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    Morning all! This gonna be the most Dark Souls 2 TAY ever!

        I still want to arrange a MultiTAYer in that.

          Origins alerts are useless. I'm constantly seeing notifications hours after they've been sent. Honestly, I really want to run Titanfall through Steam cause it's just better for in-game communication.

            I've found the only real problem with Origin alerts is that they're not designed to appear over the game you're playing, where as Steam alerts overlay almost every part of it... If there was a way to change that, they'd be great.

      DARK SOULS 2!

      Sorry Shane, this week is all about inFamous: Second Son!

      I expect this Dark Souls unpleasantness is behind us. :P

        Oh maaan, Infamous looks so good! To bad there is nothing else on PS4. =(

          There's... uh... maybe... no, you're right. There's nothing else on PS4. XD

          But there is The Order, Rime, The Witness and Murdered: Soul Suspect coming soooooon. :D

            Not to hyped forThe Witness, just not my kind of game. Soul suspect will be PC too so I can just pick it up on that.

            The Order and Rime look good but aren't out yet. =(

          I was going to buy a PS4 just to play Infamous. Unfortunately, then I realised how much that would cost me...

        You beat a boss. You're secretly hooked.

          That was the last bit of progress I made.

        Infamous SS is the first game where I am actually being annoyed that I don't have a PS4 for. Nearly $200 saved though, getting there.

      Morning, A week of nothing but spoiler tags it is then

    Urgh. I'm going to Maccas.


      Good decision.

        I'm studying the menu looking for something that looks good. I'm struggling to find something :P

          Uh, Sausage and Egg McMuffin, the classic McDonalds breakfast.

            >:| When there's hashbrowns on the menu, there's really only one choice!

              That's why you get the meal thingies, hash browns AND sausage & egg McMuffin. With those two things, you will get the regret in no time! \o/

    Solaire Halberd progress

      Halberd? Sure you don't mean Tabard?

      Looks awesome though

        I believe a Halberd is a spear fitted with an axe head on the end.

        or a winged creature named Hal

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          The first thing I thought of when I read "Halberd" was actually Meta Knight's airship...

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        that's what i get for doubting myself and trusting Chrome *shakes fist*

          The point is that it looks awesome. Pair it with an actual halberd and no one can complain, especially since they might get a whack from a halberd...

            A pedant's last words: "But Solaire uses a straight sword! Urrrrgh."

              If I can, I will make the sword

                Holler if you have trouble finding images, the wiki knows exactly what weapon it is and everything.

                  I need to see how much needs to be used for for Nob and Gorzilla's armor

      Whoa, that looks excellent! Nicely done!

    Ugh, a weekend of digging holes for trees, I wake up feeling buggered and in an hour I have to go to the gym... Who was it that claimed exercise is good for you? Lunatics...

      Quit job gain aesthetics is their current slogan I believe

    I had Key Lime Pie for Breakfast! Breakfast of kiiiiiings! (And hermits, but mostly kings.)

      A renamed version of android doesn't really make a nutritious breakfast

        Save it for Page Six, friend.

          Noooooooooooo!!! I'm becoming @shane!


              Look on the bright side, I'll be plugging your books soon...

              How many of you do you think there should be? I know I'd only want one of me, sometimes not even that many

                Honestly, if I could send a 'me' into work in my stead, I'd be okay with that. But I'm not sharing my wife with him >:(

                  Well I'm sure not going to work for someone else, get that idea out of your head right away!

    Tutanfall played and was awesome. That is all.

      I initially misread that as Turtlefall and got visions of a tetris style game made with reptiles. Sadly that'd make millions if I worked for those arseholes at king, just whack the word saga on the end and sue everyone who ever thinks about turtles...

    Adopted friends cat on the weekend! Here's us bonding!

    Morning all.

    Decided to go away for the weekend on Friday, so I didn't get to play any Dark Souls II :(

    You guys are probably a lot further than me now, still only just beaten the first boss. Glad I've got another week off, time to catch up.

