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    I had to explain HAM to other people in the office today. Now they think I'm trying to make it happen. I'M NOT TRYING TO MAKE HAM HAPPEN.

    also how about that Reaper of Souls eh

      I dunno if it's ham good, but it seems like a cool character

      Wait... ham the meat product? Pork? What's to explain about pork? Or is this some acronym for something I don't know about yet?

        I think he's talking about this.

          I didn't know people were even playing Runescape. I mean, obviously there MUST be, but I've never known anyone who was playing it.

          this arose because my housemate and I (after a few bottles of red) were thinking of other stupid acronyms and she came up with 'B.A.C.O.N' - bad and cool or NOTHIN

      Ham is also the antonym to spam, in the realm of comments. Ham is a legit comment, spam is a ... well, spam comment.

    Ground Zeroes is awesome! :D The unlockable Deja Vu mission is pretty cool too.

    Does anyone else still turn on their PS3 and see the title screen and think "hell yeah!"?

    I know it's uber old, but it still feels like a cool system to me. Can't believe it's now last gen.

      I do like that horizontal glowy ribbon, and smooth, minimalist interface.

        I liked the idea, I didn't like the layout. It felt poorly organised, at least it should have let users modify things so they could create custom groupings

        Or at least delete that fucking singstar thing I never bought, downloaded or agreed to own. But noooo... sony were all "Fuck you, you own this now!", it was like a reverse mugging

          Yeah the singstar thing made me swear off getting a PS4. Ads on the dash is total BS.

            I don't mind ads on the dash (well I do, but I'll tolerate them because there's no avoiding the fuckers and as long as they're ads for game stuff on a game console they're at least relevant), the thing that gets me is that it was in my games list as if I'd bought it. It'd be like steam putting all the free to play crap in your library by default, it's bad enough when they put the free weekend stuff in

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              I hate them so much. It's my console. I should be able to choose what I see on the dash.

              The day they puts ads on my desktop I'm going back to XP.

            Congratulations on staying true to the Master Race! :)

            I mean hell, if you were going to go with consoles, the alternative was a Xbone, which... I dunno man. If ads on the dash of the PS3 (by which I mean one entry tucked away in a side-menu - GOD why couldn't they let us delete that fucking singstar, seriously?! I STILL want it gone) torqued you off, well... heh. Be glad you never saw the x360 dashboard.

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              Yeah I never have. What's the deal with it? Is it really full of ads?

                They found a way to cram ads into every damn menu page. It was truly unbelievable, almost impressive.

                (Edit: Several pages were nothing BUT ads, which you'd have to slide past to get to 'settings'.)

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                  The annoying thing is that you are paying $11.95 a month to be bombarded with ads. Pick ads or a subscription service, Microsoft! You can't have both. It's like how WoW has a built-in microtransaction store. @rowan

                  a 3 tiered thing would be fine; Silver, no MP, no ads, free. Gold, no ads, MP, paid. Tarnish, opt in ads in exchange for limited MP, free.

                  Paying for ads just seems so... foxtel...

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      I like the way it makes a sound like an orchestra tuning up when it starts. It's classy. PS4 doesn't have any start-up sound, just the beep when you turn it on :(

        Yeah I like the sound too. I still clearly remember the feeling I had when I bought it. I can't believe it was so long ago. I STILL have that feeling. It's like .... "quality...." if that makes sense.

        Really good console hey.

    Bought cod ghosts limited edition from eb games December last year, the dlc that came with it is still not showing up or working :(

      Is that Freefall or was there more?

      Freefall suddenly started showing up in my map list the other day but not in the bonus map section. It's strange.

      Maybe try reaching out to PSN or Live via Twitter/email?

        Freefall is free now... it think

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          Ohhhhhhhhh, I got it with a code and it just never showed up in my list.

          I guess that would explain it.

