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    EB have their March Madness thing starting and .... there's actually some decent deals in there.

    Who are you and what have you done with the real EB?

      I can't find it

        I got an email.

          Oh, but I'm too lazy to check my email


            Here's the online link to the email lol. I just got it. Think I might pick up a 360.. If i'm allowed to lay by it lol.

              Thanks. I didn't really see anything I wanted though.

                I'd have a look in store, there would be heaps more stuff to choose from.

                  I would be mostly after vita games, but a lot of the ones I want, I can't find.

              Bah, I was sort of thinking a new 360 myself until I saw the word preowned

                What's wrong with pre-owned? They're all sent away to head office, reconditioned and tested.. My PS3 is pre-owned and it hasn't missed a beat.

                  I just don't trust anything that someone else has owned before me, too many shitty experiences with second hand stuff and the point of my wanting a new 360 to replace my currently ailing one is to have one that will last for as long as possible so unused is a major asset

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      Hnngh. Must resist.

      Edit: might pop in tomorrow and see what's available then..

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    Used Luigi's Mansion to upgrade from 4.4 to 4.5, screwed around with a few things to see what happens with save data on the SD card when you go back, finally psych myself up to try and go ahead with the restore and click Write... "This media is write-protected".

    Why can't anything ever go smoothly :P

      Ha, turns out that it was just because I forgot to put the little lock switch thing back into the microSD adapter, put that in and it works now :P

      Good thing I bothered to find it when it fell out...

    Help I can't find McGarnical's tag here. @mcgarnical? @mrmcgarnical? I DON'T KNOW

    I'll briefly summarise:
    - PS4 has started shutting itself off (mid-game, mid-movie, whatever) completely, then rebooting in a safe mode. Choosing to restart is an endless loop of safe mode reboots. Only options are really to reinitialise the whole console, basically a factory reset, or shut it down and unplug/replug it after five minutes. The latter is made difficult by the fact that the power button sometimes stops working here.
    - it also turns itself on without input (I'm nowhere near the console or the controller), then shuts itself down. This isn't it being put on hybernate or standby mode or whatever - it's 100% powered down. Turning it back on, it goes into safe mode.
    - after enough incidents, went to Big W this past weekend to see what they'd do about it. They recommended going to Sony directly with it.
    -went to Sony with it. They emailed me a link to an update file, dl'd onto a USB and did the factory reset on the console yesterday. They said this is exactly what they would do with the console if I sent it in to them for repairs.
    - worked fine last night (I watched Gravity, good film). Went to play Ass Creed this afternoon and all of the problems reappeared after about 15 minutes.
    Probably forgot some important stuff here
    - mum, who works at the store, is saying she's been told they won't do refunds after 30 days out from the purchase which from what I've been reading goes against consumer law.
    - dad is now saying that Big W can only refuse the refund if they have an agreement with Sony where Sony takes full responsibility for the product or - oh hell I don't even know anymore D:

    Wait, that wasn't brief at all.


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        Send it in to Sony anyway, best case they have the same trouble you have and replace your console. Just don't wait until it is out of warranty.

      Yep this is me!

      Damn, I really wanted to set out a proper explanation of your rights but I have to go to bed - early start tomorrow :(

      What Big W is saying is BS anyway. I'll add more tomorrow!

        Yeah, this.

        Harass them, they can't deny a return on a faulty product. Warranty/returns was a major part of a previous job for me and the simple answer here is that they're trying to avoid work.

    Lots of people will tell you that Boston's 1976 self-titled debut album 'Boston' is their best work. Lots of people are wrong. 'Walk On' is actually their best. It is known.

      Awesome, I'll definitely check it out.

      A song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity, and the importance of trends, it's also a personal statement about the band itself.

    Oh. My. God.

    If I can offload the kids, that's at least three shows I can go to. So happy right now. :D

      Oh shit yes.

      My only issue tickets aren't on sale yet according to Oztix D=

        Apparently they go on sale today. Arghh, so excited! :D

          Oh that's better lol. I might wander down to my local retail seller and buy a ticket then ^-^

          I remember saying on Twitter sometime last year Gloryhammer need to do an Australian tour and Ben the drummer tweeted me back saying it would happen, I am quite pleased it now has!

