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    Public Holiday. Ha Ha Ha to NSW and Queensland. :D

      No HaHaHa for WA? They had their Labour Day last week. :)


      No need to be a jerk about it. :P

        Every day's a holiday for us!






          Kind of loses the novelty of days off, huh?

            Hooray unemployment!

            How awesome is it to be living the life of limitless luxury on the dole having to choose between paying bills and buying actually edible food rather than blobs of indistinct flavourless gunge preserved in fat & sugar all the while being told repeatedly that you're scum even when there's no jobs to apply for and even if there were they always go to the son of the boss' mate from uni who wouldn't know his arse from his elbow despite the fact it's an essential qualification for that particular job?


            Do I come across as ever so slightly cynical at times?

      Aparently WA doesn't exist :(

        I figured you'd already had your public holiday so I didn't need to mention you. My sister lives in WA (and I used to).

          The problem being that i had my first day back at Uni on labour day, so instead of a public holiday i got shitty public transport timetables :(

            That sucks. Public holiday Public Transport schedules are the worst.

      Man it was as good as a public holiday for me. No dickheads ringing up from HQ in ADE asking dumb questions they could answer themselves by reading job notes!

    Morning all. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    My cousin and her kids stayed over for most of the weekend which was alright. Also I fainted saturday night. That was a bit freaky.

      Why did you faint? Launch investigations. Doctors, blood tests. Look at food consumption. How much rest and all those kinds of questions would need to be considered.

        He saw the uncensored version of Stick of Truth.

          lol I actually got past the alien ship part yesterday. Don't think it was necessary to censor it. It's a south park thing.

        Yeah, I'm going to try and get a blood test at some point. I'm pretty lucky, all things considered. I managed to avoid cracking my skull on a counter and instead fell into a pile of sheets.

          Damn, that was pretty lucky. Only reason I've ever fainted was due to a combination of alcohol and being too hot. But yeah, definitely get that shit checked out.

          Usually when stuff like this happens. The sooner the better info you get when you do a blood test. Everything changes fast. Though, yeah check it out when you get the chance

    Morning all.

    Usually I hate mondays, but today is an exception. I finally got my PC fixed, and as of today I've got two weeks off work. Needless to say I'm going to be having a lot of game time.

    So first up I'll be continuing with South Park (was only able to put in half an hour over the weekend), then some more Plants Vs. Zombies: GW, then once thursday hits it'll be Dark Souls II.

      I've decided to skip Dark Souls 1 and go straight for 2. Am I going to miss anything in terms of lore?

        I wouldn't know, I'm probably not even a quarter of the way through it myself. I knew I wasn't going to finish it before Dark Souls II hit, so I just put it on the backburner, and I'll pick it up again after I finish DSII.

        Dark souls doesn't really present the story for you. It more beats the crap out of you as you struggle to figure the story out. That is if you try to figure it out from the pieces it presents it to you, at all really.

          Yay implied narrative! *gets the shit kicked out of* this is awesome!

          Yeah, @youramishdaddy - Dark Souls doesn't hand the story to you on a plate so much. There's a minimal bit of exposition, but the rest is had through conversations that hint at what the characters have been up to, and clues left on the ground or flavour text attached to items you find.

          Probably the best way to get caught up on the lore is VaatiVidya's 'Lore in a minute' youtube video take on Dark Souls, which sets the world up for you very nicely, explaining a bit of the background behind the intro cinematic and expanding on it, using information gleaned from everywhere else.

          Each of the characters has a 'prepare to cry' lore video prepared for them, too, which goes into deep, deep spoiler territory, but also packages everyone very nicely and ties them together. Can't recommend that youtuber enough. I downloaded all the Prepare to Cry videos and watched them while eating dinner, a month or so back.

            Cheers buddy. I'll favourite this and have a watch when I get home.

            I've only really played through Demon's Souls, and the most compelling boss I encountered was the Maiden. A guard defending her with his life, a group of creepy demon babies in a pool of blood- yet put two and two together.

            That is an awesome series, thanks for sharing!

        2 seems to be a new setting and everything so you won't miss a thing.

      Address please!

        I'm on it.

        Edit: @shane Do you want me to just message it to you on your Facebook? Seems like it'd be the best way to do it.

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    Hola Tay

    Writing this while we are driving back through the snowy mountains from Jindabyne, after spending an extended weekend with the extended family. A lovely wedding, drank and ate a lot, now 2 days of driving ahead of us.