    Weekend gaming progress:
    Pokemon Y: Don't know why I went back to this, but I finished the National Dex (minus a few event legendaries) and got the shiny charm. Dabbled in a bit of GTS and got a few shinies.
    Dark Souls 2: Level 50, 21 hrs, first primal fire lit - don't even know what that means, still taking it slow. Last boss was a lagtastic nightmare, he kept sliding all over the place. Also funny how different summon fights can be compared to hosting thanks to lag - as a summon, the boss will hit where I was a second ago, but they can actually aim at me when I'm local. Eh. Having fun regardless.

      Specific Dark Souls things and a question. I think I went the 'wrong' way:
      Went straight from giant to pursuer to the three guys (farmed them for a bit, got really good at herding and dividing to help as a summon), then straight through to sinner guy. After one go at that I felt a little underpowered, so went back and did the tower of flame and piratey area until it linked through.
      One thing though - there were a bunch of locked doors in sinner's rise, and unless the key was on the edge of that shaft I didn't want to risk, I must have missed something. A guy I was summoned to help had the key so I've missed it somewhere.

        I went the same way.
        I think you're ACTUALLY supposed to go through Heide's Tower of Flame, though.
        I honestly cannot remember where you find that key.

          And as @freezespreston pointed out, I now know the bit I missed.
          Enter room, light bonfire, note two exits, warp back to town. Turn game off, resume the next day, warp back to bonfire facing one exit, forget all about the other one. Gah. My own silly fault.

        Beat the Gargoyles in Belfry Luna.

          OK. Haven't even heard of that place yet so I'm assuming that's further down the other path I haven't tried yet (huntsman something?)

            No, it's in the Lost Bastille.

            From the bonfire after the Ruin Sentinels go down the ladder and put a Lockstone in the face.

              OH. I forgot all about the ladder down. Yep, I sure missed a bit. Thanks!

      At work on Friday I planned another mono-bug type team because I had no work to do. It was made to exploit Rain, so I had things like Rain Dancing Lead Accelgor, Hurricane Volcarona, etc.

      Then I realised I don't want to put the time in to get the team up and running :P

        Now I have a shiny charm, how much do I care about hunting for shinies? It was the main thing I wanted to gear towards - hunting legendaries then shinies rather than battling trainers, but effort...

          Does the shiny charm work when hatching eggs? That would be cool if so (a shiny that doesn't have optimal stats is just a waste :P)

          I don't really care too much about shinies. I think everybody hacking an entire team full of shinies has taken a lot of the appeal out of it. They're good for bragging rights though.

            It did in B2W2, I haven't seen 100% confirmation either way for XY. Seen more 'no' than 'yes' though, which is sad.
            Given the shiny egg hack that happened a while back (packet sniffing the details of an egg showed a trainer ID - if it matches the trainer on hatching, voila shiny), I don't see how a shiny charm parameter would be easily implemented to affect this.

            If there was one 'mon you wanted a shiny of above all others, which would you pick?

              I know what you're trying to do! I don't need a shiny! haha You've already found me a lot of stuff and I don't play XY anymore :P

              Having said that, I've always liked Shiny Nincada :P

              But really, you don't need to find me anything! Not likely to play X again until the next game comes out (RS remakes or Z)

    Morning people! How was everybody's weekend? Mine was good in that I finally got my burrito!

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      There was a lack of burritos? There should never be a lack of burritos at any time. If burritos are missing seek out and replenish burritos. So it is written, so it shall be done.

        I tried but the only available burritos were Salsa's burritos, till this weekend when I drove 20 mins to Zambrero's and went to burrito land!


    Currently planning my all-achievements run. Might not be a straight shot: some of the spells, miracles, pyros and hexes I need require me to level up in covenants. I should probably try to prioritise these so I don't overlevel and find myself up against foes too formidable :\

      I'm going t do it the same way I did the first. Just go through enjoying the game an eventually go for the plat for a different challenge.

        Mine's a similar approach, but it's also keeping an eye out for things I might otherwise miss that people have pointed out, and I'll do my research when I'm pretty much done with it and kick myself for the things that I missed.

        Thanks to peoples' advice about the inheritance stuff, I should hopefully be kicking myself a lot less than I otherwise would.

          Inheritance stuff, is that the keep summons alive thing or something else?