      I've just gone down some stairs, through a gate, along the sewers, up the stairs... and dead.

      I'm not much further than you! I spent almost the entire weekend just grinding in multiplayer. Jolly co-operation. Have had 23 successful MP campaigns in Heide's tower!

        I'm just a tad further then you ...
        I've finally collected all 4 "Great Souls" thingies.

      I haven't even gotten to a boss yet. Just mucking around in early game with different weapon sets.

    Morning all!
    So much Titanfall on the weekend, and overall it's been a pretty positive experience. There's been a few (inevitable) bad matches, either due to a big mismatch in team skill, or just crap luck like versing a team full of people with 300ms pings, but the game is still a hell of a lot of fun.

      Yeah had the same experience. There's also a clear differrnce in player skills between campaign players and classic multiplayer players.

      New maps and strategies threw me out of my zone a little.

      Anyway happy birthday, hope it's a fun day today. Gotta love the internet. lol

      Hooray birthdays, how old are you? You look at least 10 years older!

      Hang on, I've got to pull out my dartboard of pre-packaged birthday greetings.
      The earth has revolved around the sun 1 more time since your birth.

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        "You have survived another year. Many of your competitor humans have not. Congratulations on your persistence."

    I have been taking my wife on the Mass Effect tour. She can't play reaction games, so I've been doing the fighting, she's been doing all the exploring and talking and decision making.

    We just got to Virmire.
    She had to choose between Ashley and Kaiden. She chose Kaiden to survive on the premise of " I never liked Ashley, she was a bitch".

    I love my wife.

    But she scares the bejeesus out of me sometimes.

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      I introduced my girlfriend and she loves it! Clocked the game, bought the hoody, leggings, vinyl figures etc.

      She kept Kaidan for the same reasons.

        It just scares me that her reasoning is so shallow.
        No "But I'm a biotic too, and we need a tank" or "But you may need to redeem yourself".
        You're a bitch.
        You're gone.

          The Walking Dead season 1:

          Mrs Shane dropped Ben, just because. Just because. She just shrugged. SHRUGGED. "I never really clicked with him as a character." For that he dies. D:

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            It's not too late to start a new life in Brisbane, Shane! :D

              Life... in Brisbane? That doesn't sound right.


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      Similar reasoning for me, when it came up to the point it would have gone something like this ...

      Joker "Commader, we can only save one- "
      Shepard "Kaiden"
      J "uhhh, are you sure? You don't want to thi-"
      S "Kaiden"

      Seriously the decision wasn't hard, SHES A SPACE RACIST BITCH

      In my first game I obviously didn't know what was about to happen so I went back for the bomb, mission can't be compromised. In fact, I've only not done that once in all my 7-8 plythroughs of the game and then purely to see the other scene. Professionalism is femshep's middle name (her parents were weirdos)

      I still think Ashley is the better character. She develops from the space racism, you know, if she lives, plus the way she talks to you after Virmire if you're romancing her (asking you if the only reason you saved her was because of romance and genuinely feeling guilty) is way better than Kaidan (not even mentioning Ash and basically asking 'so when we gonna bang?')

        So... he's a guy? :)

        That was one of Kaidan's best qualities! The guy's got his shit together for the most part. He description of the biotic training and his maturity in the subsequent conversations was awesome! Better written than most anyone else in the game, that part.

          I let him keep going. It's nice to see where he ends up in ME3.

          The one thing that has kept me going through piloting that damn Mako in ME1 is the knowledge that Mrs Quiz will indeed fall in love with the characters as much as I did.

          However, it's not as smooth sailing as that.
          She picked Liara as the romance option. WHAT? NO!

      I played through it twice and made that decision the same way both times. For the same reason.

    A Dark Souls 2 question
    Early on, got up on top of some castle bit, and there was a nice open rectangular area up a very short ladder. Giant crow flies past, drops a big knight guy that kills me in one hit. He hasn't reappeared again. Was that a once off enemy? Should I expect more of this sort of thing?

      Same deal for me, but...

      Could be a spoiler for something later on?