    A Monday morning question, as the place we stayed at was an "equestrian resort": best video game horse? I reckon Wander from shadow of the colossus

      Never played SotC, got the HD version from PS+, but never got around to playing it.

      So I'm gonna say Epona from LoZ runners up are Ruin and Despair from Darksiders and (I know you can't ride him) Bjorn from Peggle.

      The Red Dead Redemption horses are the only ones that I've felt were done right. Every other game's horses felt ungainly and awkward.

        Arse Creed 1 had a bloody good go at horses, they were the best before RDR's I think. The main area where they felt like they fell short was where they kind of skipped to a locked animation and it looked a bit obvious

      I always grew very attached to my RDR horses, mainly because of their reliability in getting me away from zombies at a moments notice. Epona (LoZ) would be up there in terms of prestige, but I always loved Odin's horses in the FF games that he made an appearance. Majestic 6-legged harbinger of doom...

      I rather liked the horses from Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us, but they have nothing on my beloved horse from Red Dead Redemption. I loved that guy. :')

      Edit: I really disliked that horse from SotC, controlled terribly. Was far more efficient to travel places on foot. XD

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      Wander was pretty cool but I think Ruin from Darksiders wins on sheer badass awesome levels.

    Speaking of which. Hey Mark do you have a seperate page with your DS II build, stats items etc. It feels imporant to do some research before and during playing DSII.

      you might have more luck getting a response if you tag someone. Was this message intended for Serrels?

    I swear my bed actively hates me. At night it's like sleeping in a pile of bricks and I'll spend most of the night tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable and sleep properly.

    In the morning when I have to get up it's the fluffiest cloud imaginable and getting our of it just seems like a monstrously difficult task.

      Oh man do I hear that. I hear that so much.

      Also I'm running on ~3 hours sleep at the moment. :'(

      Turn the mattress upside down. That will totally work ...

      "Oh, hello bliss and comfort and the feeling that I could curl up in this snuggly ecstasy forever... WHERE FUCK WERE YOU 4-6 HOURS AGO WHEN I WAS TRYING TO GO TO SLEEP?"

      Yup. The closest I can get to inducing sleep these days is making my room supernaturally cold, arctic++, maybe even sit in air conditioning in my undies until I have a chill on, then crawl - shivering - into my nice, warm bed.

    Seems Shane's a bit tardy this morning, so I'll remind you.

    3 days...

    (EDIT: Accept no imitations! They're never as good as the original!)

    (EDIT EDIT: No, I was right! I think? I give up)

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    ugh. hate morning shifts. I mixed red bull and coffee and a bit of iced tea of all things and my stomach hates me for it

    Just three days to go! (thanks @batguy for holding the fort)

    Today's news:
    Some Walmart in America started selling the game early.

    A write-up of early game experiences

      I wonder if you'll do a countdown for the PC release closer to the date...

      (you probably won't)


    Seriously, it would seem the Employment mob I go to & Centrelink don't even communicate.. They scheduled an appointment for me tomorrow when I have one with Centrelink at that same exact time, just wtf..

      That's fairly standard, both will breach you if you don't show up in 2 simultaneous and separate places. You're not with Summit are you?

      If you can't sort it out, go to Centrelink because they're the ones who ultimately give you money, take the paperwork showing that the idiots at the job network have scheduled the other appointment and it's evidently not your fault. If you don't have paperwork, they should be able to look it up on their crappy system assuming its one of the 9 days in the year its actually working.

        I just rang the other mob and told them to reschedule. They've stopped sending me letters too, and just rely on texting me one day in advance, i've had words about this but it wasn't fixed for the third time in a row..

      Deleted, due to virus already posting what I said.

      Last edited 10/03/14 10:17 am

      count yourself lucky they even did that. I signed up with one of those job agencies when I was on the dole, and I never heard from them once.

        Haha, what the fuck, seriously? That's really poor. I have to report to each mob once a month, and it's always the same, i've been looking for work here's the proof sign a thing saying I am doing as told and go on my way. Just seems like a waste of time to me, but eh, they're always on time so it is all good!

          That's the way it's always been when i have to use them. I was on newstart several times in my early 20's and they were supposed to help me to find a job and have classes on how to dress up your resume etc. Never heard from them once after giving them details when I got my registration done. Sarina Russo is the worst of all of them though.