            There are half a dozen of them. Two of them are related to keeping summons alive.

            Edit: here is the best summary of the achievements guide I have found so far:

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              Eh, Trophy collecting is not really my thing. Have not even looked at them.

        I kind of like these extra little challenges. They add to the game, and encourage me to do stuff I probably wouldn't be doing otherwise (PvP for instance). In terms of planning, it might be better to bowl these ones over before my SM passes 1 million, just because I don't have a lot of hope of success against really experienced opponents. My gear isn't bad for PvP, but it's definitely tailored for PvE.

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          One of the things I liked about the Dark Souls platinum was that all of the trophies were obtainable offline. Even covenant-specific spells that required ranking up with a PVP-only covenant still accepted tokens which could be farmed off mobs.

          I checked out some of the spells provided by some of the PVP covenants in DS2, and they're also obtainable through PVE, so ranking the covenant isn't required for at least a couple. I haven't had time to look at them all yet, but I'm hoping that's true for ALL of them so I don't have to worry about PVPing with folks who have the 4M soul memory I'd probably be matched with.

            I think it is possible to level all the covenants without PvP.

            Certainly the Bell Keeper's covenant lets you farm the randomly-respawning phantom invader 10 times instead of getting 30 PvP kills.

            Collecting sunlight medals for Sunbros will be tricky, though...

              Fortunately, I think I'm almost rank 3 with sunbros already. :)
              I think you actually get a medal from sunbroing with a surviving phantom... I was able to join the blue guardian dudes that way before I'd even gone online.

      Mr. Strange finally started it last night. He went with the Swordsman guy. Whose starting damage is about double my hard-won current damage. I was so jealous I'm thinking of starting again. Again. :P

        My deprived has morphed into a fat heavy armour guy with a tower shield and a mace. I suspect that's set the precedent for the rest of my playthrough.

        I'm also thinking about maybe starting again, as a Sorcerer, or maybe the Swordsman.

    Brisbane Roar won the premiership, Cambridge United won the FA Trophy, I won $45 on theGhostbusters pokie machine. Good weekend was good. Feeling like crap today though :-(

      I upvoted but then I saw you felt like crap so I un-upvoted. Hope you feel better soon!

        I upvoted for the net win. :) Feeling crappy is transitory. (Hopefully.)

      I hate Brisbane Roar as much as it possible to hate a sporting club.
      so you lose points there.

      but still, hope you're feeling better asap.

    I let someone borrow my car this morning. Now my motorbike won't start. That means I miss my entire IT fundamentals class for the week :|


      Have you tried hill starting it? Does that even work on bikes?

        The nearest hill to me is like... the You Yangs, so I think I'll pass :P

          Did you call a mechanic?

            I'm just not going to bother for now. Folks know what they're doing, once my car gets returned it'll get sorted.

      Has it got one of those bright red ripcords you have to yank out to get it to go?

      Realistically you're probably not missing much in an IT fundamentals class unless you're still at the stage where you think of a computer as a magic box

        But it IS a magical box. With all of you people living inside of it!

          No, it's YOU people who live inside the box, I'm the real one

      Rookie mistake, never lend your car to someone if you're not going with them. I wouldn't even loan $500 piece of junk to anyone but my parents.

      Only bad things can come from loaned cars.

        Seeing as I loaned it to my mum's partner, I think that works :P

          Ah, that's okay. :P I thought a random friend or something!

        I loaned my car to my younger brother, seeing as I was living in the Valley and had no need for it.
        He got run off the road by some fuckhead driving on the wrong side of the road, crashed the car. Flipped, rolled, flipped again, completely totalled the thing. Made me sick to look at it, but UNBELIEVABLY he walked out without a scratch. Not even whiplash.

        Edit: Oh, the point though... car not insured. Buh-bye car.

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    Infamous and MGS are great. It's nice to have games on the PS4.

    Also, I consumed half a box of oreos, a large coffee, and two red bulls before noon. I'm not sure how I'm still alive.