          Edit: Children of Bodom are touring a week after Gloryhammer, must resist..

          Last edited 05/03/14 9:23 am

            Yeah, Ben and Paul told us on 70K they were hoping to be out here in April but it was getting close with no announcement so I thought it may have fallen through. They said they were going "everywhere" but we thought that just meant Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne like usual. Very happy to be wrong! :P

              That's awesome. They seem like cool dudes.

              I'm quite surprised they're going to some places like Toowoomba, Dubbo & Byron..

            As for your edit. After you seeing Gloryhammer, Bodom would seem like an even worse show than usual. :P

              This is very true... I know Bodom aren't anything amazing or special, but I just like for some reason after all these years and the fact their only decent stuff was on their first 4 albums lol.

                I don't know about not being special, I just know that Bodom were probably the laziest, 'we don't care if anyone's enjoying the show we're just here to get paid/laid' show I've ever seen. Just going through the motions,really. I don't think the band themselves were even enjoying themselves.

                  I have had a love-hate relationship with their music for the past 10-12 years. I go through phases where I like them, then I don't :P

                  Ugh, i've seen a few bands like that, sucks some take that sort of attitude toward the fans who paid good money to see them, and they can't be more in to it or at least pretend to be.

              But dat Laiho.

                Oh man, he's such a princess. I remember being in line next to him to get on the ship a couple of years ago and he was wearing more make-up than me! And he even had someone else carrying his luggage for him. :D

      Hell yes, anything related to Alestorm and I'm there! Will you be at the Sydney show?

        I wish! Gonna be at Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane though. Already got tickets. Gloryhammer are incredibly fun live. :D

    What the hell, Dead or Alive 5 is getting a new DLC character that is a girl who doesn't have ridiculously sized fat sacks attached to her chest.

    Next in bizarro-world they'll be trying to tell me that the game is actually good.

      I always liked the DOA series on a technical level, and it always looked pretty nice. I won't vouch for it being good, but I also don't onlyp lay it because of the impossibly propotioned ninja girls in short skirts.

      That said, I never bothered to pick up 5. I don't know if it was badly made or if it was the usual backlash against it's sexist character designs, but it seemed to be reamed pretty hard by the internet.

        My terrible secret is I actually like DoA. Played the shit out of DoA2 LE on Dreamcast and DoA3 on Xbox. I have 4 and 5 but they haven't had anywhere near the staying power for me, but 5 is pretty reasonable. I've never had too much of a problem with the designs or anything and it's an easy game to pick up and play. Nowhere near as technical and deep as a lot of the others out there though.

          I think the main thing stopping me buying 5 was that 4 had very low longevity. I don't do a lot of multiplayer and I feel like the value in playing a fighter's solo campaign is limited. My friends are terrible at fighting games so they don't like to play against me for long unless I figure out how to lose without being obvious about it. So all in all it was something I wanted to pick up from the bargain bin, but never did.

            That was my problem as well. Also the AI in 4 was cheap. It was building up a memory of the moves you're making and so got better and better during a game at countering you, in an attempt to make you mix things up. The problem was that that info doesn't get flushed or reset on a continue, and certain characters because of the way they play will usually open most strings with certain types of attack. Eg. I like to play with Hitomi a lot, but the AI in DoA4 would quickly learn that a lot of her attacks are mid-level punches and start countering the crap out of you :(

            I felt like 5 is a lot better. It has a story mode where you're flipping between lots of characters rather than a simple arcade battle. Also the updates to the character models are nice, moving away from that plasticy look they had since 3. But I don't think I'd pay for it. I got it free on PS+ at some point.

            DoA5 got an expanded release which added a few extra characters as well, haven't tried that. There's a free-to-play downloadable version which starts with 4 characters (Kasumi, Hayate, Ayane and Hayabusa) and charges $4 per extra character and $15 for the story mode as DLC. Interesting concept but if you were to buy everything piecemeal like that it'd set you back like $130+. Hoping the full game will hit PS+ at some point.

    Okay, I spent two days catching up on last week's TAY, and I come here, and there is 5 pages already. I'll probably reach page 6 by Thursday.