            Lol, they're that useless with me because centrelink class me as level 1 which means they're not allowed to help me, uh fucking seriously.. What's the point of me going to them, then?

            I just want a job that'll give me enough hours to be able to live and contribute a bit more to the household monetary wise but this is proving hard :/ also i'd like to be off centrelink as well lol.

    I had a pretty awesome day on Saturday, but I thought I'd wait until new TAY to do a write up. I went to Breath of Life Festival, which is a music festival raising funds for the Australian Lung Foundation.

    The first two bands I saw were two local bands, Rhino and Opposer. Two reasonably solid metal bands, nothing much worth writing about.

    The next set I saw was Porter Robinson, an American DJ. To be honest I got rather bored with his set. There was no crowd interaction, although he did redeem himself by using some imagery from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Mario.

    Knife Party followed, and they were a little more interesting. They did interact with the crowd, and it wasn't just one guy djing on a stage.

    After two DJ sets, I was keen for some music played on actual instruments, so I went and saw Saviour in their first and last set in Tassie. Unfortunately, they hadn't practiced for a month and it showed. At least they were more interesting than Porter Robinson or Knife Party.

    Next up came two bands who'd been performing at Soundwave: In Hearts Wake and Buried in Verona. Both bands were a lot tighter than Saviour, and pretty good to watch. I hadn't heard much of their music, so I didn't know any songs, but the crowds seemed pretty into them, and the mosh pits looked crazy.

    Back to the main stage and one of the highlights of the day: Public Enemy. All I can say is wow! Chuck D and Flavor Flav were pretty amazing to see live, and DJ Lord did a solo that made the other DJs I'd seen look tame by comparison. An hour long set by the Rock and Roll hall of famers was brilliant and I could have watched them for at least another hour.

    The next act on the main stage couldn't have been more different: Empire of the Sun. Their stage show was brilliant, the lighting was amazing and their costumes were incredible. All those ingredients came together for one of the best looking shows I've ever seen.

    Finally, the headliners: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. They were 20 minutes late arriving on stage, but they made up for it by putting on an incredible set. Macklemore had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand and his performances of Thrift Shop, Same Love and Can't Hold Us were great. The Festival finished about 35 minutes over time, but I don't think the crowd cared judging by the excitement as we left the venue.

    One disappointment was that I didn't get to see Dead Letter Circus between Public Enemy and Empire of the Sun because I was feeling tired and needing to sit down, but all in all, it was a pretty amazing day, and I've added two performances to my top 5 of all time. (Public Enemy and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) Hope you don't mind the wall of text.

    EDIT: Spelt Flavor Flav's name wrong. Derp.

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    So what's shooting “In a Telltale kind of way”? I've only seen one telltale game with a gun & that was the early bits of the walking dead which I recall being a bit painfully bad. If that's the telltale way, I'm not exactly filled with good thoughts for Tales From The Borderlands

      I'm assuming there'll be a puzzle involved and an objective other than 'making that person dead'...

        I actually expect the opposite in one case

        Objective: Kill that dude
        Inventory: Gun, Magazine
        > Combine Gun + Magazine
        > Shoot dude

        I'm serious, it would totally fit Borderland's humor.

          Now I'm reminded of Borderlands 2:

          That guy who wanted to be shot in the face. Good times.

            Best thing ever was doing everything except what he asked

          That reminds me of that puzzle in Tiny Tina's Assault DLC.

          *Really complex puzzle appears*
          Brick: I'm gonna punch it!
          Tina: Uhhh, you solved the puzzle!

            I loved that DLC.

            I want to play it again...

              I got all the DLC recently and haven't played any of them. D:

                The Tiny Tina one is pretty amazing! Also, I recently did a "Mr Torgue" run with @rize. It is also amazing.


                  TORGUE MOTHERFU*ER!!

                  People need to shout that every time an explosion happens anywhere. I do.

    I'm at home by myself today. Decided to go buy some bacon and english muffins to make a bunch of bacon, egg and cheese muffins since no ones here to judge me.

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      I recently rediscovered the wonders of Hollandaise sauce.

        I swear you guys make up most of these food terms. Hollandaise sauce? That just sounds fake! Don't get me started on bacon. Baaaaacon. Ba-con. That ain't even a real word.

          Bacon and Hollandaise. So good.

            One day, when I'm a real person I might buy some! FOR YOU!