      I'm eating for MGS to get cheaper still having fun with inFamous

    Last night was Orphaned Land night.
    Had dinner at the Brat Haus in the Valley and got to have my favourite beer: Schenkerla smoked beer. :D
    Never been to The Rev before so that was kind of cool. Considering it used to be a church, it was much smaller than I expected it to be but nice and cosy. And perfect for a band like Orphaned Land.

    Orsome Welles from Melbourne were the first support band and even though their name is cringeworthily lame,they were really quite impressive. The music had a dirty deserty sound like Kyuss', which set off the prog-type singer's vocals nicely. Probably played one or two songs too many though, by the end of their set they were sounding a bit samey.

    Voyager were...Voyager. It was the best I've ever seen them but I wish that if they still feel like they need/want to do their stupid medley of cover songs that they'd do it at the end. It really broke the momentum of their show to just stick something so annoying in the middle of their mostly enjoyable originals.

    Orphaned Land were awesome as usual. Did a great mix of songs including some I'd never heard live before which was fun. And the crowd was so nice, especially compared to last week's Iced Earth crowd. Even when prompted to "Jump!" by the band, everyone was jumping...politely. :D

    Edit: Oh, and I cut my thumb pretty badly when attempting to cut an apple with a really blunt no Dark Souls for me for a few days. D:

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      Orsmoe Welles is a great name. Just great.

        I thought you'd like it. The singer even asked the crowd a question and when they responded said "Awesome". :P

      When you said "Orphaned Land" I assumed you were talking about Dark Souls...

    Apparently AMAs on here are a thing? So why not join the crowd?
    I am ShiggyNinty, 24 year old Sexual White Chocolate. Ask Me Anything.

      WTF are Nintendo doing?
      How's the course going?


        I have no idea what Nintendo are doing. Between moments of genius and utter stupidity, it's hard to tell. All I know is I love them and they can keep having my money.

        Course is going great. I feel like I'm really learning stuff and actually doing something worthwhile.

        HELLO SIR.

      Who's this guy? :P

      I hear you're doing some learnings now? Are you having fun?

      What is your dream job?

      What is your favourite snackfood?

      Have you ever tried making your own bacon?

      What is the song or album you always turn to if you need cheering up?

        This guy's a jerk. Trust me.

        I am! Doing a Cert 4 in Interactive Digital Media. It is the best fun. Love it so much.

        When I was a kid, my dream job was to work at Nintendo. It still is, but I'd also take firework tester and puppy dog patter.

        Favourite snackfood would have to be Peanut Butter Cups and Dr Pepper. But I try not to eat it anymore and be a healthy lad. It's hard though.

        I haven't! But I'll have to add it to the bucketlist.

        Man, it just depends on the mood. If I just wanna be cheered up I usually default to either some Nintendo music (Wind Waker and Animal Crossing stuff), if I want to get some anger and aggression out and not feel like shit I'll take some Ramones and Rollins Era Black Flag.

      Most embarrassing moment?

      Dream(s) for the future?

      Your doctor says you have four months to live (I checked). How do you spend it?

        I got a few, but one that sticks out is uhhh....something a little intimate. Basically what happened was my brother use to be pretty terrible at reading situations. He use to not knock and just walk in on me and my old partner a lot and not realise what he walked into. One night he barges in because he needs help with some game, and he runs in and goes "Brendan! I...ummm...can you please come in when you're ready?" It was incredibly awkward and embarrassing. But hey! You gotta laugh.

        Dreams! Got a few. Would love to live overseas, specifically Japan. Want to just be happy. That's really it. I figure that as long as I'm happy, I'll feel fulfilled.

        MY DOCTOR HASN'T TOLD ME THIS! OH JEEZ! I'd sell all my shit, take all the money and just travel. So many places I want to see, dying would give me a good excuse to go and actually do it. So yeah! I'd just travel the world.

      My regulars:

      1. What's your favourite memory?
      2. What do you think is the best thing about yourself?


      3. I can't think of another question.

        I got too many to choose from! But I always love my memories from Japan. That trip was a big step and change for me so I look on it fondly. There's a lot that involves family and Heather too. I don't know! This is a hard one!

