood?

        No body swapping questions? I want to hear Shane's immature answer!

          My answer: anyone with breasts. Preferably someone who is unattached, though, so I don't have to deal with uncomfortable sex stuff.

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            (Bonus comic: )

        I like a bowl of ice cream with Flakes crumbled into it. Cheaper than chocolate-chip ice cream.

        In terms of what I would take to a movie, I like plain-flavoured chips-in-a-tube (like Pringles, or Home Brand equivalent), but usually buy some Natural Confectionary rubbish because of noise.

        And most unorthodox snack: ice cream with apple+mango juice stirred through it.

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          Ooooh, Flakes just might be my favourite type of chocolate. (Though I mostly buy it in Twirl form so the 'flakes' won't go every where!)

      Hi Shane AMA!

      My name is SerNobulus.

      - Why did nobody tell me we were doing AMAs I missed DC's?
      - you gather the Dragonballs and make a wish. What do you wish for?
      - are dogs really man's best friend?
      - when life brings you down what gets you back up?
      - wang size (don't answers this)

      EDIT: I'm almost sad to be leaving work now because I'll have to wait for the responses

      Last edited 07/03/14 2:58 pm

        1) I don't know, sorry, but I'll apologise for my own lapse.

        2) I don't know what this means, but I think I would wish for forgiveness from the castrated dragons.

        3) No, they fail the best friend test because they can't drive you home when you're drunk. They are very loyal, though.

        4) I'll tell you when I get up eventually.

        5) ...Thanks for your question!

      Best advice you were ever given?
      (Could be about anything)

      All right, I'm going home now. Keep the questions coming if you like, and I'll answer them later on!

      What, up to this point in your life, would be your crowning moment in the application of the Dad Joke?

      For reference:
      My Dad likes to tell a story about his crowning moment, which was when he was in a conference call at work and in passing someone mentions that they had to let the manager in charge of the Egypt branch of the business go, as he had been found out to have been engaging in fraud and embezzling money.

      My Dad's immediate response. "was it a pyramid scheme?"

      Last edited 07/03/14 3:15 pm

        I have had so many epic moments that it would be unfair to single one out. All the stunned silences, all the dropped jaws, all the awkward pauses, all the conversations being dragged to a shuddering halt... I am proud of every single last one of them.

      What has been the most empowering moment in your life, when you felt - and believed - in your mastery (of something - anything)?

        I want to give you an answer, but sadly I don't think that has never actually happened.

        Edit: I feel like a perfectionist who has realised that nothing can ever be perfect. A recipe for low self-esteem and perpetual dissatisfaction.

        Last edited 07/03/14 5:00 pm

          Awh. Not even temporarily, briefly? In video games, maybe?

            I've given your question a lot of thought, but I'm going to stick with my original answer. I think of everything I can do in terms of competency. There are things I'm competent at, and if I practice them, I can remain competent, or perhaps improve my level of competency a little. But I honestly don't feel like anything I've ever done is excellent, or can compete on any kind of master level.

            I think of myself as an average guy with perhaps an above-average drive to pursue slightly unorthodox goals. But in terms of skill levels... no, never felt like I've mastered anything.

            Edit: unless you count the discipline to write every night that I've developed. Not entirely sure mastery is the best term to describe that... but I feel I've built a pretty good routine, and have the drive and discipline to stick to it, even on days when I'm not really feeling it.

            Last edited 07/03/14 5:09 pm

              Hm. I was more thinking of moments when you felt powerful, confident, in-your-element, even unstoppable, even if just a Dark Souls boss kill, or talking to a girl who you knew you were going home with that night, delivering a presentation on a subject you knew back-to-front, a kill streak in a game, or fulfilling a raid role in an MMO in which you were really good, or etc, etc. :)

              But that's definitely an impressive feat. Discipline is hard.

      What happened with the Bathurst move?

        We couldn't make it work. I couldn't find a job there. So I'd have to commute to Canberra and stay here five days a fortnight. And in the end, I decided that wouldn't work for me - the inconveniences would have offset the benefits of moving. Options might open up once the financial situation eases (and/or when Mrs Shane gets a job).

        In the end, we delayed the decision, the house we were considering got sold, we decided it wasn't a perfect house after all, and we've decided to bide our time in Canberra a while longer.

        Last edited 07/03/14 6:28 pm

    The house right opposite the school is for sale. I emailed Mr. Strange about it, but he doesn't want to move. So now I just have to look at the ForSale sign longingly four times a day as I trek past on my walk. :P

      move in while it's unoccupied and claim squatters rights........... WIN!

      I lived across the road from a high school when I was in early primary school. Kids would always say I was lucky because I was going to live so close.

      Then I moved to a different town and never got to go there anyway :P

        No good can come from living close to your school.

        In 2003 between graduating high school and going to uni I did a year at TAFE which was across the street. Don't think I left a small radius for the entire time.

          Hah, yeah. When I was looking for a place to live in Sydney, people were saying I should get a unit in the same building as my office (one half is residential, the other half is offices).

          If I did that I would never leave the building except to get food...

            You could pretend you're living in some sort of Arcology!

              Just like in Season 1, Episode 2 of Black Mirror! (watch it pls)

                Maybe I will, Pow. For you.