          You haven't lived until you've tasted Floiquazx.

            I used "Search google for" command." Now if I try to google search "flowers" or something, "floiquazx" will show up.I hope you're happy. :P

        Oh man. Hollandaise sauce. The nectar of breakfasts. When I figured out all you need to make it was egg yolk and butter I just went to town that day.

        Also I learnt that if you do it wrong the result literally tastes of steel/copper. Not fun.

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          When it tastes of copper, does it also go red? If so I think you've cut your hand open mate. Best fix that up

            wait, so a pound of nails isn't supposed to be added into the recipe?

              Well, I've never seen it on masterchef

              Then again I don't watch masterchef because it's shite.

          You need a souring agent in addition to the yolk and butter. Lemon juice or vinegar (traditionally uses tarragon vinegar). Also whenever my mum makes it she adds a bit of cream to give it a thicker consistency.

    Good morning all. On the weekend I ran over hordes of Gretchin and blasted their puny tanks into oblivion with a mighty Leman Russ. \o/

    Now it's Monday and I'm sitting behind a desk. /o\

      The only combat value grots have is to hopefully foul the tracks of tanks with their squashed corpses

    The National's I Need My Girl is my favourite song from that album. So, so good.

    Ah, Monday. The Walking Dead. Girls. True Detective. YOU SO AWESOME!

      You forgot Top Gear, the greatest show on television.

        Cars are stupid. FACT.


          Mrs. Freeze hates cars but loves Top Gear.

            Smug British presenters are stupid. FACT.


              So you're saying Stephen Fry is also stupid? Since he's the presenter of QI, and he is British..

                He's not smug though

                  Fry's not really smug, he's posh, well educated & not shy in expressing his opinions on topics.

                  Smug implies a sense of personal superiority which particularly in England is almost universally associated with posh, educated and opinionated but just being posh, educated & opinionated doesn't make one smug.



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          I thought it was Jennifer? lol.

          But yeah, it is, it's sitting there waiting to be watched. Should be good.

          I also went and got myself all 19 series (i've only seen series 20 & 21 in full, only casually watched the rest before) of Top Gear along with all the specials, cause why not.

            It's hard for me to refer him as anything other than "That really grumpy old guy."

              At least it's funny. Jeremy is unique, he knows he is being a cunt and loves being so. But he's also a very intelligent man. I mean I too would be grumpy if I had to be around the ignorance that is Hammond & Captain Slow some days :P

    Sigh i have a unplesant tale of me fucking up

    I went out to Cairns for a installation job last Monday and Tuesday. We completed the job and on our way back to the hotel we got a call from the machine operator. He had driven the machine back to the site to be used and completely lost the back end around the round about. We went to check it out and it was purely because i didnt tighten a hydraulic fitting. The guy was actually pretty nice about it and said it was partially his fault for not checking the whole system before driving on the road. I apologized and i thought that was the end of it.

    On friday afternoon the operator called the shop and screamed at me, I have taken my fair share of abuse from annoyed customers but it was nothing like the 20 minute barrage of constant profanity and insults that this guy laid on me. He insulted everything about me, in a way i realized he was just venting after probably getting a similar cop out from his boss. But after 20 minutes of listening to someone tear me down, i was in tears. I handed the phone to my boss who also got yelled at for another hour. After he was done getting screamed at he gave me one of the worst talks ever, He wasnt angry, he just was disappointed and it hurt so much that i had disappointed him and made him get yelled at. It made me look at myself really hard. I completely deserved the abuse. I fucked up and i couldn't justify it to myself and looking at yourself and realizing you are kind of shit hurts. My ego took a huge hit. But i see this as a wake up call. I refuse to let this shit situation get the best of me. I wont ever be so careless again.

      *Emphatic reassuring hand on shoulder*

      ... It's been a while since I've done one of these on TAY.

      I hate it how people carry on as if they've never made a mistake in their lives.

      But I understand that feel when you stuff up and they get upset. The worst. But I figure it shows you care and take pride in your work. You're not just shrugging and saying so what. Although those people never seem to get in as much trouble and seem to always just coast by effortlessly.

      Mistakes happen. I once backed a forklift into it's charging podium, pretty much destroying it (the podium not the forklift). The warehouse manager called me "demo" (short for "demolitions expert") in a really nasty way for months until I snapped and decided I didn't want that job anymore, and tore strips off him about what a piece of shit he was for it (and other things).