        Best thing about myself? I have a pretty good beard. So that I suppose!

        BONUS: OK.

      What's the best thing going on in your life at the moment?

      What's something people don't know about you?

      Something you've wanted to post on TAY, but have held back?

        It's funny because the past few weeks had been shit for me. But I quickly realised that I shouldn't let that stuff worry me. But the best things going on in my life? Everything man. Like, I got TAFE going on, my family is happy and healthy and my relationship is strong. I got plans and stuff working in the pipeline. It's going real well.

        Everyone already knows I'm the world's greatest lover, but maybe that I really enjoy exercise. I work out almost everyday for at least an hour.

        Yeah man, plenty of times. Most recent thing would be about how I think the games industry is shit and how I can't even really come to care about it. But there's been stuff where I've wanted to vent or just bitch about stuff but I don't really like doing that stuff online.

      Where does your screen name derive from?

      Indian or Mexican?

      Fave game series?

      Fave drink?

      If @alexpants has 3 pairs of pants and gives @doc_what 2 pairs of pants how many times does alex get slapped with a trout for not giving you any pants?

      Bonus Question!
      If people became food what food would you be?

      Last edited 24/03/14 10:37 am

        Shiggy comes from Shigeru Miyamoto. And Ninty is Nintendo! So put the two together and BAM! ShiggyNinty. I tried a few names before that like Captain Cataract and CutChemist, but ShiggyNinty works best.

        Mexican. Every time.

        I got a few, but apart from Zelda, I really love Mario, The Bit.Trip series, Animal Crossing, No More Heroes and anything Platinum works on. MGR and Wonderful 101 were the best games of last year and if you didn't like em..."git gud"

        Non alchoholic: Dr Pepper and coffee. Alcoholic: Asahi. Been pretty fond of this whisky lately called Yamazaki. $100 a bottle but man, delicious stuff.

        Pants are annoying. If I could go without wearing them I would.

        I'd be a big fuckin' greasy strip of crispy bacon.

      Anything you can share about your shady past?

        Nothing really shady! I try to be as open and honest with everyone as possible due to an incident a few years back. May have told you already, but if you're curious I can tell you! But yeah...nothing shady!

          I don't know any details, only allusions, so I just like to assume you were into drinking blood and regularly indulged in crazy blood-drinking orgies.

          If it's more boring than that then I'll just stick with the blood orgy theory.

          Ooooh, we're curious! Tell us! :D

            Well only because you asked DC. Was in a long term relationship for about 4 years. Wasn't honest with her and wasn't faithful and after seeing the hurt my lies caused not just to me but everyone involved, I took it upon myself to make sure I was always honest with myself and my friends. Still not very proud of myself about it, but you learn from your mistakes.

              Thanks for sharing, man. Sounds like you're a better person now as a result from screwing up!

      How do you respond to people who say that sexual white chocolate isn't real sexual chocolate because it only contains cocoa butter and not cocoa solids?

        They clearly haven't had a taste of what I've got. Dey jus' hatin'.

      Ask-and-run quick questions:

      1) Cats or dogs?
      2) Crunchy or Smooth?
      3) Who would you cosplay if physical limitations were not a factor? Who would you be best suited to play, if physique wasn't a factor?

        Dogs for sure. I don't mind cats, but dogs are always so fucking happy to see you. Nothing is better than getting home and seeing those faces looking at you.

        Oh man. Can I say both? Depends on my mood!

        I'm gonna cosplay Ness at Supanova this year, but I'd love to cosplay as Kiyru from Yakuza, mainly because I get to wear a sick suit. Also Snake! Snake would be cool.

          Well done, you achieved a passing grade. 2/3 questions correct. (Though only one of the questions didn't have a right or wrong answer.)