      I think he reappears as The Pursuer.

      Uh, yeah, don't go there. There are plenty of messages, at least in my playthrough that say, "tough enemy up ladder, come back later" or words to that effect. It's good advice. I found the sections after that quite tough as well, but it's just ordinary enemies. PS: Don't miss the shortcut opportunities just past there - unsure if you're playing blind or not, but I can give more detail if wanted.

        I got the bit just after that thanks to fire sword plus not normal wooden barrels...

          If you have the health for it, that technique will stand you in good stead later on. Also, firebombs.

          (That's not a spoiler, those sentences are appropriate in just about any contemporary conversation on any subject.)

            Yeah, the hard lesson has been well applied further along. It was nice to get a bonus for doing something so stupid early on.

      He won't reappear there and I haven't encountered anything else similar but apparently some bosses make early appearances in NG+

      Oh, didn't share my experience.

      I climbed up there, and got attacked by him, but I blocked him, and jumped off the side wall to escape. He watched me for a moment, and then sank menacingly into the ground and disappeared. Spent the next few minutes circling with my shield, expecting some sort of attack from underground, but of course nothing happened. I haven't been back to see if he returns or not! :P

    Just started playing Dark Souls II this morning. I got a trophy just for dieing! Go me!

      I thought I was probably getting a handle on things and have a weapon and stuff, mastered everything else in the starter forest, let's go slap around one of those giant, blubbery hippo-trolls.

      Achievement unlocked: "This is Dark Souls."

      64 deaths later... if this was a coin-operated game I'd be getting my money's worth so far, but the game is young, only two 'Old Souls'.

        When I was wandering around last night, trying to avoid going to a place I knew I'd get killed I clicked "Examine" on that monument the Crestfallen guy is leaning on. Shows how many deaths there's been worldwide. Made me feel a bit better. :D

    TITANFALL all the weekend. Got through the campaign which was both more and less interesting than I thought. It was somewhat interesting if a bit hard to follow when it's just a bunch of gravelly voices delivering exposition out of context. You have to go through it twice - once as IMC and once as Militia - but I felt like the experience was identical each time. I don't really think new dialogue was shared, I didn't really get any idea of what the conflict was supposed to be about, what each side was fighting for, etc. I also feel like the lore and backstory deserves a traditional campaign experience, but then again if they had made one people would probably skip it for the multiplayer anyway and I also believe a solo story campaign experience based on a militaryesque shooter would have to be too scripted to fully make use of the broad range of movement the Pilot is capable of, or would be limited to not make use of the gameplay potential. There's also an interesting bond between Pilot and Titan that I think you only understand once you've really just been thrown into battle.

    I'm seeing people already complain (oh, I'm level 35, now I'm bored, this game has no longevity) and that might be true if you're not into multiplayer shooters (in which case did you read the box?). I personally played Modern Warfare 2 obsessively for 2 years, and Halo 3 for 3. I'm not saying Titanfall has THAT kind of longevity, but games with a strong multiplayer roll along for months if not years with people content to endlessly kill each other.

    And at the end of the day, if you sunk 20 hours into that then gave it up, the game has already had more longevity than your average. I'd say you got your money's worth. All in all, good game, will enjoy continuing to play probably until Destiny comes out. The only reason I might notp lay this as obsessively as I have other games in the past is because I have a lot of shit on my pile of shame that I will kick myself if I don't get to soon.

      Yep, you also forgot the lack of guns or resources part. People say that, but the game is well balanced with what it has and it is very fun to play. So I don't care for my limited choices as my limited choices are pretty much: awesomness 1 or awesomness 2.

        That's something that bugs me with a lot of games. Having 100 choices is all well and good right up until you hit competitive complacency and people end up only using the same three choices.

          I think the selection of guns and equipment we have are really great. Each thing serves a distinct purpose and there's enough options for each type of player without stupid redundancies.

          Other than the Smart Gun, there's actually a surprising range of tactics and weapons being used. Most weapons are designed with a specific use in mind, so none are really the go-to which is rather nice. Reminds me of vanilla TF2.