    Now that my backup and restore function is underway, I've started generating friend codes to see what pokemon safaris they end up creating. First one has Phanpy and Camerupt, and a friend already wants me to finish the game so he can get a Camerupt with its hidden ability or something. Got another code sitting here waiting to test, but everyone went to bed already :P

      Interesting. Someone showed up, got them to check it out. It's the same thing.

      Guess it's not based on the friend code, but on the 3DS itself. strange. Just finished restoring the first friend code's image, and this time the 3DS had the current time when booting it up rather than the time the image was backed up, like the last one I did. I don't understand this at all :P

      Your friend list populates the friend safari set. This will give 2/3 pokemon.
      To unlock the third, you have to have both been online in the game with the friend having beaten the elite 4.
      To get hidden abilities, that friend must be online in the game while you catch the 'mons. Generating local friend codes probably won't help with this.

      Edit: I was going to suggest that maybe it's based on trainer ID, but you can use friends that don't have the game. If changing the friend code doesn't change anything, it might either be something rudimentary like the Mii name, or it could exchange a 3DS identifier once you use friend codes to connect. I'd suspect whatever protocol is used to identify you on the Pokémon servers when you go online would play a part, and I don't think the friend code would be the only unique thing to identify you. Side note - do you know if factory resetting a 3DS will change the friend code, or is it locked to that piece of hardware?

      Edit edit: Expanding line of thought further. If I put my game in another 3DS, I'd still expect to use my save file and be identified as me (probably by trainer ID), and have the same in-game friends, but I'm not sure how the 3DS based friend list would integrate, since that would be different. Perhaps another experiment to try there.

      Last edited 05/03/14 9:05 am

        Heh, I ended up thinking about this a bit too. I did use the same Mii name and stuff (although not sure if I ended up creating the Mii exactly the same as the first time. Would be interesting if it was the Mii data that determined it :P). And another thought was that maybe if I did a factory reset it would change it, since I'd already set up everything but the internet connection with the image I restored, maybe something else gets generated during the initial setup.

        I was curious too about how it would work with transferring your stuff over to a new 3DS, since there would have to be some way of keeping that same ID across to the new one. There must be some kind of extra data beyond just the friend code itself in your friend profile thingo. Definitely gonna have to run a few more experiments :P

        Edit: Oh yeah think I remember reading something about how factory resetting a 3DS will change some of the keys it uses to encrypt stuff, so your SD card data will get erased if you try and use it on the reset model because it won't match. Not 100% sure on that though, but I think there is stuff that changes other than just your friend code when you factory reset.

        Last edited 05/03/14 2:25 pm

      So how did you end up with Pokemons for like $17?

        He paid a homeless man $17 to steal it.

        That Good Guys clearance at the end of last year, they gave out a $40 gift card (on top of the refund) to everyone whose orders couldn't be fulfilled. I made a bunch of calls and hunted down a store that still had Pokemon in stock, %58 - 40 - 1 = $17 :P

          Nice :D

          I ended up with my Good Guys games though :P (Luigi U and ZombiU!)

    I watched Ghost Adventures for the first time on the weekend. Surprisingly, it was more ridiculous than its

      My mother loves ghost adventures. I have to admit, it's more interesting then a lot of the other ghost hunting shows

        Uh... It seems that three quarters of my comment disappeared. Surprised I didn't notice that.

          I was wondering. Care to elaborate?

            The first sentence that got cut off was about how the show was just as ridiculous as a parody I had seen beforehand. The rest of my comment was talking about how Ghost Adventures did a triple-take of everything. I then proceeded to talk about all the times that a bit of dust would pass by the camera and they'd claim it as a "spiritual anomaly." That's about it.

              Yeah, but I understand the triple take. Some stuff is really easy to miss on the first or second take. As for spirit orbs...they're...weird. I don't know if I agree with them or not. But I think they're still more interesting then say, ghost hunters.

    Batman: Arkham Knight reveal trailer.

    I'm not sure if I'm interested to be honest. Asylum was great, City was good, and I skipped Origins cause it looked kinda bad :\
    This looks promising though, but I'll have to see more first.

      "Eh, I'm burned out on the batman games, I dunno if i'll"



    I've been awake since 4am...