      Nooooooo! You did it when I wasn't around! :'(
      THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!!
      I'm still gonna ask you stuff ;)

      - Would you rather be deaf, blind or mute?
      - What would you change about yourself?
      - What movie best relates to your life?
      - What three things could you not live without?
      - Do you take your coffee black, or with milk?
      - If you were an animal, what animal would you like to be and why?
      - What's your drink of choice?
      - Why do I hardly ever see you around TAY?
      - What two words would you use to describe yourself?
      - What two words would your best friend use to describe you (bonus points for asking rather than guessing)?

        Don't worry, I'll answer!
        That's tough. I feel like I'd rather be blind, because I love music and sounds. But then I can't watch movies and games! about dead? Then I don't have to pick.

        About myself? Umm...I dunno! Physically, I'd probably like to be a bit more muscular, in terms of skills and stuff, I want to learn a language.

        The Wolverine, because I'm a fuckin' beast mate.

        Video games, my family and coffee.

        I change all the bloody time. Some days it's with milk, sometimes black. Just depends on my mood.

        I'd love to be a turtle. They're just so chill.

        Drink of choice over everything would have to be a nice cold Asahi. Nothing relaxes me.

        I don't know! I'm usually busy and can't keep up with the speed TAY moves sometimes. I'd like to jump on here more but sometimes life gets busy.

        Alright maybe.

        Probably decent. I'd ask but he never bloody responds to messages. He's a dickhead. I love him.

    I saw this, and I thought "I bet she's giving a big middle finger to Shiggy".

    Oh wait that's not a question.
    I saw this, and I thought "I bet she's giving a big middle finger to Shiggy"?

      I saw this and thought "reply fail?"

        I never want to be one of those people who are like "You. You can't be that. Don't even try, go do something more worthwhile like a doctor or something."
        So that post right there?
        That post can be whatever it wants to be.

          Hey, it's just my opinion. Doesn't have to be the truth

            Sometimes I let it out back so it can roam and be free range.

    Good morning beautiful people.

    So that date I had on the weekend went quite well, it was very interesting talking to a French lady. Having dinner this week :)

    Must apologize to @benny and @redartifice , time escaped me and I neglected my Ps3 most of the weekend. I did have a chance to finish the tutorial and mini-prologue mission in Peace Walker though so I have a rough idea of how it controls.

      That's OK, I only played it a bit on Friday night (finished chapter 1)

        Is this your first time playing it? I'm enjoying it so far, I really like the shaggy/haggard look of Snake/Big Boss in the cut scenes.
        I found it strange they removed the ability to crawl and move along walls while pressed to it. But that may be chalked up to PSP limitations.

        A personal gripe but I'm a bit sick of hearing about CQC from game to game

          I played it on PSP up to the

          LAV fight

          but then got sick of the controls.

      Don't sweat it. I'm still struggling to get back into Peace Walker, despite the upgrade to HD. I'm not enjoying it as much as Ground Zeroes - which has been occupying much of my PS3 game-time.

        That's okay, I'm just playing through to get caught up to speed on what Big Boss has been up to. It's making me want to play through Snake Eater, which might be my favourite game, ever. And I haven't played it in HD yet. I might do that and wait for a Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain combo :)

    This weekend brought the fun.

    Lion King was amazing. Especially because I haven't seen the movie in years and all the songs came flooding back. Circle of Life is still the best though. Would recommend!

    After Lion King and a long night time trek through strange and unusual suburbs, Blaghs and I went back to my place and promptly collapsed asleep. Then, the next day he forced me to play Dark Souls 2 while he silently (and sometimes vocally) judged me. I beat the No Mans Wharf boss on my first try /cool. I ran out of spells when he had 1 pixel of health left in his bar. Had to extremely carefully time a quick dagger poke. Was tense, man. Then, wanting to see if Blaghs was really all-that, I told him to play as the Cleric that I gave up on 2 hours in. Turns out he had a much better time with it than I did :P

    That night was Karaoke. Disappointed that the place didn't have the Pokérap on their song list, I settled for just singing whatever other people picked. Barbie Girl was sung very loudly and with no shame. (Also, I told Shiggy I would sing Baby Got Back, but they didn't have that either...). Alcohol was required. I also ordered a drink named the "Pokemon", which I felt obliged to try. (It wasn't great, but my inner fanboy is telling me to say it was amazing regardless)

    The rest of the night was spent talking/arguing with Flu and Patience. They're pretty cool.