            The Smart Gun is nice for wiping out grunts really fast but not much else. It's satisfying to score a pilot kill with it and I've used it a fair amount because of that, but I could have accomplished those kills much more cleanly with the carbine.

          I find this comment funny. Well, more weird.

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        The balance of the gameplay is really surprising. The Titans are powerful but can be taken down by a clever Pilot so easily. The game is so much more about how well you navigate and move than how powerful your guns are, and everything you do feels kind of amazing. I was riding on a friendly Titan trying to use my anti-Titan rifle to give him a bit of help in combat, when I seized an opportunity to vault off my friend, wallrun along the side of a building and land on the enemy Titan where I promply finished it off while my buddy went and took cover to regen his shields.

        Another time I really made a pest of myself by jumping between three enemy Titans who were grouped together and kept trying to shoot me off each other or disembark to deal with me directly. They got me after about a minute, but during that time I had the full attention of three Pilots and their Titans which I feel contributed to the overall efforts of my team in holding Hardpoints.

          Yeah Ive had experienced similar stuff. Makes you feel really cool. Took on a titan in an small room and he basically fluffed the room with triple threat grenades and I had use the walls only. Was so much fun.

          Had times when I would take one titan and then jump of onto the ground only to be noticed by another. Call mine in and use it as a distraction. There is this link or a bond between titan and pilot. So good when you finish the job an then pilot your titan further into enemy territory. lol

        I keep feeling like there's not enough guns, but that's purely cause I've been trained to think that if I don't get given a stupid number of weapons. Plus, when you include the titan stuff, there's actually a pretty big range.

    Dark Souls 2. All of the time! ... except now, because work >:(

    This game is forcing me to come to terms with my lack of skill. Demon's Souls, I totally cheesed as much as possible, using sneaking rings and bows to take out pretty much everybody. Dark Souls had exploits and grinding to help it go down a bit easier. This game, though... FromSoft really are forcing me to, finally, build up my skills to progress. There's so little opportunity to exploit the game's systems, or level to OP, or grind out awesome early-game gear, that when I land the all achievements achievement, it'll feel like a true achievement.

    TL;DR: I'm scared. Hold me.

      I FEEL like I've been cheesing it by being overleveled. I strongly suspect I'm probably 15-30 levels ahead of where most folks are when they complete things. It's kind of made most of the bosses a joke. (The only 'hard' ones so far have been The Pursuer and almost-kinda Lost Sinner/Relic Guardians. But not really.) I can only imagine how bad it'd be if I were also getting white phantom co-op exp.

      Part of it is a probably some completionist/OCD compulsion to de-populate areas. I just... I don't know why, I just feel powerfully compelled to do it. It's like scratching an instant scratch-it. I can't just scratch off enough to see the icons on the panel, I NEED TO GET RID OF ALL THAT SILVERY CRAP. Repeatedly clearing those areas teaches you the enemy's moves by necessity, so while you certainly learn how they behave, it doesn't feel very well-earned. Just sheer bloody-minded persistence. And continually running back to Majula after clearing an area and having enough souls for a level-up, so that even if you lose souls, it's never going to have been enough for a level.

      And it's important not to underestimate the value of those stats. Even if only in terms of buying you margin for error. I must have almost 30 vitality and adaptability each, now. It is allowing me to remain nicely mobile/regen stam pretty well (65% load), but ALSO use a tower shield with a bastard sword, and the Drangleic armor - which - for comparison - is around double the poise and resistance of the elite knight armor. If that isn't easy-mode, I don't know what is.

      Also, familiar controls: I found that the Bastard Sword has a very similar move-set to the old Man-Serpent Greatsword, so I've fallen back on relying on that, which has made things much easier as well. (It's only about 5 points damage difference from my flame longsword, but man... that reach. Reach makes all the difference against so many enemies. High poise-damage doesn't hurt either - staggering an enemy means not having to dodge their attacks.)