      He actually respected me more for it and I wound up staying on a few more months. Not a course of action I recommend, but y'know, once in awhile...

      Last edited 10/03/14 10:26 am

      Nobody deserves that kind of abuse just for forgetting to do something.

      I fucked up and i couldn't justify it to myself and looking at yourself and realizing you are kind of shit hurts

      Fucking up doesn't make you shit, it makes you human.

      I know it’s rough when you’ve made a mistake and you have no one else to blame but yourself. That said, we’re all human and we all make mistakes. I personally make sure I never get angry with people unless they have consciously done the wrong thing (lied to cover something up, malicious, rude etc.,). Chin up man, I doubt anyone hasn’t made a mistake somewhere in their job. Just keep doing your best – obviously you won’t be making that same mistake ever again.

      just think about all the times you got it right, no one ever praises you when you do things right but they'll blow up at you as soon as you do anything wrong, like others said, you're only human these things happen, learn from it and be become better because of it.

      What @dc said.

      Was he even listening to you or just yelling constantly? You could have put the phone down and gone for a coffee or something

      Honestly, what is it about hiring someone to do a job that makes people feel like they own that person in perpetuity? If you make a mistake in a professional context, you apologise, make restitution (if applicable), and go your merry ways, a little more jaded and a little wiser. At no point in any service contract is abuse part of the package.


        Yeah, someone fucks up here, we refer to the contract. Worst case scenario, it cost money and we have to pay to fix it. Then whoever screwed up gets training. Unless of course it was like... willful negligence or something malicious, which is a disciplinary action.

      Bummer dude...
      At least no one got hurt (physically) I suppose.

      Their reaction on the prooblem sounds very unprofessional and sounds like a bigger problem than the problem you were discussing(?) with them.

      Look, they sound like garbage from your explanation. Don't put yourself down for garbage. If they start yelling angrily and there is no need for yelling. As in you can hear them clearly. Just don't show attention. Put the phone on the side have a coffee or whatever and the come back and msg them asking if they have calmed down.

      Yelling and being angry is such an animal-like response.

    Hi Ya'll
    Had a decent weekend, played a lot of the South Park game and it was great & hilarious.
    Started playing Pokeymans X cause @jimu got it for my birfday (was a while ago, just hadn't seen him till satday), it's not bad glad it finally had a graphical overhaul.
    Watched some more Attack on Titan, it was better than expected (So violent :D)
    Finally watched I Am Legend and enjoyed it (like people told me i would, been avoiding cause Will Smith)
    Watched "Seven Psychopaths" also enjoyable and surprisingly funny
    Also watched lots of Ninja Turtles cause I'm an adult.
    Oh and my Dog decided to dig a hole big enough to fit in so when it rained he had a pool to play in, equal parts cute & messy.
    How are you all this Monday?

      I saw I Am Legend at the IMAX cinema in London. Was so, so awesome. (They also had a preview of The Dark Knight.) Puts screen 5 at South Bank Cineplex to shame, my friend!

      Sounds like a good weekend!

        It was about 10 times better than expected case I expected to hat it, would have been a good one to see on the big screen.

      I am Legend still gives me feels.

      Please say hello to me

        I Am Legend Spoiler
        the dog dying had the biggest impact on me, was such an awesome dog, at least it went out heroically

        Regarding ze feels:

        That dog, man what an emotional scene. Will Smith in general did rather well in that movie.

          Yup, Will smith did a great job, I shouldn't underestimate him so much,

            Will Smith is a great actor who has trouble picking films.

            Not as bad at it as Ryan Reynolds though.

              Same goes with Angelina Jolie!

                yeah, must be her choices, haven't liked her in much at all.

                  She's pretty great in Girl, Interrupted and The Bone Collector!

              makes me think of the South Park with Will Smith's kids where his kids keep telling him to do bad movies cause they pay a lot. Might be some truth in that :P

              I'll watch him in anything though, he's so dreamy. Like my second man-crush after the obvious Bruce Willis.

                yep, I just jumped on the hat wagon with this one, thinking back I've enjoyed more things with him in them than disliked them.

                  Well. There are films which are TRULY TERRIBLE, but I'll still enjoy him in them. Like Green Lantern. Oh god so bad.