                  EDIT: If you do, please post your thoughts! I'd be very interested!

                  Last edited 07/03/14 2:56 pm

              Somebody should write a story about that. Maybe set in some communist nation

                That's a great idea! BUT WHO?

                  I don't know. I just see a red haze of anger that this doesn't exist

      I just checked out the floorplan online and noticed a horrific thing called a sunroom.
      I feel better now about not being able to live in that house. :P

        Ew. One of the houses I grew up in had a sun room. Useless thing that just got all dusty and I had to clean it.

          I suppose I could make it the punishment room, and send the kids to it when they're being annoying. :P


        PRAISE IT.

        HONOUR IT WITH A ROOM. ... o-or something.

        *shows self out*

        Now I have to look up what a 'sunroom' is.

        *google image search*
        Ohhhhh. There are some very pretty ones on image search, but I can imagine there being some bad ones out there. Also, I'd probably object to it being included as a plus, in the calculation of house value.

    @powalen @sughly (I can't remember if you watched Amazing Race too @phoenix? :P)

    Ep 1:

    Thank god the Twins are gone. They were the team I liked the least :P. I've only ever seen the past two seasons so I don't know most of the other teams but they seem alright so far.

    There's your discussion. Happy now Pow? Are you going to keep watching?

      Yep, agreed :) Didnt really like them much either. All the good teams are at the top of the pack (for now)

      I didn't watch the first episode (couldn't be bothered to go back and watch it :P). I'll watch it as it gets aired on TV, because it's conveniently on just before Survivortime. It's one episode behind, I think...

      And no, I'm never happy.

      Last edited 07/03/14 2:39 pm

      @sughly @powalen

      Ep 2:

      Aww I was liking Mark and Malory :(. The bits with the children was funny and awesome :D "your head is sweaty" lool

        Yep, agreed. Mark was stinging me off that ep though, I felt so bad for Mallory. Yeah, probs it was her fault the bag was left, but dude - some clothes? Pick up some new ones at the airport FFS. Then hes like 'oh well god has other plans' - no! You idiot! That was your own doing, urgh. BUT, yeah, good ep! Flight time/Big easy being the funniest as per usual. That girl messing with him was the best.

        Oh! Also...

        I reckon that was a good move, to give them the express pass at that point. Like they said, gets it out of play, now they are the only ones with one, especially knowing there was another two teams struggling behind. Good strategy I ruckon.

        Last edited 08/03/14 10:33 am

          Cowboys are beast at challenges! They did that car one so quickly :O

    Probably old news but it's coming to Australia too. Seems to be an EB exclusive but it doesn't seem worth the extra $ for me (assuming Big W have it for $68ish).

    inb4 "I call Diddy" :P

      I call Yoshi! (I never get to play as Yoshi at home :P)

      Yeah, I was interested but don't know if it's worth the premium EB price. I'll wait and see.

      ps. Toad is DaBest.

      Fan-favorites Waluigi and Toadette


        It'sa me. Waluigi, wah ha ha.

        I personally love Waluigi and I turn my crooked nose at you, good sir.

          Don't get me wrong. I nearly always pick him because he's so pathetic.

          But calling him a fan favourite is a stretch.

            Actually, amongst my high skewl mate's he was up there.

            Daisy has been my choice since they stopped the Diddy.


      I have never, ever played Mario Kart. Ever. For serious.

        You must really hate fun!

        MK7 is probably my favourite one so far. Good times racing online with TAYbies...

          Deprived childhood involving Sega and Macintosh. The first time I even realized it was a thing was the Wii version I think.

          Also it's always looked kind of shit to me. Like it'd be a fun time-waster for $5 or so but as a full retail game I just don't get it.

            I didn't grow up with it either but I enjoyed my time with the DS one. The Wii one is pretty terrible so just be glad you didn't start there :P

          Double Dash is the best! (Well, my personal favourite atleast!)

            Super Circuit is the best!

              MKDS! By far

              MKDS>MK64>MKDD> the rest who cares

                Nah, tied for first with Super Circuit. It did a few things bad which stopped it completely taking the lead :P

                MKSC/MKDS > SMK/MKDD > MK64/MKWii

                Still not sure where I'd slot in MK7. Maybe in with the first pair.

            I'm partial to Double Dash myself, I have fond memories of me and @jimu racing around on the one Kart, once we got the hang of it we were a force to be reckoned with, I loved the way the passenger could attack and dodge obstacles.

            Never played it! :P

              There is something very, very wrong with you, joel.

          Mk7 is the second wurst. GAWD!

        I've used a Nintendo machine maybe 4 times in my life, never played Mario kart either

    Not sure if people keep up with the news, but Gina Reinhart has opened her mouth again.
    She's telling all of us to get off welfare.
    She makes my annual wage in less than 3 minutes. (to see how long it takes her to earn your annual wage).

      3.6 minutes for my annual wage.

      Yeah, thanks Gina. You really understand the common man.

        geebus man.. I thought I was kind of beginning to edge my way to a better life. 2.2mins for me. Any wonder my life sucks so much :|

      Gina Rinehart is a horrible shit who has no concept of value or any idea what 'work' actually is.
      the only 'work' that vile wreck of a human being has ever done is inheriting her daddy's fortune.
      the sooner she fucks off, the happier i'll be.