      I've been awake since 4pm yesterday. My sleep pattern is not so good at the moment.

    Had an abysmal time in Lost Izalith this morning.

    Game started off well. I went through The Tomb of Fuck You, killed ol' Nito, and then went down to Lost Izalith for what was the first ever time. Well, first I died three times to the Centipede demon. Then I went down. Cue fifteen deaths to the stupid leg things, until I realised I could just avoid them. Then it got really bad. I went to OnionBro, jumped down to kill off three of the things in the pit, went back up to talk to him and the fourth one fell into one of the pits, killing itself. Whelp, that's that quest chain ended. :/ Went to talk to SunBro, rolled off the bridge while fighting the Titanite Demon twice. Equipped the Stamina ring to make the fight easier, and after dying forgot that I'd dequipped the lava-proof ring, so proceeded to leave the bonfire and immediately run to my death. Missed the root underneath the boss to kill it three times in a row (I am really bad at jumping). And when I finally made it, it did the big lava spout attack as I killed it, so we both died. I am greetest at games.

      Damn, that's tough, man. But at least it's over. :)

        I then went over to Darkroot basin, because I was all "I'm gonna play the DLC, and smash Artorias!"

        I got there, killed the golem, and then remembered that I needed something from the Duke's Archives to access it. *Smashes face into keyboard*

        So now I'm up to Seath, and this is not a fight I'm looking forward to, despite how stupidly powerful I am.

          The thing you need is right at the start of the Archives. The Crytal Golem before the first library. But.... enjoy Seath :P

            I'm aware of that, but I have to beat Seath anyway, so I figured I may as well do it while I'm here.

          Did you pick up the Dingy robes? Wearing those makes the fight a cake-walk because they have such high curse resist. If you're super-worried, add a cursebite ring or maybe even the blood shield and you'll have the most stupid-high curse-resist bar ever seen.

          Keep to his sides, don't worry too much about getting caught in the edges of his sideways Crystal AoE (it's the big cone in front of him that you have to watch out for, because that spikes upwards for massive physical damage), and when he screeches and raises his tail, get the hell out of dodge or have a REALLY good shield/stam.

          If you're going for a tail-cut, only hit the tip of his tail - it doesn't register when you hit the thicker section closer to the base. This sucks because he'll often be oriented in such a way that his tail is hidden inside a wall, and you need to lure him out. The key to all tail-cuts is extreme patience, blocking and dodging perfectly/persistently until the enemy makes that ONE (or two) move that leaves their tail most exposed. (Except Priscilla. For her, you just do a massive fireball at her back to agro her.)

          (Edit: Also, if you keep dying, you can pretty much just sprint from the bonfire to him without fighting ANY enemies. The clams won't chase you through the fog gate.)

          Last edited 05/03/14 11:47 am

      I love how the video is titled "BELIEF." I you suspend it, it is the most amazing thing ever.


    Nine days to go for console peasants like me.
    Probable PC countdown: 51 days.

    Reports that a Famitsu review gives Dark Souls II a score of 37/40.

    A comparison of Dark Souls II starting stats, class by class.
    Looks like this time around, Onebros need to go Deprived, rather than Pyromancer.

      So attunement will visibly affect casting speed of all forms of magic? Also, the cleric has surprisingly high strength...

        More info on stats:

        It's gonna be harder to decide which stats to boost this time around. Endurance was super-useful in Dark Souls, because it boosted stamina and equipment load. Resistance was useless because each level granted some resistance boosts anyway. Now they all look to have about the same level of utility. Damn it :P

        Edit: It also looks like
        * There's a stat that determines a % chance to avoid chest traps. If there's an element of randomness in safely opening chests, that's gonna get irritating.
        * There's a stat that gives the player a chance to break enemy equipment. Presumably, enemies will have a similar ability.

        Last edited 05/03/14 9:22 am

    I watched Frozen for the first time last night. I really enjoyed it but I now have "Let It Go" stuck in my head ... wait, that's a good thing ... carry on.