    Blaghs and I went back to my place afterwards and, again, collapsed asleep after walking in the door. Sunday morning was spent playing Dark Souls again. Then Resistance 3 co-op, where we concluded that Blaghs' character was a figment of my imagination, because no NPCs would acknowledge him.

    Overall a pretty fun weekend!

    Hola Tay

    I had a good weekend- hosted Board Games at mine on Saturday, and @trjn will be happy to know I got them all hooked on 7 wonders. Also played HANABI, because HANABI.

    A Monday Morning Question: Which Video game character would have been best placed to save MH370?

      some say Superman from Superman 64 is still flying through rings in the Indian ocean to rescue the plane.

      Call of Duty Dog.

      Dunno about saving but if you want someone to look underwater for moderately long periods, I'd suggest Guybrush Threepwood

    So I picked up a few Wes Anderson films over the weekend - Bottle Rocket, Royal Tenenbaums and Darjeerling Limited. I have only seen The Darjeerling Limited and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, which remains my favourite. I can't wait to check out the others.

    Though I've heard Royal Tenenbaums is the pick of the bunch here - I'll likely start with that one.

      Royal Tenenbaums is fantastic. Great cast, used note-perfectly.

    Finished inFamous: Second Son. Loved it so much. First must play exclusive on the PS4. (That I've played atleast.)

    Last edited 24/03/14 10:21 am

      You've finished it already? God, I really need you to come by and finish some of the games on my Pile-of-Shame for me. :D

        I think @greenius is the man you're looking for. He's played 75 games or something this year. XD


          Finished 29, played maybe 35ish or so? :P

          Just 100%'d inFAMOUS like 2 minutes ago!

          Last edited 24/03/14 10:43 am

            I 100% too. WOOOOO!


              I was doing paper trail stuff but my PS4 froze last night so I somehow lost progress and it's all glitchy now :P (asking me to do stuff on the website I've already done). Hopefully re-doing it will allow me to continue cause it was kinda fun

              Damn, That's a good effort. Well done to you & @greenius.

              Now you'll be able to get back into Dark Souls II ;)

                D.C. should try out more JRPGs!

                Final Fantasy X HD? :-D

              100% would imply you both have played at Hero & inFAMOUS and gotten to level 5 of each :P Since that's what the game defines as that haha.

                My save game percentage says 100%. *shrugs* Got all the collectibles, etc.

      Hey did you do the paper trail missions, I can't figure out where to find the first tracking code.
      I know it has something to do with the Detective's wallet and hacking into his account using his details, I just can't work out where to go for the website (tried all kinds of variations

        I think Greenius has done Paper Trail. I haven't yet. I've signed up though. XD

        One of the clues in the wallet has a website

        Further hints (past the hint above):
        You're not supposed to know his password, maybe you forgot it?


        Straight up solution:
        The website is

        Last edited 24/03/14 10:37 am

          Hmm, I had figured it out but...
          that is irritating, I found that and no matter how I tried to enter it into google or the address bar it just told me site not found. I got that i had to use his personal info to get access (not password, just couldn't get onto the site. Made me stop playing the game out of frustration

          Last edited 24/03/14 11:02 am

    I watched summer wars on the weekend, the animation was gorgeous and it had some nice moments, but in comparision to wolf children and the girl who leapt through time it was lacking. Too many characters not enough heart. It was very very pretty though.

      I rewatched that not long ago too! Great movie.

      I think I'd agree with that. It's a great film and has some solid moments and some excellent animation but it's not quite up to the par of Hosoda's other films.