      I saw I Am Legend a couple of days after our dog got put down. That scene (you know the one) had me crying.

        aww that sux, we have 2 German Shepherds, i kept going over and giving them pats

          Our dog was a Jack Russell, got bitten by a snake. Not quite the same, but still really hard to watch, and the scene still gets to me a few years later. On a related note, if I had a German Shepherd, I would either call it Book, or Commander. Maybe Rex.

            I called mine Kratos, my girlfriend called hers Moon so when we call then it sounds like we're saying "Moon , Craters"

      Heh, my childhood dog did a similar thing - dug a nest in one of the garden beds big enough to curl up in.
      Both odd and awesome was that dog.

        Guess their genetic heritage is showing through. Wolves will dig their own dens or 'renovate' the dens of smaller animals if there isn't a suitable shelter available. (Though it's usually for birthing and whelping, not just sleeping.)

        yeah he has some strange quirks, but so hard not to love em even when he's being bad.

    Spent all weekend wishing it was next weekend because that's when I get my bonus. Probably gonna be about eight bucks. Gonna highroll it with a LARGE at Maccas to celebrate. Aww yeah.

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    Spent some time playing more TW2. Dark mode is honestly not that hard once you pick up the cursed armour/weapons. I’m currently farming harpies as I want enough money to get the next two suits (I really want to collect them) but it’s also levelling me up a lot. I just might have made this game too easy for myself. I think I struggled more with “normal” mode more than Dark mode.

      I wish TW3 was out already. I finished TW2 just last month and have my save file ready to import!

        Ending spoilers/conjecture for TW3:

        I wonder if they're going to give Letho a cameo in TW3 if you decide to let him live. I know some people thought the ending sequence was anticlimactic but to me it really suits Geralt just wanting answers and some resolution to his amnesia. (I personally let Letho lived as he rescued Triss in my playthrough).

          He also saved Triss on my playthrough but I feel that everything was building up to the two Witchers fighting, plus he basically masterminded the entire thing and "If you let me go, I will disappear forever". Yup, I've heard that before.

          I did the same thing my first playthrough. It definitely felt right to me, but this time I'll take the other choice as I am feeling a little more ruthless.

            I must have been the only person to kill Letho. To be honest I didn't feel bad for it. The game really does a good job at "grey" moral decisions.

              Oh yeah, some of the consequences of my decisions made me regret my choices massively. So well done.

        TW2 is just so utterly brilliant. TW3 with a much bigger budget kind of boggles my mind as to how good it could be.

      You went Iorveth's route right? Those harpies are frustrating at first but as long as you don't destroy their nests they keep respawning for infinite farm.

      Also (minor spoiler for a hunting side quest):

      I had a small giggle at the crazy man collecting harpie feathers.

        Oh man, that side mission. So good, I just completely lost it at that point.

        Yeah that's right. To be honest I find harpies the most ridiculously easy enemy in the whole game. They're even easier than the early monsters you find in Flotsam. They're just not aggressive enough, they rarely attack and if you stay on the offensive you interrupt any attacks they make and with Whirlwind you can handle large groups easily. I don't understand why they're worth so much xp and provide so much money.

      Uhhh TW? Target Walkers? Trail Wishers? Tuppence Whackers? Turpentine Warrior?
      Towards Wagga? Thorium Whistle? Titanium @welbot? Am I getting close?

      No, I am not posting comments too quickly!

    So my mother is currently on the phone giving the council a right earful of complaints about their blatant disregard to keeping the waterway at the end of our street clean.

    This waterway is full of dumped rubbish from garden waste to other waste from food to shopping trolleys to just general rubbish, and the council CLAIM to have fixed all of this, yet they have done nothing, it's all still there like the steel chest full of who knows what, the dozen or more trolleys.

    It's so bad the smell comes up through the storm water drains through out our street and the street around the corner at least.

    Maybe my fathers idea of taking a water sample and having it tested isn't such a bad idea, especially when there's multiple colours through out the water from black, to clear to cloudy green/grey with oil slicks on top and this is present in some areas all at once.

    But hey, the last time the council spent any real money here was when they installed this waterway 15 years ago. Yet we pay rates and can't even live in a neighbourhood that is maintained properly.

      Yes and being aggressive to a civil servant who has none of the power to change that outcome is the best idea.

      If you and your family feel so passionately about it maybe organize a neighbourhood cleanup?