      So I'm not sure if it's harder or easier than Dark Souls... Somewhere around the same, but different? I'm really noticing resource scarcity, though. If this were Dark Souls in terms of buying titanite, my Bastard Sword would be +10 already. (Yeah, I've had decent luck with Dyna and Lillo. Got multiple freakin' slabs already.)

        Sounds like a dream playthrough to me. Going well, man!

    General impression about Dark Souls 2 (not specific spoilers but you might not want to read it depending on how blind you're going in or how sick of Dark Souls you are):
    From seems to have taken the approach of "more is more good" here. More areas to explore, more bosses to deal with, more enemies on screen at a time. The problem is that most areas and bosses simply aren't memorable because of it. As for the enemies, I'm just finding it really irritating, especially in boss fights. There are multiple boss fights where they throw in trash mobs to make things more difficult but it feels like the wrong sort of difficulty. I'd much prefer less.
    Less areas so that I feel more like I'm exploring some world instead of patched together set pieces (paying attention to the geography makes it all stop making sense). Less bosses so that there's less "oh, another boss to deal with". I know that what I wanted out of Dark Souls 2 was more Dark Souls but I think I was more after more Dark Souls experience than more things from Dark Souls shoved into a game.

    I should also mention that I've had about four hours sleep and would very much like to get back to sleep.

      Mmm I have sorta liked the variety of areas so far but I do prefer the world style of DaS than the hub style. But it's more of a seamless world than Demon's Souls at least.

      I'd agree the many bosses are not as memorable though. Most have been fairly easy so far - I have had more trouble getting to many of them than the actual fights.
      Though the gargoyles are going to be a bitch. Tried a couple of times and not sure how I am can beat them.

        Focus them. New ones spawn based on the shared health bar. So if you knock them out one at a time, they only spawn one at a time.

    Hola TAY

    Had a quiet weekend- went to the Veronica Mars movie on Friday (which met its quota of sass) and got my democracy sausage on Saturday (Hung parliament!!!!). Pub last night.

    A Monday Morning Question: If you could vote #1 any game character for Premier of SA, who would you vote?

      Miles Edgeworth.
      Or, for laughs, Phoenix Wright.
      Or, for even more laughs, Executioner Smough.

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      George Costanza, because he would give great press conferences when he screwed up.

      Last edited 17/03/14 9:48 am

        "Jerry, I passed the law!"
        "You Passed the law, George?"
        "I passed the law! The Vandelay act!"

      Let's talk sass!

      I actually really wanted Veronica to be happy in the end. And yeah, Neptune, doing what she loves, that's what makes her happy. I guess that's cool.
      But like her dad said, Neptune drags you down and she got out. I wanted that sort of happy.
      Sassy New York lawyer with a penchant for investigation? That leaves a lot open for any future Veronica Mars work. She can always go back to Neptune.
      Still, ending wasn't unexpected.

      Like I said on Twitter, it felt like a condensed season story arc. And I liked it.

        Yeah, it did seem like a bit of a rush back to status quo- and Piz kinda got screwed over. I thought the voiceover about her being an addict were on the money.

        I hope they do a sequel, even a couple of telemovies. They've already committed to a couple of novels, but I'd love for them to follow the Sherlock model

          Ohmigosh yes. Sherlock model would be so good.
          I like Logan as a character, I was just never a fan of the romance between him and Veronica. I like how nice and cleaned up his gotten though. And the stark contrast of how all the characters you were supposed to like have made something of themselves, while everyone else from school that you were made to dislike have continued their shallow, vapid lives.

            You definitely get the sense that those that stayed in Neptune have rotted, in a way. Except for Wallace and Mac.

      Preference 1: John S117, Master Chief and Spartan.
      Getting shit done. Tolerating no bullshit. Best interests of humanity at heart.

      Preference 2: The player-character in Overlord for obvious reasons. Kirby.

      Ford Cruller (Psychonauts): Gets shit done by leaving it up to the people who know that they are doing

      Julius Caesar (Caesar): Because why the hell not

    Over the weekend I watched:

    About: Guy gets pills that make him smarter. However, a pill wears off after a day and there are only so many.
    Overall, it was an okay movie. For somebody so smart though, he sure doesn’t show much forethought most of the movie.