    Melburnians! My Brother is involved in three shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival which begins THIS WEEK

    First up, his solo show: Angus Hodge in Finding my Rose-Coloured Glasses

    'A master of transition, seamlessly merging one story into another without batting an eyelid...' -Rip it Up

    Coming back for its encore Melbourne Season: Wolf Creek: The Musical

    Hilarious and genuinely entertaining... I laughed, I cried, I laughed again. It’s the feel good torture porn show everyone will love.” Greg McLean, Director of Wolf Creek movie

    and for those younger Taybies (or TAY people with kids/nephews/children they know and would take to things in a non creepy way: Mr Snot Bottom and The Curse of The Silly Stinky Zombie Babies

    “Kiddy stand-up at its best. ★★★★” Adelaide Advertiser

      Plugging like a champ

        Erry Day I'm plugging.

        Plus my brother owes me money so the more people see his show the quicker he'll pay me back.

    Oh Monday, you're such a tease. Just when I think you're being nice and all my data sets refresh nice and early (8am, instead of the usual 2 or 3pm) and I might just be able to get all my reports out on time for a change...

    "Service Unavailable."

    Ugh someone's been running a chainsaw or something that's been constantly waking me up since 7:30 and now I feel like complete and utter shit.

      There is a special place in hell for those people. My room mate was one of those until I locked him out of the house for doing so.

      Yeah, but you're awake all night and asleep during the day.

      People actually do stuff during the day. Sometimes loud stuff. :P

        There's plenty of day left after 10am!

          I'm just being an arse. Though believe it or not, some councils allow for loud noises (such as mowing and whatnot) as early as 8am on a Saturday (9am on a Sunday). Like my local council.

            I think my council has no set time for it as I've heard the neighbour mowing at 5am not before pumping the music at 4amwith real room shaking bass

        Yeah, i used to be one of those annoying jerks, legally anything goes after 7am, always felt like a jerk if we were near houses but it paid the bills.

    Hey, The Witch and the Hundred Knights is out this week. I'm not sure if anyone here besides @negative_zero and I cares though so...

    *clears throat awkwardly*

    How bout them VIDYA GAEMS?

      My copy shipped last week and I'm looking forward to playing itputting it on my shelf and never touching it.

    Awesome Mythbusters are coming to Australia to do a behind the myths thing. Totally think I should go.

      Go disguised as a dropbear, plummet from a tree onto one of them, take a bite out of their leg and run away

        I'd dropbear on to Kari Byron if y'know what I mean..

        That makes no sense, but that's the best I have..

          * drop bare*

          Now it makes sense, but it's all kinds of wrong.

            I think it's all kinds of right, actually, given the intent of the original comment.

    So yeah. Weekend was kind of a big one. Had that 21st on Friday, already mentioned the aftermath of that. Slept for 12 hours on Saturday and wasn't even sure if I'd be able to make it out for karaoke. Some advil, a shower and another dose of my sleep deprivation fuel I'd been living on for preceding few days (iced coffee syrup + 3.5x large spoons Milo + milk) saw me good to go again :P Karaoke always seems so disappointing, they never have the bands or songs you want. Still, it was good. Ended up staying out real late, til nearly 3 I think. Everyone harassing that poor bartender :P Also I can't believe how terribly bad at pool I am. I mean I know I suck, but I don't think have quite as bad as I did then. Maybe I just needed to be more drunk, to be able to play at the level of the others.

    Don't think I ended up getting home til after 4. I have no idea what I did, but I ended up listening to that audio recording from Friday night. It was pretty hilarious, only had one part to it that I didn't remember though. Disappointed that I didn't take it with me into Oporto but left it in the car instead, although that does explain why I didn't end up dropping it in the toilet so I guess that's a plus. Then it was 6am and I finally slept, not arising til 3 in the afternoon :P

    Family had spent Saturday cleaning out my Nanna's house, and brought back the rest of the stuff from there. Including a metric craptonne of alcohol. Apparently it was only about half of what was there, too. Kinda disappointed I didn't get to go back up there one last time. I blame @cakesmith :P We ended up sitting around and taste-testing everything that was open, there's some... interesting stuff there. Also for some reason I've ended up with a lot of it. Woo :P

    Oh yeah, that little project I was working on? Nothing gets by @dc: Super Sleuth.

      Yesssssss. Looks awesome Gooky! :D

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