    Last edited 05/03/14 8:37 am

      The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen,
      A kingdom of isolation and it looks like, I'm it's queen,

      The wind is howling like the swirling storm inside,
      couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried

        Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
        Be the good girl you always have to be
        Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
        Well, now they know

          let it go, let it go,
          Can't hold it back anymore
          let it go, let it go,
          turn away and slam the door,
          And I don't care, what they're going to say,
          Let the storm rage on,
          The cold never bothered me anyway

            It’s funny how some distance
            Makes everything seem small
            And the fears that once controlled me
            Can’t get to me at all

            It’s time to see what I can do
            To test the limits and break through
            No right, no wrong, no rules for me
            I’m free

    Dark Souls vs Modern Action games.

      That one's been around for a while, but it's pretty great.

        9gag is the internet's toilet, the last place anything goes before it is flushed and washes up on the sunny beaches of Facebook.

    So I log into origin the other day and it is advertising 30% off sim city "It now cots less to construct an epic metropolis as big as you can imagine."

    Does that count as false advertising when the chief complaint of most unsatisfied customers has been that the city size is way too small?

      No. They just assume their average customer is pretty stupid and can't imagine much.

        Well the first part seems to be right. Enough people keep buying the BS they feed us (I'm part of the problem.)

    I finished watching season 5 of Supernatural last night. I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that they made more seasons after it since the ending worked really well as a series final.

      I wasn't sure about it not ending there either, but some of the best episodes have been after that original ending so I ended up happy it continued.

        Sounds like I have something to look forward to then. Yay.

      Same. I continued for another season but it didn't feel the same. Have really struggled to return to it ever since.

      Last edited 05/03/14 9:28 am

    Yay! Another bland and uninteresting open world Batman game where you can spend most of your time in a bland city with no real personality or identity.

    I miss the Asylum style.

      Batman (the character) works best when restricted. Then you can see his abilities and intelligence come out. I think that they need to bring back the claustrophobia.

      I dunno, an open world game again is getting me a little worried. It's making Gotham too small for me - I imagined a place bigger then New York, a city so large that Batman wouldn't be able to police all of it all the time. Hence he needs to use his gadgets and intelligence to target key locations, criminals, crimes.

      I want Asylum back. Maybe lock him in the sewers and he can't get out, knowing the city is going to hell above his head.

      What!? The last couple of Batman games have been a treat!

      Huh? Batman Origins? Never heard of it.
      *grabs disk and throws it out the window*

        I know I'm probably the only one who feels like it but City was okay but let down by its environment. Gotham felt more like a painful obstacle between the good bits and I hated having to use way points and map rather than navigating from the map built in your head from inhabiting the world you're in.

          Nope, I too yearn for more of an Asylum Batman game.. I liked City, but it was too big for what it was. I haven't played Origins yet, but i've no real high hopes for that. Apparently Rocksteady is back behind this one?

            Yeah they are, which has got me interested for the time being.

    Dear @dc,

    I know this isn't really a page for writing letters, but I feel I need to ask you a question, and I feel like this is the most appropriate place and format.

    It is a well established fact that one of the many things you hate, something that appears on your fabled list more than almost anything else, are buildings. You despise them with the power of a small piece of coal, with the strength of a ferret, and with the ferocity of a tomato. Or something.

    So, what is your opinion on the Hermitage, a building that is fully supportive of hermits (and also the home to some truly fantastic impressionist and cubist pieces)? Does your hermitness overcome your great hatred? Do they even out in the end? Or is your hatred of buildings an effect of jealousy at a building that is more hermity than you could ever imagine?

    Yours in I've-Been-Up-Since-1:30AM-So-I'm-Going-To-Be-A-Bit-Loopy-Today,

    I'm updating an application that kids use to assist with spelling, grammar, and some other stuff, and it includes text to speech. There's a filter for bad words (for obvious reasons) but some of the default stuff on it is hilarious:
    "large unpleasant woman"
    "unsophisticated country person"
    "aggressive woman"
    "person of French descent"

      That's...quite a polite list, you scruffy nerf herder.
      It reminded me about the Armstrong and Miller skit on predictive text:

    For anyone interested (I think @scree was) Dick Smith seem to have 20% off VITA memory cards. As I have no idea what a good price for a Vita memory card is I'm not really sure how good a deal this is (if it all).

      And I still can't afford it =P

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