    Law Abiding Citizen
    About: Mans wife and daughter are murdered in front of him. Murderers end up going to jail for 3 years. Man then decides to get vengeance on murderers and the justice system that screwed him over.
    Premise made me think it might be a wannabe-Taken. Actually, this is a pretty good movie and there are some great twists and turns. Unfortunately there are a few leaps of logic along the way that really don’t make that much sense.

    About: True story about a guy joins the US army and they go to Kuwait. No action really, mainly a drama.
    Great movie. Definitely feels like a real reflection for what it must be like for most soldiers these days.

    About: Dark Fantasy. Obnoxious girl wishes the Goblin King would take her little brother away. He does so and then she has to go through a labyrinth to get him back.
    Really well put together and David Bowie is awesome. Jennifer Connelly was pretty awful and her character has basically no redeeming qualities. I was totally going for the Goblin King the whole time. Great movie still.

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      I'd give Law Abiding Citizen a 2-2.5 and Limitless a 3-3.5.

      Have you seen Buffalo Soldiers? If you liked Jarhead you might enjoy it. A bit different, but some similar themes.

        I think I really liked the second act of Law Abiding Citizen, and it kind of surprised me. That's why I liked it so much. I'm not sure how much I would recommend it to others though.

        Also, I hate it when movies like Limitless try to tackle complex subjects but can't really back them up with the dialogue. They keep saying that he's smart but it's obvious that the writers don't really know much about the stock market. It's sort of a pet peeve of mine.

        Haven't seen Buffalo Soldiers. Will definitely check it out!

        Are you kidding me? Law Abiding Citizen's main character is like... my hero! He's a role model for any revenge-porn vigilante-wannabe!

          That courtroom scene where they are going to set a bail is awesome. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I'VE PROBABLY MURDERED TWO PEOPLE AND YOU WERE JUST GOING TO LET ME GO FREE?!"

      I loved Labyrinth when it first was released, but every time I attempt a rewatch I find myself cringing at the 80's-ness of it all and it ruins it for me. I'm actually surprised they haven't attempted a remake yet.


          I grew up in the 80's. There's some bad memories there. :P

            Well, you know what they say:
            "If you remember the 80's, you'll probably remember Frankie Goes to Hollywood and slapbands... because, well, because they were around in the 80's."

        My wife loves it, we watch it about twice a year and it's grown on me. I don't find the 80s-ness offputting at all, but that's just me.

        Boooooooo. It is 80s greatness and should never be remade

          I never said it should be remade, just that I'm surprised it hasn't.

        Oh man, I did that with The Neverending Story.

        My God it's hard to sit through.

          I did that not long ago. Made me wonder... was it everyone who was that credulous and naive in those days, or just kids and our parents were as horrified then as we are now?
          Watching 80s and 90s sitcoms makes me wonder though. Our parents found it funny, then... and the things that people were shocked or scandalized by were pretty real. I think we ARE actually getting more jaded and cycnical.

            Hence why Daria was one of the greatest animated shows of my childhood

        I seen this now and can never forgive you. Ever!

      I wanted to check our Jarhead but never got around to it. How would you say it compares to something like The Hurt Locker?

      Re: Labyrinth - you're ultimately supposed to be rooting for the goblin king, but you're not really supposed to realise it until the end. IIRC it's based on a book series. There's apparently more to it, which is somewhat covered in the final song where he's all like "everything I've done, I've done for you". He granted her wish then she treated him like a monster for it, then when he tried to apologise for the misunderstanding, she still rejected him! Jennifer Connolly was such an unlikeable brat in the opening scenes though that I didn't much care for her peril.

      Last edited 17/03/14 10:15 am

        Hurt Locker tops Jarhead, no question.

          Nah man. Jarhead was better imo. Brothers was better than both.