        Actually no, I disagree, sometimes you have to be exactly that or otherwise they will not take you seriously. But considering this is the 3rd time in 2 years my mother has rung up to ask to have something done and this time she was called a liar and that it had been all attended to, well you tell me.

        Also, no, that is not a smart suggestion at all, given not only the smell, but what could be in that water and surrounding areas is a real call for concern. I can name several things that don't smell as bad as this and I wouldn't go sticking my hands anywhere near those given what pathogens, and bacteria live in those. The fact it's got such an anaerobic smell to it, gives you an idea what is likely to be present.

        And another thing, this bloke has the power to actually have something done since he is HEAD of that department which is responsible for the waterways in the shire. But he said he believes there is nothing wrong with it.

        Edit: one other thing, this all flows into the Tweed River, which people fish in, swim in and do other recreational activities in.

        Last edited 10/03/14 11:07 am

          don't do neighbourhood clean up, I worked around creeks for about 6 years, there is some disgusting shit in our creeks and a ridiculous amount of needles.

            Yeah man, I'd never touch it, nor suggest anyone that isn't the council or someone contracted by the council do it.

            I find it funny that the council have these strict rules for having dams on properties here or bodies of water on private property that eventually flow into our waters, yet they can't even keep the same standards for themselves.

        Shouldn't have to have a neighbourhood cleanup, we pay our rates and taxes for a reason, if they can't even maintain things and keep the area clean, then we should be totally within our rights to not pay our rates, until they can.

          Yeah exactly, my father pointed this out to the council, if we pay our rates then aren't we entitled to a clean environment to live in. Hell the council won't put in concreted foot paths around here or give us some street lighting. The only concreted foot path here goes from the shopping centre to the local club where the oldies go and get on the pokies & grog.

        I agree that calling someone and making a scene with someone who has no power to do it is pointless (it's like the people that go to store and yells at the sale staff because something they have no control over is "too expensive"). That being said, doing someone's job because they are too lazy to do it isn't the best course of action.

          As I mentioned Nob, this bloke called my mother a liar and he is the head of this department responsible for looking after this exact matter. She was nice up until then.

            That's fair enough, I'm all for kick people up the arse for not doing their job after repeatedly being asked. Especially when they are rude about it.

              Yeah, I mean it's not fair to just abuse someone for the sake of being abused. But when people will not do their job, or say they have and in fact haven't it's a different matter.

              Also annoys me when mum rang up about 3 weeks back to follow up on the previous call 12 months prior, this bloke was not in the office he was on RDO according to his receptionist and she would have him call her back within the next week, he claimed he rang back but no one answered, considering it was mums mobile number as a contact, yeah.. He didn't like that when mum mentioned that either lol. If someone doesn't want to do their job they should just say so, so we don't bother the poor darlings again about it.

                Time to start sending emails/writing letters and keeping them. Written record, and all that. No-one anywhere gives a shit about phone calls. Maybe even mention why it's being written.

      This sounds like something the local paper would have a good time writing up.

        Yeah, think we may just do that. I mean when there's been a trolley from Bunnings there for 7+ years just chilling and eroding away slowly, you know they don't touch it at all.

          Fuck local papers, this is the kind of shit a current affair producers lie awake at night fantasising over. Evil bureaucrats ignore underdog battlers, society gone to the dogs!!! If you could find a way to add a shonky builder into the mix they'd cum as soon as reading the email. National exposure via a vapid sensationalist bullshit machine might be distasteful but it'd be vastly more likely to get the problem solved.

            But ACA D=

            The local paper (lol Murdoch owned apparently) loves ripping into the council, it's not a bad place to start.

              Yeah, I'd also go down today and take photos and take a sample of the water for analysis. If you tell them you have photographic proof taken today, and will be sending a sample of the water away, it might be enough to get them off their arses.

                Yeah gonna have to, I mean there's also the chance a sewage pumping station across the road from it has also had some serious leakage and blockage problems over the years, so it wouldn't be surprising if there's ecoli in that water too, which poses a real danger.

              Yeah ACA are bottom feeding scum and siccing them on a problem is kind of like organising the trashing of the house of someone you hate by sidling up to a KKK member and whispering that someone black lives there. It gets the job done but leaves you feeling dirty

    Ugh, being outside is like walking into an oven.
    Inside is good.

    So I decided to check out Louie by Louis C.K. last night, not a bad show at all. Not always funny, but it's more funny/entertaining than not.

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