            You reckon? Maybe I need to re-watch Jarhead. I only saw it once in the cinema, whereas I've seen Hurt Locker several times and obviously more recently.
            I don't deny it was a good film, just remember enjoying Hurt Locker more. I'll re-watch.

        I can recommend Jarhead. One of the more realistic deployment movies I've seen, makes for some uncomfortable viewing at times. Not a hoorah, America fuck yeah patriotic movie.
        I've also heard Generation Kill is worth a look as a good miniseries along similar lines.

          My wife checked out Generation Kill awhile back (because Alexsander Sarsgaard was in it) and it seemed interesting but I only caught a couple of episodes.

        I probably like Hurt Locker slightly more, but I think they're both trying to show different aspects of war and Hurt Lockers subject is slightly more exciting.

        Interesting on the Goblin King. Definitely felt bad for him in the end.

      Bowie's codpiece in that film is worth half a star.

        Was it my imagination or was it getting larger as the story progressed?

    Oh, something I discovered that other Titanfall players might want to know:
    The Rematch card (respawn where you died) gives a giant warning to the person that killed you when you use it. When it was used against me for a second time I just lobbed a satchel charge where the guy was about to respawn and killed him again. So...don't assume they're useful for a stealthy revenge kill.

      Well that's just useless. Thanks for the heads up, I was saving that card. Now I see that it useless.

      Titanfall? What's that? Looks like some dodgy cheap Call of Duty knockoff.

        You wouldn't understand Titanfall, because you're not 10 and questioning my mother's promiscuity.
        Side note: there's been literally 2 people I've seen that were behaving like pre-teen CoD fanboys, which has been really, really nice.

          Meanwhile, on Xbone:

          I've only come across one person with a headset in and he was using it to obnoxiously eat some chips. You know, that loud deliberate chewing and lip smacking? Muted.

          I picked up a headset for my Xbone (why yes, it was the Titanfall branded one, since you're asking [consumerism intensifies]) which gives me wonderful surround sound pumped directly to my earballs, but I have no intention of enabling the mic. I have a tendency to either remain silent or swear, in which case there is no benefit to anyone to me having a microphone.

            I used to be perfectly comfortable using public chat in multiplayer games to teamwork with randoms, but after years of it being useful 10% of the time or less, I just sort of....stopped.

              I'm the same. I used it more when I was playing with friends but it seems over time what my friends have been playing has differed from what I've been playing, and for some reason my net connection got worse when playing with guys from the US. Overall my diminshing headset use probably relates more to me not playing as many multipalyer games, but yeah. I'm not a field marshall. I'm not chatty. I don't contribute anything.

              Maybe whan I'm playing something co-op like Destiny it'll work better. I know my chat headset was at it's most useful during T-Hunt missions on Rainbow 6: Vegas.

              "Guys, they're grouped up and incoming at choke point B. Oh. Or I guess you could just do fucking whatever."

          Excuse me, we aren't questioning your mother's promiscuity, we are informing you of it, as fact.
          Get it right, please.

    Sleep, game or work? I'm struggling with this question right now but I think sleep is winning out.
    On the weekend I ate too many of the things that make me sick, and I'm also still a bit battered from being physically targeted by two guys at once at the Iced Earth show. These things combine to make it difficult to sleep well. Plus I keep dreaming about Dark Souls. :P

      Physically targeted?

        I read it as "psychically" targetted. Admittedly, it makes less sense (I think), but it'd be quite interesting, too!

        Yeah, first time I've ever feared for my safety at a gig.
        I was up the front, just behind Mr. Strange and I'm used to when the band starts being thought of as a weak point for people who want to get to the front "easily" without having to stand there for hours previously and having to stand my ground but this time as soon as the band started, two guys swarmed me and started trying to edge me out, physically manhandling me and slamming me in the back and one of them was even climbing me and using me as a foothold to jump around from (I have a lump on my shoulder from his foot! ). If I hadn't managed to get a hand on the barrier as I was flailing from the first hit I would have been down and trampled.
        I knew I had to do something or they'd do it the whole show but I wasn't going to give in because that would mean their fucked-up tactics won, and I knew I couldn't show any weakness for them to pounce on so I turned around and yelled at them in my best angry Mum voice. I think I said something like "There's a person here, I'm not a step" with some extra expletives in there. :P The guy who'd been jumping on me took a few steps back and threw up his hands in a defensive stance saying "Woah! Chill out!", and I told him he was the one who needed to chill out. He then took his friend elsewhere and they didn't bother me again. :D


          Metal is scary.
          (cc @dc)

            Well, so is Strange. I'm sure those guys are rocking back and forwards in the fetal position as we speak. :D

              They almost ripped my Ensiferum Australian Tour T-shirt. That was the last straw! :P

            Like I said, this is the first time I've ever feared for my safety in the 20ish years I've been going to metal shows. Usually there's respect for fellow fans, and camaraderie where you're all enjoying yourself together, not at the expense of each other.
            I think it might be because Iced Earth are on the cusp of being Thrash which is a particularly obnoxious fanbase, so there's some spillover of dickheads from that side.

              At Arcade Fire there was this big, muscly guy who tried to do this to a small, young teenager. The guy impressively stood his ground. It was amazing! :D

          I really hate people like that, I am sure some people just go to gigs to be dicks and ruin other peoples nights. There is just no excuse for such disgusting behaviour.

          Like when my friend went to Scar The Martyr back in December some dude on the barrier was giving her shit and attacking her security refused to acknowledge the situation, anyway this dude ended up with a bloody nose (or whatever) somehow and kept at my friend when she told him to fuck off for the last time he proceeded to spit blood in her face, which got in her eyes :(

          Thankfully she didn't catch anything, which was a huge relief.

          Last edited 17/03/14 11:29 am

      DARK SOULS 2

    17th March, 1992 - A referendum is passed to end apartheid in South Africa.
    @rize, in honour of this anniversary and the anniversary of your birth, may you get so blind you can't even see colours.
    Halala ngosuku lokuzalwa!

    Oh man, I had full intentions of writing out an epic meat post but we are super busy at work so here is the basics:

    Who?: EVERYONE!
    What?: A Scottish doctor...
    What?: Dinner, drinks and glorious* karaoke
    When?: Saturday 22nd March
    Where?: Mizuya, Sydney -
    Why?: I'm turning old and so is @rize

    I need to know numbers for this so I can book the place. Please try to let me know by Wednesday if you can make it.

    They have a couple of packages for prices and I need to work out which one is best:

    From the website:
    5:30 p.m to 2 a.m

    Option 1:
    $15 per person room hire charge for 2 hours of karaoke.

    Minimum booking of 6 people is required on the night, so for groups of 6 or less the room hire will be $90 for 2 hours of karaoke.

    Additional hour: $7.50 per person room hire charge

    Option 2:
    The price for the minimum spend packages would varies depends on the amount of people you have in your group:

    1 to 6 people - $248
    7 to 8 people - $328
    9 to 12 people - $488
    13 to 16 people - $648
    17+ people - $40 per person

    Attending guests will also pay $15 per person for 3 hours of karaoke entertainment.

    Additional Hour: $5 per person room hire charge

    *Glory not actually guranteed

    @35 @alexpants @anonymous_pessimist @batgirl @batguy @cakesmith @cj @doc_what @effluvium-boy @fatshadylive @gingerchris86 @gorzilla @harli @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian @morkai @markserrels @mrtaco @powalen @ruffleberg @shiggyninty @blaghman @rize @freezespreston @sernobulus

    Girl Germs

    EDIT: Not as "basic" as planned...

    Last edited 17/03/14 10:11 am

      I'm not too sure what's happening with @freezespreston and I but I'm pretty sure we are going. ... I think

        If we can get our shit together and not end up in Belize accidentally.

          Did you guys end up finding a place to crash? @rize is staying at mine but there is room for 1 more if needed. 2 if you want to get REALLY cozy.

      love to, but I'm pretty strapped for cash this week & I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be out of town on S